Chapter 1

Finally, the sequel to my Harry Potter and League of Legends crossover is finally here.

Zed couldn't help, but feel annoyed. He was currently grading the homework that he assigned to his classes. Back in his world, he didn't have to do anything of this sort. Still, he would swallow his pride and grade these children for their work. So far, most did fairly well, getting an average of 80 percent. However, some had did terrible in the assignment, mostly those from Slytherin. He chuckled at this, a bit amused that the arrogant Slytherin house was doing poorly in his class. As he graded, he looked at Quinn, who was currently feeding Valor with fish that she had the house elves prepare for him. He rose an eyebrow at that. He had never seen such a symbiotic relationship between human and an animal before, yet these two were treating each other like family.

"Do you plan to help me grade this or are you just going to stand there and feed your bird?" Asked Zed as he finished grading a homework. Quinn just turned to Zed.

"You know that I have no knowledge on the assignment." Said Quinn.

"I have an answer sheet here." Said Zed, holding up a piece of paper with the correct answers to the homework. "You can use it to help with answering this stack of homework." He then gave her the sheet and a pile of homework. Pursing her lip, Quinn nevertheless did so and began grading the homework.

"You sure gave them a lot." Commented Quinn after grading a set of the homework that Zed had given the students. The homework was a set of four pieces of papers contained true or false and multiple choice questions, detailing about the dark arts and the three unforgiveable curses.

"I wanted to see if they can handle it." Said Zed after finishing another set of homework. "The rest won't be this long."

"Hopefully." Said Quinn as she graded. "Otherwise they won't like you."

"As if I care about their opinion on me." Said Zed, firmly as he began on the last set. "Nor should you."

"Me?" Asked Quinn with a raised eyebrow. "Why are you calling me out?"

"Snape." Said Zed before placing his grading quill down and looking at Quinn.


"Say that again. I dare you." Said Quinn as she glared at Severus Snape, who stood stoic as he stared down at the Demacian Ranger. Zed, meanwhile, was watching this with some amusement as he felt the tense atmosphere surrounding the ranger and wizard.

"If you wish." Said Snape. "I don't believe that you're as useful to Dumbledore's cause as he thinks. You are fully susceptible to spells that can easily incapacitate a muggle that can be easily withstood by a wizard. Therefore, I think you're most useful in just being a scout or a kitchen."

"You did not just go there." Said Quinn as she clenched her fist.

"I did." Said Snape. "We must be truly desperate to be recruiting muggles to fight in this wa…" He couldn't say anymore when Quinn punched him, knocking him out. Zed chuckled as Quinn glared down at the unconscious Snape.


"He had it coming to him." Said Quinn with a shrug.

"Perhaps." Said Zed after finishing his pile of assignments, Quinn soon done with hers as well. "I was surprised that Dumbledore let you off easily." Dumbledore, although disappointed at what happened, let Quinn off with a warning while also telling Severus to watch what he says.

"Yeah." Said Quinn. "I got the feeling though that he's not telling us the whole truth. Like he's hiding something. Don't you agree?" Zed just put down his quill before speaking.

"The thought had crossed my mind." Said Zed. "Unfortunately, he's as clever as he is powerful. I had, on occasion, tried to spy on him to gain some information, but I couldn't gain anything useful. He's good at keeping secrets."

"So, we just have to take his word that he'll return us back to our world?" Asked Quinn, not liking the deal they had with Dumbledore. It was too one-sided for her liking. "I don't like it."

"Unless we find another way ourselves, then yes. We have to take his word." Said Zed before getting up. "Class is starting soon, we should get going." Quinn just nodded as the two made their way to the classroom. As they walked, they received some glares from Slytherin students, but those quickly went away when Zed glared at them, his intimidating red, glowing eyes, made them turn away.

"Guess they all didn't like our little point taking during the first day of class." Said Quinn, smirking as she recalled that day. That little stunt made them the least popular teachers in Hogwarts in the eyes of the Slytherin house. Zed just scoffed as the two made it to their class.

"And they continue to persist in their behavior." Said Zed, shaking his head at the infuriatingly arrogant Slytherin house.

