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The scrolls Naruto had sent throughout the Elemental Countries left the people speechless. So many things were going through their minds as the news of what they had heard sank in. To actually hear that Minato Namikaze not only ordered the slaughter of orphan children, but had abandoned his one flesh and blood before he was even born was far more unforgivable than anything else he could have possibly done. Sure the man was hated by the village of Iwa given he had slaughtered their shinobi, but that had been War and people die in war. This was nothing more than the actions of a man who had clearly lost his mind.

Speaking of the people of Iwa, many of them were having conflicted emotions right now. For a large portion of the village, they had lost loved ones to the forces of Konoha in the Third Shinobi War, with many of them being by the hands of Minato himself. So to hear that the man they had accepted as one of their own was related to their village's worst enemy was quite a bit to process. At first their deeply rooted hatred of the man ignited their rage to the point they almost wanted to kill the young man to end the bloodline of Minato, but then they stopped as rationality came back.

Naruto had never attacked their home, and had in fact not only saved Onoki as well as his granddaughter before they ever got to know the man, but he had come and visited without an ounce of hatred or ill-will towards them in any way. He had healed those who paid for it without any sort of prejudice, and it was then that they remembered that the man had openly denounced the name Namikaze as he himself was never accepted to be one given he was abandoned before birth and wanted nothing to do with a man who would order the deaths of so many innocent children. So while at first they were enraged about the truth, it slowly went away given the boy was not his father since he went the other route of healing instead of mass murdering people. Now while Kiri might have argued that point given his attack against their forces literally wiped out their forces to the point Kiri was no longer even a shinobi village, but like I said, it wasn't around anymore to complain…

As various people all over heard about this, those in power all began to cut ties from Konoha entirely along with Fire Country. They did not explain as to why since they didn't wish to speak about it, all of them assuming that the same one who sent the scrolls speaking of the tragedy that had happened would be the one to deal with it, and they would not deny the young man his vengeance.

The economy of Konoha took a sharp dive as so many people stopped trading with them, and no one was giving Minato any form of explanation as to why this was happening. He had Jiraiya use his spy network to try and get the answers to their dilemma, but by the time they would have gotten back with an answer it would have already been too late…

The Fire Daimyo had all but demanded an answer as to why his country was suffering like this since he truly had no clue as to what the hell was happening to cause this. He was trying to go the same route as Jiraiya with informats getting the information he sought, but even his own sources weren't fast enough. He finally got his answers in the form of Naruto himself, who came before the man and explained why the rest of the world was against them. The Daimyos were doing this so as to force the Fire Daimyo to take action against Minato in a manner that he couldn't try to find any sort of middle ground. There was no grey area to this matter, since it was either he supported the man's actions in mass murdering orphans or he would order the man to pay for his horrific actions. This went a long way to show just how much influence Naruto had in the world if he was capable of persuading so many people to do this. He might be a very well known doctor, but this was still not something just anyone could manage to pull off.

The Fire Daimyo listened to the horrific things Naruto spoke about that he had seen that day. He spared no details, and even showed the man the evidence he had, which made the Fire Daimyo puke since he didn't have the stomach to see such a thing. But even though the man nearly begged Naruto to stop showing him the truth, Naruto did not cease in doing so. In the end, the Fire Daimyo was utterly furious at the actions of Minato. It was when Naruto saw the man in this state that he finally asked the Fire Daimyo his one request…

'Let me be the one to end the life of the man…'

The Fire Daimyo was surprised to hear that Naruto wanted to play the role of executioner given his occupation as a doctor went the whole other direction. But in the end the man agreed since Naruto had been the one to show him the reason for the sudden loss of trade with everyone else. As he left, Naruto pulled out a scroll, one of the ones he had written so many times to spread the truth to everyone of influence and tossed it to the Fire Daimyo. He told the man to read it and he would understand why he wanted to kill the man, and then he left via a summoned door before the Fire Daimyo could say anything else.

He read the scroll Naruto had tossed to him, and like Naruto said he understood the reasoning for his hatred of the man perfectly. But along with that, it would seem like the Fire Daimyo owed Naruto a massive favor since he had apparently done something he himself had been trying to deal with for years…

The Kaen Family had been a thorn in the side of his father as well as his grandfather before it became his problem upon taking his seat as the Daimyo of Fire Country. They were greedy, narcissistic, and used so many illegal methods to get what they wanted in life, but they did it in a manner that no one could trace back to them so they couldn't do anything about it. Even if they did, the loss of their family would have been a major hole in the economy to replace. They got so fat headed with their egos that the head of their family was basically proposing, and by that I mean attempting to find whatever means possible to blackmail, that his son and Azula should marry. And the Fire Daimyo would never do that since he didn't want his family associated with theirs. But apparently Naruto, who he knew had something to do with it since the scroll explained he was the son of their disowned daughter Moka, had found a means to eliminate them in a manner that many of the families that the Kaen spent so long destroying had been able to rebuild themselves back to nearly their former glory when they took back their stolen wealth. This made it so their economy was not as greatly affected as he had initially thought it would be.

So since the boy had been an actual godsend to deal with that major thorn in his side, he would grant the boy the rights to end the life of the man who took so much from him…

So with that in mind, the Fire Daimyo called his guards and left for Konoha personally to see to it that the man was imprisoned until said time where Naruto could deal with him. And all while this was happening, Minato was growing more enraged that the men he sent to do the deed had not returned and reported that they had been successful. They were children for Kami's sake, so how hard was it to kill them!?

But what made it worse was that he had to suffer major financial losses not only for the village for reasons he was still unsure of right now, but Jiraiya was out and about seeking answers to that, but personal as well. See, most of the money he had access to came from his wife since when they got married their accounts merged into one. But now that the divorce had become official, Kushina took all her money from it. What made it worse was the fact that 98% of the money in the account was hers since as the now last Uzumaki, at least that she knew, she had been given sole ownership of her homeland, the island country of Whirlpool. The massive amount of riches she got from there alone meant she was set for life, and so she was in no way in any sort of financial strates given her massive wealth.

Minato had actually tried to talk to her, to try and patch things up between the two of them somehow, but she would always glare at him and just refuse to talk to him. But she did always smile a bit for some reason that was more than a little bit unsettling, like she was saying she knew something bad was going to happen to him and couldn't wait to see it happen. This pissed him off enough as it was, but what made it worse was the fact that he saw her with another man as she went out late to get drinks. This hurt his pride as a man and that only fueled his rage more. This only played into his already cracked sanity and he was waiting for his remaining ROOT members to return so as to use them to eliminate any and all people Kushina decided to date. In his mind she was his and it was either him or no one, and since she was the last of her clan she would grow pretty desperate to have another child as soon as possible to continue on the family lineage.

