Izuku gave one final tug on his shoelaces, then stood back up and exited his room. It was finally the first day of U.A. the dim early morning sun shone through his window, he was definitely gonna end up being early but he didn't really mind.

He quietly made his way out the room, he didn't want to wake Eijirou up, and took the elevator down to the first floor, however before he got to the entrance he took a look down at his uniform: his tie was loosely tied and in a larger than average knot, he wore a mainly gray blazer over his white button up shirt.

He brought his hands up and with a quick rip, cleanly tore his sleeves off and placed them on the back of the couch before leaving.

The morning sun was starting to get brighter, and more students were starting to file into the classroom, the first two being a bespectacled boy with short blue hair and a girl with black hair pulled back in a spiky ponytail, although a few strands of hair fell loose.

"Excuse me, but I don't think you're abiding by the dress code, I assume that it was your sleeves we found on the couch?" The boy asked.

"Uh, yeah, sorry they were just uncomfortable," Izuku shrugged.

"That's hardly an excuse—"

"Ah leave him alone Tenya," Eijirou said as he leaped over the desk to Izuku's right and sat down. Denki joined immediately after that, taking the desk between him and the black-haired girl.

"How is it that you know everyone's name?" He asked.

"Just do," Eijirou answered with a grin.

A gasp drew their attention as another girl slammed down on the desk in front of Izuku, "You're that butterfly boy!"

Izuku recognized her almost immediately, she was that brown haired girl he had saved from the Zero pointer.

"Oh, hey! I apologize but I don't think I got your name last time we met," Izuku said.

"It's Ochako Uraraka," she answered with a smile.

"Izuku Midoriya."

"What's with the tattoo's are you a Yakuza or something?" a new girl asked. She had pink skin and fluffy hair of the same color, as well as golden eyes set against a void of black sclera.

"They're, uh, a part of my quirk," Izuku answered.

"Oh really? I've never heard of that before," the girl said with an interested look, "Oh, duh, Mina Ashido."

"Izuku Midoriya. Feel like I'm gonna have to do that a lot," he chuckled.

A new person walked in, a boy with spiky ash blonde hair and blood red eyes. He looked over to Izuku and scowled, which he returned with equal passion, Katsuki growled and took the seat in front of Ochako.

The rest of the class filed in after that and they simply had to wait for their teacher from there. They made idle chatter while they waited but they did worry once ten minutes passed by.

"How the hell do you move in that thing?" Mordecai asked Aizawa as he pulled the door open.

"Sheer will," the long-haired hero answered as he hopped into the classroom, cocooned in a yellow sleeping bag.

"Morning mocosos," Mordecai loudly greeted, bloodwing screeched behind him.

"Who is that?"

"Is he a pro-hero? I certainly don't recognize him."

"He looks like a drunkard."

"Enough," Aizawa called, quickly silencing the class with his authoritative voice, "Now, you will all be taking a placement test today, go change into your gym uniforms and meet us again on training ground seventeen in half an hour exactly! If your late, you better just turn around and go home!"

The students quickly scrambled from their seats and rushed out of the room, Izuku only took a second to stop and greet Mordecai before running off again.

"Midoriya, step up here please," Aizawa ordered.

The field they were on looked kinda like a baseball field. Aizawa jerked his thumb to a circle painted on the ground in white chalk, and as he stepped up the teacher tossed a baseball to him.

"By the way, don't even think about holding back so as to not make the others feel bad. I'll expel you right away," Aizawa threatened as he clicked a pen and held it to a clipboard.

Izuku blew a strand of hair out of his face and reared his arm back, he felt the familiar warm green glow coming from his tattoos and he could also feel the weightlessness of his butterfly wings on his back.

He threw the ball with all of his might and a boom released from it that made everyone's hair whip around wildly.

"Jesus Christ!"

"Did he just make a sonic boom, kero?"

"What the fuck happened to that bastard."

