Episode 1: Forgotten Freelancers

Hello there, my dudes, I'm Vick and I'm here to tell you… or rather send you to a reality where Church is still alive. A reality where there were 2 more AIs left in the universe besides Epsilon. Here is that reality...

In the vastness of space, a small ship flew in a specific direction. It was piloted by a man. Said man was outfitted in a Mjolnir Recon helmet with the Hul attachment, and the rest of his armor was normal Mjolnir armor. However, he also wore a tactical/tacpad on his left wrist which allows him to hack into things… even though he's horrendous at hacking.

Okay, I bet you're wondering why he's flying a Sangheili Phantom through space and why the story starts here… well, consider it to be the hook. After all, any story worth a fuck should have a hook, right? Let's take you back to the beginning so you can get the full idea of what the fuck is going on.

"Hey," said a voice.

"Yeah," said another voice.

"Do you ever wonder why we're here?" asked the first voice.

Sorry, whoops, my mistake dude. Not that far back, just far enough to explain the… you know what? You'll see.

Some unknown year nobody cares about

The man in golden armor had knelt with his SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle aimed towards a building for quite a while. The building happened to be full of with random aliens of random shapes, sizes, and colors. Right next to him was another alien, but unlike the others, its armor was colored cyan… teal… aquamarine… whatever color it was.

"You're sure that the target is down there?" the man asked his alien partner.

"Blargh," the alien said with a nod as it aimed a Beam Rifle down at the alien complex.

"You sure your info isn't misleading in any way?" the man asked as he didn't want to go down there.

"Blargh," the alien replied bluntly.

"Just my fucking luck," the man grumbled, "I get a mission that leads into a complex swarming with rogue aliens, and my only partner is a fucking t-rex."

"He isn't that bad," said a feminine voice from inside of his helmet, "sometimes bigger is better."

"Zeta!" exclaimed the man, "I did NOT need to hear that!"

"I'm not talking about his penis, Oregon," Zeta sighed, "I'm talking about the advantage of being big and girthy."

"Zeta," Oregon complained, "Please stop saying things that sound sexual!"

"It's not my fault you have a perverted mind," Zeta snorted.

"I do NOT!" Oregon replied defensively.

"Oregon, Zeta," said another feminine voice, albeit huskier, "Mission first. We can all have an orgy later."

"What Nevada said," Oregon agreed before he realized what else he was agreeing to.

"The mission part, I mean!" Oregon quickly added.

"Okay," Oregon said as he began running through scenarios in his mind, "The t-rex here will remain up top and serve as the eyes and ears. Nevada, you get into one of the wraiths and create a distraction."

"Blargh honk honk Blarghie Blargh honk?" asked T-rex.

"I'm just gonna wing it," Oregon sighed as he stood up, "I always screw up my plans anyway."

"Shall I suggest that you use your active camouflage?" Zeta asked, "Or do you want to be seen?"

"How long can you run it?" Oregon asked thoughtfully as he placed his rifle onto his back and pulled out his M7S SMG which was handed to him by one of the ODSTs in his last mission.

"Half an hour if I'm multitasking," Zeta said thoughtfully, "A full hour if not."

Oregon stood there thoughtfully for a second before he came to a decision.

"Wait till we're close enough they can see us," Oregon said as he began to climb down the cliff face, "but not too close."

"Understood," Zeta replied.

Meanwhile, with Nevada…

A woman was crouched and snuck past crate after crate and looked around constantly as she kept an eye on her helmet HUD's motion tracker. Her outfit was the Air Assault armor from Halo 5 and happened to be colored yellow. She had a BR55 on her back and an M6C/SOCOM magnum sidearm on her right thigh. She also had four fragmentation grenades located on her lower back towards the left.

"Kappa," Nevada whispered, "how much longer till I reach the nearest Wraith?"

"5.35 clicks to your right," replied a masculine voice inside of her helmet, which belonged to Kappa, "and might I suggest that if you want to impress Agent Oregon… don't say slutty things."

"I'm not trying to appear slutty," Nevada defended herself as she turned to her right and bolted past a group of Sangheili, "I'm just trying to show I'm not a prude like Carolina, CT, and South were."

"I advise you not to be so outward," Kappa said, "After all, based on past experiences Agent Oregon is nervous concerning sex. Especially, since he's a virgin."