But as he was forming so many plans in his mind to get his now ex wife to come crawling back to him, one of his scouts came in and told him that the Fire Daimyo was on his way and was about a day's ride away from the village. This caused Minato to raise an eyebrow since he had received no news or even a scroll stating the man was going to arrive in advance. This either meant he was here for some sort of surprise inspection like his father had done with Hiruzen when he was Hokage or his grandfather had done with Hashirama, or he was coming to employ them to seek out the means for the sudden loss of trade with pretty much everyone. Well the good thing about the second one at least was that he was currently looking into just why the trade stopped so he was at least able to tell the Fire Daimyo he was working on at the moment.

So Minato was not suspecting anything as the Fire Daimyo arrived the next day and entered his office. Minato had gotten out of his chair to greet the man as well as shake his hand as was customary with a courteous bow, but the second he went to extend his hand out towards the Fire Daimyo, he had a pair of chakra suppressing cuffs slapped onto his hand. Minato felt so weak, but he was even more pissed about what the hell was just happening right now since it was so sudden. Before the Fire Daimyo said anything, he ordered his men to bind Minato, which they did to his extreme ire.

Only after the man was soundly bound in place on his knees was he told that he was under arrest. Minato's face lost its color as he heard this, but even more so when he heard the reasoning behind it. It shouldn't have been possible for the ROOT shinobi to turn on him due to the seals on their ton…

It was only then that Kushina's smirk came back to his mind…

The Uzumaki were known for their mastery with seals, and knowing Naruto had already set him up in a way that Kushina learned of his infidelity, he wouldn't put it past him to get Kushina to help him remove the seals on a ROOT member or two. Minato had tried to open his mouth to plead his case, but the Fire Daimyo didn't want to hear it and ordered his mouth gagged since there was nothing that could justify such actions against children. Even in war it wouldn't have been right since they were not allied to any village at all and were simply surviving to make a life for themselves later with the aid of Naruto, a man who knew what it felt like to live without parents.

Minato roared in a muffled rage as he tried in vain to break free from his bindings in some way. He would have used the Hirishin since he had plenty of those set up for emergencies, but the chakra suppression cuffs made it impossible to use them. The man was dragged out in full view of everyone, who all came out to see why he was being arrested by the Fire Daimyo of all things. The guards dragged him to the center of town, where the men who had been sent there had erected a makeshift stage so that the Fire Daimyo could speak to the masses. Once enough people were there to witness this, the Fire Daimyo read off the charges against Minato, with many people at first calling it false, but the more he read off, their opinions started to change quickly. They were made known that it was Minato's actions that led to the loss of trading between their country and the others. To make the point hit home, The Fire Daimyo pulled out the various pictures of the slaughtered children and threw them into the crowd so the people could themselves see what the man had ordered done. And it was then that their views of the man were ultimately destroyed entirely, with the masses calling out for his blood.

So in the end after hearing the people call for his immediate execution, the Fire Daimyo passed judgement on Minato, and it was death…

Minato's eyes opened wide in horror that he had lost the second to last thing he had in the form of his public image like this. And as he was being dragged away towards the prison cell he would be staying in until the time of his execution, he saw Kushina smirking at him in the crowd and angrily roared as loud as his muffled mouth could at her. But as he did that, something came back to his mind. The letter had ended with the lines:

'I have taken one out of the three things you care for the most from you, and I assure you that the second is not far behind…

And soon enough, the third will be gone as well….'

His eyes opened wide once more in understanding. Naruto had known he would go off the deep end and do something drastic to try and force him into submission. He had been waiting for it to happen so as to expose him and turn the people against him like this!

And like the idiot he was, he had fallen for the trap once more, and now he was going to pay the price for it…

(Days later)

Word spread far as well as fast all through the Elemental Continent about Minato's arrest as well as the Fire Daimyo decree that the man would be executed. Many people were happy to hear this since after the things they had heard or seen via the pictures Naruto had sent out, the man deserved it and it was only bad that he could only die once. If it were at all possible to make him suffer more than that it would have been done, but what could you do? The date of the man's execution was set, with many of those people who hated Minato for one reason or another all flocking towards Konoha to personally see the man die. It had been a long time coming in their books, but it would be so worth it.

But while they were all doing that, Naruto had been sent a letter personally from the Fire Daimyo, expressing his sincere apologies about what had befallen him as well as the children he had done so much for. The scroll had the date of the man's execution set, and Naruto smirked since the day had finally come where he could end the man who had thought him so worthless or at least a tool to be made subservient when he actually became something. Naruto then immediately aided the man who brought the note to him since the man had basically been running near non-stop and seemed like he was about to fall over dead. After about 20 minutes of medical attention, the man was right as rain and was able to go back without the fear of suffering a heart attack, but Naruto did tell him to quit the heavy smoking since it was what was messing with his lungs and would lead to problems later if he didn't. Sure Naruto had a smoke now and again, but that was far in between as well as to calm nerves. Heavy smokers did it because of addiction, he didn't suffer that given his blood filtered the nicotine so he didn't get the side effects.

But now the day had come for Minato's execution, and so he went home and got Haku who wanted to see this as well given she now knew the truth of his past. She wanted to be there so as to support him in this defining moment of his life, and with a quick kiss on the lips, she showed that she would always be there for him. Naruto had smiled as the two of them exited the door and walked towards the front gates of Konoha…

(An hour later)

Minato was taken from his cell roughly towards the arena where his execution was to take place, all the while he wanted to struggle but lacked the energy to do so since while locked away in his cell he had been given nothing to drink or eat to keep his strength up. Eventually they made it to the middle of the arena, where a post was placed dead center within it. There he was bound to with his hands behind his back, and he was able to see the many people who had come to watch him die today. Many of the faces in the crowd he did not know, but a few he did like Onoki himself along with the Raikage A himself. He could only growl in anger that they would be able to see him die like this instead of in battle like he would have preferred. But now that Minato was bound there, it made him wonder just where the executioner was since there was no one else in the arena with him. The Fire Daimyo along with a few others were in the area reserved for them while the various people sat in the stands. So just who would be the one to actually kill him?

He got his answer about a few minutes later, and dear Kami did it enrage him like nothing else had done before…

Naruto had come into the arena through a door, and as he made himself known the people stopped their booing and sayings of 'burn in hell' towards Minato and began to cheer for Naruto. Yet even though that might be the case, Naruto paid no mind to their cheers since he was not doing this for their adulation or the like. He was not doing it for the fame of killing the man to make his reputation skyrocket or anything like that. This was pure simple vengeance, one that had been long in the making.

But while many had assumed that Naruto would get right to the execution, albeit in a manner that was extremely painful given the rumors many had heard about what he did to those who pissed him off and Minato was the epitome of that very type of person, he didn't. In fact, the first thing he did was pull out a large circular vial of blood and break it in his hand. The blood he then used to flow down his cane and take the form of a shovel. This caused many people to question just what the hell he was planning to do with that, but they all watched since the answers to their questions would be known soon enough. When the shovel was formed, he stopped a few yards short of where Minato was and began to dig into the ground. This made Minato's eyebrow raise in confusion since it made no sense to him why Naruto was doing this. Was the brat planning to bury him alive or something like that?

