Sirius walked downstairs while rubbing his neck, he should've known better as to not listen to Snape's demands. When the wizard looked at one of the mirrors in the house, he saw that there were bruises in his throat.

It didn't bother him; after twelve years in Azkaban, pain and scars no longer mattered to Sirius. Still, his guests may take it the wrong way if they found out what Jim did. So he searched around the house for a scarf or anything to cover the bruises; it was then Sirius was greeted by his godson.

"Are you looking for something?" Harry asked.

"Shit." Sirius thought as he was panicking mentally. "Oh Harry, I didn't see you there."

He saw how confused Harry was at that response. "You didn't answer my question."

"Well you see I was just looking for my old scarf." Harry almost bought Sirius' lie if it weren't for the fact that he saw the bruises around his throat.

"Your neck…" He whispered as his eyes widen.

Sirius sighed and looked down. "It's nothing."

Harry stomach felt like they were twisting into knots, earlier he heard Sirius arguing with his son, but the teen decided that he shouldn't interfere since it felt like it was a personal matter. It seemed that he was wrong, how can someone have the nerve to hurt their own father?

"No it not nothing, how could you let this happen?" He asked in anger.

"There wasn't much I could do Harry."

"Another lie." Harry thought, Sirius was a skilled wizard, he couldn't have lost to someone like Jim.

"You could've stopped him with a simple spell!"

"It's not that Harry; can't bring myself to hurt him, I've already done enough damage as it is." Sirius knew that Harry couldn't understand, the boy grew up in a place were they treated him like a servant rather than a family member. To Harry, Sirius was the only family he had left, so it would seem like he could do no wrong. "Jim thinks that I abandoned him, that I left because I no longer cared for him and his mother."

"But that doesn't give him the excuse to hurt you." Maybe it was true, and Jim might've known that as well, but Sirius has no control over son's emotion.

"You don't have to worry about me Harry, I can handle him." Harry tightened his fists, he still felt angry but it seemed that Harry couldn't change Sirius' mind.

So he stomped out of the room and went upstairs; Sirius simply stood there, unsure of what to do. All he could think was how Harry would love to meet Barbara, since he never had a mother-like figure look up to. There was still time for his godson to experience what a family truly felt like.

"Ah Sirius, fancy seeing you here." Hagrid greeted with a wave, snapping Sirius back to reality.

"Well it's not like I can go out as I please anymore." He commented, but winced as Sirius realized that his throat hurt when he talked.

"Seemed like your son did a number on you, should've told you that trolls of his age are quite emotional."

"You don't say." Sirius knew he should've waited until Jim fully processed these events.

"But you don't seem to be that distraught about it."

"That's because I don't blame him, when I was with my son, I could tell that Jim has been through so much since I've been gone, and that he needed an emotional outlet."

"And so you decided to be his outlet." Sirius paused for a moment to think, then let out a tired laugh.

"I guess so." His comment made Hagrid wonder of the relationship Sirius had with Jim, since it sounded like the boy felt absolutely betrayed by his father's disappearance.

"Do you have any idea who might've known about Jim's heritage?" Hagrid asked, wanting to change the subject as to not make Sirius more miserable as he already was.

"At the moment, no, the only ones who knew about him were people I trust."

"Which were?" Sirius thought for a moment, using his memories as means of help.

There was James and Lily.

"Did you really name your after me? Seems a bit much Sirius." James remarked as he held Jim in his arms who a few months old."Barbara was fine with it, and besides, you're a very important person to me James." Sirius answered with genuine honesty."Yeah James, you should feel lucky that he named his child after you." Lily said as she watched her husband wiggling his fingers in front of Jim's face. "Maybe you'll understand when our offspring comes."Then Jim decided to bite James' finger, in which he jolted in pain and pulled his finger back. "Ah yes I forgot to tell you, he's a biter." Sirius stated with smug grin.

They were dead now, so obviously no. Then there was Remus.

"Don't tell me you're scared of babies now." Sirius asked as he saw Remus anxiously looking at Jim from the side of the cough."I'm not scared of him Sirius, I'm scared for him." Sirius' smile went away and he sighed."Remus, the full moon passed a week ago, you're not going to hurt him." He reassured, patting his friend on the shoulder.Jim then crawled into Remus' lap and wanted to grab his hands. "Mmbah! Bahm ba!" The baby cooed as he bounced happily, Remus couldn't help but move his left hand closer to Jim. As the small infant grabbed the wizard's hand, he bit one of Remus' fingers."It seems that James likes you." Sirius remarked with a smirk."Hah, hah, very funny." Remus' responded as he forced a smile on his face.

