"You're...a Siren" the girl whispered.

Before Izuku could question further more flashes of purple light interrupted him.

Izuku noticed that two more people had joined him and the others.

The first was a lankey man, he wore a red bandanna around his forehead and goggles over his eyes, he had a long goatee that curled upwards, and the strangest part about him is that he had what appeared to be a bird on his shoulder, but its wings didnt have feathers on them and instead they looked thin and leathery.

The second man seemed to just be a walking mass of muscles, much like brick was, he wore no shirt, he had long shaggy brown hair, and he also had a bandanna around his head, he had headphones on top of the bandanna and sunglasses covering his eyes, and lastly he had a bushy moustache.

"TELEPORTATION, YEAAAAAAAH" the bigger man screamed.

"Jesus, Torgue do you have to yell" the skinny man said, clearly hungover, his bird warbled in agreement.

"Sorry Mordecai, I just get a little excited when stuff like this happens" Torgue says.

Mordecai scoffs and turns his head to the right, noticing Izuku and the girl in the process, Mordecai got a very angry look on his face and pulled out a blue, white, and orange sniper rifle "It's you! Give me ine good reason I shouldn't shoot you in the fuckin' head ri-" Mordecai stopped and lowered his gun " Wait, your a SIREN!" he yelled.

Now that Mordecai had lowered his guard, Izuku made a mad dash towards him, he pushed the barrel on the gun so that it was facing the ground and sent a weak elbow into his face.

After grappling with each other for a few minutes, Mordecai managed to kick Izuku in the stomach, sending him stumbling back into the storage room.


Izuku felt a searing pain tear through his stomach, he looked down his torso to find a small hole in his chest, and blood rapidly pouring out of it. Izuku fell to his knees, he didn't scream, he didn't cry, he just fell.

"You gonna give up now?" Mordecai wheezed out, Izuku didn't respond, instead, his tattoos pulsed neon green and a bronze bullet fell out of his abdomen.

Mordecai stared at Izuku for what felt like a thousand years "Brick, grab the girl" he ordered suddenly "Roland's gonna wanna see this"

"What!? This is Angel we're talking about. You know the girl who tricked us into open-" Brick started to argue until he was cut off be a deadly glare from Mordecai

"I meant now Brick" Mordecai said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Brick just sighed before picking up Angel and slung her over his shoulder.

Mordecai opened the door that was next to the boxes that Izuku had been kneeling against a few moments earlier and they were immediately hit with a strong smell of alcohol and loud music.

"Damnit Hammerlock, I told you to make sure no one got in there!"

Izuku was startled by the sudden voice and just kinda...hid behind Torgue, since he was the biggest thing in the room. The owner of the voice was a woman, most likely in her mid-30's, with brown hair that went down to her shoulders and shadowed over her right eye, she had a puple top-hat on her haed that was slightly tipped forward, and she was dressed VERY revealingly.

"My apologies Ms. Moxxi, I honestly have no idea how they slipped past me" another voice said from Izuku's left.

Izuku looked to his left and saw a tall man, almost taller than Mordecai, he was wearing a pair of glasses that had the right lense shattered, he had a moustache that eventually turned into sideburns, he was clearly very old, probably in his 70's, on his head was a slouch hat, he was wearing a plain white button up shirt that had a tan and orange vest over it, the vest carried a few darts attached to it, although the most interesting part about him was that his right arm and leg were both replaced with cybernetics.

'CYBERNETICS, the closest that we have to that is a simple prosthetic hand or leg and even those are simple and primitive' Izuku thought, his brain firing on all cylinders.

Izuku then noticed that Brick was snapping in front of his face "Come on slab, we're headed to see Roland, Lilith, and Tannis" Brick said before exiting the bar.

Izuku rushed to keep up with them "I'm sorry, who?" Izuku asked and was met with confused stares from everyone, including the woman from behind the bar, who had now joined their little group.

"You're a funny one sugar, I haven't met a single person on Pandora who doesn't know who Roland is" Moxxi said before turning around and proceeding towards their destination.

"What's Pandora?"

Again confused stares all around "Mox, I genuinely dont think that he knows" Mordecai said.

"Mordecai that's completely absurd, how can someone not know what pandora is" the woman said.

Mordecai shook his head and kept walking "Roland will be able to explain it better than any of us can"

They traveled up a flight of steps before coming across a group of 6 people walking out of a building.