"How would you know that?" Nevada asked with narrowed eyes as she reached the Wraith.

"Zeta and I talk," Kappa replied. He would shrug if he could. At that, silence ensued as Nevada entered the Wraith tank and started it up.

Back with Agent Oregon…

Agent Oregon stood with his back to a boulder large enough to hide him as he stared around it to watch the aliens. Just as he expected, as soon as the sounds of explosions could be heard somewhere across the complex the aliens hurried towards it as soon as an alarm blared. However, several aliens remained. Fortunately, there was enough he could sneak past easily when using his av-cam.

"Now," Oregon whispered, and not a second later he vanished from sight. Now he'd only be able to be seen if the aliens looked close enough to see an outline ripple through the air as he walked.

Agent Oregon hurried past the remaining Sangheili, unggoys, and Kig-Yars. However, as he passed the one right next to the complex's entrance… the Kig-Yar turned its snout towards the door in time to catch a whiff of Oregon's scent.

The Kig-Yar narrowed its beady eyes and followed the scent which leads it to the archive room. It didn't see anything there, but its nose told him that the scent was stronger in the room that the hallways it walked through. It decided to aim a needle rifle in front of him.

Agent Oregon typed on the alien keyboard till he found what he wanted. He pulled out a futuristic thumb-drive that was somehow designed to work with both Sangheili and human computers. As soon as he inserted it into the computer's thumb-drive slot he jolted forward and cried out due to the sudden pain in his left shoulder. His av-cam immediately deactivated as he turned around to see the Jackal there with a snarl on its face… not much change between its normal expression in all honesty. Must be a Kig-Yar trait.

"You shot me!" Oregon exclaimed as the glowing pink needle shattered into nothingness.

"You will pay 'or intruding on our complex," the Kig-Yar rasped angrily, "It is my pleasure to make you su'er."

"And I thought the Grunts were the talkative ones," Oregon remarked just before he fired his suppressed SMG into the Kig-Yar's face sending blood, bone, and brain matter everywhere as the head exploded.

"This gun is a lot more powerful than I thought," Oregon said as he widened his eyes under his helmet while he stared at the SMG.

"That's not the case," Zeta said as it popped an x-ray scan into Oregon's HUD, "That Kig-Yar just had too many fractures in its skull, and the bullets penetrated those fractures."

"What an unlucky Jackal," Oregon remarked before he placed his M7S SMG onto his left thigh before he bent to pick up the Needle Rifle.

"Thanks for the rifle," Oregon said as he turned back towards the computer. "So… what's the download's percentage?"

"37% and counting," Zeta replied.

"Wow," Oregon said as he placed some duct tape onto the portion of his armor that had been hit by the needle rifle crystal, "Either the file is smaller than previously thought, or this thumb-drive is very fast at downloading info."

"It's more than likely the latter," Zeta stated her opinion. Oregon inspected the Needle Rifle in his hands till he found the trigger. He aimed the rifle at the dead Kig-Yar and fake-shot it.

"Man…" Oregon sighed, "I'm fucking bored."

On top of the cliff…

The cyan… aquamarine… teal alien watched the complex below him to find anything out of order. However, it appeared that nothing was going to go wrong. With that thought in mind, the alien sighed out of boredom.

"I miss the good ol' days with my dad," the alien said to himself in his native tongue. "Being an Ambassador between my people and the humans."

With Agent Nevada…

Agent Nevada was currently having a blast… as she blasted the rogue aliens with their tank. However, her fun was soon ended as something banged on the roof before the door was torn away.

"Oh… hello," Nevada gulped as she stared up into the face of a Sangheili Commander. As soon as she said that, the Commander picked her up out of the tank and jumped down onto the ground.

"Careful Nevada," Kappa said quietly as Nevada prepared to move her hand, "don't move too fast or he'll notice your course of action."

"Come on," Nevada said as she subtly moved her hand towards her combat knife, "there's no need to be so angry. I was just bored and-"

Suddenly, she stabbed at the Commander's leg. Unfortunately, the Commander was faster and threw her up against a nearby Seraph. The force of the impact forced her right hand to let go of the combat knife. Nevada wasn't down yet though. She leaped to the side as she brought out her M6C/SOCOM out which she fired at the Sangheili.

She fired multiple shots as she backed away, but the Sangheili's overshields held which wasn't good as Nevada was almost out of bullets in her magnum and the alien had gotten closer to her person even as she backed away.

