Blonde Uzumaki

Why a new story? Beats me I got ideas flowing and I got other stories to write. Making new story will get me back into the drive so I don't feel like I'm losing my touch. I come up with more ideas for other stories they sometimes can rub off on my other stories making them easier to write! :P Enjoy!

Recap of what the hell just happened

There was a blonde teen who was 17 years of age walking the streets of Tokyo. His name was Naruto Uzumaki, yes indeed he was 'THE NARUTO UZUMAKI'. It was weird how his current events have transpired. He wasn't in his village anymore; he was in the land of the Shinobi. Where he was currently, could only be the future, somehow after his battle with Sasuke in the valley of the end his unpredictable ass was teleported here. He had no damn idea where he was, so he did what he could do. Explore and be the number one most unpredictable ninja there is, he started exploring the city.

Naruto quickly learned that everyone had chakra, just that people didn't know how to access it. They only had enough to survive, luckily Naruto still had a giant furball fox still within his body. He was just as confused as Naruto was how he got to this world. Naruto would wander the streets looking around, he explored his surrounding using clones. He quickly learned the layout of the land. He did stand out as he was wearing his traditional orange and black jumpsuit making him stand out. What made him stand out was his blonde hair and three whiskers.

It was weird they spoke his language, they also had knowledge in the Shinobi history. However, Shinobi Era was lost to time and no one knew how to access their chakra. Dojutsu, FÅ«injutsu, and just about everything else was lost to time as people stop training the ways of the ninja. Very little people of the world knew what ninjutsu was. Naruto had no clue how far in the future he really was. All he learned that it was the year 2017 and it was the Era of things called anime and Otaku culture. He also learned that there was a series called Boruto, which was confusing as it was close to Naruto. It was the tale of a Ninja who was born with nothing in the beginning. It was weird how it sounded like Naruto.

Naruto has been living in this new land for about three months now. He went to libraries to study up on things he needs to know about this world. He learned that this world has things called schools. Which he was about to blow his brains out on the material these people were learning. The difference that the math, history, Japanese writing style. It was very similar to basic academics were back in the Shinobi Era.

Apparently, there was a great Ninja who had an unknown name and identity. All there was to know is that he was blonde hair, blue eyes, and three whisker marks on his face. He was a Ninja who brought peace to the world which allowed Japan in the future to change for the better and allowing peace to flourish. Yet, somehow Naruto was here in this present time. Naruto didn't know how to get back, but he might as well make the best of it.

Naruto studied up much to his disappointment, every subject was boring as hell. The funny part is the basics were really easy to understand when Iruka taught everyone back in the academy. Naruto didn't feel like enrolling in a school. So, Naruto got a loan from the bank and started up a Ramen store. Which caught on really fast, many high schoolers college students, or just everyday business workers would stop by. What made most people surprised was that the staff was Naruto himself! He just told people that he had a really large family and they were his brothers. They were quintuplets. Somehow, everyone bought it. So, Naruto went under the name Naruto Namikaze as he grew really popular in the city.

Just because Naruto was busy operating a Ramen shop didn't mean he skipped out on training. He did various exercises and learned to make gravity seals he used when working. Sometimes, he would head to the gym and workout using these heavy metal plates. Of course, he would amp up the weight on the gravity seals to make it harder for himself.

After everything Naruto enjoyed his peaceful life, he did miss everyone he cared about. Alas, there was nothing he could do to get back home it was impossible to turn back time if that what even really happened. All he knew is he clashed with Sasuke for the final time causing him to be teleported or being sent to the future. He didn't lose his arm luckily; he must have been sent back before that happened.

Present Day Time

Naruto was doing what he did every day. He sat up in bed and got dressed, he put on an orange jacket which as over a white T-Shirt. He quickly put on black and orange pants. He got up and went down to prepare himself some breakfast. He just made some rice, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. It was the weekend since he makes a lot of money as it is, he can take weekends off. However, every now and then customers who came often would stop by. Naruto would gladly make some extra Ramen on the side.