"I see you are confused," said Naruto simply as he stopped shoveling for a moment to speak his mind to Minato, "And while you might not be able to say such a thing or even ask why I am doing this given you are gagged, I understand that look. So allow me to answer your non-asked question that is clearly on your mind. I am digging you a grave. And even though I hate you with every last ounce of my being, you did provide half the genetics to give me life. So for the one good thing you did for me in my entire life, I'll return the favor and dig you a grave instead of throwing your corpse for animals to feast on. And for that you should be grateful."

Minato grunted angrily as he was forced to watch Naruto resume his digging. True he could have done this in a far easiest manner with a Room set up, but this was a moment he wanted to take his time with. The man was going to die anyway no matter what happened, so why rush it?

It took a few minutes, but eventually he finished digging the hole and jumped out before absorbing the blood that he had used to make the shovel. The dirt was filtered out since it couldn't enter the pores and then he spat it back into another vial that was the same he had crushed to get the blood.

"Well," said Naruto with a look of seriousness on his face, "here we are at this point of time. I have to say you truly surprised me with your actions by ordering so many lives snuffed out like that. While I had known you would do something in retaliation I had no idea just how much of one you planned to commit. I just have to ask, why? What could you have possibly thought would be the end result of your actions?"

Naruto stood there for about ten seconds listening to Minato's muffled words before he sighed to himself.

"Well I can't quite get the answers I seek with you gagged now can I?" said Naruto before he twitched his finger a bit. The wire connected to that gloved finger easily cut the side of the gag so Minato was finally able to spit it out and speak his mind.

"Do you have any idea…" started Minato, but he wasn't able to say any more since Naruto held out his hand and was using multiple wires to constrict Minato's throat so he could not speak.

"If all you are going to do is throw out insults or statements of me doing what I shouldn't have done because of your vain reasons like the cliche villain you are," said Naruto all while not losing his look of seriousness since this was not a joking matter, "then I am not going to let you speak since I neither care nor do I want to hear it." He then retracted the wires from the man's throat which led to Minato coughing since he couldn't really breath when they were wrapped around his throat like that.

"So skipping all the hate filled dialog between us," said Naruto since he wanted to keep this conversation short and to the point, "why did you order the deaths of so many children? What could you possibly think would be the end result?"

"I wanted to make you suffer," laughed Minato weakly, "since you have done so much and ruined so many of the plans I had in motion. Then to top it off you killed my daughter!"

"So you think that your daughter's life is worth nearly a thousand children?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"You're damn right I do!" shouted Minato in rage. At this point he didn't care to silence himself on the matter since he was already sentenced to death, what else could they do to him? "My daughter was a prodigy of a kunoichi! Those little brats were worthless! They weren't even shinobi!"

"Just because they weren't in the profession you personally saw as the only thing worth a damn," started Naruto as he leaned on his cane, "does not make their lives worth anything less than anyone else. And even though you put your own daughter so high on a pedestal, honesting thinking that she was a gift to the people of Konoha, a gift that came from your genetics, you forsook me, the other child who was born with the same genetics. Says a lot about your character right there."

"So just what the fuck do you want from me brat," spat out Minato with venom laced words, "an apology?"

"An apology," said Naruto, right before he actually began to laugh since that was actually a funny response to hear out of the blue like that, "no no no… If I wanted that Minato, I wouldn't have done even a fraction of the things I did to you. Funny how you saw me as worthless, yet I still managed to kill your daughter. Goes to show that your judgement sucks big time and I would tell you to work on that but you aren't going to live past today so that advice would be moot."

"So what exactly do you want from me," asked Minato since he just wanted this to end already. If he was going to be killed, then just kill him already!

"Well that is quite simple to explain," said Naruto as he walked forward and put down a scroll as well as a vial of bluish orange liquid in front of Minato and then stepped away from him. "You see, I had initially planned to just kill you and be done with it, but as a man with an inquisitive mind I found myself in the perfect situation to answer a hypothetical question that has been in my mind for years."

"And just what the hell could be swirling around in that mind of yours?" asked Minato sarcastically since to be honest he didn't really care to hear it.

"My question was who was stronger between the two of us," said Naruto simply, "since both of us have done so much stuff to earn a reputation that makes us feared within the Shinobi system, with the only discernible difference being that I myself am not a shinobi. So what I want to do is fight you at your peak performance right here and now so that I can get the answer to my question."

"And what if I don't wish to dance to your tune?" spat out Minato.

"Come on," said Naruto with a chuckle, "a man with your ego? You are the type of person who wanted to go out in a fight, not like this. So why not have a fight to the death like I am offering? At least this way you have a chance to kill me, other than dying on your knees like the dog that you are."

Minato looked at Naruto with all the rage he could muster showing in his eyes.

"I am going to take the murderous look in your eyes as a yes," said Naruto with a chuckle, "So I am going to cut you loose and you will drink the vial in front of you. It isn't poison or the like since that would defeat the purpose of me fighting you. It will heal you back to your pristine condition so you can fight me without excuse at your full power while the scroll I put there is the kunai you used to make such a name for yourself. Can't fight the Yellow Flash if he is unable to use his signature weapon now can I?"

Naruto then swiped down with his hand, and the wires cut the ropes that bound Minato to the post as well as shredded the pole itself into splinters. Minato fell forward weak since he was still so from lack of food and water. While his first thought was to throw the vial away to spite Naruto, he couldn't deny he was too weak right now to be much of a threat to anyone. So with reluctance, he uncorked the vial and tipped his head back to drink the contents of it. As soon as he chugged it down, he began to cough in pain as he felt as though his body was on fire. At first he guessed he had drank poison of some sort, but the pain went away not too long afterwards and he felt as though he had slept for an entire week with all the energy to back it up. He then picked up the scroll Naruto had left him and unsealed his tri-pronged kunai and placed them in the pouch he used to store them that was sealed in the scroll as well.

"So now that you are nice and artificially rested," said Naruto, "please attack at your earliest convenience since my life isn't doomed to end today if I win." Naruto then snapped his fingers and mumbled 'Room' to set one up that surrounded the entire arena itself. The people in the stands were not within it, but many questioned what exactly this strange bubble was, Mintato included, but he wasn't really given the leisure to argue or get an answer. Right now he would do all in his power to kill this brat who had brought down everything he had spent most of his life making. From his reputation to his family, this brat had destroyed them all.

Everyone watched with held breath from the stands as they waited to see just who would make the first move here. Plenty of people questioned why Naruto was giving Minato a chance to fight back like this, but to be honest they were curious as to see who would win this fight between the two of them so they would watch regardless. It was Minato who made the first move as he threw a kunai into Naruto's heart and used the Hiraishin to teleport up close and personal faster than most people could see it. He knew from the Chunin Exams that Naruto used wires and so long distance was not a viable option if he was hoping to win this. But even though he had pulled out another kunai to stab the boy in the neck, Naruto had grabbed him by the face and full on slammed it into the ground hard enough to crack it. What made it more painful was that Naruto had used his Steel release with a mixture of the Scorch release to make the sudden motion even faster by having the explosive jets of flames act as an accelerant and so the attack was stronger than it normally would be.

