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"Are my adjustments almost done, Adjuster-sama?" Yashima asks me.

I nod as I retract the tiny needle from her slender arm. Even with what she is, the short-haired orangette still has that common human aversion to pointy objects. "Yes Yashima, we are done. You may get dressed. I'm just gonna test this blood sample to make sure everything is stable. Report back here tomorrow for more adjustments. "

I look at my watch as Yashima gets dressed, covering up her petite but still attractively curvy frame. My shift is almost over. "Good night, Yashima. I'll give you the results of the blood test in the morning, after the night crew examines it. I hope you are able to find a nice Ashikabi."

I watch her leave, if only to fully envy her perfectly packaged posterior. It still amazes me that for all their disparate genetics and abilities, Sekirei all manage to be quite attractive. Yashima is far from the most glamorous, but she still outshines most normal girls, as did all of her kind. Their destined ones, their Ashikabi, are bound to fall hard for them. The unfortunate part about that is how much harder their separation will be, once the cruel, cruel inevitability of The Sekirei Plan catches up with them.

On my way to the blood work labs of MBI, the alarms suddenly sound. The elevators on the left are slowly pried open, and I see a beautiful girl with red hair and glasses come running down the hall towards me. The girl is Sekirei #2, Matsu. A couple moments later Sekirei #10, Uzume, comes flying up behind her, being chased by some MBI guards. She quickly uses her powers to let loose the veils around her body, and cuts down the guards in a brief frenzy of white. As the two Sekirei stop in front of me to catch their breath, Uzume removes the veil over her head, uncovering her long brown hair. I notice her exquisite beauty as she looked at me, the way her crisscrossed silk top hugs her luscious curves. Uzume stares back at me, with her big beautiful brown eyes, looking as taken aback as I am.

Her beauty is stunning. If only I had more time to enjoy it.

"Come on, Uzume! We have to go, now!"

The sound of Matsu's voice breaks the hold that Uzume had on me. I look over to Matsu, as she quickly puts her hands to her mouth in a shushing motion. She and Uzume hurriedly crash through the nearby window, despite the fact that we are on the 57th floor of MBI headquarters.

Later that night...

I stand in the middle of Shinto Teito, the city formerly known as Tokyo, looking around. All is quiet as I walk, somewhat unnerving for a bustling metropolis, especially one that's home to a conglomerate as powerful as MBI. Where had everyone gone?

Then suddenly I feel a pair of large breasts press against my back, as gentle arms wrap around me. "Ashikabi-sama!"

I turn to look behind me and find myself in the heavenly embrace of Uzume. The earthy tone of beautiful brown eyes are just as captivating as before. She's wearing her battle gear, which consisted of nothing but simple white strips of fabric clinging to her body, showing off every amazing curve of her hourglass figure, not to mention a white skirt that left her lovely legs in view. Getting a better look at her, my eyes measure her figure at Bust 95 cm, Waist 57, Hips 90. Her beauty is almost impossible.

As I return to gaze into her eyes, she reaches up and needfully grabs my face. She pulls me in close, so close that her breasts threaten to envelop my own, and kisses me full on the mouth.

I wake up and look at the clock, which reads 5:23 in the morning. Of course it was just a dream. If only I could be so lucky.

Then I think about the dream, about how tangible it felt. Sure Uzume is gorgeous, but why was I dreaming so vividly about her? Why was I specifically dreaming about being her Ashikabi? There simply isn't a scientific explanation, at least none that I know of. I quickly shake it off, get up, get dressed, and head to work.

11 months later...

The dreams about Uzume never stopped. Even 11 months later I still see visions of her. Every morning after, I'm reminded of that day when Uzume and Matsu fled the tower. Even though I barely knew either of them, I still worry, as no mention has been made of their condition, or their whereabouts. If I could see them once, to ensure they were both still well, that would be enough for me.

