Chapter 51: Parties and More Parties

Santana's POV

*Sunday 10th September 2023*

The last week and a half has been quite hectic making all of the dresses for Quinn's wedding but I do think I'm making good progress though. However, today is going to be different so I'm not working with the dresses today. I actually cannot believe what day it is today because this year has gone by so quickly. It's Jaxon's 1st birthday today and I can't believe my baby is turning 1. A lot has happened in this last year so everything went by so quickly…well except my second pregnancy which seemed to last forever. Jaxon has had his first steps and said his first word already which just seems unreal.

Brittany and I are throwing a party for Jaxon today at home so all of our friends and family are coming over to celebrate. Jaxon probably won't really know what's going on since he's so young but it doesn't mean we don't want to spoil him so much today. Jaxon has already opened all of his birthday presents with the help of Brittany and I so now we're just waiting on the guests arriving for the party.

"You got some really cool gifts today, didn't you?" I say to Jaxon as we look at all of his new things.

"Toys" Jaxon says clapping his hands together excitedly.

"Yeah, you got a lot of toys" I smile at my son.

"I was actually going to get him one of those little motorbikes he could ride on in the yard but I thought he was still a bit young for them so instead I got the little car" Brittany tells me as she joins us with Xavier.

"Very funny" I smile at my wife.

"I wasn't actually joking babe" Brittany shrugs.

"You better be because my children are not going on motorbikes ever no matter how old they are. You know how I feel about them" I say seriously.

"Maybe his next birthday I'll get the motorbike once he has better balance because right now, he can't really ride a proper bike never mind a motorbike" she shrugs again.

"Excuse me, are you listening to me?" I question.

"Yeah, you said no motorbike and I said we'll see about that" Brittany replies.

"Brittany, do not pick a fight with me today. This is our son's birthday and it is a special day so do not make me mad" I warn her.

"I'm not trying to make you mad; I promise. I'm just saying Jaxon likes seeing me on my motorbike so if he ever decided he wanted to have one then I can't say no otherwise I'm being a hypocrite" she tells me.

"I nearly lost you because of that stupid motorbike so I won't risk it with my children. They're not getting one and that's final" I say seriously.


"No buts, if you want to stay married to me then you'll agree with me on this" I tell her.

"Fine, I will agree with you for the moment but in the future Santana, we'll see what Jaxon thinks" Brittany replies.

"Fine" I sigh. It's not what I want but at least she's agreed to let it go for the time being.

"I'm going to check on the food just now so can you take Xavier for me?" Brittany asks.

"Of course, I can" I say before holding my hands out. "Come on sweetie, let's hang out together with your big brother" I tell my youngest son as I take him from Brittany.

"I'll be back soon" Brittany says before heading to the kitchen.

Jaxon, Xavier and me don't get too much time to hang out on our own before our guests start to arrive. My parents picked up Brittany's parents on the way here so the 4 of them all arrived first. They were followed by both of Brittany's sisters and their families who all drove together as well. Soon enough, the rest of my family and my friends all turned up so our gathering was finally complete. Currently, everyone is mingling with each other while celebrating the birthday boy and having some food. I'm just standing alone, trying to keep myself calm because I'm still pissed at my wife.

"Hey, you ok?" Quinn asks me as she comes over.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" I smile at my best friend.

"Because you keep glaring at Brittany and you look pissed about something" Quinn replies.

"If I'm being honest, I am mad at Brittany" I admit. "She made a comment earlier about getting Jaxon a children's motorbike when he's a little older and it infuriated me. I don't like motorbikes because of Brittany's accident and she knows that so I don't know why she has to push my buttons."

"Oh, ok" Quinn nods.

"I have told her it's not happening but she won't listen to me" I sigh.

"Maybe it's because you're trying to tell her what to do and she doesn't like it so she's standing her ground" Quinn points out.

"I would understand that if it was about something less serious. I might be her boss at work but definitely not at home so she knows at home she can have an equal say. This is completely different though because it's about safety. I was distraught when Brittany was involved in her motorbike accident so surely she has to see where I am coming from. I cannot have my kids go through the same thing; I just won't let it happen" I state.

"Come here" Quinn says as she pulls me into a hug. "No one is going to let anything happen to your kids. We all love them so much and will protect them with everything we have" she says.

"I know and I appreciate that but it doesn't help how I feel. Brittany just won't see my side so how am I supposed to get through to her if she won't listen" I state.

"We're going to sort this out so don't worry" Quinn assures me.

"We should stop hugging now before we draw attention to ourselves. I don't want to make this a big deal right now because it's Jaxon's birthday so the attention should be on him" I tell my best friend as I pull away from her.