The people heard the crunch of bones breaking, which if Naruto had to take a guess was the front of his skull along with his nose as well. But he was not done yet since he then lifted up Minato by the head since the man was in a major daze caused by the concussive blow to the head and used the Explosive release to blast the man straight out of his hand. Minato screamed in pain as he felt his face all but burn off as he used his hands in vain to try and sooth the pain in some manner. The pain eventually did end, but it was because Naruto had pulled out a syringe with the same liquid he had given Minato to heal the first time, but this one was in a syringe that he threw into Minato before he stomped onto the plunger hard so it injected itself into the man. The concoction healed the man once again back to his prime, and with that Minato got back to his feet.

"You don't get to die so easily," said Naruto with a glare of his own, "since you get to pay for the lives you ordered snuffed out in some vain as well as idiotic attempt to control me."

"What the hell did you do to me?" asked Minato as he was understandably confused as to how he was healed like he was all of a sudden.

"I just injected into you a failed product of my research," said Naruto simply, "since what it was meant to be was a sort of 'cure-all' type of medicine I was hoping to develop so as to help people at a bargain price so they no longer had to pay for expensive surgery. Yet it was a failure no matter what I tried and so it was an abandoned project."

"Well it seems to have worked perfectly for me brat," said Minato.

"Oh," said Naruto with a chuckle, "it would seem that way, but you would be surprised as to the reality of your situation right now. But enough about that, I do believe that we are still fighting to the death here."

Minato growled in anger that this brat of an opponent was acting so nonchalant about this whole thing, like Minato himself was a joke and not even a challenge. He would make the brat regret his actions in front of all these people. So he used the proper hand signs to summon up multiple pillars of stone all around the arena. Once they had sprouted out he threw the majority of his tri-pronged kunai into the air so that they landed all over. This way he could be sporadic in his use of the Hirashin and Naruto wouldn't be able to see where he was coming from. Minato then smirked as he teleported to one of his kunai and quickly saw that he was in the perfect position to strike. So he took the initiative and pounced from the side of the pillar he was on to strike him in the back. But to his shock, Naruto easily dodged his attack as well as the few punches and the kicks that followed. Naruto then grabbed the man's foot on that last kick and used his Explosive release to blow it off so that Minato was left with nothing more than a bloody stump now. Of course the man yelled in pain, but his leg was blown up so it was understandable to all who saw this.

Naruto pulled out another syringe and plunged it into Minato, who growled before disappearing once again via Hiraishin. The man needed to think up a proper plan to end the life of this brat, but there were so many unknown variables that were working against him right now that he didn't quite know how to do it. Like right now, he had no idea that Naruto was summoning up his own blood that was pooling down his cane towards the skull at the end. Once there, he formed it into the scythe he liked to use and swung it in a full 360 degrees, slicing all the pillars at the base and causing them to tip over. Minato struggled to find balance here with the majority of the arena being in disarray with the rubble. But as he struggled to find steady footing, he did notice Onoki as well as A in the crowd close to one another. If he was going to die, he might as well end the life of his old rivals as well, so he pulled out an explosive kunai that had been in his pouch to throw at them, yet he never was given the chance since his body was grabbed by Naruto's wires and pulled down to the ground hard. Yet he never hit the ground since Naruto slammed his steel skinned fist into the man's chest hard to the point his ribs were all but shattered from the impact.

The man went flying towards the wall and hit it hard as he vomited blood, but when he had gone flying, he had dropped his explosive kunai that Naruto picked up and threw it into Minato's chest before detonating it. Quite a few people actually puked as they saw the man's chest blown open to the point that they could see his organs as they began to spill out. Yet once again Naruto stopped the man from dying by injecting him with the same concoction he had already three times. Minato's screams could be heard by everyone as he felt his body reset itself from the inside, which was painful beyond description.

After about three minutes of painful regeneration, Minato looked at Naruto, but while there was still the murderous rage that had never left them since the beginning of this fight, there was a trace amount of fear now that Naruto clearly saw. The man had tried to kill him and failed to do so twice now. And not only that, but he had basically been killed with that last attack and was only alive due to Naruto's intervention for reasons he was not quite sure of right now. Minato knew that with the current gear he had he would more than likely not win, so he needed to flee and prepare for his revenge. Sure he would be labeled as a missing Nin, but he was already marked for death, plus he was an SS rank threat in the Bingo book so he knew he would manage for long enough. Just as long as he could end Naruto's life with his own hands he would be good. So with the mindset of trying to flee, he threw a kunai as far as he could outside the arena, or at least he tried to…

"Tekt," said Naruto with a smirk as he pointed towards Minato. The kunai stopped mid-air, turned around and then shot towards Minato who just barely managed to dodge it since while he was not expecting it, his instincts were still working fine. "Trying to run away, are you Minato? Tsk tsk. To think that the man many fear so much to the point they flee from him is himself fleeing from an opponent. Oh the irony."

Naruto then pointed at Minato again, this time all the various tri-pronged kunai shot out of the rubble surrounding them towards Minato himself. The man tried to dodge them all, but he was unable to dodge them all since there were too many to do it successfully. The places he was pierced were all non vital places so he would still live. He pulled them out of his body and prepared to try and use the Rasengan against the brat here and now, but even though he managed to conjure the jutsu into his hand, he then fell forward and began to cough hard as blood began to pool out of his mouth.

"Oh goody," said Naruto with a clap of his hands, "It seems like the side effects are starting to get to you."

"What have you done to me!" shouted Minato in pain before he puked blood. Yet the scary thing about it was that it wasn't crimson but more or less black in color.

"That concoction I mentioned before," said Naruto with a smirk, "this is the reason why it was a failure. It does what it is supposed to with the healing of your body from some of the most extreme injuries, but the issue is that twenty four hours later, your body begins to rot from the inside and what is happening to you happens. Since I injected you with multiple doses of the stuff, it only sped up the end result. You were never going to live past today Minato, and the moment you drank that first one you were screwed and living on limited time."

Minato laid on the ground in tremendous amounts of pain as he felt the very blood within him boil. He knew that Naruto was doing this on purpose to make him suffer longer than necessary, but he had a hidden ace up his sleeves as well…

Minato was like many a man in the world who feared death, but what he feared more than that was that if the case came where he was killed the person who killed him would become more renowned than even himself. Minato was a vain man who really only cared about his self image with his own family being secondary in his eyes. While he knew eventually he would die, with there being no means to stop it, he at least had a plan for whenever someone tried to kill him like this.

The method involved making a deal with the Shinigami itself, but the price would be his soul if ever came the case where he went this route. But it didn't bother him none since it wouldn't just be his own soul who would be taken, but his opponents as well. And he would be the one laughing the hardest in the end since he would deny the person who killed him the means to die and go either up or down depending on their actions in life. So now that he was in such a state where he was almost dead, he used what strength he had to make the hand signs to perform his final jutsu in his life.

