She pressed down as hard as she could, but it was no use. The bleeding just wouldn't stop. He'd long since stopped responding to her desperate calls, just kept gasping for breath. A nasty sound, with his lung pierced.

Kaoru looked down on the swordsman beneath her nimble hands. It had been the usual situation; some lunatic had attacked the dojo. Kenshin had fought them off, then they'd turned on what they'd deemed his weakspot, which had been her. He had jumped right in front of her, wishing to protect her. While he had parried the blades so they didn't go all the way through him and into her body, they'd still hit some vital spots in his. All the way into the right lung and his left side, piercing the scar Shishio's attack had left, all these moons ago.

Of course Kenshin had still wiped the floor with them, holding on just long enough to see them limp away. He'd fallen as soon as they were out of sight, coughing up blood. Kaoru had no doubt he'd still be, if he was awake. And all she could do was pressing down a cloth on his wounds, trying to stifle the bleeding.

Still his blood kept flowing out like water. The doctor would be here soon, she kept telling herself and whispering to him.

Soon he'd be fine.

He.. just had to hold on a little bit longer.

Just a bit more.

She was still pressing down on him, when the doctor finally arrived. The man did the unfathomable; a strong push to the fallen man's injured chest, a choking, bloody cough and rasping breath soon to follow. At least he was breathing again, but so weak he didn't wake to the occasion.

The doctor looked gloom. While he did stop the bleeding on his patient's side, the lung kept at it. Doctor shook his head, no hope.

Kaoru's eyes watered. She bowed over the man she so dearly loved, sobbing openly. A gentle hand touching her cheek, she looked up. Kenshin was smiling at her, his eyes clouding rapidly. Then they went dim, his hand fell slack.

He was dead. Her invincible rurouni was dead.