"That's fine but it is a big deal when clearly you're upset" Quinn points out.

"I know and I'll figure it out, just not right now" I say.

"Ok" Quinn nods.

"Am I dead yet?" Brittany asks with a smirk as she joins us.

"Huh?" I frown at my wife.

"The glares you're shooting at me, have they killed me yet?" Brittany asks amused.

"Look, I'm not one to interfere in Santana's relationship but I'm going to" Quinn states. "Brittany, you have to stop winding Santana up like this because it's not funny. Motorbikes will never be a joke to Santana and you know that so stop being so childish and be aware of what you're doing to her."

"Quinn, can I talk to Santana alone please?" Brittany asks, taking this matter seriously for the first time.

"Do you want me to go?" Quinn asks me.

"Yeah, I'll be ok but thank you" I say, appreciating my best friend supporting me.

"Ok" Quinn nods. "Please make things right, Brittany" she adds before leaving.

"Brittany, why are you always fighting me on this when you know how I feel. I can guarantee if you were in my position that day and thought I was dead, you'd feel the same right now" I tell her.

"I really do get your feelings Santana, honestly" Brittany sighs. "I just personally think you're going to the extreme with it because I've already promised to limit the times I go on my motorbike and as for the kids, it's a toy for the back yard, I was not buying them a full size one" she adds.

"Every time you go out on your motorbike, I'm scared to death you don't come home. I just can't understand why when I tell you that, you just brush it off. Do you like seeing me upset?" I ask.

"No, not at all" Brittany states. "I think I just don't like you telling me not to do things so it makes me want to do them even more. I see now that I need to take this more seriously so how about I sell the motorbike and the money I make, I'll put aside for the kids" she suggests.

"Look, I don't want you to lose something you love doing. I just want you to take it more seriously and respect how I feel. You can keep the bike but please stick to what we talked about. Only ride it on quieter roads and at quieter times of day" I state.

"No, I can see clearly now I've hurt you too much so I think it might be better if l sell my motorbike. In the meantime, I'm going to make things up to you, I promise" Brittany says.

"I think that's a good idea" I nod.

"May I have a hug now or is it too soon?" Brittany asks with a smile.

"It's too soon" I tell her.

"Really?" she asks sadly.

"Yeah, really" I nod. "I want you to know how serious I feel about the situation so a hug won't fix everything and make it go away. I appreciate you are starting to see my side of things now but we're not going to reward you for doing something you should have kinda already been aware of."

"That's fair enough" Brittany nods. "I mean I did know you didn't like motorbikes but I should have been more aware of the severity of how you felt. I should have paid more attention to what you were trying to tell me all those times because I see it clearly now. I especially realise it now since Quinn got involved because our friends don't normally involve themselves in our relationship so for her to do that obviously means I'm completely in the wrong" she explains.

"I am glad you see it now" I smile. "I never want to tell you what to do in our relationship so this isn't what that's about. My main issue today was you not seeing how it made me feel, you know" I shrug.

"Yeah, and I am really sorry about that" she says genuinely.

"I know" I nod.

"So…are we sorta cool now?" Brittany asks.

"Yeah, we're good now" I smile.

"Cool" she smiles back.

"Shall we get back to the birthday boy and all his guests now?" I say.

"Yes, I think we should" Brittany nods.

"Hey guys, we're going to bring the birthday cake out really soon so is everyone here?" I ask as I look around the room to make sure all of our friends and family are ready to sing to Jaxon.

"Yeah, I think everyone is here" Brittany smiles.

"Good" I smile back.

"Before we do that, I would like to say something first" Brittany tells us all.

"Ok, that's cool" I reply.

"I want to make a toast to the birthday boy and say a few little things about the woman that brought him into this world" Brittany says, standing at the front of the room.

"You what?" I ask surprised.

"I know it's Jaxon's birthday today and the focus is of course on him but I can't not say something about this amazing woman. I will make it brief though because I don't want to make Jaxon's birthday all about Santana because that's not fair on him" Brittany says.

"Exactly" I nod.

"So…firstly I just want to wish my little boy the happiest of birthdays. He is a little bit young right now to really understand how much he means to me but I can tell you guys" Brittany starts off. "Jaxon is absolutely amazing and I love him so very much. He is the best son anyone could ask for and he's the most caring and kind big brother any sibling would be lucky to have. He's brought so much fun and happiness into our lives and I feel lucky every single day to have him with me. I am so proud of him and I just know he's going to grow up to be the absolute best" she states.