Naruto decided to take the early morning before deciding he would open for a couple of hours during lunch. He took a picture of himself in front of the store. He smiled with a thumbs up and posted it on Instagram. He types in, 'Heading to the Gym if anyone wants to join! I will open up for a couple of hours at 12:00n!' Naruto posted it after reviewing his grammar. He made his way towards the gym as he was walking past people he knew.

What never got old is, the area he was at, he knew the people. He didn't know them too personally, but in the area, there were families that had similar last names. He was well known around known with the families. One family that came in were the Uzumaki, thank goodness Naruto went with Namikaze.

He knew the members of the Hyuga family who were really kind and generous people. He knew the few remaining people who were Uchiha as well. They were still stuck pricks who were managers of a giant company. Then the Yamanaka were fortune tellers and physic people, Akimichi were running a BBQ restaurant, and the Nara was an ordinary family. They were lazy as usual. Then there was the Uzumaki family who craved Ramen just as much as Naruto did. Only little did the know that Naruto was one too. The family parents were Mito Uzumaki the mom, Kushina was the eldest daughter, Ninato the son, and Hishirama Uzumaki. Funny thing is they looked like their counterparts from back then. Except for Ninato, he looked like the male version of Kushina. The funny thing is how Kushina the eldest daughter was the same age as Naruto. Naruto knew she had a huge crush on him. Which made the thing all too weird?

"Seems you can't escape the Uzumaki. After all these years that we traveled, they are still alive and kicking, heh! Even the damn Uchiha". Kurama scoffed.

"Yeah, it is weird. What can you do?" Naruto Shrugged his shoulder.

Naruto made his way down towards the street as he made his way to the gym. He felt then three presences heading towards him. Naruto turns his head to see a brown-haired girl with a large bust freely flailing around with a white Gi. She ran past Naruto as two figures were jumping down from a giant building. "Get back here!" The one with an S&M outfit said.

"Yeah! Let us kick your ass!" The other one with the larger bust and the same S&M outfit.

The lighting shot from their hands as it was aiming for the girl but headed straight towards Naruto. Thanks to Naruto's quick reflexes, he was about to sidestep. Then the girl who ran past him grabbed his collar choking him as she ran away.

Naruto couldn't turn his head as he saw the girl earlier running at Ninja like speeds as they ran into an alley. They arrived as she set Naruto down, "Sorry about that! I didn't want you to get hurt!" The girl smiled.

Naruto was beyond confused, "What the". Naruto was cut off.

"FOUND YOU!" The girls said together. "Now! Let us kill you so we don't have any competition in the future.

This made Naruto's body twitch, Naruto for one in a very long time could feel his chakra pushing through his body. He was getting ready to fight, he put his arm in front of the girl who saved him and said, "Sorry, but I really do hate it when people kill just to kill! I don't know what it is but I won't let you kill her!" Naruto brought his hand up into a cross Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Like that 20 Naruto clones sprung to life as the two girls were shocked.

"Are you a Sekirei? If so what number?" The one girl asked with the smaller bust.

"A what?" Naruto clones said simultaneously.

The girl behind Naruto piped up, "I am number 88! The name is Musubi! I a fist type!" She cheered. Naruto deadpanned, "What the hell does she mean a fist type".

"My name is Hikari number 11". The girl scowled at Musubi.

"I am Hibiki number 12 we both use lighting". Hibiki looked at Naruto confused.

Naruto smiled as he felt like he needed to chime in, "I am Naruto Namikaze! I like Ramen, my friends, family, I hate perverts, people who try to kill, and I hate the three minutes it takes to cook instant Ramen! My dream is to be the Hokage Dattebayo!" Naruto went on his antics as he forgot about everything felt like he was back on team 7.

"The Fire Shadow?" Hikari said confused.

"Oh, oops sorry ignore that! Anyways if you want to get through her then you need to get through me!" Naruto pulled a three-pronged kunai out with the Hiraishin formula on it.