I ultimately decide to ignore all that and drown myself in my work, lest I face issues of my own at MBI. At the moment, I've just finished my adjustments on #40, Shi. I walk down the hallway with her blood sample when I spy another Adjuster stumbling toward me. By the way his path zigzagged along, I can see he was quite heavily drunk. I follow him down the hall, and he eventually stops at what I assume his lab. He stumbles into the room, leaving the door open. I see a naked #7 strapped to the to the table.

"Num- *hic* Nummer Seben is time… is time fer yer *hic* adjusssmentssss!" he slurs as stares at the naked Sekirei.

I couldn't believe it. Number Seven was about to be adjusted by a drunk, and not in an MBI-mandated way, for instead of doing the normal procedure though he pulls down his pants. He was facing away from me so I wasn't sickened by his member, but I could tell what was about to happen. If he released in her, it would result in her being winged prematurely. That could result in unforeseen and potentially disastrous consequences, if she is winged before her power was stable.

Improvising, and rather boorishly so, I grab the fire extinguisher from the wall and bash him in the head. The blow knocks him unconscious. I quickly undo the straps holding #7 in place. She looks up at me with relaxed features, but her beautiful grey eyes show fear.

Seeing #7 nude before me, I can't help but admire her. From the curves of her beautifully toned yet slightly pale body to her short auburn hair and unearthly grey eyes, something about her is alluring, almost entrancing, marking her as alien as her origin. I suddenly have a thought to have my way with her, but quickly shake it off. I'm not a complete monster like the guy laying on the floor.

"Are you okay, Number Seven?" I ask, giving her my lab coat to coat to protect her modesty.

She takes the coat and puts it on as she backs away from me. She asks in very quiet tone, "... you're not like him, are you?"

The fear in her eyes also lay in her voice. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. You have nothing to fear from me, I promise. Now are you okay?"

"Ah..." She looks down at floor. "... I think so."

"Number Seven, I'm gonna report that guy to Minaka and then I see if I can become your adjuster. Would you like that?"

She doesn't respond with words, but looks up at me and nods. Seeing her answer I quickly grab her attacker. I strap his arms into the ankle restraints on the table, securing him in place. He wouldn't go anywhere, until Minaka could deal with him. I turn to #7 and say, "Go get some sleep and do be careful."

The following morning...

I barge into Minaka's office to address the issue from last night. "Minakaaaa!"

There he is. Minaka Hiroto. My boss, and the man behind The Plan. A plan that started 20 years ago, after he discovered 108 human-like lifeforms in a crashed spacecraft.

"Ahhhhh, Ms. Shirayuki! I was expecting you!" Minaka says, spinning around in his chair. "You're here about the incident you witnessed last night. I can assure you, he has been dealt with. I fired him and he is now safely in police custody."

I expected that Minaka had men on the police force, considering the man owns 80% of the city. The company was a secondary affair, of course, just a money mill that he uses to power The Sekirei Plan.

"Good. I'm glad that monster is behind bars." Even keeping in mind that Minaka had ultimate power over employment, I cannot contain my anger at what I just witnessed. I take a moment to recompose myself. "Now if I may ask, I promised Number Seven I would finish her adjustments."

"I will permit it," Minaka replies offhandedly. "You are very good at your work, as Numbers 35, 40, 41, 63, and 84 will attest. I'm releasing them all in to the city with the next batch."

I courteously nod. "Thank you for the praise, sir, and thank you for allowing me to keep my promise."

"You're quite welcome! I will call Number Seven to the your adjustment room. Now leave, I have much work to be done!"

I nod once more and leave to tell #7 Seven the good news. I quickly run to my adjustment lab, to find that true to Minaka's word she is waiting for me. "Number Seven, are you okay?"

"...Yes, thank you," she replies, looking down at the floor.

I smile, even though she doesn't see it."Good, I'm glad you are okay. Anyway I have good news for you! Minaka said I could be your new Adjuster."

Still keeping her eyes down, she says, "You seem much better than my last Adjuster-sama."

