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Chapter 2 : He is Tobirama

I walked towards him. Why I said this encounter felt so strange? Because in recent days, when I was looking for some herbs in this place, I had never met anyone and when I met someone here, how it supposed to be him? The white haired boy who I met two weeks ago. From my point of view, He didn't care I was standing there. When I walked nearer, I knew that He was looking for something inside the lush bushes.

"Emm, hello" I greeted him awkwardly. "Emm.. what are you doing here?" I asked him politely.

The boy kept silent. He was still looking for something inside the bushes (I didn't know what was that. Maybe he was looking for his piece of soul. It seemed like he would be died if he didn't find it) without paying attention at my greeting.

'This boy really really make me anxious'

I thought my greeting was quite polite for two people who didn't know each other so well. But he had helped me two weeks ago.

'Okay! I give up!'

"I want to say thank you. You have helped me two weeks ago. I guess you still remember it, right?" I tried to talk to him. Actually I was waiting for his respond from my words.

"I still remember" murmured the boy shortly without looked at me. "You are welcome"


I sighed heavily. I walked and squated down beside him to paid attention on what he was doing right now. The boy seemed so serious until his forehead frowned.

"May I know what's your name?" I asked him. "I think it will be inconvenient if I keep speaking to you without knowing your name. I think you feel the same way"

Finally the boy turned his sight at me. He still looked same with two weeks ago. His eyesight was so sharp (or maybe it would be right if I said his eyesight was always so sharp), as if he felt the presence of his enemy nearby.

The next minute, he ignored me back and put his focus on what he did before.

"My name is Nozu" I lend my right arm in front of his face. For a minute, I saw the boy stunned while He was looking at my hand in front of his face. It didn't happen longer, he was back to looking for something inside the bushes immediately.

'Oh My! This boy trully... I just had well-meaning, to introduce my self to him. Only that..'

"Why you introduce yourself to a stranger?" Said the boy suddenly. His voice was quite heavy for the boys at his age. It made me surprised.

"How it can be like that?" I felt annoyed. "You didn't answer me, so I say my name first"


There was a piece of paper fell down from the boy's lap. The paper landed smoothly on my feet. I took the paper and read what was written on it.

There was a picture of saga leaf. Complete with the additional information about the characteristics of the plant.

'Wait a minute? Saga leaf?'

"This is your paper" I gave the paper to him. "Are you looking for some herbs? Am I right?" I asked him.

The boy seemed quite surprised when he heard my question. He looked at me and paid a lot of attention to me, with his sharp crimson eyes.

"What is it?" I asked him suddenly. I felt quite inconvenient with the way he looked at me.

"How can you know that this is a medical herbs?" He asked me as he took the paper from my hand.

"Hehe.." I laughed softly. "I am a charlatan" I joked. "You can call me charlatan if you want" I continued my word as I still laughed softly.

He glanced at me. I could saw that the boy smiled to me.

"Heh, so who had been wounded? You are looking for the saga leaf for him/her, right? Saga leaf doesn't grow perfectly here. So it'll be difficult to find" I started to looking at the bushes.

"My older brother" answered the boy shortly.

"Why was he wounded?" I asked one more time.

"He was pierced by a poison arrow" answered the boy without looking at me.

"Eh, wait a minute! How many days it has been?" I asked him worriedly.

"Why do you want to know it?" The bisk asked me with unfriendly tone.

"Hmm, he got a wound from poison arrow?" I murmured by myself as I stand without answered his question before. "Please wait for me here!"

"Where do you want to go?" Asked the boy spontaneously.

"Hmm.. just wait for me. Don't go anywhere!" I said. I walked to the forest hurriedly as I smiled.

I knew exactly what kind of medicine for someone who had a wound from poison arrow and where I could get the herbs easily. I was a medical shinobi. I learnt a lot about medical herbs and I remembered it quite well. Hehehe.. To be honest, I was the best kunoichi at medical ninjutsu from Hagoromo clan.

I thought, this time I could help that boy.


It had been one hour since the girl named Nozu leaving him. Tobirama took a deep breath as He wiped away his sweat on his forehead. This morning was so hot and unfortunately he didn't bring any drinking water.

'Great! My suffering for today is complete'

"Nope! This isn't it!" Said Tobirama. He felt so annoyed. It had been 5 times he didn't recognize the morphology of saga leaf. All the plants who grew in the area seemed similiar. There were only 1 or 2 slight differences between them. Tobirama took a deep breath one more time. Last night, He followed his father to guarding the borderline area, to replaced Hashirama because his older brother was ill. He was lack of sleep. Maybe that was why he couldn't put his focus this morning.

Tobirama stunned. He sat on the ground to took a rest for a while. He already squatted there for 1 hour just to found the herbs.

'Dad asked me to look for the herbs in this huge meadow, it drives me crazy!'

He sat and stunned. He looked at the weeds in front of him. The breeze made their leaves dancing smoothly.

"So, her name is Nozu" Tobirama murmured to himself. He felt like he ever met her before, however he didn't remember exactly when and where they had been met.

Tobirama shooked his head. He looked down at the pile of papers beside him. He smiled lightly. He stood up and took those papers, then obseved it carefully.

"What am I thinking? I have to look for those herbs for my brother" He said slowly as he started to looked for those herbs in another bushes.


"This is the last!" I picked some krisan flower in that field. The field located not far from where the white haired boy waited for me. "Time to back!" I kept walking towards to the borderline area.

When I arrived, I smiled as I looked the boy was still waiting for me. He wanted to listen to my words. He didn't go to another place even this area wasn't suitable for growing medical herbs. From his identification method, I knew this task was a new one for him.