The girl behind Naruto was blushing as she felt her body heat up and her face flush, "He must be it! He must be my Ashikabi!" She was smiling inside, "You must be my Ashikabi!" Musubi said happily.

"Crap we don't know anything on this guy should we retreat?" Hikari asked.

Hibiki was blushing with her face flushing, "Hikari I think he is my Ashikabi". Hibiki was blushing.

Hikari was ignoring her feeling until she fell on the ground, "Dammit your right, I feel the burning sensation". Hikari and Hibiki were blushing and so was Musubi.

Naruto was so confused, "What do you mean Ashikabi and what do you mean by Sekirei!" Naruto looked at the three confused.

Naruto felt his body being pulled as Musubi the girl behind him grabbed his shoulders. She twisted his body and cupped her hands on his face, "Your my dear Ashikabi!" Musubi instinctively kissed Naruto.

Naruto's eyes were wide, and he could hear the giant furball laughing in the seal. He saw bright pink wings sprout from her back as she was glowing. "What the hell!" Naruto was confused.

Musubi smiled as the light went away, "Your my Ashikabi! You winged me so you and I are destined to be together! Since they are reacting to you they are your Sekirei too!" Musubi grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled it into her chest.

Naruto was confused beyond belief, that was until Hikari and Hibiki were on top of Naruto. They took turns and pressed their lips against Naruto. They both had the same wing coloring coming out of them. Naruto was so confused, "Wait I am so confused!"

Naruto begins walking back home instead of going to the gym as he updated the Instagram post saying something has come up and he won't be opening or going to the gym. He went back home and had the girls follow him into his home which was his ramen shop. The issue is he has a jackass landlord who doesn't want him to have any woman in the house. Naruto goes inside and begins sealing his stuff in storage scrolls.

The girls watch Naruto surprised and shocked, he used his clones to pack things in a matter of five minutes he had his things packed and ready to leave. He also posted on his Instagram that he has to find a new restaurant location, hopefully, it is somewhere. As he said that, the landlord came a knocking. "NARUTO" The man yelled.

"Yeah, yeah I'm leaving Naruto pushed him out of the way and the three Sekireis followed him out.

"N-Naruto you had to leave because of us". Hikari said worriedly.

"Don't worry about the old geezer! He just jealous I got three cute girls with me". Naruto tried to keep his sorrow down from losing the place where he can keep making his Ramen.

Hikari and Hibiki blushed while Musubi was on little confused by it. Naruto made a bunch of clones as they appear in front of Naruto, "Go find a new place for us to live". Naruto ordered.

"You got it, boss!" The clones ran off in different directions.

Naruto and the girls sat and got to learn more about one another a group of guys in suits holding a Tv. With a generator in hand. The turned the T.V on a man with white hair and glasses appeared. "Hello, young Naruto-boy! Nice to meet you!" The white-haired man smiled.

"The Professor!" Musubi smiled.

"I know you're the president of the MBI". Naruto said shocked.

"Good you know who I am! You are part of the Sekirei plan it's the name of the game which you became part of the game". The president began to smile.

"Game! YOU THINK TOYING WITH PEOPLE IS A GAME!" Naruto snapped at the monitor.

The president began to explain the rules, "Tch! Damn the rules! That's so stupid! Your game is stupid! Forcing others for your own damn amusement! So, what if I am an Ashikabi! I will fight along my Sekirei! However! I won't take part in your damn game! If you want to send people after me fine! I can take an entire army and beat you!" Naruto growled.

"Listen, boy! This is a top secret project don't tell anyone about this! if you do you will be in for a world of hurt! Your just a ramen boy! I doubt you can do anything special! I need to go now bye". The T.V turned off the men holding the T.V were about to leave, but Naruto punched the T.V smashing it into pieces. The men left quickly shaking in their boots.