If I have to give Number Seven one thing, it's that she is very soft-spoken. She has a body that most women would die for, but that also means most men would kill to have her. Her passive attitude could mean that if she got the wrong Ashikabi, she could be molested again.

"We will start your adjustments first thing tomorrow morning. I can't do it right now because I have to finish my adjustments on Number 66. But after I finish adjusting her, you'll have my undivided attention."

A week later, just after I'd finished my adjustments on Akitsu for the day ,Minaka comes into my lab. "Tell me, Ms. Shirayuki, how is Number Seven's adjustment coming along? If possible I want her to be sent out tomorrow with the next batch of Sekirei."

"I believe she should be ready by then," I reply, not even looking at my boss as I finish last-minute tweaks on Akitsu-chan.

"Hahaha! Perfect!" he proclaims, clapping his white-gloved hands together. "You are truly marvelous at your job!"

I turn to Minaka and nod, thanking him for the compliment.

"Hah... Adjuster-sama?" Akitsu says from behind. "My body feels hot. I can hear my heart beating extremely fast." I look over to the heart monitor, and sure enough it was beeping along at an alarming rate. I look back at her and notice her face is flushed.

"Hahahahahahahahaha!" Minaka guffaws, nearly falling backwards from how far he was leaning. "To think that something like this would happen!"

Had he gone completely insane? Everyone knew The Director to be eccentric, but I'd never seen him act up like this.

It took a minute, but he finally calmed enough to speak again. "Hahahahaha! I do believe that Number 7 is reacting to her Ashikabi."

I take a step back, wondering what spark of madness ignited such a pronouncement. "I... I... I... can't be her Ashikabi."

Minaka cackled again. "Trust me Ms. Shirayuki, that is clearly a reaction to her Ashikabi. This is quite interesting, the MBI worker who saves a Sekirei and then later becomes her adjuster, and eventually her Ashikabi. Such an interesting love story."

"I'm not worthy of being her Ashikabi. I'm not that sociable, hardly suited for beings as empathic and emotionally needful as Sekirei, and my busy work would only make it harder to engage with her. Moreover, I don't know if I would be able to keep up with her physically." I say as turn back to look at Akitsu-chan. "Why choose me?"

She looks up at me with her beautiful grey eyes and says. "Adjuster-sama, please claim me as your Sekirei! I... I don't know how much longer I can stand the way my body is heating up."

I know how the bond works. I've seen it in other Sekirei, observed by MBI even after they spread their wings. Once I seal that contract, and devote myself to her as her Ashikabi, I don't think I would be able to bare losing her if she's ever defeated. The emotional intimacy that Sekirei grant their bonded humans is akin to that of a lover.

On the other hand, as I once again take note of her voluptuous figure and pacifistic demeanor, if I wing her now, no one would ever be able to take advantage of her. A life like that, slaved to a horrible Ashikabi who has no desire to care for her, to care about her… That's far worse than any mere emotional backlash I might suffer.

I reach for her and tip up her chin, and slowly bring her into a kiss. As her lips meet mine, I feel a shock of cold run though my body. Kissing her is like kissing a block of ice, but despite the temperature of her body, her lips are soft. I suddenly look up to see beautiful translucent wings of white, splitting and fractalizing like twin snowflakes.

As she breaks the kiss and the bond forms, I start to feel emotion. Her admiration for me, for the women who was now her Ashikabi. Protectiveness, for the one who is most precious to her in all the world. Even before she speaks, I can sense what she is going to say.

"Mistress, I promise to protect you and help you ascend. "

And just like that I am now an Ashikabi. I'm now more involved in Minaka'a crazy game then I ever would have liked. But that doesn't matter now, nothing does, only Akitsu.

Still staring into my new Sekirei's eyes, which somehow became more alluring since her winging, I say, "Akitsu-chan, I promise you right now that we will win."

"Thank you, Mistress." Her cool hands take hold of my own, and she touches her forehead to mine. "By the ice of my pledge, I'll shatter the misfortunes of my Ashikabi."