Naruto had turned around as he pulled out a smoke so as to watch the man suffer painfully to the end. He could have just killed him from the beginning, but like he said the man had to pay for all the lives he ordered slaughtered. Yet his instincts went wild in that instance and told him to turn around. One does not become a SS Rank threat in the Bingo book and not have some type of trick for situations like this. And just as he suspected, he saw Minato ending his hand signs with a cruel smirk on his face, which made Naruto raise an eyebrow in confusion. That look of confusion changed to one of pain though as he felt his chest stabbed by a ghostly arm of some sort.

The crowd was shocked to see this, but even more so as the sky darkened a bit as the Shinigami itself showed itself. It had shoved its arm through Minato to get to Naruto, and the young man was feeling pain like he had not felt since his impromptu brain surgery when he had injected himself with the means to counter the Yamanaka family jutsu. This made him realize that even with the tampering of his own nerves so as to not feel pain, this was his literal soul feeling this pain and there was no surgery that could stop pain there. Both Haku and Kurotsutchi called out his name as they saw their beloved literally held onto by the deity of death itself. In their minds this did not bode well for Naruto.

"You stupid worthless boy," seethed Minato with a crazy look on his face, "if I am going to die, then I will take you with me to suffer for an eternity!"

"Haven't you heard Minato," said Naruto painfully since he felt as the Shinigami began to pull his soul out of his body, "I am the Surgeon of Death, and I am able to do things deemed impossible."

Naruto then inwardly called upon Kyubi, who heard his call and fulfilled his end of the bargain the two of them had made. Naruto silently prayed that this worked since if not he was fucked since even with his abilities he was pretty much stuck right now since the deity had a firm grip on his soul. Kyubi injected his chakra into Naruto fully as well as willingly, so while the process was painful for him, it was nowhere near the levels of pain he felt having his soul ripped out. The sudden influx of power was enough to break the hold the Shinigami had on his soul, and he saw the deity's hand retract from his chest and back into Minato's. Said man was shocked since Naruto had become enveloped in a dark nearly blood red aura of chakra with his eyes changing into the Mangekyo Sharingan in his fury of nearly losing his very soul. The influx of power pulsed out of him in a manner that caused the immediate area to crack from how intense it was concentrated. Naruto's rage had reached maximum levels at this point since even though the man had lost he went the path of a sore loser and tried to take him with a suicidal attack. While he himself was no expert on jutsu or the like, he did know that summoning the Shinigami cost the user's soul to activate.

The people all around him in the arena felt the full force of his Haki, with many looking upon Naruto and seeing a monstrous apparition appear before them massive in size. The Inuzuka who had come to see the fight nearly pissed themselves since they had at one point been the targets of said apparition and knew just how terrifying it was to be targeted by it. Various people, mostly civilians and the weaker of the shinobi, began to faint with their mouths foaming as they lost consciousness. Even Kurotsuchi as well as Haku had felt his rage fully. It brought them to tears to feel his rage and to know that he had been bottling up so much of the emotion to let it become like this. Onoki was terrified, but glad as all hell that he was not Naruto's enemy. If Minato had done so much damage with his one signature jutsu all those years ago, he could only speculate what sort of destruction Naruto would unleash if he ever thought to actually do something like that.

Minato was growing weaker by the second given the entity was now beginning to rip his soul out which wasn't helped by the fact his body was degrading quickly, and he was glaring as well as scowling in rage that Naruto had managed to counter his final trump card. How he had done it was a mystery since it didn't make sense in the least. But then he screamed in pain as he felt his own chest getting pierced through the front to add to the pain of the Shinigami. Naruto had used his Steel release to harden his hand and quite literally penetrated Minato's chest with it. He was using this as a means to spread his infectious blood so that Minato could no longer fight back so that any other plans he might have in his head were stopped cold.

"This is for the lives you have ruined," growled Naruto in rage, "For my mother, for the innocent children who you ordered killed. And lastly for me, the son you deemed worthless and abandoned!"

Minato was in tremendous amounts of pain right now as the blood that had spread in his body through Naruto's impaled hand stiffened him up to the point he couldn't counter him in any way.

"Feel the weight of your actions, and suffer for an eternity by the hands of the entity you summoned to try and kill me. GAMMA KNIFE!"

The people in the stands had to literally look away as the sheer amount of power he put into his ability was blinding to look at. The screams they heard Minato shout out would ring in their ears for a while after all was said and done, but after what seemed like hours yet was only about a minute, the area was no longer awash in a green tinted light so they could see what had happened. To be honest, the adults who had come to see what would take place all felt so glad they had left their kids at home since what they saw would have haunted their dreams for years to come if they saw what was before them.

Minato Namikaze… the once great man who had such renown throughout the lands and was feared by most people who he faced, was dead. That alone was not what was horrifying since even the most famous people will die, but Minato's death was not natural. What they saw was the man's entire body up to the neck burned to a blackened crisp. Above his neck though was a different matter since what they saw was the top of his head popped out like something had burst out of it, which in a manner it did since the attack Naruto had used had caused Minato's head to explode from the top.

He then pulled out his hand, since the man was dead and he no longer needed to have it inside the man's chest. He then kicked the man backwards into the hole he had dug up before the fight even started. To be honest, he hadn't noticed it was there since there was rubble everywhere when he kicked the now deceased man, but it was like the gods had put him in the perfect spot. Minato's body fell in, with the lower portion of it collapsing like charcoal leaving only the head in one relative piece. Naruto spat into the hole, then used his Shambles to move the dirt back into the hole and compacted it so it was solid once more like he hadn't dug up the earth in the first place. Naruto stood there for a minute as he dispelled the Room he set up, so many emotions going on through his head, but in the end the tears began to fall from his eyes as the joy of completing his vengeance came to the forefront of it. So many years of planning had finally come to fruition and it was all over now.

"Our vengeance is complete mother," laughed Naruto out loud to himself as he used a handkerchief to wipe the tears away, "may your soul now know peace." And with those words spoken, Naruto turned around and began to walk away from this place for the last time in his life since he would never return after today, but he did stop as he began to leave. He knelt down and picked up his hat, which had gotten blasted off his head in the heat of battle, at what point he couldn't tell you since he himself didn't know...


Years had passed from that day, the day where Naruto finally completed his revenge and life had been good for the now elderly man of a doctor. He lay now on his deathbed at the very old age of 127 with a smile on his face since he had lived a good life. He had taken proper care of his body to keep it living for so long, which shocked many in his family since he was so old. And as he laid there, he saw his life leading up to this point flashing before his eyes…

After he personally killed Minato in such a gruesome manner as he did in front of everybody, he had then left the arena since he had accomplished what he had set out to do. Minato was the last person on his list for vengeance against and with his death he was now at peace with himself. So he left the village and returned once more to being the roaming nomadic doctor that he had been for a good chunk of his life. But even though he had completed what he had set out to do, things were happening in the Elemental Countries that would change them for the better.

