"MUSUBI! No…! No…! You can't be gone!" Minato cries in anguish as he realizes that Musubi is gone. The link they both shared probably made it even worse because he felt her life force slip away.

Yeah I felt bad for Minato, but forgive me for caring about my own girls more than his. Still though the sight was incredibly sad to see. Visions of all my Sekirei in the exact same situation flash before my eyes. I quickly turn to my own Sekirei, luckily they were holding their own against their opponents.

" Has that bitch finally stopped? Good I was getting tired of her anyway. Although I suppose I should commend you for fighting so admirably."

"How dare thee! Thy killed… thine friend… Thy conceited warthog faced bitch!" Tsukiumi charges up a large amount of water in her hands. "Water Arrow!"

Seeing that Tsukiumi had switched targets because of her rage, Uzume quickly switches to help Haruhime with Haihane.

Benitsubasa tries to charge at Uzume, but is quickly stopped by a volley of water arrows in her path. The Arrow rain forces her to dodge rather than pursue Uzume. "Musubi! I shall not allow thee to die. Thou cannot die because our shopping contest must draw to a pall first."

Minato continues to cry over Musubi's broken form. "Musubi! You can't die! You said you would always be by my side! You said you would never lose!"

Suddenly an almost blinding glow shoots out from her body. So blinding that it causes everyone to look at her. "It's love! Anyway who stands in the way of true love. Then Number Eight the Sekirei of destiny Yume shall be your opponent."

Musubi yells and she stands up and drops into a battle stance. She stands there completely topless looking exactly the same on the outside, but something about her was different. The look in her eyes was completely different than before. She also has two Sekirei crests with a yin yang symbol emblazoned on her navel just under her breasts. Below that was very very large numbers that read 08.

"When did the Disciplinary Squad take a downward turn that made them start picking on the winged ones? I will make sure this does not go unpunished!"

Benitsubasa charges at her, jumps into the air preparing to hit her with a punch from above. She easily dodges and fires off a large blast of energy. Benitsubasa barely manages to avoid the attack, and clings onto the side of the bridge in a stunned state. She Rambles about how it was unfair and that Musubi shouldn't have a second body.

"MBI punishment Force S plan front guard edge's Sekirei Number eight Yume!"

Yume! That was the second time that Musubi mentioned Yume. I had never gotten the pleasure of meeting her. But she was the leader of the second generation of the Disciplinary Squad. I remember hearing rumors about how she sacrificed her life to save an infant Sekirei.

The real question was how was she here if she had died protecting another. It just didn't make sense, "Matsu-chan please tell me you're seeing this!

"Yes I am! Although I'm not entirely sure what's going on. I saw Musubi fall and now she's getting up displaying powers she should not have. It's… It's almost as if she…"

I finish Matsu's sentence, "…as if she is Yume. Mustu what happened to number 8 exactly?" I ask as I watch Musubi proceed to beat the shit out of Benitsubasa.

"She… She gave her life for Musubi. The military attacked the Kamikura, and managed to steal a few infant Sekirei. Musubi was killed during that attack, and Yume revived her by basically giving Musubi her core."

"And now she is back and has taken over Musubi." I say as I watch Musubi or should I say Yume begin to pick up Benitsubasa.

"That shouldn't be possible!" Matsu's voice says from the other end of the earpiece. From its tone I could tell even she was having trouble understanding.

Yume throws Benitsubasa, sending her flying through the air. She then walks over to Minato and looks him in the eyes. She whispers something to him although I can't really hear it and then she hugs him. This causes Tsukiumi to have an outburst and she drenches them both with a large torrent of water.

When water stops falling, I notice that the markings on her stomach are gone. " Huh? What's going on Minato-san?"

Judging by the tone of her voice, and the fact that the markings were gone meant that somehow Musubi had come back from the dead.

Musubi-chan… Musubi-chan, is it really you?"

He hugs her tightly as he pours his heart out to her. Tsukiumi says a few words to him as she comes in to hug him tightly as well. Then it somehow evolves into an argument between her and Musubi.

Even Kazehana had somehow joined in their moment. " Oh my kami! That so beautiful, your true love brought out Yume's dormant soul deep from within Musubi! If I wasn't already bound to Saya, I would make you mine right here and now!"

Kazehana hugs Minato, pulling his head right into her chest. An act that made me feel the slightest bit envious of him. But knowing her she would be back all over me later, so I decide to let it slide. When she breaks away from the hug, she looks over to Shiga and Kuno. "Are you two ready?"

"Ready for what?" Shiga replies looking towards Kazehana.

"This!" she grabs them with a large gust of wind. The wind gusts send them through the air, before allowing them to land safely on the other side of the ruined bridge.

"Oh no you don't! I will not allow my target to escape!" Kiroitori throws one of her Kapinga directly at the pair.

Thinking quickly Kuruse hurls one of her tridents at the weapon. Her aim is true, and her Trident manages to hit the Kapinga knocking it off course.