No, Remus knew as well as Sirius did that nothing good would come out of spreading a rumor like that.

And that's where it hit him. Peter Pettigrew.

He knew about Jim just before James and Lily died. Peter might've believed that the information of Jim's existence would be useful for the Dark Lord.

As Barbara fell asleep after a long day of medical school, Sirius quietly walked towards Jim's room. He needed a distraction, the thought of his own friend betraying them made his stomach turn. When Sirius opened the door, he was greeted by a shadowy figure that stood next to his son's crib."Sirius! I know that you're mad at me but please let me explain!" Peter begged, running closer to Sirius but stopped at the sight of a wand aimed in front of him."How dare you break into my house in my son's room after what you have done, you traitor!" Sirius said with a loud whisper.Peter came down on his knees and started shaking in fear. "I didn't mean this to happen! The Dark Lord threatened to kill me, I had no choice!"Sirius knew that was a lie, he had a choice; and he chose to be selfish. Sirius was about to speak his mind once more before the sound of his son groaning ripped him from his thoughts."Did do something to my son?" He asked.No response."Answer me." Sirius moved his wand towards Peter's neck."Nothing, I swear! Please have mercy!" He didn't deserve mercy, not after what he done.Then Jim started crying, Sirius looked at the crib and immediately walked towards it. What seems to have happened was that Jim dropped his pacifier, and he couldn't sleep without it."Shh, it's okay my son, everything will be alright." Sirius whispered while grabbing the pacifier. He gave it to Jim who then started to fall back asleep.When Sirius turned back, Peter was nowhere to be seen; but it didn't matter, for now.

"Dammit." Sirius muttered, slapping his hand to his face

"I take it that you figured out who it was?" Hagrid asked as he started to get curious about where this was going.

"Well I can't confirm it, but he's the only other than Remus who knows about Jim."

"And that being?"

Sirius sighed. "Peter Pettigrew, that man would do anything just to save his own skin."

"And was one of the death eaters that was with Harry in the triwizard tournament." Hagrid added.

"Yeah, that too."

The large wizard slapped Sirius in the back. "It's quite impressive really, how do you manage to keep your son out this mess of a war."

"I guess, but as you can see, that failed miserably."

Severus then walked into the room, not looking happy at all but then again when is he?

"Dumbledore wishes to speak to you." He said with a glare.

"Oh my day keeps getting better and better."

After his outburst Jim was emotionally drained; all he could do was look at the mess he caused. None of the portraits talked, they were most likely scared of him, but he tried not to think much of it. Then Jim decided to clean up his room, it helped remind him of home. He put all the broken furniture in a big pile on the corner.

Jim then realized that his sweater reeked of his own blood, so he started rummaging through the closet which he luckily didn't destroy. The half-troll huffed at the sight of all the clothes in there being all black, still it was something he could try to manage. In the end, Jim couldn't find anything he could wear since they were either too small or too formal for him.

It wasn't that he didn't have a shirt under his sweater, but rather that he felt more comfortable wearing clothes that covered most of his skin. Later on Jim realized that he started to get hungry. Purely out of habit, he thought of going to the kitchen and making something to eat; but as Jim looked at the pile from the corner, reality hit him like a brick.

So he started eating the furniture; even though Jim got used to the idea of having to eat non edible stuff, he still felt embarrassed by it as he ate. The thoughts of escaping this house started to cross Jim's mind; and as much as he wanted to go back to Arcadia or to New Jersey, there were too many risks.

For one, Jim wasn't sure if the sun was out and unfortunately he didn't have his phone with him, which he could have sworn he had it earlier. And secondly the house was full of wizards, so Jim was outnumbered. He missed Claire, he missed Toby, he missed everyone back at home; and now Jim was stuck sitting in a room practically alone until he could come up with an escape plan. Eventually Jim felt too tired to deal with all of his stress; so he laid down on the couch and closed his eyes, falling asleep.

"Molly I understand your concern, but Jim just needs some time alone." Remus explained as he was being dragged upstairs by Molly Weasley.