"Even the most deranged Noxian has more common sense than them." Said Quinn, making Zed scoff in amusement. Soon, the student began entering the room and taking their seats. When the last one sat down, Zed spoke.

"I have graded your homework and I must say I'm disappointed with some of you." Said Zed as the students were looking at each other, worried about their grades. "For the most part, many of you did well. There was a B average." Hearing that made, some sigh in relief. "However, some have failed quite miserably with the homework. What astounded me, however, was that it all came from the Slytherin house." He then looked at the Slytherins in his class, who glared back while the other houses giggled and snickered. "Care to explain?"

"The course is too hard, sir." Complained a Slytherin boy. "You're going too fast, sir."

"If so, then you should have asked the other houses for help or read the book for this class more." Said Zed. "And the rest of you have the same opinion?" He didn't get any more answers, just glares of hate. Scoffing at this, Zed and Quinn began passing the homework to the student so they can see what they did wrong or right. As she passed the homework, Quinn looked to see a boy with a lightning scar on his forehead whispering to his red-haired friend about something. Frowning, she went over to them after passing a Raven Claw girl her homework and spoke.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for speaking when not called upon." Said Quinn as she looked at the two boys, who looked at her in shock. Meanwhile, a girl next to them sighed at their stupidity. Golden eyes looked at green eyes as Quinn looked at the boy with the lightening scar.

"If I'm correct, then this boy is Harry Potter." Thought Quinn as she looked at the boy. Sympathy filled her as she remembered what Dumbledore and Zed told her about him. His parents were killed by a dark lord when he was just a baby and he was put into a home with relatives that hated him. It was far worse then her own childhood, but that didn't mean she couldn't relate to him to an extent. Sympathy aside, she refused to let him go for speaking out of turn, her Demacia training forbid such undisciplined. "Anything to say? What was so important that you broke the rules?" All eyes were on them as this continued. Embarrassed at this, Harry just looked at Quinn.

"Nothing important, ma'am." Said Harry to the purple-haired woman, her eagle friend on her shoulder, looking at him with an accusing glare. "It won't happen again." Seeing that he was telling the truth, Quinn just sighed.

"Do remind yourself of that." Said Quinn before giving them their homework and went back to her original duty. Once that was done, the two teachers went back to the front of the class and began the session.

"Today class, we'll be discussing about the casting of non-verbal spells." Said Zed. "As well as a few basic application to them in combat. You'll all be separated into groups of two and you'll all be trying to cast nonverbal spells against each other. Non-lethal mind you all." He glared at the Slytherin house as he said this. "Doing so will result in the loss of points. One hundred points. Understood?" Seeing his class nodding in understanding, he began to separate them into groups of two. Once they were all facing each other, wands at the ready, he spoke.

"Perform a simple disarming spell on each other. First one to do so gets five points for their house." Nodding their heads at his instructions, the students began their attempts to perform nonverbal spells on each other and were failing miserably he might add. A few, however, got it right the first time and disarmed their opponents of their wands. Seeing this, he instructed them to keep doing this until the other was able to do it to them as well as instructing them to keep doing it until there were only five minutes of class left. As they watched, Quinn spoke to Zed.

"What do you think of this? This magic." Quinn asked. Zed just scoffed.

"Weaker than the magic that I'm accustomed to. Though I will admit they have their uses." They watched as one student performed a disarming spell before following it up with a weak stinging spell. As it wasn't a lethal spell, they allowed it. "More controllable and easier to use. And less likely to destroy something by accident." Quinn just nodded at that. "It annoys you. All this magic and being forced to do nothing about it?" Quinn just looked at Zed.

"What do you mean?" Zed just chuckled slightly.

"Come now. You know what I mean. Demacia fears magic, believes it to be the bane of Runeterra. Your people are taught at birth to fear magic and those that use it. So, how does it feel to know that you can't do anything about these students." Quinn just glared at Zed, knowing what he was thinking.

"I would never kill them." Quinn whispered, knowing that they were surrounded by children. To her confusion, Zed just chuckled.