"Yeah, I think we can all agree that Jax is amazing" I smile.

"Now…onto this amazing woman right here" Brittany says while wrapping her arms around me. "Santana, you are a wonderful mom to our children. You brought Jaxon into this world and you're raising him and Xavier to be the most amazing little guys there are. I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you do" Brittany says. "From that first day we met, you gave me a reason to keep going and to enjoy life. Then you made everything so much better when you gave me Jaxon and Xavier. I would not be the person I am today without you so I owe everything to you. I love you with all my heart and I can't wait to see where we continue to go as we move from one chapter to the next in our life" she finishes.

"It's too sweet, you're making me cry" I say embarrassed as I hide my face in her neck, doing my best to stop the tears.

"I'm sorry" she apologises. "I just can't help it because you are amazing. I couldn't wish for a better person to raise my children with and spend the rest of my life with" she smiles while kissing my head.

"That was quite a nice little speech about both Santana and the boys" Mercedes smiles.

"Yeah, it really was" my sister agrees.

"Actually, I do want to follow it up though and say something myself" I say, pulling my emotions together. "Even though I brought Jaxon into this world, it wouldn't have been possible without Brittany's efforts at the start of the process so thanks, babe" I smirk at her.

"O-k" Brittany says super embarrassed now, knowing exactly what I'm implying.

"Too much Santana" Quinn says laughing.

"I'm just saying without Brittany involved there would be no Jaxon to bring into the world if you catch my drift" I continue smirking.

"Oh, we catch your drift, we always catch your drift" Brittany says playfully rolling her eyes at me.

"Trust Santana to talk about sex at her son's first birthday party" my brother laughs.

"Hey, Brittany started it with making Jax's birthday about me" I shrug. "I was just continuing by saying that it wasn't all me. It took 2 to make a baby that night so let's thank Brittany too for Jaxon being here" I add.

"Perhaps we should just move onto the birthday cake now and sing happy birthday to Jaxon" my mom says.

"Yeah, we should" Brittany nods.

"Brittany will get the cake and the rest of us can all start singing when she comes into the room" I tell everyone.

"I won't be long, guys" Brittany says before heading to the kitchen.

It takes Brittany a few minutes to get the cake ready by putting the candles on it and lighting it so the rest of us just talk amongst ourselves. As soon as Brittany does enter the room, I dim the lights and lead everyone in singing happy birthday to Jaxon. Jaxon does look slightly confused at what is going on initially but the confusion soon disappears and turns into happiness when Brittany places the cake in front of him.

"Do you want to blow out the candles sweetie?" I ask Jaxon but he just looks at me confused.

"You'll help him, won't you mommy?" Brittany says, looking at me.

"Yeah, I'll help you Jax" I smile at my son.

"I need to get a picture of this" Brittany says as she quickly pulls out her phone.

"On the count of 3, we'll blow the candles out" I tell Jaxon before counting to 3.

"That's it buddy, well done" Brittany says as Jaxon and I blow out the candles.

"You did so well blowing them all out. You managed to blow more candles out than I did" I tell my son as I kiss his head.

"I did" Jaxon says excitedly.

"Mommy and I are going to take this cake to the kitchen now to cut it so everyone can take a slice home so we'll be back in 5 minutes" I tell Jaxon.

"You stay here and hang out with everyone, ok" Brittany smiles as she leans down and kisses Jaxon.

"Ok" Jaxon smiles.

Brittany picks the cake back up and carries it to the kitchen with me following closely behind. She then starts cutting the cake into slices while I wrap the pieces up for everyone to take home. We really went all out on the birthday cake front with the size of it so there's plenty of cake to share with our friends and family as well as letting Jaxon keep some of his cake for himself. I mean he is only one so he won't eat a lot but I want to make sure he gets some of it since it's his birthday.

"Are we missing anyone?" I ask as I go through the slices of cake, naming everyone.

"No, I think we have all of our friends and family covered" Brittany smiles.

"That's good" I smile back. "Shall we head back through now and enjoy what's left of the party?" I ask.

"In a second" Brittany says.

"Why, what are we doing now?" I ask curiously.

"I just want to talk to you for a second" Brittany says.

"Ok" I smile.

"You know I love you so much and I am deeply sorry for the issues earlier" Brittany says honestly.

"I know you are and I'm happy to move past it now" I assure her.

"Ok, that's good" Brittany smiles.

"Come on, get over here" I smile back while opening up my arms for Brittany to come closer.

"You are amazing" Brittany tells me as she relaxes into my embrace as I put my arms around her.