"That boy has been in that room for hours, alone!" In Molly's perspective, it wasn't healthy to keep a child isolated like that, it felt like he was more of a prisoner they were guarding rather than protecting someone who was potentially in danger.

"Jim isn't like any of your children Molly; if things get overwhelming he shuts down, you just have to wait until this passes."

"And how long will that take Remus? Time isn't something we have right now." Molly remarked.

He crossed his arms and huffed in annoyance. "I don't know." Remus muttered.

"Maybe we just need to push him in the right direction." She suggested with a determined smile.

"What do you mean?"

"It could be that the boy just needs to be with people his age." Molly explained.

"No, no, no, no, no, that's a bad idea." Remus retorted.

"Do you have a better idea?!" She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

He didn't, but Remus believed that throwing Jim in a room full of strangers, especially if they're a Weasley, would be a bad idea. "No, not really but I think that-"

"Just give it change, I'll make sure my children are well behaved around him." Molly reassured.

Remus groaned and took a deep breath. "Fine, but none of the adults will be in the room with them, except you, me, and Hagrid."


"Yes, he's the only person Jim is comfortable with." He clarified

"Very well then, now get that boy of yours ready." Molly said before leaving.

Remus sighed and walked towards Jim's room before he realized it was locked, it felt like Deja vu to him.

He walked in the front door and knocked, it took a while but Barbara opened the door, wiping the tears off of her face."What are you doing here?" She asked with a harsh tone."I just heard what happened and I came here to see if the two of you are alright."Barbara adjusted her glasses. "I'm fine, I'm not sure about James though, he locked himself in his room…. so you didn't know that he was going to, you know.""No, I didn't know; we've haven't spoken in a while." After Sirius was accused of murdering Peter Pettigrew, he told Remus to stop sending letters to him for his safety."Can I see James?" He asked."You can try."She stepped aside to let to let him in, the house wasn't much different than the last time he came, but the atmosphere felt lifeless. Remus slowly walked upstairs and saw how all the photos Sirius was in were taken down. As he walked towards Jame's room, Remus realized it was locked."James, it's me can you open the door?""I don't want to." He mumbled."Listen, I know what you're going through is hard; but maybe I can help." Remus said as he sat down in front of the door.He didn't get a response."I can't help you James if you won't let in.""What if I don't want your help?" James asked, sounding doubtful."Then it wouldn't healthy for a boy at your age." Remus responded. "I bought some chocolate, it's your favorite…. come on James I'm here for you."Not long after, he unlocked the door and opened it. Remus saw the tears streaming down James face, the boy was quick to give him a hug. "See? That wasn't so hard." Remus whispered."He really is gone ...isn't….isn't he?" James asked, choking back the tears to speak."I'm so sorry James." Remus said."Did…did he leave because….because of me?"Remus pulled James out of their hug and looked at the boy with sympathy. "No James; it's not your fault, don't ever think of that; your father loved you so much.""Then why….why did he leave us?" The young child asked."I… I don't know." Remus lied, which only reminded him that Sirius wouldn't be there to see his own son grow up. "Here, your chocolate."James gave a small sniffle and grabbed the candy bar. "Can you promise me something, please?""Sure, what is it?""Promise me that you won't leave us like my dad did?" James muttered, looking down at his chocolate."I promise James; now come on, let some candy."The boy gave a sad smiled and went into his room while Remus followed.

The wizard then decided to knock at the door. "Jim?"

No response.

"Jim, I need to talk to you." When he still didn't get a response, Remus reluctantly took out his wand and casted a spell that unlocked the door.

As he slowly entered the room, Remus saw the pile of broken furniture on the corner of the room but saw turned around to see Jim asleep on the couch. The young half-troll snore softly while muttering something Remus couldn't understand, the wizard smiled at the sight, but it soon feel as he saw the blood stains on Jim's sweater. Remus then casted another spell that removed the stains on the boy's sweater; he wanted to wake Jim up but Remus noticed how tired he was. So the wizard decided to write a letter for Jim when he wakes up; before Remus left the room, he locked the door.

Sirius was in a room with Dumbledore and Severus, why exactly he was here was unclear. "So I assume that I did something wrong?" He asked.