"Really? You wouldn't even if you're ordered to, despite it going against everything that Demacia had taught you? You know what happens to those that don't follow orders, right?" Quinn just stayed silent as she observed the kids perform their magic. Though there were a hiccups here and there along with the occasional point deductions, the class went smoothly for its remaining time. Once their time with the class was over, Zed told them all of their assignment and that they all better complete in time. With that, the two left with Valor in tow. As they walked through the hallways of the massive castle that was Hogwarts, Quinn couldn't help but be intrigued with it all.

While the castle wasn't as grand or beautiful as Demacia's own capital city, it was still beautiful in its own right. The courtyards and stone walls were well preserved, and the gardens were beautiful to look at and relax in. Valor, in particular, loved to perch on some of the trees and looked at the students as they pass, enjoying the looks he got from them. As he was something that was never seen before by others in this world, it was only natural that people would look at him in curiosity and awe, both at his appearance and size. Going back to Quinn, the ranger noticed people were staring at her and Zed, whispering while pointing fingers. Shaking her head, she ignored them and went on her way, use to the looks. It's been several weeks since the year had started, and they've been the talk since then. Everyone knew about the duo.

Zed, despite being feared for his powers and appearance, was seen as fair and logical. Never, except maybe the first day in the new year, had the ninja taken points from any of the houses without reason. So long as everyone followed his rules, which were really just the school rules with a bit of his own flair and a few of his own, the man was relatively nice, if a bit distance. And his class was quite well received. Unlike some previous DADA teachers, mainly Umbridge, the man, and by extension Quinn, was competent. He taught his class well, teaching them important spells that could mean life or death to them when they're up against a dark wizard. And when someone failed to do an adequate job in performing a spell he taught, the man would hold them back and have them do the spell repeatedly until they got it right. But even then, he never got angry with them. He was always patient and calm, taking his time with them. And that made many people appreciate him.

Quinn, however, had a reputation for being strict. As sharp as a hawk, the woman was on constant watch for any sign of dissident in her class and took away points for the smallest of offenses, like talking when they weren't supposed to. Combine that with her muggle nature, and Quinn has a sourer reputation when compared to Zed. Despite that, Quinn had a good working relationship with the more hard-working and studious students in her class, like Hermione Granger. To Hermione, Quinn was a good teacher and was just trying to make people take the class seriously as a missed lesson may cause them to die should they face a dark wizard. Quinn, as a result, respected Hermione and considered her a favorite, though she graded her like everyone else, much to Hermione's approval.

"What do you think we should teach the class next?" Asked Quinn as they arrived at their quarters, which was just a large room with two beds on the opposite sides of the room. The room had a private bathroom and two desks for their uses. Zed just hummed as he went into thought.

"I was thinking perhaps teaching them tactics. Ways to use their spells in ways to get the upper hand against the Death Eaters. I have no doubt that Voldemort will come here and take the fight to us. His forces are better experienced than the students here. Much as I don't want them to fight, I think its best for us to teach them different strategies to overcome the death eaters." Quinn nodded, agreeing with him. In her career as a Demacian ranger, she had overcome countless foes, who were larger and more powerful than her, with cunning tactics and tricks. In battle, tactics were just as important as power, if not more so.

"Any ideas?" Asked Quinn. Zed nodded before telling her the strategies he was thinking on teaching them.


"Well." Said Elise as she drank a cup of spider venom as she casually played with some spider silk in her other hand. "I'm getting bored." Deciding to spy on the school, which she learned was called Hogwarts, she had her smallest spiders spy on the various students and faculty in the school that she deemed entertaining. She had been doing this ever since she got here and took over the spider nest and so far, she had quite a foster to choose from. She could spy on the one called Neville Longbottom, watch as he tried to look brave against a bunch of bullies before going to cry alone. She decided against that however. Though Elise didn't care about the boy or his problems, she was in no mood to spy on him. The last time she spied on him, she overheard the bullies insulting him over his parents being in an asylum for the rest of his life. That caused Elise's eyes to twitch. Much as she wanted to claim she was heartless, even she had borders. And insulting one over their parents being in an asylum was crossing them.

