Not All About Us

Chapter One

Liv Flaherty couldn't stop thinking about Jacob. The fact was she still did have feelings for him but that wasn't what this was about. She didn't wish to punish him because she was jealous, she didn't want to hurt him at all actually. It was the so-called Miss Stepney (Maya) she wanted to hurt. That woman was the one in the wrong, Jacob was just being messed around by an older woman who should know better. Walking into 'David's Shop', she noticed Jacob standing behind the counter. He looked up with disappointment...

"We haven't got the money yet" Jacob spoke up straight away.

Not expecting her to be here for any other reason.

"I'm not here for that" Liv told him.

"Then why are you here?"

"I'm here because I'm worried for you, I seen people like Maya...she doesn't care about you, not in the way you think"

"At least she's not keeping me up all night with're the one doing that"

"Have you ever asked yourself why you're worried about being caught? It's because deep down, you know it's wrong" Liv tried to say.

Though sadly he was caught in her web. He kept making up excuses in his head about why it wasn't wrong. He was 16 when they started officially dating, Liv was just the 'jealous ex'. He convinced himself that was the case. It's wrong because of what they are doing to David, that's what he thought.

"Just get out...I don't wanna talk to you, Maya is getting a loan soon and when she's got that, you can get out of our lives" Jacob hissed.

"I feel sorry for you"

"Well don't bother okay...I have been so much happier ever since I finished with you"

"This isn't about us...this is about that conniving little cow, there is a word for people like her" Liv began.

Jacob knew what word she was alluding to and he had a nervous reaction to it. He just wanted her to go now. He would never see Maya as that but that was only because she manipulated his way of thinking.

"Don't call her that...just get out!"

"She's sick, Jacob"

"At least she's not sad and frigid like you!" Jacob cruelly snapped.

Just as a shocked Tracy walked in (having only heard Jacob's harsh insult). A now rather tearful Liv made her way past Tracy. His ex-stepmother barely knew what she could say to him. She wondered what had gotten into him lately...

"What was that about?" Tracy asked him with her arms crossed.

"None of your business"

"Excuse me?! What's going on, Jacob? I don't like what you're becoming, you seem to be pushing everyone who cares about you out of your life"

"Whatever...I'm going out" Jacob replied; further confusing her.

He left her to deal with the shop and all she could do was stand there. She gave a sigh, getting out her phone to ring David.


A rather upset Jacob stormed into his house and slammed the door. Maya was sitting on the couch, looking at him like she didn't know what had happened. She didn't seem to notice she was messing with his head. Something didn't seem to work in her brain, that much was clear.

"What's wrong?" Maya asked him simply.

"You know what's wrong...all this is messing with my head, I just want it stop now" Jacob told her.

"It will soon...I promise"

He sat besides her and felt her place her arms around him. Though he still hated himself for all this. Time passed and he just found himself laying on the couch with his head on her lap, seemingly forgetting the fact his dad could be back any moment. The sound of the door opening broke the silence as Tracey walked in, he just about managed to get himself sitting upright.

"Oh I see" Tracey started; making Maya look at her with slight panic.

"What?" Maya asked with a nervous smile.

"Nothing, it's just that I see who he now goes to him when he wants to talk...did he tell you how rude he was to Liv?"

"Yeah...I know all about it" Maya insisted.

Tracey raised an eyebrow in response. She didn't seem that bothered to her, she seems to let him get away with everything. For a teacher, Maya was awfully light on disciplinary action. She wasn't surprised that Jacob ran to her.

"And?" Tracey further pressed her.

"And what?"

"Don't go telling me that you think that's acceptable...I know you and I don't get on but you gotta back me up on this"

"She listens to me unlike you" Jacob muttered under his breath.

Maya bit her top lip slightly. As always, she gathered she would have to avert the unfolding situation. Something about his school work stressing him out, something about Liv being a distraction...

"I know and he will say sorry to Liv, won't you, Jacob?"

"Yeah" Jacob spoke up without much enthusiasm.

"Okay...well next time you got problems, you know you can talk me about it? Like old times, yeah?" Tracey questioned.

The truth was she thought he was relying too much on Maya lately. She didn't like the woman very much, didn't agree with her so-called helping. She knew Jacob a lot longer and he seemed to have changed ever since she came onto the scene.

"Thanks but I got Maya to talk to now" Jacob told her; further proving her point.

"Right; well, I will see myself out I guess...I will be talking to your dad still though, alright?" Tracey asked, briefly pausing before she said..."Anyway, I'm going"


"Just keep an eye on him" Tracey told David firmly.

As they both sat together in the shop, discussing Jacob's recent behaviour swings. They had no idea Maya was behind it. Old flames were being ignited but David had tried his best to ignore it (despite him missing the old family unit these days).

"I will do...I just think he feels bad about what he did to Liv, I know it doesn't excuse him lashing out at her but you know how young lads can be" David replied.

"'s just that he called her frigid; the poor girl looked devasted, your girlfriend seems to think it's not a big deal though"

"I don't know what's going on with her at the does that to people though"

"Let's face it David, she's been a mardy cow since you got with her"

"Oi...she's been going through a divorce lately, she's bound to have off days"

Tracey just giving a smile in return, briefly staring into his eyes. Though David just looked away, not wanting anything to happen. He gave her a brief look, returning behind the counter.