"What you did was blatantly failing the orders you're given while making this dilemma more complicated!" Snape exclaimed, in which Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Personally I commend myself for failing, it teaches me how to improve as a person." He said with a smirk. "And how did I make the situation more complicated?"

"You made the situation more complicated by having a child as a troll!"

"Looks like someone has been eavesdropping." Sirius said before saying. "Half, he's a half-troll; and my son wasn't born that way, something happened. And besides, why would it matter?"

"It matters because a creature such as that should not be allowed to exist." Severus snapped.

"Gentleman, please; we don't have the time to argue here." Dumbledore remarked as he walked towards the two men. "Sirius have you tried asking the child?"

"I tried, but I couldn't; my son can be stubborn sometimes."

"Like you?" Severus commented, but Sirius resisted the urge to tackle the wizard.

"Anyways, I believe that maybe we should send someone who can be a little more caring towards the boy." The old wizard suggested.

"I could request Hagrid to help, he tends to get people on their good side ." Sirius said.

"You do that, hopefully that will help the child realize the severity of his situation."

"Harry, are you still mad about earlier?" Hermione asked, she watched the teen groan in frustration as he laid down on the bed.

"I don't want to, but I am." Harry said as he crossed his arms. "Do you fight with your parents?"

"Of course Harry." She answered.

"Arguing with family is something that happens all the time, especially with parents or siblings." Ron added.

"So… fighting is normal for family?"

His friends gave him sympathetic looks. "Yes Harry, it's normal." Ginny said.

Sometimes it hard to face the facts about Harry's childhood, how sometimes he had a hard time figuring out what was acceptable to be considered a stable family.

"Don't worry, in the end we forgive each other." Fred remarked in which his twin nodded in agreement.

Then Molly came in the room with a motherly smile. "I didn't mean to bother you all but I needed to ask about something."

"What is it Mrs. Weasley?" Harry asked.

"I need all of you to be with Jim." There was an awkward pause that lasted for about ten seconds.

"Are you sure?" Hermione asked for reasurrence.

"Yes I'm sure, I believe that the boy needs to have company."

"Don't worry mum, we'll make sure he'll have fun." George said with a sarcastic grin.

"Oh no you don't, all of you are going to behave, so I don't expect any anything broken or else." Molly then took a deep breath and relaxed. "Just be nice for me."

"We will." Hermione and Harry said, with Ginny and Ron gave out thumbs up for reasurrence while Fred and George muttered something that was too low for the others to hear.

Soon enough Molly left the room. "Well Harry, it seems that we're getting a chance to meet Jim, he could be nice." Hermione remarked as a means to lighten the mood, in which he hummed curiously.

The young wizard was quite intrigued by how Jim might be as a person, was more like his godfather or much like… Harry never considered think of him having a godmother, someone who was supposed to fill in the role as a parent when he didn't have one. Where was she when his parents died? Did she even know about his parents death?

Jim slowly opened his eyes at the sight of the sun shining above him; as the trollhunter looked behind him, he saw a pair of two large wings on his back. They were quite beautiful (at least in Jim's opinion), the wings' shape seemed to be of a blue jay, except it was of a darker shade of blue. It was then that Jim realized he wasn't a half-troll, but rather human again; with favorite blue sweater and soft skin, it felt right. So he played along with the dream, flying around in the sky with pure joy and adrenaline."Jim?" The trollhunter froze at the faint sound of a female voice that sounded so familiar but he just couldn't figure out who it was."Jim can you hear me?" As the voice became clearer, Jim realized the voice was Claire's. "Please answer me, I need to know you're okay." It almost sounded like she was cryingThe sky darkened and Jim's feathers started falling out one by one, with pieces of his wings burning to ashes. He felt the nerves in his back suddenly fire up and his body went numb; Jim then started falling down, almost at the verge of passing out. After everything around him went black, the next thing the trollhunter saw was Claire, but he couldn't see her properly, she looked very blurry as if something was wrong with his vision.It looked like her eyes were watering but he couldn't tell. "Oh thank god, your alright." She said."What's going on?" Jim asked, feeling utterly confused."Jim, where are you?""What?""Where are-"

Jim immediately woke up, his heart was racing fast but he felt calm. "Weird." Jim thought as he started to recall the bits and pieces of his dream.

