I remember the day that changed my life like it was yesterday. It was the middle of April on a Tuesday. I was walking to my locker with my friends when I noticed him. He had gotten taller in the two and a half weeks he'd was gone, which was fairly odd. But he still looked all the more handsome, maybe even a little more muscled than before. We locked eyes as we passed. I smiled a gentle smile, that showed appreciation just for him even making eye contact with me. The new light in his face changed my perspective, he looked whole, complete. When we were almost past each other, he looked startled.

"Hey Kim!" He called turning the direction I was going. I turn back around and looked at him.

I smiled wider, "Hey Jared, how ya doing?"

"I'm doing really good, hey listen theres a bonfire this weekend and I would really like it if you could come with me."

"I'd love to go with you! I think that would be super fun!" I said smiling wider at the realization that Jared had just asked me out.

"Great!" He grinned

"Awesome! So I'll see you around then!" I smiled and turned to leave. He grabbed my arm keeping me there.

"Wait!" He exclaimed and looked around my face wondering what to say to keep me here. Almost like he though I was gonna disappears forever. I looked at him and smiled slightly wondering if what I was about to say was okay

"You could walk me to my next class?" I said smiling slightly. He grinned and followed me.

"So Kim how are you?" He asked never taking him eyes off me.

"I'm doing pretty good right now, how about you? I know you were gone for a while with mono right? Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah," he breathed looking at me with a love struck face that made me blush. " I'm doing way better now"

"Good I'm glad, I was worried about you"

His face lit up, "you were worried about me?"

"Yeah I missed sitting next to you everyday," I smiled internally smacking my head at saying that. Will he find out my crush on him?

"That makes me happy," he grinned.

"Well here we are, I'll talk to you later though," I smiled. "Did you want my number?"

If his face could light up more, it did. "Yeah, that would be great!"

I wrote down my number on a note book and gave him the piece of paper.

"Talk to you later, Jar." I smiled walking into class.