Mordecai ruffled Izuku's head with some kind of pride as he shoved Izuku off to the side, where Eijirou and Denki both high-fived him, and Mina and Ochako swarmed him with admiration.

"Interesting. Alright everybody, Tsuyu Asui, you're up next!" Aizawa shouted.


Class 1-A watched in surprise and fear as the door was punched across the room and Izuku sighed as he Brick walked in.

A man with shiny blond hair that stuck up like a 'V' entered the classroom after her, yelling "COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!" as he did.

"Whoa, it's All Might!"

"I heard rumors of him teaching here but I didn't think they were true!"

"His presence is almost as striking as moi."

"SILENCE PLEASE!" All Might's booming voice still sounded polite.


Brick reared his fist back and threw it at the wall, he only didn't collide with it because All Might stepped in and blocked the fist.


"Aww," Brick pouted as he took a gray remote from his back pocket and pressed a large red button on it. A small section of the wall pulled apart, revealing several numbered suitcases.

"Alright slabs, grab the thing that corresponds with your seat numbers. I'm just itching to punch ya'!" Brick laughed psychotically.

"Who the hell are these teacher assistants?"

"I don't recognize any of them, aren't all of the teachers supposed to be pro heroes?"


And with that, both burly men left.

Izuku twirled his daggers in his hand and slammed them into the holsters on his hip, he double checked the cartridges on his hips and made sure his wrist armour was on properly. His head tilted up to the mirror as he zipped up his black denim vest the rest of the way.

The siren turned around and inhaled a deep breath as he prepared for battle.

"NOW YOU'RE ALL LOOKING LIKE HEROES!" All Might shouted over the chatter.

"Man this guy is extra," Axton groaned as he covered his ears.

"He could stand to be a little quieter," Salvador agreed.

"I find it kinda endearing," Lilith shrugged.

"Plus, with his situation, I can understand wanting to feel that important during his window," Roland said.

As it turns out, Toshinori Yagi, or All Might as he was better known, was gravely injured during a fight with a villain years ago. He lost a lung and part of his stomach, making holding his larger hero form very difficult, to the point where he could only go for three hours a day.

"Well, at the very least he looks like he's having fun," Mordecai chuckled, gesturing to Izuku who seemed to be clinging on to the man's every word.

"So, you will be having us fight our peers?" A boy in silver knight armor asked.

"Oh no, you'll be fighting someone extremely different from your classmates," Gaige grinned as she stepped out from behind All Might.

"We shall be your opponents," Zer0 added.

"This is gonna end badly," Izuku sighed as he sat down outside the mock building.

"Aw come on, it can't be all bad," Denki lied. His hero outfit consisted of a pair of black leather pants and a black leather coat with the collar popped, over a plain white t-shirts, he also wore a simple black choker around his neck.

"I see you took my advice," Izuku chuckled, gesturing to the Bo Staff he had on his back.

"Hm? Oh, yeah, well I figured it couldn't hurt, y'know?" He shrugged, "So who exactly are we up against?"

"Her name's Maya, her...quirk allows her to create an orb that puts an enemy in chronostasis," Izuku explained.

"Is she that smoking hot girl with the blue hair?"

"Uh, sure let's but it that way."

Denki frowned, "Do you have any kinda counter against her?"

"Well her quirk is incredibly powerful, and while her physical strength is nothing to laugh at, she's not the best up close fighter," Izuku answered.

"So we just gotta get up close and personal?" Denki smiled.

"Basically," Izuku said, returning with a grin of his own.

"This should be fun to watch," Lilith laughed as she watched Izuku and Denki enter the building.

"SHE'LL DESTROY THEM!" Krieg shouted.

"Are you kidding? Midoriya broke the sound barrier just yesterday, there's no way she could beat him," Ochako argued.

"You shouldn't underestimate Maya, kid, Izuku may be another Siren, but she's more experienced," Roland said.