The first was a short, muscular man, wearing an orange shirt and black jeans, with his black hair spiked up in a mohawk, he had a bandage that went across the bridge of his nose, and he had a bead that honestly looked to defy physics.

The second was a tall, lean, bald, pale man, wearing a mask that looked a lot like the one that was on the side of Tina's head except there was a rectangular hole over his left eye, allowing him to see properly, he wore no shirt and baggy brown pants, he had what looked to be a large buzzsaw attached to his back.

The third person...the third person was tall and skinny, he was wearing a completely black wetsuit, and he was wearing a mask that kinda looked like the head of a xenomorph from aliens, there was a large red 0 on his left pectoral, and to make thing weirder for Izuku, he only had 3 fingers, not like they had been chopped off, like he had been born with only 3 fingers, he had a katana handle attached to his hip.

The fourth was a girl with her brown hair tied up in short pigtails, she was wearing pilot goggles with yellow tinted lenses, her eyes we're green and she had a bandage on her right cheek, she was wearing a simple tan shirt with a poorly drawn skull on the front, one of the sleeves was ripped and just sort of clung to her upper arm, over that she was wearing a grey, sleeveless zip-up jacket, she also wore a tan skirt with purple leggings and a pair of purple sneakers, she had a tool belt around her waist that carried a wrench and a hammer, the most noteworthy thing about her was that her left arm had bern replaced with a robotics one that looked slightly rusted. Izuku blushed heavily upon seeing her and he had no idea why.

The fifth was a man wearing a full on military outfit, he had a few bandages on the left side of his forehead, he looked like he had a crew cut as well.

And the last person was the most interesting to Izuku, besides the girl with the brown hair. She was a lean girl, she wasn't tall but she was by no means short either, she had short blue hair that didn't even reach her shoulders, and if Izuku was being honest, he didn't know what the hell she was wearing but he was certain of one thing, she was like him, tattoos and all.

"Vault Hunters, I'm glad you're ok" Moxxi said.

"Thank you, Moxxi" the man in the wetsuit said, he talked slowly and his voice was deep.

"Hey Mordecai, who's the guy with the dark green hair" the man in the military outfit said. Izuku jumped out of surprise.

"Him?" Mordecai said while pointing a thumb at him, the military man nodded "I'm not entirely sure, I do know one thing, the kid's a siren" Mordecai told the group in front of them.

The woman with blue hair's eyes widened "T-thats impossible. I was positive that only females could be sirens!" She yelled.

"Don't believe me, take a look for yourself" Mordecai scratched his head and stepped to the side allowing the group to fully see Izuku.

Izuku tensed up because so many eyes we're on him, inspecting him to see if what Mordecai had said was true.

"I call bullshit. Remember those Echoes we found in Southpaw Steam and Power, and how random bandits would just use a blue marker to draw tattoos on random chick's corpses to make it look like they had found a siren, that's probably what he did to himself" the short man said, Izuku noticed that he had a Spanish accent.

"Yes, that is the most logical scenario" the man in the wetsuit said. Izuku was about to move behind Torgue again when somebody bumped him from behind.

"Hey watch where you're going Asshole" a voice came from behind Izuku. Izuku turned around and saw a man of average height and average build standing there with a beer bottle in his hand, he was swaying slightly and was clearly drunk.

"I-i'm sorry" Izuku apologized while waving his hands from side to side to further convey his apology.

"No you're *hic* not" the man said before charging at Izuku and breaking the bottle that he was holding across his face, sending Izuku careening to the ground, a fresh cut across his left cheek.

The drunk man stood over Izuku and attempted to punch him in the face, but much to the man's surprise, and Izuku's if he was being completely honest, Izuku caught the punch mere inches from his face. Izuku's tattoos started to glow a blinding green and the man started to scream in pain and Izuku released his hand.

The man fell on his hand screaming in pain, Izuku got on his feet and took a look at the man's hand and it did not look good; His fingers were mangled to hell and the entirety of his hand looked to be purple due to all the bruises on it.

The man stood up and charged at Izuku again Izuku's tattoos were glowing again and he sidestepped out of the man's path, causing hin to run straight into a lightpole.

"I SAID I WAS SORRY" Izuku yelled before shoving the man...and sending him flying, resulting in a man sized hole in a nearby dumpster.

"Still don't believe me" Izuku heard Mordecai say smugly from behind him, before continuing to their destination.