Naruto turned to his Sekirei that he hardly knows, "I don't know about you guys, but I don't like this! I don't like this at all! He thinks your lives are nothing but something to entertain themselves! That's a load of crap!" Naruto was angry.
Musubi spoke up, "Naruto we were released to find our Ashikabi to find the one person we will live for! The right to live with them for the rest of our lives". Musubi smiled.
"Tch! The right to live! That's no life at all! You shouldn't be restricted as a piece in a damn game! You're a girl, aren't you! You aren't just a Sekirei! Your Musubi! You're a girl! You have your own free will! Personality!" Naruto was angry as it was.

Hikari and Hibiki were pretty shocked, they wondered what type of Ashikabi Naruto was going to be. The weird thing is how descriptive he was when he broke down the argument against the Sekirei plan. "Naruto we will have to fight other Sekirei it is inevitable. When we fight it for us to stay with our Ashikabi. Then if we win we can stay with you, but that means defeating other Sekirei and defeating them".

"What happens to then". Naruto said worriedly.

"Well they take us away and who knows what happens afterward". Hikari shuddered at the idea.

Naruto clenched his hands, "Tch! I don't care I won't let anyone take you guys away. I already lost too much". Naruto began to think about his past. He didn't know why he was given these three girls. It didn't make any sense, now he has to fight to keep them. So, stupid, "What a drag this is so troublesome". Naruto sighed as he channeled his inner Nara.

"So, what does this mean for us then Naruto?" Musubi looks at Naruto.

"Well, for starters a clone found a place to stay. He dispelled over there, there is an inn called, Izumo Inn". Naruto pointed towards Izumo Inn off on the left.

"How ya doing brat having fun with your new mates? I gotta the one with the brown hair got bigger tatas than the fifth Hokage". Kurama laughed.

"Stupid fox!" Naruto shouted. This got the attention of Hikari, Hibiki, and Musubi.

"Who are you talking to?" Musubi asked.

Naruto signed, "Well it's a long story if we are going to get to know one another. I guess we should find the Inn and then I can explain. There are things that are private and really sensitive".

Hikari and Hibiki recognized the smile as it is fake. Hikari leaned to Musubi, "Hey Musubi when Naruto explains everything to us. We need you to be aware of how things are with Naruto. He seems to have an upsetting past". Hikari was able to sense Naruto's voice.

The group made their way towards the Inn as the woman name Miya who introduced herself to Naruto's clone. "Hello everyone! Welcome home! I am Miya Asama and I am the Landlord" She smiled.

"Thank you again for taking us in". Naruto gave her a smile.

"Not an issue please make yourselves at home!" Miya waved them inside.

The girls introduced themselves as Musubi, "I'm Musubi! I'm a fist type Sekirei!" She chirped.

Naruto facepalmed then Miya said, "Oh aren't you funny". Miya smiled.

Naruto looked at her as he sensed strength coming off of her, "Miya excuse my intrusion but you're a Sekirei right? I can sense the aura and it's just like Musubi, Hikari, and Hibiki"

Miya smiled, "You are definitely alert and aware, your strong. Please don't start anything that would endanger this place please". Miya had an Oni mask appear behind her.

Naruto had a sweat drop, "She even scarier than Tsunade-Baachan and Sakura". Naruto was shivering. Naruto just smiled he went to his room and unsealed his belongings as Musubi came walking in. She watched how he made things appear from scrolls, "Naruto what is that? How are you doing that?"

"I would like to know as well, you're no ordinary human". Hikari looked at Naruto.

"What do you mean Naruto isn't an ordinary human?" Miya came walking up confused.

Naruto sighed; this day is giving him a major headache. Naruto had lived a peaceful life making friends, but never did he think he be making THESE TYPES OF FRIENDS! He was planning only telling Musubi, Hikari, and Hibiki. Seems like Miya needs to know what she is getting into.

A/N: Yes I know there is little to know nothing that Naruto knows of the girls! That's why it was left dry in this chapter! XD I will do flashbacks I know how Musubi is really dumb as bricks. She is battle smart, so don't worry about that part. Naruto will explain his past, but I never said how much of his past. Hope you guys enjoyed See ya! TitanFall007 OUT!