Transformers Prime: For Earth and Cybertron

So, I got this idea reading a few Transformers Prime fics and crossovers where Jack or Team Prime have powers, and thought up this fic.

This fic will have a more competent and sinister MECH and a plot that is significantly different from canon because of it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

The sun was high in the sky shining down on the streets of Jasper Nevada as a blue motorbike that was being ridden by a feminine figure wearing a black jumpsuit and helmet, drove through the streets until it arrived at an abandoned construction site.

"Ratchet, are you sure about these coordinates?" asked a feminine voice from the bike that one would assume came from the rider, as it rode through the sands.

"Yes," said a voice through the comm-circuits of the bike, "the Energon readings came from these coordinates, though they seemed different in frequency to normal Energon deposits."

"Well," said the voice from the bike as the rider vanished and the bike transformed into a blue feminine humanoid robot, "I'll be sure to look into it."

"Be careful Arcee," said the voice, "the Decepticons have likely sensed the Energon as well, and are on their way."

"Or here already," said the now named Arcee as she hid behind a crane and watched several purple and black robots were moving around the site as they dug up glowing blue crystals.

"Do not engage," said a deeper, more serious voice over the comm, "Bulkhead and Bumblebee are on their way."

"By the time they get here the cons will be long gone," said Arcee, but as she made to move from her hiding spot, a voice split the air.

"Hate to bust up this job, but you robots are trespassing!" said a figure from atop a bulldozer.

Arcee's optics widened as she took in the figure, as it seemed that a human male about 21 years old, wearing a black jumpsuit and motorcycle helmet, had just called out the Decepticons as if they weren't a threat to him. The Decepticons were surprised as well and reacted by transforming their arms into canons and firing blasts of energy at the human. What they did not expect was for said 'human' to flip over the blasts and fire arcs of energy from his hands that struck several of the 'cons and sent them flying with scorch marks on their armor.

The remaining robots rushed forward and tried to pummel the boy, when another human, this one female wearing a similar outfit, shot through the air and punched a Decepticon in the head with enough power that the head was torn off the body, before landing in a crouch

"Am I late?" asked the girl in an amused voice.

"Just a bit," said the boy as he fried the others with bolts of lightning.

Arcee couldn't believe her optics, these two humans had just taken on several Decepticons and won. She was so caught up in this that she didn't notice another two 'cons walking up behind her until it was powering up its blaster. Spinning quickly, Arcee kicked the gun aside, disrupting its shot and sprouted two blades on her metal forearms that she quickly used to hack apart one, while an energy bolt shot past her and incapacitated the other.

"I had that," said Arcee as she turned to face the humans, "but thanks for the assist."

"Not a problem," said the male as he lowered his smoking hand, "however, I must know: be you friend or foe to the human race."

"You two don't seem like normal humans," said Arcee with the mechanical equivalent of a raised eyebrow.

"We're human enough," said the girl, "and that's not an answer."

Before they could answer, a green portal opened and a red semi-trailer truck emerged, followed by a green all terrain truck, rolled out, before the two vehicles promptly transformed into humanoid male robots with weapons ready.

"Stand down guys!" said Arcee as she saw the two humans preparing to waste her friends like they did the 'cons, "they're our friends, I think. They scrapped most of the 'cons here."

"These two?" scoffed the green bot, "They're humans."

The 'humans' in question raised their eyebrows before the girl ripped a chunk of pavement out of the ground and the boy let energy arc around his hand.

"…ok, maybe its not so weird," said the green bot.

"If it's true that you pose no danger to humanity, then we should talk," said the girl.

"Though we should move to a safer place," said the boy.

"Indeed," said the tall red robot in a deep voice, speaking up for the first time, "am I correct to assume that we are to be seen as allies at this juncture?"

"If you lot mean no harm to the human race, then sure," said the girl, "just remember that we have the ability to fight back should you prove to be a threat to this planet.

"Then perhaps you should accompany us," said the bot, "we can take you to a secure location for us to talk."

Nodding, the robots gathered up the Energon crystals in the site before two humans climbed into the cab of the semi-truck as the robots transformed back into their vehicle modes and drove off, heading out of the city and into the desert. The transforming robots drove through the sands of the Nevada desert for some time, until they came upon a large stone mesa. As they drove up to the monolith, a hidden door opened in the side, revealing a tunnel that the robots were able to use to drive inside the mesa, revealing it to be a modified Cold War missile silo. The two humans got out of the cab, allowing the robots to transform back into their humanoid forms, before looking around impressed at the setup.

