Peace at All Costs

AN: None of the characters from Cobra Kai, 911 or The Rookie belong to me, I am just borrowing them because this seems to be a good story to come out of the end of Cobra Kai, S2.

0730 Hours, West Reseda Community Center

Los Angeles

April 26th

Officer John Nolan wasn't used to being told to show up for an assignment in plain clothes. He welcomed it, things hadn't been right withJessicasince the bioterror incident, and that shooting. Who is she really? And is it going to get me killed finding out?

The particulars of today's job were seemingly simple, they were holding a gang summit for two factions that had started a nasty brawl at an area high school. Two kids were hospitalized, one might never walk again. Nolan had been "voluntold" for the assignment by Sergeant Grey, on the principle of "You're a dad, Nolan, maybe you can get through to these kids."

"Sure, why the hell not, Sergeant Grey? I mean some kids are going to listen to some old fogie like me?" Nolan muttered as he turned his car into the parking lot of the West Reseda Community Center. He parked his Toyota and shut the engine off, his mind racing a million miles a minute. What the hell do I know about holding a gang summit? Thank god I am not the poor guy running it. Supposed to report to a Sergeant Grant. Oh wait, that's her over there. Whoops.

He saw an older African-American woman in blue jeans, with low cut boots, and a matching chino jacket and maroon t-shirt. She was wearing golden rimmed aviator shades favored by a lot of older officers. Wonder what she'll think of me, probably not much better than Grey. Nolan opened the door to his truck, stepped down, and began to walk over to who must be Sergeant Grey.

"You're late, Nolan. Heard all about you. Grey and I go way back." Grant stated, as she shook her head. "Look, this is a bunch of white kids playing Capulets and Montagues in their high school. Some kids got hurt, and LAUSD wants us to put an end to it before Gang Unit has to get involved. But, there's complications. Worse yet, there's a beef between the parents involved too. Gonna be a real fun Saturday for everyone."

Nolan shrugged "Isn't there always a complication, Sergeant Grant?"

Grant nodded. "Yeah, they picked me for this because it's my district, and because I got two kids of my own. Your TO is already inside. She's not exactly sure what she's doing, but she's your TO, so I wasn't just going to have you here. I got another pair of you from North Hollywood-" she produced an old, battered notebook and flipped through a few pages. "West and Lopez. They gonna be liabilities?"

"Nope, I trust them both, Sergeant Grant." Nolan said, with an affable smile on his face.

"Just be straight with them. I got a teenage daughter. You know their BS detectors are sharp at this age. We need to tell them we see enough violence and assorted crap in South-Central, I don't need this in Reseda."

"Copy, Sergeant." Nolan nodded.

"You're gonna work out just fine, Nolan. Just fine indeed. Now let's get in there and remind them the world's got rules, and we all gotta follow 'em? See if we can get them to see reason and not knock each other's heads in?"

The West Reseda Community Center was like most, it was a central lobby, with a pool, a tennis court, and locker rooms, as well as several adjoining multipurpose rooms. Grant got one of the few that had been sound proofed, as she figured there might be some rather heated discussion amongst all involved. She'd also ordered pizzas to be delivered at noon and six, as she figured whatever had led to that brawl, it was going to take a long time to fix. Might not even fix it today, she thought as she walked into the spacious lobby through the heavy double doors. But at least get these kids realizing there's better ways than knocking the hell out of each other.

None of the kids or parents were due till 0830, so she smiled as she saw a small army of cops in plain clothes setting up tables and chairs. We're human, and we see enough on the damn streets. Let's see if we can get through today without any arrests? That would be nice. One of the plainclothes officers, a Hispanic woman who was a little taller than Athena, walked over and smiled. "Sergeant Grant, I presume?"

Athena extended her hand, "Officer Lopez?"

Lopez nodded, and shook the offered hand. "I got my rook and some of the other folks from the Sherriff's department laying out the tables. I don't know whether this is gang stuff, or little league parents gone bad?"

Athena shrugged and exhaled "Probably a little of both, Lopez. Listen, I want the parents among us to begin this thing. I hear you worked Gang Unit in Compton?"

Lopez nodded "Worst 12 months of my life. Cleaned up a lot of bodies."

"Yeah, hang on to that feeling. I need you to tell these knucklehead kids and their parents what it feels like when we gotta clean up a gang shooting or stabbing. Might wake some of them up."

"Guy you really want for that is in the hospital. Tim Bradford. Hasn't woken up since-"

"That bio thing was you guys? Nice work."

"Yeah, that older rook, Nolan? He did good during that, so did my rook, West. Don't worry, Sarge. We got this. We will find a way to get through to these kids. I really don't want them to get rap sheets out of this."

"May be too late for some, I dunno. But anything to shut this mess off. Like you said. We both seen enough of it elsewhere to last a damn lifetime."

Both cops shared a fist bump and said "Word" simultaneously.