Chapter 3

"You're certain of this?" Asked Zed as he and Quinn looked at each other as Dumbledore stroked his beard.

"Yes, I believe that a being from your world is here." Said Dumbledore in thought. "The description that Hagrid had for this spider is unlike anything that I ever heard of. I looked through many books of various magical creatures, but none of them have anything that matches the description of the spider that Hagrid faced. Nothing of its size at least. Do any of you know of a being that matches the description?" Looking at Quinn, Zed looked at her expectedly. She shrugged.

"I don't have any knowledge of this being as well. However," Quinn then adopted a hesitant look, as if debating on answering. Eventually, she did. "There have been rumors gathering around in Noxus of a spider demon living in the abandoned home of a long dead Noxus noble family. One that is black and red in color."

"Is this the same spider?" Asked Dumbledore, worried about the safety of his students.

"Its possible." Said Quinn. "But we never got proof of its existence."

"Until now." Said Zed, looking outside, towards the forest. "We need to deal with this thing immediately." Quinn nodded in agreement. Anything from Noxus was bad news for them, even if they're just rumors. "We'll go on ahead, Dumbledore. If you wish to send anyone with us, gather them up quickly." Dumbledore nodded.

"I'll send word immediately. Do be careful. We have no idea of how powerful this spider is." Nodding, Zed motioned for Quinn to follow him, which she did. As they walked out of the school and to the forest, the two sensed something was coming. Something strange. Looking at each other, the two readied themselves for whatever will come for them.



Kai'Sa groaned as she lifted herself from the soft ground. Clenching her head, she looked to see Nasus was groaning as he got up, holding his head.

"Are you alright, Nasus?" Asked Kai'Sa as she got up, surveying their surroundings. Upon seeing trees and a moon, she sighed in relief. They weren't in the void. That was good. Though where were they? Kai'Sa had been to a great deal of many places in Runeterra, but the environment she was in was nothing like anything that she came across in her travels across Runeterra. Twirling his arm and neck, Nasus looked at Kai'Sa.

"I'm alright." Said Nasus, looking around the ground until he found the book that he used. Picking it up, he frowned when he sensed it had no magic power anymore. "Blast. This book is drained of its magic. We can't use it to return to Shurima. We must find another way to travel there." As much as Nasus wanted to see other parts of Runeterra, to see how the world survived without the Shuriman empire's guidance, he knew his place was in Shurima. At least, until a certain traitor is killed and a young emperor has learned to accept the reality of what has happened since the empire's fall.

"We first need to figure out where we are." Said Kai'Sa before forming her helmet. "And to do that, we need to get out of this forest and find a village of sorts." Nodding in agreement, Nasus was about to suggest a direction when he sensed something was amongst them. Looking up, he growled as several giant spiders came at them from some cobwebs in the trees. Raising his halberd, Nasus slammed it into a spider as it came at him, squashing it by sending it to the ground and crushing it with his strength. As blood spilled everywhere, Nasus went to work on the other spiders as the hit the ground. As he slammed his halberd again, Kai'Sa blasted the spiders with her palm blasters, expertly killing each spider with a single shot to the head. After blasting a fifth, she jumped to avoid the charge of another spider, before blasting it with her palm blasters. After Nasus took the last one down, the two looked at each other. Nasus was about to speak when she was hit with some webbing that sent him to a tree. Sensing danger, Kai'Sa dodged the webbing that was thrown at her and saw a woman coming at them, glaring at them. The scantily clad woman glared at them with her red eyes as more spiders came with her, escorting her.

"You killed my children." Growled Elise as she looked at the two. She then transformed into her spider form. "You'll pay for that with your lives!"


Zed and Quinn

"Be careful." Said Zed as he jumped on the trees. "Hagrid said that they were spiders so they could have webbing all over the ground and air.

"We know." Said Quinn as she and Valor cautiously followed Zed, looking out for any webbing. Inspecting all the webbings around her and Valor, she memorized all their positions so that she or Valor can warn their reinforcements of the webbings so that they won't be stuck on them. After finishing, she inspected her crossbow, hoping that she had enough ammo should a fight happen. After some debate, the two decided to go the diplomatic route first, though both doubted that this will end peacefully. Nothing in Noxus likes to be diplomatic. Quinn should know. The last Demacian diplomat that went to Noxus came back without his head. As she wondered how Demacia was doing right now, she heard the sounds of battle. Blinking, she saw Zed landing near her. If he was here, then who was fighting. By the sounds of skittering, she guessed the spiders were on one side, but who was on the other.