She could also spy on those insufferable Slytherins, watching as they amusedly kept their arrogant attitude, despite being ridiculed by Zed and Quinn multiple times to change their attitude or continue to lose points, something that many hated them for. She thought it over but decided against it. She got more annoyance from them than entertainment. Their continued arrogant attitude was just not entertaining to watch.

She briefly entertained the thought of spying on Zed and Quinn, but that thought was gone the moment it entered her thoughts. Though she wasn't afraid to face either in combat or meeting them, she rather not deal with the drama of Hogwarts and this world. From what she could gather, the headmaster, an old man named Dumbledore, had made a deal with them. In return for helping him fight the death eaters and restore peace to the magic world, he'll do everything in his power to return them back to their world, something that Elise didn't want. This world and its problems are none of her concerns. All she cared about was keeping her beauty and surviving. She had no love for others besides her spiderlings…and perhaps a certain bug. Besides, she had no interest in returning to her world. She has a means to keep her beauty and she had many of her precious spiders with her. She didn't need to go to a spider god with sacrifices to keep her beauty and she didn't need to give an immortal mage artifacts of great power to get those sacrifices. All in all, she had a better gig here than in her world.

As she raked her mind of who to spy now, a spiderling came to her ear and began to skitter. She rose an eyebrow at what it said.

"A giant of a man is coming here?" Asked Elise, which caused the spiderling to nod. "Interesting. Let him come. Perhaps he could provide some entertainment." She then ordered the rest of her spiders to disburse. She had no doubt that the man will freak out upon seeing so many spiders that weren't the original inhabitants of the nest she took. When they all hid in the trees or in crevices, Elise turned herself into her spider form and went to a large crevice that allowed her to hid herself. In her mind, she was chuckling. The man was in a big surprise when he saw her. A few minutes later, a very tall and well-built man came in her nest.

"Hmm…he is big." Thought Elise as she observed the man getting closer. Indeed, the man was almost giant in size. Nearly twice and tall as a fully developed human male and was twice as bulky, something that she believed was all muscle. The way that the man walked made her certain that he was friends with the former inhabitants of the nest as he didn't walk with any sort of fear in his eyes and was walking with a sense of purpose, as if he was here before. She chuckled in her mind when she made that conclusion. If that was the case than this would be even funnier than she imagined. The man then stopped a few feet away from the crevice she was in, looking at it, before speaking.

"Hey Aragog." Said the man. "I'm sorry that I wasn't able to see you for some time now. The conflict with the Death Eaters have really picked up since last year. And I figure that it'll only get worse." The man then sighed. "Anyway, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you keeping your children in line, more than usual. Hogwarts hasn't spotted them anywhere near the perimeter for quite some time as well as parts of the forest that we deemed safe. I know that its against your nature and all, but I just wanted to say thanks." When no words were spoken, the man frowned. "Oh Aragog. I figure you're mad at me for not visiting and I'm sorry for that, but I got responsibilities to Hogwarts the same as you do for your family." More silence. The man was now getting suspicious. "Aragog. Come out of your hole now. I want to see you." With the jig up, Elise came out of the crevice, revealing herself to the man. Upon seeing her, the man widened his eyes and took a step back. "What the heck. You're not Aragog." Elise just chuckled.

"Took you long enough." Said Elise as she got closer. She was impressed when the man stood his ground. "I must admit you provided me with some entertainment for awhile, but I must ask you to leave my nest. You're disturbing my babies." Upon hearing that, the man narrowed his eyes.

"Your nest? You're not Aragog's mate. What the hell have you done with them?" Elise then telepathically ordered her babies to show him the corpses of Aragog and his mate. Within a matter of moments, two large carcasses of spiders fell down to the ground. Upon seeing them, the man widened his eyes in horror.

"Aragog!" Yelled the man as he knelt down to the preserved corpse of Aragog. As the man bawled his eyes out, Elise began to get closer, watching as the man cried his eyes out. His reaction was something that interested her. Here was a human, or what she assumed was human, crying over a spider when his species usually tried to squash them the moment, they saw them. But here he is, crying over his dead spider. After a few minutes, the man got up and glared at Elise. Though his eyes were red from crying, Elise could feel the anger coming from them.