"Kappa," Nevada said with a bit of panic, "Get me an out!"

"I'm trying..." Kappa said with a little bit of panic himself, "but no matter what course of action you take... it won't end well."

As soon as he got close enough, he pulled out a plasma pistol and blasted her hand with it. He then grabbed her by the helmet and slammed her head against the wall that she had found herself leaning against. The slam was hard enough to create a dent in the concrete, and she also happened to have been rendered unconscious.

The Sangheili Commander stared emotionless as Nevada collapsed to the ground which left her helmet in his hands. He looked at her now bare face which showed her to be Caucasian with brown long straight hair. He then looked at the helmet before he tossed it to the ground and bent over to pick her up. He walked towards a nearby phantom with her over his right shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Meanwhile, in the archive room…

Agent Oregon stopped singing Hooked On a Feeling when he heard the explosions stop. He also had been feeling a rumbling sensation coming from the floor now and then which was another sign that the distraction was working.

"Zeta?" Oregon asked as he prepared to exit the room.

"The download has been completed," Zeta replied. Oregon immediately removed the thumb-drive from the computer before he hauled ass out of the complex. He didn't even turn on his av-cam and instead resorted to firing headshots with the Needle Gun to each of the aliens. However, there was one alien left standing when the needle gun clicked empty. That alien was a Minor. The Minor turned around and blasted two plasma rifles at Oregon. Fortunately, Oregon was faster which he proved by leaping forward to dodge the blasts. As he rolled to his feet, he picked up a plasma grenade from the ground. He immediately pressed the red button which activated it and threw it at the Minor. The Minor looked down at where the plasma grenade stuck and then back up. The grenade had stuck on his groin.

"Blargh blargh honk!" the Sangheili Minor exclaimed before he exploded.

Oregon turned around towards where the explosions had originated from and immediately ran in that direction.

"Nevada," Oregon said into his helmet's com, "Respond! That's an order!"

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw an abandoned Wraith, random aliens around it and their weapons aimed at him. He then looked down and saw Nevada's helmet discarded on the ground.

Oregon didn't say anything, and instead pulled out his M7S SMG and fired into the aliens which prompted them to fire back. As soon as he had run out of bullets, he threw it at a Jackal. The impact from the SMG knocked the Jackal out in the process. As the Jackal fell onto his back, he lost his grip on his Needler. Said needler flew into the sky and Oregon's hand as he caught it. A Sangheili Major was the unlucky one as Oregon fired all of the needles into him. That many needles in one body caused an explosion which sent the Sangheili's guts, blood, and bones everywhere. The Sangheili's storm rifle also flew into Oregon's hand just as he threw the needler at a Grunt's head which snapped its neck.

As Oregon blasted alien weapon after alien weapon, T-rex fired his beam rifle taking each member of the rogue aliens out. Well, the ones that got too close to Oregon anyway.

When all the aliens had been dealt with, Oregon walked over to Nevada's helmet and picked it up.

"Zeta," Oregon said in an angry tone, "Find the fucker who took Nevada."

"Already searching," Zeta responded.

On the Phantom, just outside of Reach…

Nevada slowly opened her eyes as she woke up, and once she did she looked around. Her arms ached and so she looked up to see that her wrists had been chained to the ceiling by some kind of energy-based cord connected to very durable shackles. She looked down and saw that her legs were spread and chained up similarly. She looked forward and saw that an energy shield was in front of her. It seemed pretty obvious that she was in some sort of alien jail cell. She tried her best to break free of the shackles, but unfortunately, she was just too weak.

"There is no point in trying to escape, Shisno," said a voice sounding kinda like Keith David, "what binds you are unbreakable."

Nevada narrowed her eyes as the Sangheili Commander walked into her line of sight.

"Make peace with your gods, Shisno," the Sangheili smirked evilly, "because you'll be auctioned off as a slave at the end of the week."

Nevada looked up in the realization of what the Sangheili was saying and began to panic. The Sangheili was taking her to the rumored slave colony where human women were taken to do the work their soon-to-be masters didn't want to do. The colony was also rumored to have been created not long after the Human-Covenant War ended. It became apparent to Nevada that the colony was created by the rogue Sangheili that still believed in the bullshit the San'Shyuum aka the Prophets spouted.