The half-troll got out of the couch and and saw the letter next to him; what it said was that Remus made sure that anyone who Jim wasn't comfortable wouldn't bother him, but said that he would love to introduce him to some 'friends' he had. Jim was a bit scared of being with people that weren't familiar to him, worrying that he might frighten those said friends.

The trollhunter couldn't decide whether or not he should go to Remus and meet his friends, or that he should continue to stay in this room, but Jim chose another option. He slowly opened the door and took one step; but Jim looked back at the glamour mask that was still on the ground from where he threw it, the half-troll was too tired to pretend so he quietly left without it.

Jim walked downstairs, this time he was able to take in the overall feel of the house; it was obvious that no one had lived here for a long time. The worn out colors on the walls and the musky smell bothered him; the portraits still made Jim paranoid, he tried his best to avoid any contact with living beings as he made it to the first story. The scent of food is what caught the trollhunters attention, he walked from one room to another until he came to the dining room. Jim saw from afar that a middle-aged woman with ginger hair was already using the kitchen, her relaxed smile reminded him of his mother.

The woman seemed to notice the young half-troll lurking from the entrance. "Hello there, Jim is it?" She greeted, since Remus practically begged her to not bring much attention to the boy's appearance, and now she saw why.

Jim froze up and quickly nodded. "I'm very glad you're out of your room." He stayed silent since he was too shy to answer.

"Your cooking something, aren't you?" Jim muttered, as he hesitantly walked towards the kitchen.

If it weren't for the fact that her only daughter was a tad bit shy as well, Molly probably wouldn't have known what he said. "Why yes I am, those little rascals of mine are going to hungry soon." Molly answered.

Jim wanted to speak but the feeling of anxiety started to creep in, his chest felt heavy and his throat started to tighten but he managed to say. "C...can I help with the food? I'm good at cooking."

"Of course you can, any help in the kitchen is much appreciated." Jim smiled at the notion, but stayed silent.

"Right now I need you to cut these for me, okay?" Molly asked as she placed a bunch of vegetables and potatoes on the counter, she gave the half-troll a kitchen knife. Jim nodded and started cutting; soon he began daydreaming that he was back home, secretly making lunches for Toby and his mom late at night when he couldn't sleep.

"Jim dear, what you doing?" Jim blinked a few times before realizing that he was doing something completely different, guess his daydreaming went a little too far.

"Sorry ma'am, I zoned out." The half-troll then looked at what he was making. "I think it's garlic sausage, I use to make them at home."

"Please call Molly, Molly Weasley." Although she was mad that the boy went rummaging through the kitchen without her permission, Molly was able excuse his actions. "You can still continue making that, since it smells so delicious."

Jim is used to people complimenting his cooking skills; though now it was a bittersweet feeling, but he has come to terms with it, sort of. "You said that you have children, how many Mrs. Weasley?" He quietly asked.

"I have seven wonderful children." Molly said with such confidence.

"Well shit…" Jim thought, maybe his mom can get a few tips from her on taking care of the familiars.

"Not all of them are here, since some of my sons are grown up by now, doing their own thing, much to my dismay..." Soon enough the half-troll was listening to Molly ramble on about how proud she was of one of her sons or that she was worried about one of their futures. After a while, Jim just tune out the witch's voice; not to be rude, of course, but he just wanted to focus on the food he was cooking.

"Will this be enough Mrs. Weasley?" Jim asked as he looked down at the meal he made; the trollhunter had to get creative with the ingredients since there wasn't much.

"It certainly will my boy, thank you so much." She patted Jim by the shoulder as a form a gratitude. "I'm going upstairs to tell my children that dinner is ready, you can just sit at the dining table." As soon as Molly left the room, Jim took a couple of silverware and tucked it in his pocket for later.

"Jim?" The half-troll turned around and saw Remus standing at the door.

"Hi, I, um, read your note."

"Ah yes, the note; I know you don't like being pressured like this, but there are people I want you to meet who are very nice." Jim really didn't feel like meet more than one person at once, but Remus had done so much for him the moment he woke up; the trollhunter had to do something in return.

"I wouldn't mind meeting them."

"You sure?" Remus asked.

"Yes, I am." Jim said, forcing a smile on his face.

The two suddenly heard loud footsteps and voices coming from the stairs. "Looks like they're already here."

"Wait what?"

Then five ginger haired teen, though one had a darker shade of the color, and a dark haired boy with glasses burst through the entrance, but as soon they looked a Jim, they stopped talking and stared at the trollhunter.