"You're lucky that I don't have a wand, right now!" Roared the man as he pointed his finger at her, who didn't really care. "Otherwise, I'd turn you to putty right now!" Elise scoffed at that.

"You're willing to go to prison to kill me? You know the punishment for doing so." Said Elise, remembering that wizards aren't allowed to kill anything unless they're Aurors or something like that. The man continued to glare at her as he began to shake.

"I know that, but it'll be worth it to avenge my friend." Said the man. Upon hearing that, her spiders began to approach the man. Coming from either the trees or the crevices all over the nest. Soon, the man was surrounded by all manners of spiders, all of varying sizes. As the man looked at so many spiders of different types in shock, Elise began to point to the exit.

"I recommend you leave now. My babies will not tolerate your presence any longer." To emphasize her point, her babies began to raised their legs in the air as well as their fangs. Seeing he was outmatched, the man glared at Elise one last time, swearing this wasn't over, before taking off. Scoffing at the man, Elise turned back into her human form and went her crevice, where she made a makeshift home for her. Complete with a bed and other furniture that she took from the school. They had a surplus of the stuff, so she took some for her own benefit. Taking a seat at the bed, Elise began to wonder what the heck she's going to do now that the Hogwarts will surely know about her now.

"Well, looks like I'm confronting those two now." Thought Elise as she began to formulate a plan.



"Tasty!" Yelled Kog'Maw as he began to devour the various rocks and trees that were surrounding the Malfoy estate. Bellatrix and Narcissa were keeping an eye on him close by.

"Well at least he's not devouring any of my furniture." Said Narcissa as she wondered how this thing was able to eat so much and still be hungry. From her count, the thing ate five large boulders, two trees, and even some squirrels that had the misfortunate of being seen by the beast. And yet despite all that, he was still hungry. She must admit, though, it was actually quite entertaining to watch this thing eat something that didn't belong to her. There was a certain charm of it just devouring everything without remorse or thought.

"Hm. This thing could be quite an interesting way to torture people with." Said Bellatrix as she began to think of ways to use Kog'Maw as a tool for interrogation and torture. Though he probably won't be as fun to use as the torture curse, he could be more entertaining, especially if he devours her foes slowly. Narcissa just shook her head as she watched the beast begin to chase a bird, going deeper into the forest.

"Should we follow him?" Asked Narcissa, knowing that they'll be in deep trouble if they lost the beast. Bellatrix just waved her hand.

"I placed a tracking spell on him. Even if he get's lost, we have a means to find him." Narcissa just nodded before speaking to Bellatrix about Draco and the plan they had with Severus. Kog'Maw meanwhile was spitting out acid at the bird, hoping to catch it and devour it. Eventually, he hit the bird and it fell to the ground with a screech. Once it hit the ground, Kog'Maw began to devour the bird in one go. Licking his lips in satisfaction, Kog'Maw was about to leave and go find his mama when he suddenly spotted another bird, this one darker than the last one. Curious about this one, Kog'Maw began to chase this one, deciding it was worth being devoured. Like before, he spit out acid until he hit the bird. Once it hit the ground, he ran over to it, prepared to devour it. Just as he was about to, he took one glance of the bird and stopped. Whining to himself, he began to observe the bird.

For some reason, despite a part of him wanting to devour the bird, another part was telling him not to, telling him to observe and not devour. Looking at the bird closely, Kog'Maw noticed that the bird was far darker than the last, almost black in color, like the night. For some reason, unlike the last one, this bird was getting to him in ways that nothing, not even his mama, could. It wasn't the bird, no, it was the feathers and their color. Tilting his head, Kog'Maw grabbed a single feather and pulled it out. Looking at the lone feather, Kog'Maw began to suffer a major head ache. Howling in pain, Kog'Maw fell to the ground and rolled as painful images began to flood his tiny mind.

"He's mine!" One image was shown with that sentence. Another than took that one's place.