"No," Nevada said as she futilely struggled against the energy cord, "No no nonononono! Please don't take me there! Just kill me!"

The Sangheili grinned evilly in the only way a Sangheili could as it walked into the cell and raised a four-fingered fist.

Back on Reach…

By the time T-rex had joined Agent Oregon at the complex, Zeta had located the phantom that was piloted by the Sangheili Commander who had abducted Nevada.

"Agent Oregon," Nevada said showing Oregon a map of the system in his HUD, "I have located Agent Nevada. If you hurry, you'll be able to catch up to her before she reaches the slipspace departure point."

Agent Oregon immediately bolted towards the nearest phantom with T-rex in close pursuit. While rescuing Nevada isn't part of T-Rex's mission, it would help the Human-Sangheili alliance stay strong. Besides, he kinda had a crush on Nevada. Must be the human in him.

As soon as they got inside, T-rex headed straight for the pilot seat while Oregon took the co-pilot seat. They carefully but quickly took off from the ground and headed down the path Zeta set for them in Oregon's HUD. Occasionally, Oregon had to spout directions. However, that soon ended when they saw a blip on the radar.

"Ship detected," Zeta said as she brought the image onto Oregon's HUD. When Oregon saw the phantom, he immediately got out of the co-pilot's seat and waited by the gravity lift pad which would allow him to land on top of the enemy phantom. Oregon made sure he had Nevada's helmet before he picked up a fuel rod cannon and prepared himself.

Inside of the enemy phantom…

Nevada was barely conscious due to having been beaten senseless by her captor. However, even in her condition, she heard a beeping sound come from the cockpit which attracted the Sangheili's attention. He narrowed his eyes before he lowered his fists and walked away from the severely beaten agent.

Back with Agent Oregon…

Fortunately, they had taken one of the special phantoms installed with av-cam and another stealth tech. That's why the enemy phantom didn't put on a burst of speed as they got closer. As soon as the Phantom was right over the enemy ship, T-rex looked back and gave a thumbs up. With a nod, Oregon stepped onto the gravity lift pad which immediately opened allowed him to slowly lower onto the roof of the phantom below. As soon as Agent Oregon landed on the phantom, he engaged is grav boots which allowed him to stick to the surface of the ship. He immediately turned to walk towards one of the flaps that are opened when the ship is used to drop off troops. However, before he got very far a blue blast headed in his direction.

He didn't hear it due to the fact sound doesn't exist in space, but he did see it. That enabled him to dodge it. When he looked back he saw a Sangheili Commander with a plasma rifle in his right hand. Unlike the usual Sangheili Commanders Oregon had faced before, this one wore a suit of armor based off of the Spec-Ops Sangheili armor while it maintained the Commander appearance.

Agent Oregon fired the fuel rod cannon at the Sangheili, but unfortunately, the blast was slow so it was easily avoided. The Sangheili ran at Oregon and kicked him hard with the flat of his alien foot. That forced Oregon to lose his grip on the fuel rod cannon which allowed it to spin away from the ship and towards the nothingness of space. Oregon pulled out his combat knife and got into the knife-wielding stance all marines use.

"Be careful Oregon," Zeta said with concern etched in her voice, "According to Kappa, this one took Agent Nevada down easily."

Oregon didn't respond, but he did look for ways to beat the Commander without getting himself killed in the process. Eventually, he saw the phantom he came in not far above him and the Sangheili. However, it was still far enough to be able to use a sniper rifle…

Oregon smirked as a plan came to mind. He immediately put his knife away and ran at the Sangheili while he dodged the plasmablasts fired at him. The plasma rifle ceased fire which meant it had overheated, and that caused the Sangheili to throw it away. The Sangheili pulled out a strange-looking handle and with the click of a button, a pair of golden blades made of energy formed out of the handle. The Sangheili slashed at Oregon when the agent got too close, but Oregon was ready. He jumped up and since there was zero gravity he jumped higher than normal.

He pushed off of the Sangheili's shoulder which launched him towards the phantom above. As he flew upwards, he pulled out his SRS99-AM Sniper Rifle. He immediately flipped and landed on the bottom of the phantom. He aimed at the Sangheili which flew towards him using the Spec-Ops jetpack. As he pushed off from the phantom back towards the one below, he fired his rifle straight towards the Sangheili's head. As the Sangheili didn't expect that, the bullet penetrated through his overshield and right through his helmet and the head beneath. As Agent Oregon flew back towards the phantom below, he put the rifle away and grabbed the handle that had been in the Sangheili's possession. He placed it on his right thigh as he landed on the phantom.