"So are you" I reply as my wife wraps her arms around me too.

"Now, can I steal a kiss or is it still too soon?" she asks.

"We can kiss now" I laugh.

"Thank god, I have missed those lips" Brittany says before leaning in to kiss me. I instantly kiss back and just as I'm about to pull away, Brittany deepens the kiss so I pull her even closer to me.

"Oh god, baby number 3 will be here before we know it" Carly states as she walks into the kitchen.

"Very funny" I say as I pull away from Brittany.

"I love the nephews I have at the moment so no more right now" Carly teases.

"Trust me, I don't want any more right now as much as you don't want any more babies in the family at the moment so you and I are on the same page" I assure my sister. I love the kids I have right now but it's a lot to handle so no more babies right now.

"Yeah, we're content right now but we'll probably change our minds in the future" Brittany smiles.

"Yeah, for sure" I nod.

"Well let's just hope you're alone the next time because that was too much" Carly smirks.

"Yeah, we'll try and behave from now on" Brittany laughs.

"So…what's going on?" I ask curiously. "Did you want us for something?"

"Yeah, and it wasn't to see that" Carly chuckles. "Anyway, on a serious note, can you and I have a quick chat at some point. I mean it doesn't need to be today because it is your son's birthday but maybe we could catch up soon?" she asks me.

"You two can talk just now if you want because the party is winding down so everyone will be heading home soon and the kids will need to take a nap anyway" Brittany says.

"Ok" Carly nods.

"Do you want to go upstairs and talk since it's quieter?" I ask my sister.

"Yeah, let's do that" Carly says so she and I head upstairs to my bedroom.

"So, what's going on?" I ask curiously as we take a seat.

"It's about Jess and I" Carly replies.

"Ok" I nod.

"I just need some tips or advice on how we play things from here on in" she replies.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"How do you transition from friends to more than that without falling into old habits. I really like Jess and want to make this work with her so how do I make sure we're not just friends?" Carly asks me.

"Why can't you still be those best friends and be with each other?" I reply. "I mean I know Quinn is my best friend but technically Brittany is too because we're more than just a couple. Brittany is my everything" I add.

"I don't know, I just feel like we have to make things different or more exciting" she tells me.

"The thing is Carly; Jess fell for you for being you so why do you have to do anything different. I'm not saying it's not exciting to spice things up but I don't think you have to change how you were" I point out. "Unless you can't see past the friendship right now and want Jess to change?" I ask.

"No, I don't want us to change who we are, I just want to make sure we do things right because she means a lot to me. I would hate myself if I messed this up when we have always had a good friendship" Carly replies.

"Honestly, I think you're overthinking this. You just need to do what feels natural for you. If you would rather just hang out or go to a movie then do that. You don't need to be romantic all of the time just to prove you're more than friends. I mean like I say, Britt and I sometimes just hang out and spend time together. Obviously, it's good to have the romance but hanging out is just as good sometimes because you're still with the person you love" I explain.

"I guess it's just weird for me because I always had my relationship and I had my best friend. They were never the same thing so do I still talk to Jess about the same things?" she states.

"As far as I was aware you didn't really discuss your relationships with Jess before so that part hasn't changed. It would be different if you used to confide in Jess when something went wrong with your relationship because you wouldn't be able to do that now. Luckily you don't have to and also you have a sister you can talk to" I smile.

"You're probably right, I am getting stressed about something that isn't there" Carly says.

"Just take things easy and everything will fall naturally into place" I tell her.

"Ok, thank you" Carly smiles.


*Sunday 17th September 2023*

Brittany and I are just having a relaxing morning so far. I was up late last night working on the dresses again so I'm just trying to chill out today and de-stress a little. Xavier and Jaxon are having their usual morning nap so Britt and I are alone in the living room. We probably do have some things we could do that would be more productive than chilling out but we're not going to worry about that right now.

"Oh my god!" Brittany screams excitedly.

"Honey, that was too loud and it was right in my ear" I say as I rub my ear.

"I'm sorry" she apologises as she kisses my cheek.

"What has gotten you so excited anyway?" I ask as I look at her.

"I was texting Tina and she's just told me Mike proposed to her last night, they're getting married" she says just as excitedly as a second ago.

"That's great" I smile.

"He took her to dinner and when they got home, Mercedes and Sam had set everything up so the house was all romantic and stuff. He proposed right in their living room by the fire" Brittany says.

"That's cute" I reply.

"I am so happy for them because they've been together for ages. I know you shouldn't compare relationships but they've been together a lot longer than us so I thought they would have gotten married before we did" Brittany points out.

