My Hero Academia belongs to Kohei Horikoshi

In a world where people could do the impossible, almost anything could happen. In China,one baby began to glow. From that beginning, other abilities started popping up, and now 80% of people have these abilities we call quirks. But, the world wasn't fair and she had to learn that at a young age. It all started when she was four...

"Hurry up!" A young spiky blonde boy hollered, waving back at the young greenette.

"I'm going as fast as I can Kaachan! Mommy just bought me these shoes," the greenette complained, hair swaying in pigtails. Jumping from the last rock to the ground she threw her arms up in triumph and grinned broadly at Kacchan, her freckles glowing.

"Yeah, yeah. Good job. Now let's go!" Turning Kacchan led the way through the trees. "We gotta get back to your house before the hag freaks out."

Laughing Izumi easily stayed right behind him. With the quick pace they made it out of the trees and into the park before heading for her home. As they passed the swings, one of the older kids had launched themselves from their swing. Izumi watched with wide eyes as the older kid landed on Katsuki with a deafening noise.

The older kids jumped off of him apologizing at top speed; the parents quickly got on their phones calling 119. No one approached Katsuki. No one helped him. A whine escaped him, kick starting Izumi. Rushing over, she fell to her knees next to him. Wide red eyes met her gaze. Tears streamed down her face as blood pooled around his legs.


"Shhhh, I'm here Kacchan. It's all right," she whispered, her freckles glowing brighter. Dove grey wings spotted with a darker grey rip the back of her shirt off as her hands began to glow gold.

In the distance, everyone could hear the ambulance approaching. All eyes were on the five year olds as the bright gold light enveloped them. When the light finally cleared, they found the boy sitting up holding onto his crying friend. His legs were completely healed and her wings gone.

The paramedics came rushing over to the two. Once everything was explained, they did a quick check of the young child before telling him to let his parents know and let the two leave.

"We have to tell mommy Kacchan!" Izumi laughed, tears still falling. He grinned widely back at her as they rushed down the street, turning corners quickly before being stopped by a crowd.

Pushing through, the two find the police blocking people from getting near her apartment complex. Firefighters and Backdraft were trying to stop the fire from spreading; people were running out of the building covered in soot.

"Where are the other Heroes?" Someone in the crowd next to them asked. Izumi ignored the answer looking for her mom in the crowd of soot covered people.

"Kacchan," she whispered grabbing his shirt, "I don't see mom." Katsuki's head whipped toward the people being treated, not finding Aunt Inko. Another person exited the building, the Water Hose duo stopped him.

"Are you the last person?" The man nodded at them, hacking as he started to walk off. Izumi slipped passed the police, her eyes streaming with tears. One of the Duo grabbed her before she could run inside. "What are you doing?!"

"Mommy's inside!" Izumi yelled, trying to break free. "MOMMY!" Her wings popped out as she tried to wrench away from the hero holding her. "MOMMY!"

The other part of the duo quickly rushed into the fire, Izumi's screams echoing through the air. The hero holding her brought her back to the crowd, nodding for them to let Kacchan through. The young boy instantly grabbed onto his friend. The hero rushed over to the building entrance, directing the water to that part of the fire.

Ten minutes later, just as the firefighters called the burn time for everyone to get out and stay out, the water hero came running out, a woman on his back. The paramedics rushed over transferring her to a stretcher and quickly getting her on oxygen and into an ambulance. The two children stared helplessly as Inko was rushed off.

The hero knelt down in front of them. "Do you have an adult you can call?"

Izumi, shaking with tears rapidly streaming down her face, stared after the disappearing vehicle. Kacchan nods turning to the pro. "My mom."

"All right take your friend with you and go to her okay? Tell her what happened." the pro stated before rushing back to the fire.

Katsuki grabbed Izumi's hand, pulling her behind him as he barreled down the street to his house. Izumi stubbled after him, fingers clutching tightly to his hand. Just as they floundered around the corner into his yard, Mitsuki Bakugou flew out of the door to the car. She stumbled to a quick stop upon seeing the two five year olds panting at the end of the drive. Quickly she herded them into the car before speeding off to the hospital.

When they got there Mitsuki took them both out of the car, practically dragging them behind her. Slamming her hands on the front desk, she demanded "Where is Inko Midoriya?" Her sharp voice jerked the man behind the desk back into action..

"Are you Mrs Bakugou?"

"Of fucking course I am! Now fucking tell me!"

"She is in room 406b," before the man can ask or say anything else Mitsuki rushed off again, the two children hot on her heels. Smacking the elevator button for the fourth flour, they waited as people exited at the lower floors. Izumi was still clenching Katsuki's hand, her right hand grabbing the shirt over her heart. When the doors opened on the fourth floor, Mitsuki shoved her through the doors, the children right behind her as they pelted down the hall.

The door opened and a doctor walked out. Turning, the doctor turns and met Mitsuki's gaze, her grey hair turning a deep, dark black before shifting back to grey. The doctor held the door to allow the children to rush in to the room while she remained outside to speak with Mitsuki.

Pushing pass the lady in white, Izumi rushed to her mom's bed, pulling herself up. Her mom smiled softly down at her.

"Hello baby," her voice is soft and rough, cracking at the end. Izumi grabs her mom's hand, tears instantly streaming down her face.

"Mommy, you're hurt. I can heal you! I have a quirk now!" Izumi stated, lip trembling. Katzuki sat on a chair next to the bed nodding along with his friend. Inko smiled widely at them, her hand caressing Izumi's cheek.

"Oh my sweet baby, you can't. You don't know what will happen," a few tears fall down her face. " I'm so happy that you have such a powerful quirk sweetie. You'll be a great hero."

Mitsuki quietly entered the room and stood behind Katsuki's chair. Inko turned to her long time friend and calmly smiled at her. Izumi laid her head on Inko's thigh as her mother stroked her head, her tears dampening the thin blanket.

"Promise you'll take care of her?"

"What kind of stupid, fucking question is that?" Mitsuki replied, eyes shining. Inko smiled before leaning her head back, her eyes closing.

"Good," her voice came, breathy and light. Izumi let out a wail, her wings popping out. Inko's hand slid off Izumi's head as the machines start blaring.

This chapter was edited by my mom, Lisa. Hope y'all enjoy! For this story I came up with the idea of this quirk but wanted to give it a realistic twist. If you have ever read Maximum Ride you will notice similar facts popping up about Izumi's quirk showing up through out the story. I changed some things but I do want to give credit to the amazing James Patterson and his facts about the Flock! Let me know what y'all think.