When Naruto had healed Nagato back into his prime, this had upset someone, as well as something since it messed heavily with a plan they had for the man that required for him to remain powerful but in a weakened near death state so that they were nothing more than a glass cannon to use before discarding. Because he was no longer that way, the man hidden in the shadows known as Obito had tried to kill Nagato and steal the Rinnegan eyes he had. Obito failed though since Nagato was far more powerful in his prime than Obito realized given he only knew the man when he was stuck in his life support device. So after a hard fought battle, Obito lay slain before Nagato, and with that Nagato reflected back on the words that Naruto had told him about advice for the future and actually saw the wisdom in it. So he disbanded the Akatsuki, which by this point only had about two other people and began to improve Ame itself, which in time he succeeded alongside his future wife Konan.

But while Obito had been slain, Zetsu had other plans and disappeared to try and complete them elsewhere…

While Naruto had ended the life of Orochimaru, the man's assistant Kabuto still lived and continued right where his former master had left off. He was approached by Zetsu and the two formed a partnership that would cause the various nations to join forces so as to fight against it. The two of them worked for three years, but in that time they formed an army of White Zetsu as well as the resurrected bodies of the most infamous as well as powerful shinobi as well as kunoichi that they could get their hands on.

Kabuto in time unleashed this massive army upon the world, and it did serious damage to the surrounding towns before word spread of what they were dealing with. So a Kage Summit was called, with the seat of Hokage now being taken by the legendary Medic Nin Tsunade herself.

To many who saw this from an outside point of view, it seemed strange that two highly skilled medical professionals would never meet every now and then, but strangely enough that was what happened. It was due to the fact that Tsunade remained in Fire Country while Naruto was a man who traveled all countries so it was hard to pinpoint him like that. But it turned out there was another reason as well that only decreased the likelihood of their meeting up.

Tsunade was a gambling addict as well as growing too old for her own tastes. While she was able to hide her real appearance with the signature jutsu that she used, it was always nagging the back of her mind that she was an old woman. While her gambling addiction was pretty intense, it was as she got older that it only got worse but there was a reason for that. She had heard a rumor, one that interested her immensely, about a procedure that the Surgeon of Death himself knew that could restore one's youth. No one could either verify or deny this rumor and people didn't know exactly where it originated from, but the rumor was there. Apparently the procedure was insanely expensive according to what she heard, but it worked perfectly. Tsunade, who at this point was desperate to recover her youth once more, had been gambling like crazy to raise the funds she needed to afford such a thing. And eventually she managed, through the grace of Kami herself she managed…

Once she had the funds in hand, she all but ran off to find Naruto, and even then it took her several weeks before she heard he had an office in Spring Country and mentally screamed at herself that she had tried the hard way to find him instead of just going there. So she went to his office, spoke to the secretary that resided there, who was not Yuna anymore since the young lady had set out on her own now that she had finished her schooling to become a doctor, and so Naruto had sought out another who had been like Yuna in her youth, lost and alone on the streets, and offered them the position so as to have a place to call home. So the appointment was made, and eventually Naruto met with the woman, who all but demanded to know if the rumors she had heard were true about the restoration of one's youth.

Naruto had laughed as she asked that and said he could do such a thing, but only once. This was not true, but he wasn't going to let her know that so that in the future she would keep coming back. The amount of money he was charging for the procedure was no laughing matter and people could get desperate enough to do countless illegal things to get the funds to live longer like that. He told her the price, which he had thought she had no way of paying, but then it was his turn to be shocked since she pulled out a scroll with just enough money to afford it. This was then proceeded by Tsunade fuming over the fact her assistant Shizune also pulled out the amount needed to get the procedure done. She had refused to be the old lady of the group so she wanted to get younger as well.

What had pissed off Tsunade about this was the fact that Shizune had not told her about the massive amount of funds she had, which Shizune chuckled and told her if she had Tsunade would have just taken it and gambled it all away selfishly, and Tsunade was then stumped since she had no counter to that. While Tsunade got her money from sheer luck through gambling, Shizune had invested hers in multiple businesses that turned profits and grew over time to the point she got this money. So with the payment given, Naruto took genetic samples of both women, asked if they wanted any sort of modifications to their youthful appearance at no extra charge, which both nearly instantly said larger breast sizes, and then began the cloning process in his hidden room. He told them to come back in a month, which confused them since they thought it was like some sort of rare elixir or something like that, but now they had no idea what he was going to do. He simply told them to come back in one month and that they had his word he would give them what they paid him for. So they left since the man had a reputation of keeping his word no matter the cost.

And a month later, after quickly knocking the two now young ladies out and a quick Room and Shambles, they were both in their new younger cloned bodies with naturally larger breasts that they were so happy about. They cried anime tears as they shook his hand before running off to have some fun now that they had longer lives. Since then, Naruto hadn't really seen them again since Tsunade never really needed medical attention from him, nor did Shizune for that matter.

But after she got her youthful body back, she had gone back to the village to see how things were given it had been quite some time since she had been back. She saw that Kakashi, who had been elected as Hokage, was doing a terrible job at it, and it was then that Tsunade offered to take the position to save the village her grandfather had spent so long building. Kakashi was more than happy to abdicate the position to her since he was not one to deal with so much responsibility like that. And thus Tsunade became Hokage and fixed the village right up in nearly no time at all. It just went to show that she had the potential to do it, she just didn't want to before now,

So fast forward back to the Kage Summit, where the various kages all allied themselves to fight this great threat, and so a massive army was built to fight in what became known as the 4th Shinobi War. Many lives were lost in the battle itself, with Onoki being the only kage to actually perish in battle. And when the battle seemed like it would be won by the allied forces, a new obstacle made itself known in the form of Kaguya herself. Zetsu had manipulated Kabuto as he had Obito so as to break her free from her prison, and the damage she did was massive with nearly three fifths of the allied forces perishing from her strength alone. The only silver lining to the situation was that the plan had been to seal all the Biju up and turn them once more into the Juubi that they once were so that she could absorb its power, but since three of them had gone missing, she only had the power of six of them after Zetsu and Kabuto had kidnapped and extracted them. Gaara had been fortunate to have someone resurrect him at the cost of her own life, the others were not so lucky though…

And I know what you are thinking right now…

You are guessing that Naruto made himself known at this point and helped to defeat Kaguya with his insane abilities, am I right?

If you did, sorry to disappoint you but that is not what had happened…

While the war was going on, Naruto as well as Haku, Kurotsuchi, and even Neji and Fu had borrowed an airship from Koyuki and traveled far to the West. It wasn't to escape the war itself, which they had no idea was even happening since the War started so suddenly about two days after they left, it was simply to fulfil a promise that Naruto had made to the Kyubi itself.

When he had taken the Biju within him, he had promised to set him free far out West so that it could live free, and while he had set up to do that, he thought to do the same to the other two Biju he knew about who were sealed in Fu as well as Haku since the further they were from a place that fought over them the better. So they all set out towards the West, there they saw many different things and met many different cultures of people as they did. The trip lasted a few months before they found the place the three Biju wanted to live in themselves. Once that was decided, Naruto used his abilities to separate them from their hosts and thus they were now free to live their own lives. After a heartfelt goodbye for Fu since her Biju had been with her most of her life while the ones in Naruto and Haku had not even been sealed within them for a year. For them, there were simple nods of thanks before they all left to go their own separate ways.