Much to to Jim's surprise, the dark ginger haired girl walked towards him and stretched out her arm. "My name is Hermione Granger, pleasure to meet you Jim."

Hermione was a tad bit wary, but she always judged a person by their character, not their appearance.

"Nice to meet you." He mumbled, while shaking her hand.

Hermione turned to her friends and gestured to introduce themselves; afterall it was good manners. Harry was about to greet himself but the twins beat him to it by a second.

"This is George."

"And this is Fred." Both of the brothers shook Jim's hands at the same time before they were circling around Jim like shark.

"Bloody hell, are hand is cold." Fred commented out of fascination.

"Thanks? They're sort of made of stone." Jim mumbled, feeling uncomfortable with the twins being so close to his face. "Um, not to be rude or anything but could you two back up a bit; personal space and all."

Fred and George took one big step back, but they slightly leaned forward. "Those two over there are our younger siblings, Ginny and Ron, and the one with the glasses is Harry." With the twins speaking so fast, Jim felt like he was having a mental whiplash.

"Okay now, all of you sit down while I get the dinner, I bet you're all starving." Molly remarked as she went back to the kitchen.

"Come on Jim, sit down." Remus said, taking a seat that faced the other teens.

Jim was quick to sit next to the wizard, quietly tapping his fingers to the table; but that wasn't enough. He couldn't remember the last he ate and was craving for the silverware he stole.

"Here you go; again thank you so much Jim for helping me, my boys could learn a thing or two from you." Molly said as she started passing out the food.

"Don't listen to your mother; Jim's cooking skills were always a natural gift." Remus reassured.

The trollhunter let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck. "You don't have to say that." He muttered.

"But it's true."

"Pardon me Jim if this offends you but what you exactly?" Harry asked, he didn't mean it to sound rude or anything like that but it was rather an act of curiosity.

"It's okay, uh, Harry was it?" For some reason that name sounded so familiar to Jim. "I sort of expected one of you to ask that sooner, I'm a troll."

The young wizard narrowed his eyes and tried to find any trollish resemblance the person sitting in front had, but he couldn't.

"You don't look like one." Ginny mumbled.

"Well I'm still human so I may look different from other trolls." Jim explained.

"But you said earlier that your skin is made of stone, trolls don't have stone-like skin or horns; believe me I've seen one." Hermione remarked, shuddering at the memory.

"I don't think that we're talking about the same thing." Jim said.

"Yeah I'm starting to catch on to that as well." She added.

"Well look at all of you; while I usually encourage people to talk, you kids better eat since after that your all going to bed." All the Weasley siblings groaned in disappointment at their mother's announcement while Harry, Jim, and Hermione said nothing.

"Oh don't be like, it's not the end of the world to sleep early."

After that dinner was quiet all things considering; Jim listened to the others talked among themselves, with Remus occasionally trying to start up a conversation with him but they never lasted that long. Fred and George would talk to Jim simultaneously which made it hard for him to understand what they were talking about; he just nodded at what they were saying just so it would look like he was listening.

At some point Jim thought it was time for him to go back to his room, feeling that he wanted to be alone right now. "It was nice meeting you all, sooo um, good night." Jim said as he quickly got and sped walked out of the dining room.

"Wait." As he took one step from the stairs, the trollhunter turned around and saw Harry across the hall. "I don't know if knew but…. your dad is my godfather."

And then Jim realized something. "I thought your name sounded familiar; my dad would tell me that a friend of his had a son and that if anything happened to him, he would live with us, I never got the chance to meet.

Harry wondered if he was brought to Sirius in when he was a baby, would he be happier? Would he have muggle friends? Would he have been able to understand Jim's heartbreak when his father left him? "You did meet me once I think; guess fate had other plans for me."

"Fate has a plan for all of us."

Jim wasn't expecting for Hagrid to be standing in the middle of his room, but he wasn't mad, just surprise. "Ah Jim, how was dinner?" He asked.

"It was good." Jim said.

"And I presume that you finally met Harry."

"Yeah, he seems nice."

"Why don't you sit down, I want to talk to you for a second." Hagrid requested, Jim sat down on the couch and saw the wizard kneeling down in front of him"...You know Jim, what Dumbledore said is true; you're in danger and we need to protect you." He said.