"We need to investigate." Said Zed. Quinn nodded in agreement before the two stealthily approached the sounds of battle. As they approached, they saw spiders on the tree lines, using webbing to traverse the trees. With so many spiders in the air, Quinn recalled Valor, worrying for his safety. Eventually, they found their prey and they were shocked.

On one side was a horde of spiders, whose dead are rising up as the two combatants on the other side were killing them with ease, no matter their size. The leader, they guessed, was a spider-human hybrid that flung webbing and venom at the two, only for the dog man to block and defend his companion. Based from her stance, the spider-human was getting angry and was soon about to make a critical mistake.

The two combatants were a strange bunch. One was an afro-mentioned dog man that eclipsed even Hagrid in size. The dog roared in anger before slamming his halberd, glowing with energy, at a large spider, killing it. The other participant was even stranger, if that was possible. The woman, based on her body, wore a skin-tight battle suit that seemed alive and hugged her well-endowed figure. She moved at speeds that shouldn't be possible for an ordinary human. Dashing toward a group of spiders, the woman launched a barrage of purple missiles from the two large triangles on her shoulders that went to the spiders, one for each one, killing them. She then brought out a pair of strange red, triangle-shaped crystals that hovered in front of her hands before blasting a bunch more spiders.

"What the heck is going on?" Asked Quinn as she watched the spectacle before her. Valor squawked in agreement, wondering what was going on as well. Zed, however, was contemplating. This was unexpected, but not an unwelcome one. Those two were obviously from Runeterra, meaning they could recruit them into their ranks. And if they're fighting those spiders, rescuing them may help in the negotiations to come. He'll still be cautious, though, they could be brutal warlords or bandits that will be more trouble than helpful in the long run.

"It does not matter." Said Zed. 'We need to help those two."

"You sure?" Asked Quinn, looking at Zed. "They could be bandits or from Noxus." Zed shrugged.

"If they're truly scum, then we'll simply eliminate them. Use this battle as a way to understand their tactics, learn their weaknesses, and use those to win against them should we need to kill them." Nodding at that, Quinn sighed before brandishing her crossbow.

"Wait a few minutes. Analyze them. After you're done or when one side is too exhausted to fight, we'll strike. I'll take the spider woman. You take whomever." Seeing that it would be suicidal to go against the giant dog, Quinn decided to go for the other woman.

"Got my target. Now we just have to avoid being spotted while getting into position." Said Quinn before moving closer. Zed nodded before going higher into the tree lines. Once the two were in position, they resumed their observation of the combatants. As they continued to watch, the two could see just how good the two, non-spider, combatants were. The one with the strange suit was quick and nibble. One moment she was behind a spider and the next she was on top of it in a blink of an eye, blasting it to smithereens. The other one was a powerhouse, using his massive frame to smash any spiders that came upon. Even when they swarmed him, the dog-man used magic to send them away before smashing them with his halberd. And as the battle continued, the two combatants were showing no sign of exhaustion. They just kept fighting, much to the frustration of the spider woman. Seeing that there was no point in letting this continued, Zed sent a shadow clone near the woman. He then swapped places with it before anyone could comprehend what was going on. Just as he swapped places with the clone, he grabbed the woman's neck and placed a wrist blade near her head.

"Enough!" Yelled Zed, loud enough for everyone to hear. Looking at the armored man in shock, the other woman was about to aim at him and the spider woman when Quinn came down and tackled her to the ground. Aiming her crossbow at the woman, Quinn held her down with her free hand. Seeing his friend was in danger, the dog man growled and powered his halberd with magic, intending to kill Quinn. Before he could do anything, Zed spoke again. "Before any of you do anything, let me speak. You can do whatever you want after I said my piece. If you don't allow me to," He then casually cut the spider woman's face, enraging her. "Then my friend and I will kill these two women. Do any of you want that?" The surviving spiders looked at each other, concerned for their mistress. The dog man hesitated, looking at the woman that Quinn held hostage. Looking at the dog man, the woman nodded. Sighing, the dog man looked at Zed.

"Very well." Said the dog as he lowered his halberd. "Release my companion and I'll allow you to speak." Nodding in thanks at the dog man, Zed then looked at the spider woman. Growling, the woman spoke.

"Release me and I swear that my children won't kill you or those two murderers." Said Elise, pointing at the unknown dog and woman. Satisfied, Zed let her go while Quinn did the same with the strange woman. Once both women were free, all two parties looked at Zed and Quinn, who regrouped.

"Now, for starters. Introduce yourselves." Said Zed, looking at the odd bunch of individuals. Looking at the ninja, the woman with strange armor, shockingly, made her helmet disappear, revealing a beautiful face.