"Don't take him! Please!" As more and more images began to show up in his mind, Kog'Maw cried out in pain until they eventually stopped. When they did, Kog'Maw whimpered to himself and looked at the feather he dropped along with the bird he killed, who was beginning to dissolve. As much as he wanted to run back to his mama and forget this experience, Kog'Maw had this tiny voice in his head telling him not to. To take the feather with him, even if it would hurt him again, saying it may be of great importance again. As he debated on to listen to the voice or not, another image began to show up. This one not causing him any pain.

"Are you okay, my little beast?...Well, how about I sing you a song?" Kog'Maw then heard the voice begin to sing a song. As he listened in to the song, Kog'Maw began tilt his head and close his eyes. The song, though he couldn't understand any of the words, felt nice to hear. It made him sleepy and calmed him. It made him want to lay on the ground and sleep, any troubles plaguing him vanishing. He was about to fall asleep when he heard his mama's voice.

"Little beast! Its time to go back!" Yelled Bellatrix as she and her sister teleported near him. Hearing that, Kog'Maw snapped out of his trance and looked at his mama. Nodding his head, Kog'Maw grabbed the feather and waddled to her. When she asked about the feather, Kog'Maw just said that it looked pretty. Not caring about his answer, Bellatrix and Narcissa teleported themselves and Kog'Maw to the manor. When he made it back, Kog'Maw went to his room, which was just Bellatrix's room, and placed the feather in the dog house that Bellatrix had gotten him. How she got him that was beyond him, nor did he care. When he placed the feather down, Kog'Maw looked at the feather curiously, wondering what its significance was, before leaving to find his mama.


"Is everything being prepared?" Asked the floating, purple man as he looked at his subordinates. Some hired thugs, a handful of men and women that dressed like him and had his eyes, the glorious Shaco, and a wolf man, whose red eyes glowed in the dark corner he was in. It was Shaco that responded.

"Oh yes. Everything is going smoothly. Those students won't know what hit them when the Death Eaters come and kill their head master! That if we don't have anything to say about it!" Said Shaco before giggling madly to himself. One of his thugs then raised his hand.

"So, uh, boss. Why exactly are we doing this? I thought you wanted Dumbledore dead. Why are you making plans to save his butt?" The floating man just flew over to the thug and gazed him with his two eyes and the strange glowing sphere on his forehead, making the man nervous. Sensing his anxiety, the man sighed.

"I'm not going to kill you, fool. I need all the help I can get and I don't kill people over asking simple questions, especially ones that are good." Hearing that, the thug sighed in relief and looked at the man, still unnerved with how close he was. "At first, I wanted that Dumbledore dead now, but recent events have caused me to change our plans. As much as I want Dumbledore dead, I also need him to deal with Voldemort. As much as that dark wizard claims to be the most powerful wizard in his generation, he doesn't hold a candle to Dumbledore, whose experience and skills with magic make up his old age. If Voldemort fails to assassinate him, he'll be forced to be more cautious in his plans, giving us more time to make our move. Besides," The man then chuckled. "Dumbledore doesn't have much time left. His quest to retrieve all of Voldermort's Horcruxes have caused him to receive an uncurable disease. He's living on borrowed time. Is that all?" The thug then nodded. "Good. You all may leave, collect the money you're owed, and go on your business." With that, everyone left except for one of the men that dressed similarly as the floating man. Raising a brow, the floating man looked at the one that stayed behind. "What is it?" The man shifted uncomfortably before speaking.

"We had just received word from back in our world. She did it again sir. She's taken out another void beast meant to cross over here as well as a few that tried to arrive in Runeterra. Not only that, but she received help from one of the ascended. The dog one." Upon hearing that, the floating man growled.

"This has been going on for too long. I'll deal with this myself." With that the floating man raised his hands and made some hand signals. Almost immediately, a large rift opened up. The rift was purple on the outlines and dark purple in the inside. Turning back, the floating man addressed the other person in the room. "Make sure you're done reconditioning our guest. I want him ready to obey when I return." When the man nodded, the floating man flew over to the rift, which closed as soon as he went through it.

I'm going to let you all guess who is coming into this story next. Also who is really Kog'Maw's mom?