About five minutes later…

As soon as Oregon entered the phantom he saw that Nevada hung like a piece of meat from the ceiling. He immediately hurried over to her and undid them. Once she had been freed, she fell right into his arms. Oregon slowly and carefully laid her onto the floor outside of the cell before he brought out some biofoam. As he injected her with the biofoam, Nevada slowly woke and saw Oregon kneeling over her.

"Thank you," Nevada said with a wince due to the pain in her cut and bruised face.

"We're partners," Oregon said once he was done as he caressed her face gently, "and partners look out for each other."

Nevada couldn't see the expression on his face, but she could hear the kindness as well as concern in his tone.

"Here," Oregon said as he held up her helmet, "I think you dropped this."

Nevada smiled a thank you as Oregon placed it next to her before he stood up and walked towards the cockpit.

Later, after Agent Nevada had cleaned up…

As soon as Nevada had recovered enough to stand, she got to her feet and walked up to Oregon without putting her helmet on. When she reached him, they could hear a beeping sound come from the pilot's controls. Curious, Oregon pressed the play button and an image popped up of a soldier in cobalt armor with the usual bronze visor.

"Hi there. You may not know me, but my name is Epsilon." said the image.

Upon hearing that name, Zeta and Kappa finally flickered into existence for the first time in a long time. Zeta had a feminine figure and wore the Mk VI armor and was colored grey while Kappa had a masculine figure and wore an orange version of the Mk VI armor.

"Some time ago my friends and I were shipwrecked on a planet called Chorus," Epsilon continued as Zeta and Kappa flickered closer to the screen.

"If you haven't heard of it," Epsilon said as Zeta flickered away, probably to research the name, "I don't blame you at all. But, all of us who survived the crash, as well as the planet's inhabitants, are in dire need of help."

"If this is transmitting to your computer," Epsilon said as some images took its place, "please examine the files I have attached to this transmission."

Agent Oregon looked down at his tactical/tacpad and brought up the files to look at. Fortunately, his tacpad was modified to use holo-images whenever he needed it. Which he did need it right now.

"They include our coordinates," Epsilon said as Oregon looked at the files to look at each survivor of the crash, "as well as information of the survivors of the crash, who you may recognize as the heroes of the UNSC that went missing during their flight home."

"Carolina and Wash…" Oregon and Nevada said quietly as they looked at the images of their two former comrades.

"Most importantly, however, are the files that prove the undeniable guilt of Malcolm Hargrove," Epsilon continued which attracted Oregon and Nevada's attention again, "Orchestrating our shipwreck was just one of his impressively long list of crimes the dear chairman has committed in the past few years."

Once Oregon heard that he turned off the tacpad and got up from his chair before he walked away to punch a wall in anger.

"That son of a bitch," Oregon whispered shakily, "We've been working for a villain this entire time…"

Nevada glanced at Oregon and recognized the action as a method he used to try to calm himself down from extreme rage. Nevada had only ever seen it once before, and the one who had caused it… well, he ended up in a coma.

"Once we are rescued," Epsilon continued, "we'd be happy to discuss the list in greater detail, as well as answer any other questions that you may have. So long as it ensures that Mister Hargrove never sees the light of day again."

"Thank you for your time," Epsilon continued as Oregon returned to the pilot's seat, "and please hurry the fuck up, and just come get us."

At that, the transmission ended. Now that it had, there was only silence in the room. Eventually, the silence was broken by Nevada.

"Kappa," Nevada said as she put her helmet back on, "How long will it take to reach Chorus?"

"According to where the transmission leads," Kappa said turning towards Nevada, "At slipspace… an hour at the most."

"An hour?" Nevada asked surprised, "How is that possible? We're in the Reach system, and it's a widely known system. How could an unknown planet be an hour away via slipspace?"

"There may be a precursor complex on Chorus," Kappa suggested, "Said complex could've hidden Chorus from the entire galaxy for a long time."

"More like Hargrove hid it from everything," Oregon spoke up as he prepared the slipspace generator, "This plan of his must've begun a while ago. Back when Project Freelancer was still active."

After that, their phantom entered subspace leaving T-rex behind in his phantom.

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