Getting back to the Elemental Countries was far easier to do then traveling away from it since they had no idea what was waiting for them out there, yet they knew what they were coming back to, or at least they thought they did. It was when they got back that they had learned of the war that had taken place, one that lasted no more than a week and a half. Naruto had been surprised as he heard about what had happened, but even more so about who turned out to be the main hero of this war…

Sasuke Uchiha…

Naruto was speechless when he heard that since he would have never guessed that in a million years. The guy was an asshole who didn't really seem like the type to sacrifice himself for others. But apparently he had. Nagato had been one of the main forces to stand toe to toe with Kaguya, but even then he struggled against her. It was Sasuke who won the fight for them all when he sacrificed himself as a living bomb of all things that he rushed forward and blew himself up point blank. He had lost one of his arms entirely in the fighting with the other one barely being usable as it was so he had the one card to play in the end. This alone wasn't enough to kill her, but it gave Kakashi enough time to use his Kamui close enough for Nagato to use one last Shinra Tensei that knocked her into it. This caused her body to disappear, but her head remained. They then went the overkill route and burned it until there was nothing left to make sure she was dead. That had been the end of the war, with Sasuke being a hero given it was his sacrifice that gave them the opening they needed to kill Kaguya.

And with Sasuke's death, so ended the Uchiha clan entirely. While he might have found a means to redeem himself in the eyes of the people due to his sacrifice, in Naruto's books he still won since he denied Sasuke the chance to continue his legacy as well as robbed him of all his funds before his end…

And it wasn't just Sasuke's life that drastically changed like that. The others that Naruto took revenge against were all suffering the lasting effects of his actions.

For Shino, well he was thrown out of the Clan since as Naruto had made the poison do it was a very powerful insect repellent that made it so he could no longer be around anyone in his own clan lest their own bugs die from being near his proximity. So Shino was thrown out in shame, and the usually level headed and calm shinobi's mind shattered to the point it never recovered. Several years later, after trying so hard to regain the strength he once had only to fail time and time again, he would hang himself in shame with a note left cursing Naruto for taking everything from him like this…

Choji was cursed by the pie Naruto had the witch hex for him. He was still a member of his clan to his dying day, which was only about 2 years after the end of the war. He thought that he could easily overcome whatever was happening to him by just eating more than normal, but that put him in a food related comatose state. While in that state, the curse was still in full effect and so he died from it in the hospital…

Ino… well that was easy enough to see she was fucked for life. Naruto had Haku lobotomize her and there was no coming back from that. But the cherry on top of her condition was the fear inducing drug that had been on those senbon used to perform the procedure kept her in a permanent nightmare she could not wake up from. She cried out for someone to save her from the horrors of her mind, but no one came, and even when against all odds it seemed like she had broken free and escaped one nightmare, it was just an illusion of her mind and the horrors began anew. And for the next 23 years she would remain this way in the hospital until her own mother and father died. With them dead, no one else in the clan cared enough to keep paying for her medical support so they simply pulled the plug and she died in that bed. Only then did the nightmares cease once and for all…

Hinata had lived for about 2 years, but after the first one the poison Naruto had injected her with had finally taken effect and she began to grow weaker fast. She kept trying to train it off, but that didn't work at all so she then went to the hospital where she was told of the fact her muscles were degrading at a rate that was not normal. They couldn't heal her, but they told her that one man might and thus she went to search for Naruto himself so as to get him to heal her. She made it to his office, but had to make an appointment since he was not there at the moment. Naruto saw her name in the appointment book and smirked as he knew what this was about, so he sent a message to Neji to come on over, which he did.

So Naruto met with Hinata while Neji was in the backroom leaning against a wall away from view but still able to listen to their conversation. Hinata asked Naruto to heal her, but Naruto told her no. It was then her arrogance showed and she actually demanded that he heal her. Naruto was having some serious Deja Vu here since she was acting like the Kaen family had when he first met them. But Naruto simply told her no and that she can go to hell. It was in her anger fueled desperation that she ordered the Branch members who came with her to attack, but they were easily subdued since even with their eyes they didn't see the wires he had set up on the off chance this meeting went like this.

Naruto had then smirked as he explained the situation to Hinata down to the last detail. He told her he had been the one to poison her, and told her exactly why he had done it. Her face was red with fury, but it all went white when Neji made himself known to her. She had been told he had been killed to harvest his organs to save her life, but apparently that was a lie and what made the situation worse was the fact she could clearly see he no longer had the Cage Bird Seal on his head so she couldn't subdue him like before. What happened next Naruto simply chalked it up as 'clan matters' given Neji finally got his well deserved revenge against his cousin, and since her body was too weak to take it she died in the end. It was never reported as such though since Naruto bought the silence of the security detail by simply eliminating the seal on them entirely. He had helped plenty of cursed people to the point he was fluent in extracting all but the most intense versions of them. So the Branch members, or former ones he should say, left his office that day and went to live their lives elsewhere. He never did look into where they went, but all he did know was that they never went back to Konoha, and Hinata's death was labeled as a Missing Nin attack which worked well for him since no one was coming after him for vengeance.

Out of all the clan heirs who still lived, Shikimaru was the only one who didn't get screwed over. Sure his dad had died in the War, but he then took up the mantle that was left vacant by his father's death and grew less lazy for it. In the end, he began dating Gaara's older sister Temari which eventually led to them getting married and having a son. No one knew how those two got together in the first place given their extreme differences, but love was a strange thing at times...

But now we get back to Naruto himself...

So Naruto spent the next few weeks once he returned from his journey out West healing people of their wounds since there were plenty of them after the war was over, and after things had settled down, he continued to do as he always had as the wandering doctor he had been known as. Kurotsuchi went back to Iwa to take over as Kage since her grandfather had died in the fighting, but she still made time for Naruto when he came to visit.

A year later, Naruto officially married both Haku as well as Kurotsuchi, and a few weeks later they were confirmed pregnant with his child as was one other person…

The whole reason Naruto had agreed to becoming the Patriarch of a newly formed clan was so as to be able to be with both Haku and Kurotsuchi without being judged negatively by the masses. Since he was the only male of a clan, a thing known as the Clan Restoration Act came into play that stated said male could have multiple wives to grow the size of his clan so they were no longer near extinction. But the issue of becoming an official clan was that you needed the backing of a Daimyo of a major country. And there lies the problem since the Daimyos of the various countries would all but demand he settle down in their respective Shinobi villages before they made his clan official. Yet luck had usually always been on Naruto's side, and so the answer to his dilemma had come in the form of the Daimyo Koyuki herself.