"Have you arrived, eh? It has been so long"


I stood in 500 meters far from him. I also had tried to hide my presence. But how could he knew that I was here? Even without turning around his head. It couldn't be done by a normal people.

'Is he also a shinobi?' I wondered inside.

I walked towards him. The boy didn't turn around, he was still looking at something inside the bushes with dirtier hands. I smiled. This boy kept looked for those herbs. I guess he didn't understand that it couldn't be found here.

"Hey! Stop looking for an impossible thing" I tried to talked with him. But he ignored me.

"Hei, don't you hear what I've said?" I asked him one more time.


I was surprised with his tone of voice. I noticed his face. He looked so serious. However, behind his seriousness, I knew that he was exhausted. There were black circle on his low eyelid and his gaze looked so tired.

"It's impossible to find those herbs if you don't give your best" I said it jokingly. But what I had been said was true. It needed 100% of focus if you wanted to looked for medical herbs in this huge forest, moreover if you didn't have enough skill to distinguished them.

"You are still searching it here because I asked you to wait for me here. Am I right?" I asked him again.

His forehead frowned, but He gave me none respond.

"I have told you.."

"If you don't have any business with me, it will be better to keep quiet and go away!"

I was so surprised with his tone of voice. His voice made me cringed. It felt like he pushed me away with his inner aura. I didn't know what kind of aura was that but it successfully made me scared until I dropped my basket which full of herbs. Those herbs was falling apart to the ground.

I realized that I shouldn't said something like that to him. He faced a difficulty and I kept teasing him. I squated, tried to collect those herbs and put them inside my basket.

Slowly, I walked towards him and gave the basket in front of his face. "This is some medicine for poison arrow wound. You don't have to look for it anymore" I felt guilty. "Sorry for making you annoyed"

The boy stunned. He looked at the basket for a moment.

"You give this for me?" He raised his eyebrow.

"None of my family got a wound from poison arrow. This is for you" I said as I kept trying to smile (Even I was so scared with him). However I was so glad that I could help him. "I have told you that I am a charlatan! You forget it?"

Now I could see the boy looked guilty. I didn't know why. Maybe because he yelled at me before.

"It's okay! I forgive you. Come on! Take this" I pushed the basket nearer to him. "I wish your brother will get well soon"

His sight turned more friendly towards me afterwards. Now He looked at the basket with a strange look. I think he felt hesitate, whether I really wanted to helped him or do the worst thing, gave a fake herbs.

"Why you keep looking at me like that? I have walked so far and climbed a lot of trees only to collect this and you don't want to take it?" I started to feel upset. The boy seemed always suspicious on everything.

He kept silent.

Finally he decided to took the basket with some frown on his forehead. "Thank you" He said quietly.

"You are welcome, emm.."

"Tobirama" said the boy shortly. "That's my name"

"Wah!" I cheered happily, just like I won a lottery (and for what?)

"Tobirama, since today, I am your friend and you are my friend. Don't be hesitate to ask for my help if we ever meet again. Cause maybe I'll ask for your help someday. Hehe" I said happily. I didn't know why but since I had known his name, it was not awkward anymore to talk with him. He just stood silent and watching me.

"Nice to meet you, Nozu" said boy suddenly.

"Yes, Nice to meet you too" I shaked his hand. I was so happy. Finally I could be his friend. I could called him with his name, Tobirama. Such a long name, huh?

"I have to go home soon and take care of my brother" said Tobirama.

"All right" I smiled. "I wish he'll get well soon! I hope we can meet again here tomorrow" I didn't know why I said something like that. Even he had a different character with me, I felt we could be completely match.

"Yeah.. if both of us have time, we will meet again here" Tobirama jumped to a tree trunk near us. "See ya"

"Ah! And you have to take a rest before getting faint" I yelled. I wished he could heared my voice although he already far away from me.

I just could watched his figured until he completely gone from my sight.

Tobirama, that boy must be a shinobi.


That night went as good as usual. After dinner, Tobirama decided to accompany his brother rather than anything. After took a medicine, which made from the herbs that Nozu gave to him before, Hashirama looked better. Tobirama kept an eye on his older brother who was sleeping right now. If he didn't took the herbs from Nozu, maybe his brother still suffering just like this morning,

"I'll stay here to take care of you. Sleep tight, Bro"


Tobirama felt so surprised. That was his father who opened the door roughly. Butsuma Senju soon opened the wardrobe when he stored all his metal armor and sword. He wore them as soon as possible. Tobirama just stunned, looking at the unusual action from his father.

"What's going on, dad? Is there any enemy coming? Uchiha?" Asked Tobirama spontaneously as he rose.

Without paid a lot if attention to Tobirama, Butsuma Senju was still wearing his armor. "Our plan to attack Hagoromo clan is changed. We got an info that the guard over there was weaker. We attack them tonight!"

Tobirama was so surprised. Butsuma senju looked at his second son.

"Tobirama, leave your brother here! There will be another senju member who take care of him. Go wear your armor! Tonight we will give them a revenge for Kawarama! Hurry!"

"Yes, dad" He didn't know why he said something like that.

"Go! Hurry! Dad will wait for you in the borderline area! We will slaughter them without any mercy tonight!" Butsuma Senju went out, leaving Tobirama and his brother inside the room.

Tobirama stunned. He stole a glance at his brother. Hashirama laid down, without knowing anything. If Hashirama knew it, there will be fight that couldn't be avoided between him and his father. Tobirama knew for sure that his brother will never be agree on this plan.

"I'm sorry, bro. I just can obey dad's order"

Tobirama stood up and opened his wardrobe hurriedly. He wore his metal armor. He also wore his head protector and grabbed his sword. He went out to the borderline area.

To be Continued..


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