"Oh look! Dildo blade fails again. No surprise there!"

A visible tick appears on Kiroitori's forehead as she conjures three more of them, this time pointed at Haihane. " How many fucking times do I have to tell you Haihane?! They are not dildos!

"Could have fooled me!

I had never really noticed it before, but Haihane was right. Kiroitori's blades did have an oddly questionable shape. The two of them start arguing although to be accurate it was more one-sided than anything. Kiroitori was just yelling at Haihane who didn't really seem to care.

Suddenly the sound of helicopters fills the air. Of course they would be here. I figured it was only a matter of time before the MBI militia showed up. "You there Sekirei! We won't hurt any of you so please stay put!

The voice that came over the megaphone was one I recognized. Why was she here? I squint my eyes slightly as I look towards the direction of the voice. In the distance is a woman with gray hair and dark eyes, she is wearing a simple pair of jeans and a black T-shirt, with a lab coat over it. I instantly knew her. She was the one who oversaw the day-to-day affairs of the Sekirei Plan, MBI's head researcher Sahashi Takami.

What followed was a scene that I actually found quite comical. She begins to have a conversation with her son that somehow involves him being trapped in a net. She orders the MBI forces to take her son away and tells his Sekirei they can follow.

She then turns to me, "why am I not surprised. Somehow I knew you would be here Saya."


She lets out a light chuckle under her breath. "Relax, I only came here to deal with my stupid son. I'm not here for you."

I breathe a sigh of relief as he continues speaking. "You know it's funny when I first interviewed you for the position of adjuster. I did not think you would end up becoming an Ashikabi yourself."

"Yeah neither did I. But can I ask you something?"

Takami lights a cigarette and takes a small puff of smoke. " Sure, ask away?"

"You lied to Minato about working for a pharmaceutical company. Why didn't you tell him where you worked?"

She takes in another puff of smoke before slowly exhaling. "Because I didn't want to involve him with the madness." she lets out a sigh as she breathes another puff of her cigarette. " Yet despite my efforts to keep my children away from the Sekirei Plan, they both ended up becoming involved anyway.

"Both of your children?!"

Yes, Yukari has also become an Ashikabi. My little girl winged Shiina."

"Shiina? That's 107 right?"

"Yes, funny though both of my children ended up being the Ashikabi to Sekirei that I personally adjusted. It's almost like I ended up picking their husband and wives for them."

"I can't speak for Yukari, but I can for Minato. He is easily a great Ashikabi. He cares for each of his Sekirei greatly. He has two of the ones you adjusted, Musubi and Kusano. He even has one of the last ones I adjusted 84 Yashima. I've seen how he treats them, he's more of an Ashikabi than any of the others.

If you guys were monitoring this battle, I'm sure you sensed that anomaly. Musubi crest faded, she should be dead. But your son's love for her was so strong that even the faint part of Yume in Musubi's core felt it."

"What?! Yume?! You're telling me some part of number 8 Still remains within 88!"

" Yes! I'm not sure how. Even Matsu-chan couldn't give me a straight answer and you know how smart she is."

"Right! Anyway it was nice catching up with you Saya. But I think it's time I headed back." I could almost see a slight fire in her eyes, like she somehow wanted to see her for herself when I had just said.

"Yes, see you later Takami!"

Taki turns and starts walking back to where she had landed her helicopter." By the way Saya, stage 3 is almost upon us. The only Sekirei that still need their wings are number 6 and number 90. However Minaka plans to make a spectacle out of their winging like how he did with number 10, so be prepared for that."

"Right, thanks for the tip Takami."

"You welcome and take care of Yahan for me, will you?" Without saying another word Takami walks off.

"Well that was certainly interesting." Uzume says, walking up behind me.

Takami's words seemed to imply that she was Yahan's Adjuster. In fact, I would have to ask her about when I got home. "Uzume-chan mind giving me a lift back to Seo's place. We need to pick up Matsu-chan and then drive home."

Uzume nods as she turns, allowing me to hop onto her back. "Uzume-chan, Kaze-chan, Haru-chan, I'm proud of all of you! You all were able to stand up to the Disciplinary Squad, that is no easy feat. Seeing Musubi die made me think. I saw visions of three of you as well as the other girls, you were in Musubi's position."

"Yea, I understand your concern for me." Haruhime says as she follows behind Uzume. "I can't say anything for the other girls, but I love you. If my life ment yours would be sav-"

"Haru-chan! Don't talk about that, I will make sure you and others live."

The rest of the trip was in silence till we arrived back at Seo's place. Matsu was already waiting by the car for us. She quickly gets into the passenger seat, and as Haruhime Kazehana and Uzume get in the back. I pull out of the parking lot and slowly drive away.

Now that I think about it, I don't know what I would do if I lost one of my girls. I had to show them how much I care. So far I have only had sex with Uzume, but that would change tonight. I would start with Akitsu and make sure they all felt the physical manifestation of my love.


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