"Damn, that was amazing dude" Izuku heard a girly voice say from behind him before he felt and arm go around his shoulder. He turned his head to see the brunette from earlier smiling at him.

"O-oh it was nothing, I didn't even mean to do that to him" Izuku said while blushing due to being in such close proximity with a girl.

The girl gave him a confused look "So, I dont mean to do half of the stuff that I do, doesn't mean that when i do them it's not awesome" she said with a grin, which made Izuku blush harder.

"Come on, we gotta go talk to Lilith" she said while removing her arm from his shoulder, Izuku followed her and they caught up with the rest of the group.

"Are we just going to ignore the fact that this kid puts everything we knew about sirens into chaos, if one of the fundamental things we knew about them is false than who knows what else could be wrong!" the blue haired woman yelled.

"Geez Maya, just relax. He aint hurting anyone" The military man said "Salvador, Gaige back me up here"

"Who gives a fuck about science" Salvador deadpanned.

"I for one think that it's awesome" Gaige grinned, clearly having fun with irritating Maya.

"First of all, I will not 'just relax' Axton" Maya glared at Axton.

"Second of all, 'Who give a fuck about science' what's that even supposed to mean, science is the torch that lights up the dark cave, without science we'd all still be a bunch of stupid apes throwing rock at animals to kill them" She yelled at Salvador.

She then turned her attention to Gaige and Izuku "Third of all, we know nothing about this guy" she said while pointing at Izuku "For all we know he could be a Hyperion spy working for Jack"

"I doubt it sugar" Moxxi chimed in.

"And why's that?" Maya asked.

"Because he has no Idea what's even happening to him" She replied and then pointed at Izuku "Look at his eyes, his pupils are dilated and his breathing more rapid than it should be. He's scared, and I know for sure that he was zero idea what these powers that he has are"

Once again all eyes were on him, studying him and seeing if what Moxxi had said was true, and indeed it was.

"Ok maybe he is just a scared kid but if thats true, then we shouldn't be bringing him to Roland and the others, we should just leave him out of this" Maya said.

"Sugar, him being here makes him involved in this mess" Moxxi shook her head.

Izuku slightly raised his hand, as if asking for permission to speak "I-if I'm allowed to ask, what exactly should I not be involved in?"

Maya turned to him with an exasperated face "The war on Jack and his Hyperion army"

She looked like she was about to say more but Mordecai spoke before she could "We're here amigos" Amidst all the argue Izuku hasn't even realized that they were in a completely different location, he heard some people arguing in the room in front of them.

The room that they were in didn't consist of much two bunkbeds, a large safe, a table that held some food and flyers, and a simple yellow couch.

Their group entered the room ahead of them, with Brick and Izuku staying behind to set Angel down on the couch.

Izuku did his best to give her a supportive smile "Just stay here and rest, you look like you need it" he said before joining the rest of the group in the room infront of them.

"And who the hell is this?!" Izuku heard a red haired woman yell, while pointing at him. She was wearing a red shirt that stopped a little bit past her stomach and a brown coat that stopped halfway down her back.

Gaige was the one to speak up "Some kid that was phased into the same room that Mordecai, Tina, and the big guy were"

"The name's Brick, kid" Brick said indignantly.

"That doesn't matter right now!" another man yelled. This man was wearing a grey beret, a grey shirt, and grey camo pants. "Jack still has the vault key, the fast travel station is offline, hell all of Sanctuary is offline, and we have no idea where we are, and without us there nothing is stopping Jack from wakening the Warrior"

"No, he can't" Angel said from behind Izuku while propping herself against a wall for support "Eridium alone could never charge the key, he needed a catalyst, someone to fully charge the key. His catalyst was me"

Suddenly the screens around the room started to flicker to life, showing a news report.

The scene was a shopping mall in total chaos, people were screaming and running away from the center although a small group of people had gathered around a fountain in the center of the mall.

There were five people, four of them wearing yellow, one of the men wearing yellow was incredibly tall and looked more machine than man.

In the canter of them was a man of average height wearing a brown coat, he said something to the people around him and turned around, Izuku noticed that he was holding a shiny yellow pistol in his hand and that he looked like he had gotten plastic surgery. Everyone in the room scowled.

Once he got far enough from the fountain, Izuku's heart shattered. Lying in front of the fountain was a woman in her early 30's, she was tall, and had long dark green hair, and she had a hole in her head. Izuku's mother, the person who lifted him up and believed that he could be a hero, was Dead.