"My name is Kai'Sa." Said the woman before waving a hand at her companion. "And this is Nasus. A friend." Bowing down, Nasus looked at Zed with eyes that contained much wisdom. With the two strangers introduced, Zed looked at the spider woman, who had her spiders congregate around her.

"And you are?" Asked Zed. Glaring at the man that scratched her face, the woman spoke.

"My name is Elise." Said the woman, crossing her arms under her impressive chest. "And may I ask why you decided to barge in my new home, Zed?" The fact that she knew his name was a bit of surprise to Zed and Quinn, but the two nonetheless kept their guard.

"An acquaintance of ours has informed us that a new spider had killed a friend of his and asked us to investigate. Given what we've seen from your little skirmish, I assume that you're the spider in question." Elise simple laughed at that.

"So that fool did tell people of me. Eh, no matter. Thankfully, I planned for this." The spider woman then gave a feral look, unnerving Quinn, but unaffecting Zed, who had seen worst. "I'll surrender myself to you as long as I'm taken to your leader." That caused Zed to snap and narrow his eyes at her. Clearly, this woman was spying on them.

"You spied on us?" Asked Zed. Elise then chuckled.

"I would be a fool if I didn't." Said Elise as a tiny spider, about the size of an average house spider appeared on her shoulder, giving Zed a hint on how she spied on them. "Now, will you take me to your leader?" Zed then looked at Quinn, who nodded. Since Elise wasn't being hostile, at least not yet, they should take her to Dumbledore. As well as these other two. Though they didn't know much on them, they still needed to take them to Dumbledore, who would like to recruit them to their cause. Giving a grunt, he looked at Elise and the two strangers.

"Very well, follow me. All of you." Said Zed, pointing to Elise, Kai'Sa, and Nasus. With that, the three followed Zed and Quinn as they took them back to the castle.

"This is getting very interesting."Thought Quinn as she thought of how Dumbledore will handle this.

Few hours later

Dumbledore's office

"Well this is quite an interesting party that you've brought with you." Said Dumbledore as he eyed the three that Zed and Quinn brought along with them. Professor Minerva looked at the three with suspicion and caution as she, along with Severus and Moody pointed their wands at the three, who ignored the wizards and witch. Dumbledore, curious, but also cautious, looked at Zed. "And you're saying that they're interested in joining our cause?"

"I never said that." Said Elise. "What I promise is that I'll keep your forest safe from any, what do you call them, Death Eater incursions. I'll also inform you if I hear anything relating to them. In exchange you don't do anything against me. Will that be sufficient?"

"Will you hurt the children?" Demanded Minerva as she looked at the spider woman with suspicion. Elise just scoffed at that.

"Why the heck would I do so. I have no qualms with the students, and I don't have any reason to go against you. Besides, I have limits. And those limits forbid me from involving children or teenagers in my plots. So they're safe." Sighing, Dumbledore nodded his head. It was better than nothing. With her done, he looked at the other two, hoping they would join their caused. When they saw him look at them, Kai'Sa nudged Nasus, who spoke.

"After hearing your plight, I agree to your deal." Said Nasus with Kai'Sa nodding her head. While they were on their way back, both Zed and Quinn explained the situation to the three, telling them of the world they were in, its troubles, and the deal that they had with Dumbledore. While Elise didn't care about the Death Eaters or the plight of the wizarding world, Kai'Sa and Nasus did. The Death Eaters reminded Nasus of the old Shuriman empire, back before Azir took the throne. He hated the empire's old ways and if he could, he would have rebelled, but he knew back then that any rebellion by him would fail. To hear that another organization was discriminating against people for superficial reasons, made Nasus want to help these people.

As for Kai'Sa, she also wanted to help. Though the Death Eaters weren't the Void, it was clear to her that they were a dangers to the innocent. And when she heard that the leader of the Death Eaters had killed the parents of two newborn children, made her want to eviscerate him when she learned that he returned from the dead. Plus, there was also the fact that Dumbledore had promised that he would help return them back to Runeterra. Though she wasn't sure that he would succeed, it was the best shot she had to return back. Runeterra needed a guardian from the Void, after all.

Upon hearing that confirmation from Nasus, Dumbledore smiled.

"Thank you. I know that it seems that I get the better end of the deal, but," He then sighed. "I desperately need your help." Sensing the truth from the old wizard, Nasus bowed his head.

"I understand." Said Nasus. "Rest assured, my companion and I will not rest until the threat of these Death Eaters pose is permanently removed from this world. You have my word." Nodding gratefully, Dumbledore stroked his beard in wonder.

"Now that this settled with. Where would we put you two?" Asked Dumbledore. Nasus hummed in thought before saying what he thought would be appropriate.