"It maybe just wasn't the right time for them. I mean you and I have only been together for 3 and a half years" I state.

"Are you serious? Is that all?" she says surprised.

"Yeah" I laugh. "I mean officially for 3.5 years but I guess we were hooking up for 4 months before that. We got engaged after only a year together and married 6 months after that. You've actually only been working for me for 4 and a half years" I smile.

"I don't mean to be rude but it feels like a lot longer than that. I feel like we've been together for 10 years or something" Brittany chuckles.

"It sometimes feels like that with how crazy our life is but it's true" I smile.

"Well, it's been the best 4 and a half years of my life anyway" she smiles back.

"Mine too" I say as I kiss Brittany's cheek.

After spending some time with my wife, the kids woke up so we hung out with them for a while. We all then had some lunch and continued to spend time as a family. It's now the afternoon and Brittany is just doing some laundry while the kids take another nap. They didn't sleep for very long during their first nap so they got tired pretty quickly again, especially after we all played with some toys together and had fun.

I'm just lying on the couch, happily scrolling through Instagram on my phone when Brittany walks into the room. She doesn't say anything to me, instead she just walks over to where I am and takes my phone from me and gently removes my glasses from my face. Before I even get a chance to ask what she is up to, she positions herself on the couch hovering over me. She again doesn't say anything, she just looks at me with a smile before leaning down to kiss me.

"What are we doing?" I ask as I instantly put my arms around her.

"What do you think we're doing?" she smiles mischievously at me.

"We're doing it right here on the sofa?" I ask surprised.

"Yeah" Brittany nods. "You wanted me to be more spontaneous and passionate so I have taken it upon myself to decide we're doing this here and now without scheduling sex" she smiles.

"Ok" I say excitedly as I pull her body closer to mine and kiss her.


*Saturday 23rd September 2023*

It's been a week since Mike and Tina got engaged so Brittany, Quinn, Mercedes and me have been organising a surprise engagement party for them. It's been a little stressful organising it in such a short space of time but we had to do it this weekend. Next weekend is Quinn's bachelorette party and then the weekend after that is her wedding so we didn't want to wait any longer for Tina's engagement party because the novelty of the surprise would have worn off by then.

The party is at the same venue as Brittany and I's engagement party so we're here right now getting set up. Our plan is to have the place all decorated and catering about ready by the time Tina and Mike arrive. We're using a similar excuse as the one we had for our surprise engagement party where we've told Tina and Mike we wanted to meet them here for dinner but really, we're surprising them with their whole family and friends being here together.

"So, are you happy about the fact we're at a party where you're not pregnant and can now drink alcohol?" Brittany asks me.

"Yeah, I kinda am" I say, struggling to hide the smile on my face. Don't get me wrong though, I liked being pregnant for the sole reason of having my two sons.

"I'm glad you're happy because I hate it when you're sad" she replies.

"I haven't been sad that much recently, have I?" I ask confused.

"No, but I just meant in general. I love it when you're happy" Brittany smiles.

"Guys, they're coming" Sam says, rushing into the room.

"Ok, let's switch off the lights" Quinn states as James makes his way over to the side to turn off all of the lights.

We all stand quietly in the dark for a few seconds before the door opens. The moment it does, James switches on the lights again and all of the guests yell out 'surprise'. By the shocked look on Tina and Mike's face, I can totally tell they were not expecting this tonight. We let them greet all of their guests first and then Brittany got us all some drinks. We're now all branching off, mingling with other people. Brittany and I of course don't want to be around anyone but each other.

"Did I mention how amazing you look tonight?" I ask my wife.

"You didn't but it's ok because it was a rushed effort to get ready and get the boys to my parents house so there wasn't really time earlier to pay much attention to each other" Brittany points out.

"Well, you look amazing anyway" I smile.

"How I look is kinda all down to you because you chose which dress I would wear tonight" she tells me with a shrug.

"Yeah, I did pick out your outfit tonight but your amazingness goes beyond what you're wearing so you look amazing because you are amazing with or without my fashion input" I assure her.

"How many drinks have you had already?" Brittany teases.

"I'm not drunk…yet" I smile. "But why won't you accept my compliments tonight?" I ask curiously.

"I don't know, I guess I'm having one of my insecure days" she sighs.

"Honey, I love you, all of you. You know that" I say as I bring her in for a hug. "You also know I don't lie so when I'm telling you you're amazing it means you have to believe me that you are" I add.

"Ok" Brittany replies as she hugs me tighter.

"So…shall we get a drink now?" I ask as I pull out of the hug a minute or so later.