"Nice place," said the boy as he looked around, "you do all this yourself?"

"Nah," said the large green bot, "that was all Ratchet."

"Ratchet?" asked the girl, "Who's that?"

"That would be me," said a somewhat cranky voice as a red and white bot walked up, "And may I ask what is going on?"

"It's a long story," said the boy, "but basically we defend humans against threats in secret. Those robots going after that energy source definitely qualifies."

"I'm not sure I follow," said the now named Ratchet.

"They scrapped some 'cons that were after an Energon deposit," said Bulkhead.

"They also have some weird powers as well," said Bumblebee through a series of beeps and tones.

"Impossible," said Ratchet, "humans on this planet don't have the strength or means to take on a Decepticon raiding party."

"Heh," smirked the male teen as he raised his hand and allowed energy to arc from it, "We're not exactly what you'd call 'normal humans.'"

"Indeed," said the lead robot, "I believe we would like to know more about you and your goals."

"We'd expect something from you as well," said the girl.

"Such as?" asked Arcee as she raised whatever passed for an eyebrow on her face.

"Well who and what you are for one," said the girl.

"We are autonomous robots from the planet known as Cybertron, commonly known as Autobots," said the large robot, "I'm am our leader, Optimus Prime. These are my officers, Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and our medic, Ratchet."

"What about the other bots we fought?" asked the male teen, "What's their story?"

"They're called Decepticons," said Arcee, "and they want nothing more than to grind others under their heel as they seek to conquer."

"Is that why they were looking for those crystals?" asked the male.

"That is correct," said Ratchet as he held up a crystal, "Energon is the life blood of all Transformers, and the key for either faction to win this war."

"Well, since you were candid with us," said the male teen as he removed his helmet to reveal pale skin and messy white hair, "we'll be the same with you. Call me Z. This is my partner, Apex."

"What's with the weird names?" asked Bumblebee though his language of beeps and chirps.

"I agree," said Bulkhead, "they don't sound like any human names I've ever heard."

"They're the names we chose for ourselves," said Apex, though it was obvious she didn't understand the beeps and whistles the Autobot Scout, "they don't have to mean anything to you."

"I was just saying," muttered Bulkhead when suddenly the base shook violently, "what the scrap?!"

Ratchet hurried to the controls and activated the external cameras, revealing several black and purple Cybertronian aircrafts firing on the mesa.

"Cons," growled Arcee, "scrap. They must have tracked us back here. I knew we should've taken the Groundbridge."

"What's a Groundbridge?" asked Apex as the room shook with explosions.

"Teleporter device," said Arcee shortly, "Ratchet, fire it up!"

"To what coordinates?" snapped Ratchet, "With the damage done to the systems by the attack, Groundbridging at random could scatter your molecules halfway across Alpha Centuri."

"We need to do something," said Bulkhead.

"Set that bridge of yours to the following coordinates," said Z as he climbed over to the console, "-23 by 52 at a depth of 15 fathoms."

"That would put us in the middle of solid rock!" exclaimed Ratchet.

"Just trust us," snapped Apex, "or do you want to take your chances here instead?"

Her statement was punctuated by another violent explosion, causing rubble to fall around them and making their choice obvious.

"Ratchet," said Optimus, "fire up the Groundbridge. I will remain behind to ensure the Decepticons do not track your signal."

"Don't worry about that," said Z as he pulled a device from his belt and charged it with his own bio-energy discharge, "we can take care of that."

Z tossed the device to Apex and she wedged it into a power conduit for the Groundbridge, "Now let's go!"

The Autobot medic pulled down a lever on the control panel, causing a glowing green portal to appear within a set of rings at the far side of the bunker, "I hope you're right about this."

"We are," said Z as the Autobots hurried through the portal. Once the group had vanished into the swirling energy vortex, the device the teen had left behind surged with energy igniting the power conduit and releasing a chain reaction that destroyed the gate and, when the flames reached the Energon reserves, leveled the entire Mesa. Outside, the Deceptions cheered as they saw their weapons fire obliterate the Autobot Base.

To be continued…