She was the Daimyo of a major country, and he was already a citizen of it. And since they didn't have a shinobi village he was still free to travel about like he had been doing. But then came the condition…

Koyuki wanted a child, since she needed an heir to take the throne from her in the future, and she wanted it from one man alone. And to the disapproval of his two other lovers, it was Naruto she wanted a child with. At first both Haku and Kurosutchi had been strict in their views and told her no, but Koyuki had simply smirked since she was the only Daimyo who was willing to offer him clan status without the hidden strings forcing him to ally with one specific village. And since they could not argue with that, eventually they gave in. She didn't want to marry him, she just wanted a child out of the deal, which he gave her in the form of a daughter by the next year.

Both Haku as well as Kurosutchi both gave birth to children, with Haku giving birth to a son while the other was a girl. He loved all his children, and made sure to make time for them. For a few more years after their birth, he continued to travel to heal others, but then he decided to use his funds to make a school and began to train others to become the best medics they possibly could be. And from far and wide the people would come and learn from him this way. And over the years, those who graduated from his class became well known for their medical skills all over.

His daughter, the one born from Kurotsuchi who he named Moka after his mother had wanted to become a kunoichi like her mother was, which he had no arguments with as well as his son whom he named Zabuza out of respect for the man who had died along with Mei in the war. The daughter he had with Koyuki had of course been groomed to become the new Daimyo of Spring, so that was not a surprise in the slightest.

Over the years, he observed his children to make sure they were fine given his mixed genetics, and surprisingly they were stronger for it. The various Bloodlines he had spliced into his genetic code so as to use them had been passed down to all three of them, but there were two expectations to that. He would have said three but the ability he got from the Devil Fruit was not genetic so there was no means to pass that along. The first was his blood bending abilities. This had been a bit surprising since he had always wondered what would happen there, but once he learned they did not have the same ability to use their blood like he could, he looked into the matter personally.

What he found was a bit surprising. The blood he had been injected with all those years ago was parasitic in nature. Apparently what it did was drain the host dry and then wait to infect the next target, whatever it might be. Naruto had no way to know this for certain, but he guessed it was Faust's blood that had somehow made his body strong enough to control the parasitic blood instead of it killing him. Apparently, until he was dead, it was under his control. So he made sure to store some of his own blood for the future and froze it deep in the freezer within a special container so it would not go bad.

The second ability they could not use was the summoning of the doorway to his private operating room. That one he had no answer to since the fact he could do it in the first place already defied logic and he had no means to figure that out from a scientific standpoint. So he just chalked it up to bad luck.

But while his children might not have those abilities, they still had the multiple other bloodlines he had spliced into his genes, and they each even had a Sharingan to call their own, but the thing that was weird about it was that theirs were blue not red like the original. He always made sure to ensure his children's safety given there would be plenty of people who would love to get their hands on a person with multiple bloodlines within them, and he would be damned if he didn't stop their attempts at the source itself. And like he feared, there were a few attempts, but in the end he reminded those who dared to try and harm his family why he had earned the title Surgeon of Death…

For so long he lived, with Koyuki dying at the age of 87, and Kurotsuchi at the age of 93. Naruto's genetics though kept him in relatively fine shape until the end, and the same went for Haku as well. Apparently, the bloodline that ran through her genetics slowed down the ageing process even more than he did. He happily saw his family grow in time and do great things in the world along with the numerous people he had taught to the best of their skills. But while that was all good, none of them popped out as worthy of passing on the true source of his power to since none of them really wanted to be a doctor like he was in his prime.

But near the end of his life, that changed when he met his Great Great Grandson named Naruto after himself. The boy would sit there and listen to his stories of the past and the adventures he had been on himself. He saw that spark in the boy's eyes that showed he was truly interested in becoming a doctor like he himself had been in his prime, and so for his last remaining few years, he taught little Naruto as much as he could, which while not everything was still quite a lot.

But eventually he felt as his end was near, and as he laid down on his deathbed, his wife Haku by his side, he held onto a chest that contained the numerous journals he had kept his entire life with all the things he had experimented with as well as two other things. One was a simple apple, and while that might seem strange to put in there, what Naruto had learned from Law's journal was that when a Devil Fruit User died, the power transfered itself into the nearest fruit and transformed it into the foul tasting source of power that Naruto himself had eaten when he was only seven. The irony here was that his Great Great Grandson was seven as well, and while he was there himself, the rest of his family were elsewhere. It was not out of hatred, it was because they were too far to get to him in time to see him in his final moments.

The last thing Naruto did before he breathed his last was pull out his hat, the very one he had made as well as kept in pristine condition for most of his life and placed it on the younger Naruto's head.

'Through you, the Surgeon of Death lives on…'

Those had been his final words, but he died with a smile on his face. Haku cried at the loss of her husband as she took the chest from his hands and then used her bloodline to paralyse the young man. It was the final request of her husband, and while it was strange she would do as he asked since he was not one to ever hurt his family so she trusted there was a reason for this. She opened the container that Naruto had stored his blood in a syringe and injected it into the young man. The blood seeped into his system, and like it had done so long ago it strengthened the boy with power unique to him alone now with access to the blood bending abilities as well as access to the interdimensional operating room.

Naruto took the chest given to him with a heavy heart as he felt his body change, but he then went to his room and opened up the letter that was on top of it. The letter explained everything in detail about the contents of the chest as well as what he had his wife inject into him. Naruto had cried as he saw his elder entrust him with such power, and saw the key taped to the letter. With it he opened up the chest and saw the strange fruit within. He took a deep breath, since the letter stated it was foul tasting the likes words could not possibly describe, and then consumed it. The older Naruto had not lied about the taste, but he powered through it and ate the whole foul thing until there was nothing left. And in a repeat of history, the young man felt queasy and passed out as the Devil Fruit changed another user.

In the morning, Naruto woke up and looked further into the chest that had been left for him. Within it he saw all the journals he had kept and on the bottom of it were his cane as well as the gloves he used to wear with the wires still attached and strong. Naruto picked these items up and walked out the back door to practice his newfound power. He cried a bit as he held onto the hat he was gifted with since the history that was infused into this one article of clothing was priceless, but in the end he put it on his head and wiped the tears from his eyes since he had been the one chosen to carry on with his elder's legacy. Haku saw him through the back window as she prepared breakfast for the young boy, and she couldn't help but see the younger version of her husband in him as he smiled there and twirled his newly acquired cane like the now deceased Naruto had done so many times in the past. This caused Haku's eyes to tear up…

The Surgeon of Death's legacy lived on...

(A/N: And thus ends one of my personal favorite stories to write so far. But like all good stories, it must eventually end. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it as well as reading the various comments about it. But for those questioning why Naruto wouldn't be a part of the 4th Shinobi war, allow me to restate that Naruto was never a Shinobi in this entire story. He was simply a doctor, and remained one to the day he died.

True, he became the child of Prophecy when he took the Kyubi from Naruko, but that didn't mean he himself had to fight Shinobi to make a difference. His actions had led to the survival of the Shinobi system since he had healed Nagato, who ultimately defeated Kaguya, thus saving the villages from complete annihilation. Sometimes in life it is that one small thing you deem as insignificant to the big picture that is in fact the point of time where things will lead up to that significant situation.

So until next time in another story I have written! Stay safe and healthy out there!)