The young half-troll cringed slightly; you can never know their true intentions with man like Dumbledore... or Merlin. "I can take care of myself." He muttered.

"But what about your friends, your family; how do you know that they'll be able to defend themselves against powerful wizards?"

He didn't, and that's what Jim was scared about; trollmarket needed their protector, since at any given moment someone or something could always try and hurt them. "I can protect them."

"With an army of Death Eaters? That would be suicide." Hagrid remarked.

Jim touched part of his face where Morgana burned him, the scar quickly heal after a few days but the feeling never went away. "Then what do you want me to do?"

"Dumbledore thinks that it would be best if you come to Hogwarts to keep a close eye on you." He explained.

"Hogwarts, that wizard school he mentioned, for how long?" Jim asked.

"Most likely until the end of the school year."

"A year!? You want me to stay there for a year?!"The trollhunter exclaimed.

"The teachers there will help you learn about magic, and hopefully by the end of the year things will die down by the end of the year." Hagrid reassured.

"You guys don't even know if I can do magic!"

"But it is a possibility, but you won't be registered as a student due to how last minute this was."

"What about my mom? Will she know that I'll be stuck in wizard school about a year?!"

"Well, that is a choice to make." Hagrid said.


"It wouldn't be right if you were forced to come with us, so it is fair that we give a choice."

"I said the choice is yours to make, and there it lies."

Jim wanted to be with his family, he could no longer bare to be away from the people he loved anyone; being in the Darklands taught him that. But if Jim went back home, would his loved one be safe. He knew nothing of these Death Eaters or Voldemmort, and his amulet could only do so much. The trollhunter desperately wanted his choices to more simpler and less impactful, but he knew that was just wishful thinking.

"I know that this is not an easy decision, but I hope you understand why it has to be made." Hagrid sighed.

"Tomorrow… tomorrow I'll tell you my choice." Jim insinuated.

"Very well, until tomorrow."

As the young half-troll was now alone, he started to eat half the silverware he stole. Jim wanted to make his decision for tomorrow, but sleep was he could think of. And at this point, Jim didn't have the emotional strength to resist.

Jim was in the exact same location as he was in his previous dream; the trollhunter curiously looked around and then suddenly felt someone hugging him with a tight grip, that certain someone being Claire."This is such a weird dream." He muttered."This isn't a dream Jim." Claire said, still crying like his last dream."Then what is this place?"His girlfriend quickly wiped tears while pulling herself out of the hug. "When we couldn't find you, I started looking for some enchantment or charm that could help me find you; that's when I found a spell that could allow two or more people to have a mental link." Claire explained."How long have I been gone?" Jim asked."For about four days." She answered. "But it's okay." Claire quickly reassured. "This mental link can last forever as long as our bond together is strong, so just tell where are you so we can find you.""I, uhh, don't know where I am; I've been in this old house all the time." He clarified with a nervous smile."Seriously,?! Ugh, nevermind that, what have you've been doing for the past four days." Claire asked."It's a long story.""I can take it." She said.So Jim did the best he could to explain what was happening to Claire; which was not easy for him."So… your dad is a wizard?""Yep.""And the reason you've been gone is because someone came to get you due to the fact that evil wizards are after you.""And now I have to decide whether or not I should go with them and wait for a year until this all blows over or I go back to New Jersey and risk everyone in Trollmarket or Arcadia by tomorrow." Jim added, pulling his horns in frustration.Claire sighed and crossed arms together. "Do know what I think?""You want me to come back?" He said."Of course I do, everyone wants you home, but you can look at this in another view.""How?""This can be your chance to make amends to your dad." Claire commented."Claire-""I know that things are complicated with your dad and all, but you have an opportunity that not many people get Jim. And, I don't know, maybe you can even get his side of the story." She remarked.The trollhunter slowly began pacing. "Do you really think he would want to fix things, after twelve years? What if I can't give him a chance? W-what it's too late and there's nothing left to fix?""Then you'll at know that you tried."Jim sat on the ground looked at the voidless sky, Claire fell to her knees and laid her head on his shoulders."Why are things so hard to understand now?" He asked."Because we saw both sides of the word." She answered. "Whatever decision you choose Jim, I'll still support you."The half-troll smiled and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. "Thank you, Claire.""Anything for you, my Romeo."

Then Jim woke up.