"I don't know, I have to agree with Uraraka here," Eijirou said.

"I do have a question," Momo, the girl with the spiky ponytail, piped up.

"What is it?" Lilith asked.

"Are you three related?" Momo gestured between Lilith, Maya, and Izuku.

Axton burst out laughing, almost to the point of tears, "Why would you ask that?!"

"Well to be fair, their tattoos are pretty similar," Mina shrugged.

"That's just what all Sirens have," Mordecai explained.

"Siren? I thought Izuku said they were a part of his quirk," Eijirou mumbled.

"The hell's a quirk?" Brick asked.

"Really?" Salvador sighed.

Their conversation was interrupted when Izuku and Denki hit the back wall with a nasty thud.

"Wait, why is Izuku inexperienced with his powers?" Ochako asked.

"Well Sirens are outlawed on the planet he comes from, Eden 6, so his mother had them hidden up until about a year ago," Angel answered simply.

Eijirou turned to the screen in shock, "Holy shit he wasn't lying."

"Come on man, we can beat her," Izuku groaned as he pulled Denki to his feet.

"We just gotta get her to stop moving long enough to put that capture thingy on her yeah?" Denki asked.

Izuku nodded, worried about what he might be planning.

"Wait for my signal." Denki pulled the staff from his back and charged at Maya. He leaped into the air and attempted to slam it down on her, which she dodged easily, Denki went for a low strike and then a high one with the other end, but Maya blocked both hits with ease using her forearm.

The yellow-haired boy growled and Izuku could see a glimmer of yellow electricity run down the metal rod.

Denki roared as he attempted to jab forward, but purposefully missed so as to fake the other siren out, and slam the side of the electrified staff into her gut.

Maya grunted in pain as the shock coursed through her body, but she was able to Phaselock Denki regardless. After taking a second to compose herself, she ran up and drop kicked the floating boy, sending him flying back once the Phaselock ended.

Denki moaned in pain as he got up on one of his knees, "Right, screw this thing!" he threw his staff to the ground and charged at Maya again, only this time, letting loose a full 3 million volts out of his body.

It was now Maya's turn to fly back, and with what little sense he had left, Denki gave a thumbs up to Izuku, who shot towards her with the capture tape and wrapped it around her wrists, defeating the woman.

"Phew, that was tough. You ok buddy?" Izuku turned to his partner and had to hold in his laughter when he saw him.

Denki was standing a bit slouched over, his pupils were dilated heavily, and he was giving two thumbs up.

"Wheeeeey," the boy chuckled.

Izuku took one of his daggers and cut Maya free before guiding Denki out of the room, trying not to die of laughter all the while.

"Izuku, hey!" Gaige called when she noticed him walking by the support studio.

"Oh, hi Gaige," Izuku said with a small wave, he still felt awkward around her.

"Come on, Angel and me gotta show you something," Gaige grinned as he grabbed his wrist and yanked him into the support workshop.

Angel gave a small wave before turning back to the small tablet she was working over, a few feet to her left was a simple white mannequin wearing a black skin-tight jumpsuit.

"What are you two doing?" Izuku asked.

"Well Angel has just been thinking that she's pretty unprotected, and she wants to fight against Jack with us. So we've decided to make her a suit that would allow her to fight better," Gaige explained.

In truth, this was a lie, well only kinda, the two of them had noticed that Izuku had been distant lately, almost avoiding them entirely, they hoped that getting him to spend time around the both of them would get him to spill what was bothering him.

"So you want me to help with the design?" Izuku surmised.

"Yes, we thought it could be a good opportunity to catch up. You've been so busy that we haven't had a good chance to...talk," Angel trailed off as she watched Izuku pull out his notebook and place a piece of paper on the large work bench.

"Those are some designs, I've kinda thought about this before. I'd love to stay and make it with you but I have a prior engagement, sorry." The girls could tell that Izuku was lying through his teeth, but they really didn't feel like starting a conflict.