"Not right now" Brittany says, pulling me back to her. "I have something else to do first" she adds before leaning forward and kissing my lips.

"Get a room" Tina teases us.

"We've got one thanks and we'll make great use of it when we get home" I smirk.

"Yeah, we very much will" Brittany says as she grabs my butt.


The party is in full swing now and everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. I think we have probably all lost count of the number of drinks we've had but I don't think anyone cares. It's just been such a fun night getting to celebrate Mike and Tina, and also just to hang out with our friends and let our hair down. I'm just hanging out with Mike right now, watching my wife and my friends all killing it on the dance floor.

"Is my wife sexy or what?" I say as I take a sip of my wine.

"Uh…sure" Mike shrugs at me.

"Excuse me, are you calling my wife sexy?" I ask annoyed. How dare he have a thing for my wife.

"Santana, you just…you know what, never mind" Mike laughs.

"No come on, let's hear what you have to say Michael. Please tell the whole room you want to take my wife to bed. The same wife who happens to be your fiancée's best friend" I state.

"You're drunk, Santana" Mike tells me.

"Yeah, I am but what does that have to do with anything?" I ask confused.

"Let's just forget about this" Mike states.

"No, I can't forget" I shake my head. "Tina, Mike wants to have sex with my wife. I am appalled by it and you should be too" I state loudly.

"That's not what I said" Mike says in panic as he shakes his head.

"Yeah, I don't think he'd say something like that" Mercedes points out.

"You weren't there and you didn't hear him" I state.

"As the only one sober here, I think I can safely say what is going on better than the rest of you" Mercedes laughs.

"She got a point" Sam shrugs.

"Whatever" I say, waving their opinions off. "Britt, come here" I tell my wife.

"The song hasn't finished yet so I want to finish dancing to it" Brittany replies.

"Come here" I say again, not bothering to let her finish.

"Ok" Brittany shrugs before walking over to me.

"You're so sexy and hot right now" I tell Brittany as my hands slide around her waist.

"Thank you honey" she smiles at me.

"Like seriously sexy, not one of these women in here could compare" I say as my hands begin moving down Brittany's body.

"Did she just say we're all ugly?" Quinn asks as she looks around our group of friends.

"Yeah, but she doesn't mean it, she's just drunk" Brittany apologises.

"Babe don't apologise because it's true. You're the sexiest person in here and that's saying something considering I'm here because we all know I'm sexy" I shrug.

"Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it" Brittany smiles at me.

After spending a while more at the party, it was time for everyone to make their way home. We all said our goodbyes to each other and got ourselves into cabs. It wasn't long at all before Brittany and I were walking through the front door of our house. We kicked off our shoes immediately and locked up the house before heading upstairs. There was nothing more that we wanted to do than go to our bedroom to get changed and get into bed.

"Is it ok if we don't have sex tonight, I'm just exhausted from all that dancing" I tell my wife as I stumble to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

"It's more than ok" Brittany chuckles.

"Are you saying you don't find me attractive enough for sex tonight?" I ask sadly.

"No definitely not" Brittany says as she kisses the top of my head. "I just mean you're a little impaired tonight so I don't think you could hold up your end of the bargain very well."

"That is true because I don't think I would have the energy to do anything but just lay there and you deserve better" I smile.

"You are really hot though" she tells me.

"As are you Britt-Britt, as are you" I smirk.


*Saturday 30th September 2023*

Tonight is the night of Quinn and James's joint bachelor/bachelorette party. They did think about having separate parties but decided against it because they thought it would be more fun to have one big party than hang out with their friends separately. All of us friends are going out for dinner and then hitting a few places to get some drinks. It's probably going to be quite a late night so Jaxon and Xavier are spending the night with my mom and dad.

My parents have already picked up the boys so Brittany and I are home alone right now. We're just getting ready to go out right now. We've both showered so we're in the middle of doing our makeup and getting changed into the dresses I picked out for us both.

"Hey, babe" I say to get my wife's attention.

"Yes, my love" Brittany smiles at me.

"Please do not let me drink nearly as much tonight as I did at Tina and Mike's party last weekend. It was great at the time getting to party and let my hair down so to speak but boy did I pay for it the next day" I say, frowning at the thought of last weekend.

"Yeah, that hangover lasted a couple of days" Brittany points out.

"I know and as much as I hated feeling like shit, I hated it more that I left all childcare responsibilities to you. As a mom and a wife, that is not appropriate" I state.

"Don't worry about it because I didn't mind. I mean you deserved to have a fun night last weekend so the least I could do was take care of the kids for a day myself" Brittany smiles.