"I don't know how much the ninja," He looked at Zed, who shrugged. "told you, but I was a scholar back in my day. And before I was teleported to this realm, I maintained a library of secrets and magic. So perhaps a library would be the best place for me. As for my companion, you would have to ask her yourself. I'm afraid I don't know much of her preferences for living quarters."

"Anything would do." Said Kai'Sa. "I don't need much. Just a place to rest would do. You can give me a dusty attic and I'll be fine there." Dumbledore shook his head at that.

"No, no, that won't do. It would be terribly rude of me to give you such horrible conditions." Said Dumbledore. He then hummed in thought. Within a few minutes, he spoke. "Zed, if I recall, your there's a spare bedroom in your quarters, correct?" Zed nodded. Both he and Quinn had separate bedrooms that were reserved for teachers, which they were. The rooms were rather spacious, with their own bathrooms and bathtubs. Strangely enough, they had enough room for up to two occupants for each one. The reason that they slept in separate quarters was because Quinn didn't trust him enough to sleep with him in the same room. Well that, and Valor. "Will you be fine with sleeping with him?" Kai'Sa looked at Zed, who looked back. Red and Violet starred deeply at each other as the two looked at each other. As seconds passed into minutes, the others looked at each other, wondering what the heck was going on.

"Get a room, you two." Commented Elise with a smirk. The comment went over the head of Zed and Kai'Sa as they looked at each other, causing Elise to smirk even more. Eventually Kai'Sa looked at Dumbledore.

"That won't be a problem." Said Kai'Sa. "As for what my role will be…perhaps a combat instructor?"

"Then you can join Zed and Quinn in the DADA class." Said Dumbledore, causing Kai'Sa to nod. "Anything else?"

"Yes. Will what I'm wearing be a problem…" She then motioned to her skintight suit, which showed her figure rather provocatively. She may not have known much of human social interactions, she knew enough that her type of attire was inappropriate around children. Seeing the problem, Dumbledore pursed his lips, wondering what to do.

"Are you comfortably with wearing wizard robes?" Suggested Minerva, grabbing her robes. Kai'Sa just shrugged.

"I have only really worn this for quite a while." Said Kai'Sa, eyeing the robes. While not really meant for combat, she could easily take it off when she needed to fight, so it shouldn't be an issue if she wore it. "So, just give me one that will fit. Also," She then looked around uncomfortably. "I might need some help in…putting it on and off." Actually, twitching her lips in amusement, Minerva told Kai'Sa to follow her. When the two women left, Dumbledore clapped his hands.

"Splendid. Now that the situation is done, we can all head to bed. You're all dismissed." With that, everyone got up and began to leave Dumbledore's office. As they were leaving, Quinn looked at Zed.

"What was with that little staring contest that you had with Kai'Sa?" Asked Quinn. Zed just shrugged before going ahead of Quinn, who rose an eyebrow. "What do you think Valor?" Valor then squawked his response to Quinn, who widened her eyes in surprise. "Valor! C'mon. You really think they'll do it. After only meeting each other just moment ago?" Shaking her head, Quinn went to her own bedroom, eager to get some sleep after this ordeal.

Several hours later

"You think that this fits me?" Asked Kai'Sa as she showed Zed her new robe. The ninja just eyed her black robes before nodding.

"They work for you." Said Zed as he sat on his bed. Kai'Sa nodded in thanks before taking it off and putting in a nearby closet. After closing the closet door, she looked at Zed.

"So what does this DADA class do, anyway?" Asked Kai'Sa as she sat on her bed.

"We teach the young in this school to defend against dark magic and those that practice it. Unfortunately, for them, that includes the Death Eaters. Right now, we're trying to help them with nonverbal spells. Once they get that down, I hope to do some training on the tactical level for them. A good plan and strategy can make up for their lack of experience in combat." Kai'Sa nodded at that.

"I can help with that." Said Kai'Sa, her helmet on, preventing Zed from seeing her beautiful face, something that perplexed him. "If you want, might I suggest that we have the kids take us on in a simulated battle. That should help with their training." Zed nodded.

"I would agree, but I need to get approval from Dumbledore to conduct such a regime. He'll no doubt accept it so long as we're careful and no one dies. We should also get a magic user in this too. They are facing other wizards and witches, after all." Kai'Sa nodded in agreement.

"Well, I would like to continue this conversation, but I think its time for us to sleep." Said Kai'Sa before laying on her bed. "Have a pleasant night." With that, Kai'Sa turned around and tried to go to sleep. With her no wishing to sleep, Zed took off the armor portions of his attire before going under his sheet so he can sleep comfortably. As he drifted to slumber, he thought of Kai'Sa and how to use her effectively in his class.