Maybe they could find some other people to get information out of.

"Has Izuku been acting weird to you guys?" Angel asked the other Crimson Raiders, as well as Scooter and Ellie.

They were sitting in the teachers lounge, although the rest of the teachers sat a few feet away, it was clear they didn't fully trust the Raiders yet.

Roland shook his head and shrugged, "He's been pretty normal to us."


"Krieg, inside voice," Maya reminded while flipping through her book.

"He has been getting close to his classmates pretty quickly, especially those two chicks," Axton commented.

Gaige felt her eye twitch a bit.

"I think you two're just goin' crazy. Probably just overreactin','' Scooter quickly said.

The rest of them turned to him.

"You know somethin', don't you?" Ellie asked.

Scooter began sweating, "Uh, I don't know nothin' 'bout nothin'."

"Scooter..." Gaige took a step forward and her metal fingertips transformed into claws.

"I already said, I don't know nothin'," Scooter said frankly.

"Better tell her Mi Amigo, she'll slice your face off. I've seen her do it!" Salvador warned.

Gaige took a step forward.

"Alright fine he knows about you two!"

Angel's eyes widened, "H-He does?!"

"He found you two kissing when you two went camping together! Happy?" Scooter yelled.

"...What?" Zer0 asked.

Gaige groaned, "Not right now. Why would he start avoiding us for that?"

"I don't know man he said somethin' about it makin' him feel weird but not the homophobic type weird and he didn't want to get in you two's way so I just told him to bottle it all his feelings up!" Scooter yelled.

"Why the hell would you tell him to do that, you lost your kidney that way you know?" Lilith chastised.

"He can grow a new one!"

"Ugh, we don't have time for this, come on Angel

Angel nodded as she followed Gaige out of the room.

"Gaige, are you sure we can just charge in there?" Angel asked hesitantly.

"Not at all, but I'd rather be a bit embarrassed then have him avoid us any longer," Gaige answered.

There was an electronic lock on the door that required a key card to unlock but it wasn't a match for Angel's powers, the two then barged in and saw most of class 1-A.

"Um, pardon me, but who are you?" A blue haired dude asked as he shot up, Angel was pretty sure he had fought and lost miserably to Krieg.

"Can it, leg pipes," Gaige said.

"L-leg pipes! How did you get in here?"

"Don't mind her. Where's Izuku?" Angel questioned after the quick apology.

"He's upstairs, on the roof," a blond man answered in a gruff voice.

The two nodded to show their thanks and rang up the elevator, but before the doors closed, the blonde guy squeezed inside.

"He been living with you this past year?"

"Yeah," Gaige answered.

"It true what happened to his Ma'?"

"Yes, unfortunately," Angel sighed.

The elevator dinged and opened up, letting the boy step out, "You find the bastard that did it, tell me."

Gaige and Angel peered out from the small crack in the door, Izuku, and four other people, including the yellow-haired man who fought Maya, were all sitting up there driving together.

"So you guys really don't mind that I'm... y'know?"

A red haired guy laid his arms over Izuku's shoulder, "Hell no man, honestly it's a little cool if you ask me."

A girl with pink hair and skin ruffled up her own hair, seemingly in confusion, "This is so much information to process though."

"But man, what that guy did to your mother, I can't imagine what that must've been like for you."

"It can't have been easy," a woman with brown hair said consolingly.

"Yeah, it wasn't. But I'm better now. That's not to say I won't punish the bastard that did it when I find him though," Izuku scowled.

"Hey man, don't worry about the others, they're probably not gonna treat you any differently," the red-haired boy reassured.

"And if they do I'll just punch them," the yellow-haired one shrugged.

Izuku chuckled, "Thanks guys."

Angel and Gaige joined hands with each other, neither of them knew exactly why, but that hurt. It really hurt. Without any words they left the dorm building and began to head home, the thought of the room across being empty only serving to make their feet drag more.

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