"I know you didn't mind and I love you for that but the fact is, you should mind. It wasn't the best thing to do as a mom because our children need their parents and I wasn't there for them. I spent all day in bed" I state.

"Honestly Santana, you're being too hard on yourself. There is no way you were a bad mom so don't ever think that. The kids were absolutely fine last weekend and what's done is done anyway so let's just move on" she reassures me.

"Ok, fine" I nod. "I'm serious though, I won't let it happen again."

"Ok" Brittany smiles.

As soon as Brittany and I are finally ready for the night, we head downstairs and leave the house, locking up behind us. We get into the awaiting cab and head off to the restaurant. Apart from Quinn and James who already got there early, Brittany and I are the first ones in our friend group to arrive. It is not like us at all to be first there so either we're surprisingly early or everyone else is late.

"Hey guys" Brittany says greeting Quinn and James.

"Hey" Quinn smiles as she hugs Brittany.

"How are you both?" James asks as he takes a turn and hugs Brittany.

"We're good" Brittany smiles.

"Yeah, we are" I say before hugging James. "Hey, Q" I add as I move to hug my best friend.

"Hello boozy, have you recovered yet?" Quinn teases me.

"Only just" I say while shaking my head in disgust with myself. "I think because I hadn't drunk a lot in the last while with the pregnancies and everything then when I did, it was just like a huge shock to my body. I'm never usually that drunk or have such a hangover" I add.

"Yeah, it has been a while since we've seen you like that" Quinn says amused.

"To be fair I have seen my wife worse than that" Brittany shrugs.

"Worse than that?" Quinn asks surprised.

"Yeah" Brittany nods.

"No, it's not true. Britt is just trying to make me feel better because she doesn't want me to feel guilty about last weekend. In all honestly, I was super drunk" I state.

"I'm actually being serious; I have seen you worse. I remember one work Christmas party we had and you thought the closet was the exit" Brittany says amused.

"Oh yeah, I remember that" I laugh.

After catching up with Quinn for a few more minutes, the rest of our friends all turned up. We all took our seats and ordered some drinks before looking at the menus and ordering our food. The meal was really nice and it was so much fun getting to hang out together once again so it was a good start to the night. After finishing dinner, we all headed out to continue the party and have a few more drinks. We've currently just sat down at a table in a bar nearby, having a few more drinks.

"Do you remember at our party last week, accusing me of wanting to sleep with Britt?" Mike asks me amused.

"I do and watch yourself boy because I will be sober this time" I warn him.

"Santana, I didn't want to have sex with her" Mike laughs.

"I may have been drunk but I still heard you say she was sexy so all I'm saying now is watch yourself" I say.

"I agreed with you to shut you up. I didn't mean it literally so don't worry" Mike replies.

"So, wait a second…I'm not sexy?" Brittany asks sadly.

"Oh no, you're sexy Britt. There is no doubt about that" I say as I pull my wife in for a kiss.

"I wasn't trying to offend you Brittany, I was just trying to explain to Santana" Mike says turning to look at Brittany.

"So, you do find me sexy then Mike?" Brittany asks.

"Yes Mike, do you find my best friend sexy?" Tina asks seriously.

"Um…" Mike doesn't know what to say.

"Yes or no Mike, am I sexy?" Brittany asks him.

"Sam…help me" Mike says, completely terrified about what to say.

"Girls come on, let's not mess with him anymore" Mercedes says amused.

"I'm sorry Mike, we were just playing so you don't have to answer that. I know we have like a brother-sister relationship so it's really ok" Brittany smiles at Mike.

"Yeah, I was just messing with you too because I know you only feel that way about me" Tina says as she kisses Mike's cheek.

"Y'all might have been playing but I wasn't. Mike called Brittany sexy last weekend so I won't forget it in a hurry" I point out.

"Come on Santana, it's not that deep so let's forget about it" Brittany says as she leans forward and kisses me.

"Kissing me won't make it go away about how I feel" I tell her.

"Yes, it will" Brittany says as she kisses me again but this time with a bit more passion.

"Ok, yes it will. We will see you all later" I say before hurriedly pulling Brittany away.

"Where are we going? Brittany asks confused.

"Anywhere with a closed door" I tell her.


*Thursday 5th October 2023*

Brittany and I are meeting up with our friends again today so I can finalise all the dresses. They're all ready but I want to have one last fitting with everyone to make sure they still fit ok and no one needs any adjustments. I'm hoping most of the dresses will be fine but I do wonder about Mercedes since she is pregnant so we might need to adjust her dress a little bit. Everyone has come over to my place to go through things while Jessica has taken Jaxon and Xavier out for a few hours.

"I think we'll start with Quinn's dress and then move onto the bridesmaids' dresses" I tell everyone.

"Sounds good" Quinn smiles.

"I will go and get the dresses right now" I say before leaving the room to collect the dresses. I purposedly put them in another room away from a certain toddler of mine who likes to touch everything he finds.

"Hey, do you need some help?" Brittany asks, a minute or so later as she enters the guest room.

"You know what, yeah" I nod. I'll end up tripping on one of them going down the stairs if I try to carry them all myself.

"Ok" Brittany smiles while taking some of the dresses from me.

"Let's just place them all on the couch and I'll open Quinn's first" I tell her as we make our way back downstairs to the living room.

"That's cool" Brittany replies.

"Ok, the moment of truth" I say as I unzip the bag from around Quinn's dress.

"I'm looking forward to finally seeing it" Quinn says excitedly.

"So, what do you think of it?" I ask Quinn.

"Oh my" Quinn says as tears begin filling her eyes.

"Is it that bad?" Brittany asks causing me to hit my wife on the arm.

"Don't be rude, I spent ages making the fucker" I say, giving Brittany a warning look.

"Honestly, these are happy tears because it looks amazing" Quinn replies.

"Yeah, it really is beautiful Santana" Mercedes nods.

"I could just cry as well" Tina replies as she admires the dress.

"Please don't anyone else cry" I say nervously, getting uncomfortable with the emotions of our friends.

"Personally, I think I've seen you make better designs" Brittany shrugs.

"My patience with you today is wearing a little thin so tread carefully Pierce" I warn my wife.

"I'm just trying to be honest since we don't have lies in our relationship" Brittany states.

"Does anyone know any good divorce lawyers?" I ask our friends.

"Oh, come on, we all know you love it when Brittany teases you and winds you up" Tina states.

"Yeah, normally I do but not the day after I've been up all night with two young kids, refusing to sleep" I state.

"Fair enough" Brittany smiles. "On a serious note, the dress really is amazing so well done babe."

"Thank you" I smile at my wife. "So…shall we get you into your dress, Quinn?" I ask, turning to look at my best friend.

"Yeah, I think we should to make sure it fits properly" Quinn smiles.

After Quinn tried on her dress, myself and the rest of the bridesmaids tried our dresses on too. The dresses all seemed to fit rather well so there are only a few minor adjustments I need to make which I'll do a lot closer to the wedding. It shouldn't be too much hassle to do because I have scheduled myself some time the day before Quinn's wedding to do any last-minute preparations. Ever since we found out about Mercedes's pregnancy then I knew I would need to at least adjust her dress a little, closer to the wedding so I can sort the other dresses then as well.

"Ok, I want to make a toast to my best friend and bride to be" I smile.

"You don't need to do that" Quinn states.

"I want to though" I shrug.

"Ok" Quinn smiles.

"Quinn, I just want to say how happy we all are for you that you're moving into this next chapter of your life with James" I start. "You and I have been best friends since school and all we have ever wanted for each other was to be happy so I am so glad you found James and are building a life together with him. I also just want to say how grateful I am that you asked me to be your matron of honour and how much you trusted me to help make your day special. You mean a lot to me Quinn and I love you, so here's to you and James" I say as I raise my glass in the air.

"To Quinn and James" everyone else says as they raise their glasses.

"That was really nice, thank you Santana" Quinn smiles at me.

"Only the best for my best friend" I say as Quinn hugs me.

"I'd also just like to say something" Brittany says.

"You would?" I say surprised as Quinn and I pull out of the hug.

"I just want to give a shout out to the matron of honour" Brittany states. "She worked so hard to make the bachelor/bachelorette party amazing and not only that but she worked her ass off to make the dresses for the wedding so she deserves some of the limelight too" she adds.

"Aw that's sweet babe" I smile at my wife.

"Excuse me, this is my special occasion remember. I mean don't get me wrong I appreciate Santana a lot but let's remember Santana has had her wedding and now it's time for mine" Quinn points out teasingly.

"Trust me, we couldn't forget this was your wedding" Tina teases Quinn.

"Yeah, I guess I have been a little over the top at times" Quinn chuckles.

"It's ok though because we've all done it. Santana and I went a little crazy before our wedding trying to make sure everything went smoothly" Brittany states.

"Yeah, we did but thankfully we don't have to go through it again since we're happily married now. Just like you will be soon Quinn, and Tina when it's her turn" I smile.

"Exactly" Brittany agrees.

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