Clay can't think of a time when he had felt this bad. He's pretty sure his brothers came for him, he's pretty sure that's who just caused a sharp pain to run up his left arm. He naturally lashed out, in case it wasn't his brothers. Once he started fighting, he started to recognize the voices trying to calm him. "Clay, bruh, shhh shhh you're ok, we got you buddy. You're safe." He recognized that Texas drawl anywhere. Even Brock, the quite one spoke reassuring words that calmed him. After a few moments he relaxed, "My brothers found me, I can relax and trust them to help me escape this hell hole..." Clay thought. Everyone took a sign of relief as Clay seemed to calm. Trent check the needle placement and tubing to insure it was still in the right place. He added some tape to hold the IV in place and squeezed the fluids to get them into Clay faster. The kid looked terrible, Trent could hardly conceal his concern. The team always reacted in these situations how Trent did, always following and trusting his lead and how to handle themselves. Trent was very concerned with Clays condition. He was worried about infection, dehydration, And mal nutrition. Those were the physical wounds. Not counting all the mental ones. A situation like Clay had just been through could break a man, even a Clay Spenser type of man.

Tapping Clays cheek, blearily Clay looked up at Trent, eyes maybe not completely tracking but good enough. "Clay, I need to know if you hurt anywhere else than that cut on your side..." After a few seconds with no response, Trent repeated the question louder, again with no response, Trent sighed and began to check Clay over again, starting with his head and spine. As he got to feeling his neck, Trent finally got a weak, hoarse ", be..lly." Okay, well Clay at least was with it enough to answer me. He hasn't felt any lumps or found blood when he checked over his head, twice. His headache was most likely due to dehydration. As Trent was thinking about his next move, Jason who had been surprisingly quite, spoke up "Trent, what are you thinking." "Well, since he doesn't have a lump or blood on his head I would say the headache is mostly from the dehydration, his belly is a different story." When he had palpated it earlier it wasnt ridged, it was just sorta off, and Trent couldn't put a finger on why It would be that way. "Nothing good." He thought. Since Clay wasn't really with it enough to answer more in depth questions about his health, Trent spoke loudly "Clay, the headache is most likely due to dehydration, it's nothing to worry about so just relax. I'm gonna feel around your belly more, tell me if I am hurting you."

As Trent began to palpate and push on Clays stomach again, Clay began to squirm, moaning and very weakly trying to scoot his way away from the hands causing the discomfort. Sonny, who had still been close to Clay quickly grabbed ahold of his shoulders to keep him still. "Clay, hey just breathe, I need you to tell me what you just felt. Did it hurt when I touched you?" Trent asked. "It..was..more uncomfortable...than pain. I need to...take a piss." Clay replied, panting still, Sonny still holding his shoulders. Clay seemed more aware the longer they spoke to him.

"Okay Clay, I'm going to help you lay on your side so you can take a piss.." Trent, then looked at Jason and Sonny, who were still holding onto Clay, and motioned to have them give Clay some privacy. As Sonny and Jason backed off, Trent spoke "Clay, I'm gonna turn you on your side and then I'm gonna help take off your boxers so you can piss."

As Trent started to roll Clay on his side, a sharp hiss escaped his lips, and his whole body stiffened. Trent then pulled his boxers down in the front, not really looking to try and let Clay keep one small shred of dignity. After about 10 seconds, and only a few moans and hisses from Clay, it was silent. Clay hadn't relived himself. Although he was concerned, Clays lack of water could explain the lack of urine. As Trent waited to intervene, Clay was holding his breath trying to hold in sounds of pain. Trent leaned down closer to Clays ear, keeping the conversation low and private; "Clay describe the pain please."

"" Clay gasped through the pain and discomfort. "Okay, Clay in gonna roll you on your back, and check you out, okay?" Trent said calmly.

Before checking Clay over, Trent threw a glance at Jason to keep him at a distance, for now at least. "Okay, Clay I'm gonna pull down your boxers."

As soon as he pulled them down and shined a head lamp to get a little better look, Trent cursed loudly as he realized the problem. Clays captors had cathed him. A catheter was incerted and clamped off. It was dirty and gross. Had definitely been there a few days. As Trent is Inpecting Clays private area more, Clay was growing more uncomfortable. His hands clawing the dirt. Sonny and Jason have had enough of giving Clay space. Sonny rushed over to grab Clays hand and Jason his hand on his shoulder and utter reassuring words. The tubing of the catheter was clamped off with a plastic clamp. If Clay hadn't been able to relive himself, it could cause a whole array of problems. Trent was hoping he could just unclamp the tubing and Clay would be able to relieve himself, hopefully making the trek to EXFIL easier. If Clay hadn't pissed in multiple days, Trent couldn't imagine how painful and uncomfortable that would be. "Okay, Clay did you know they put a catheter in you?" Trent asked loudly, as Clay was still weakly moving his head back and forth and moaning softly. "Hm, don't..really... remember." Clay answered. "Well I'm gonna have to unclamp it, hopefully that will make you feel better. I'm gonna touch you down there okay." Clay unconsciously tensed up more, bracing for the awkwardness of the whole situation. Clay was so worked up, he hardly felt Trent do anything. As the tubing was unclamped, only a small amount of liquid escaped. Trent wasn't surprised, he was hoping he was wrong and it would be an easy fix. The catheter was probably clogged, and just needed replaced. It wasn't a big procedure, but Trent hates to put Clay through anything more. Although, bouncing around on a stretcher and being loading into a helicopter with a full bladder would be probably just as uncomfortable as Trent inserting a new catheter. Trent was worried about Clays kidneys since the urine was most likely backed up into them. Trent went to his back to pull out a new cath kit, "Clay I'm gonna have to insert a new catheter, just bare with me okay." Brock had now come to hold Clay's feet, Sonny at his hips and Jason at his head. Clay was so miserable. Jason's heart was broken at every sound of pain and discomfort Clay made.

As Trent started to remove the old catheter, Clay screamed in pain and arched his back. His legs frantically moving to get more comfortable. As the tubing was pulled out, Trent quickly got the new tubing to replace it with. Clay was just weakly moving and moaning, Jason and Sonny comforting him, wishing they could do more. Jason was surprised that Clay was fighting them as much as he was, he had barely been consious 5 minutes before.

Jason trusted that Trent would only put Clay through what was nescessary right now.

As the new catheter was placed, instantly urine was released. It was dark, thick and bloody, but Clay was hissing as it ran out. Clay was now biting his bottom lip to try and hold in the sounds of pain. Jason chastised him, "Clay, hey don't bite your lip. Don't give Trent any more side jobs stitching you up. Okay buddy."

Within minutes Clay was feeling a bit better. Still in as much pain, just not as uncomfortable as before. He was just limply laying on the floor now, completely spent. Eyes at half mast, Trent was now checking his breathing again. "Clay, I need to check your ribs, after I give ya some oxygen." Trent handed Jason, who was still positioned by Clays head to slip it on his face. Trent was concerned about the rattle he now heard in Clays breathing, it wasn't this bad 10 minutes ago when they first found him. As Trent started feeling around his chest, Clay moaned in pain and tried to get Trent to stop touching his chest by swatting at his hands, not that Clay had much strength to make much difference. As Trent ended the examination, Clay was panting, tears welling in his eyes.

"Clay your breathing is ok for now, some ribs are broken, but not much we can do right here. So just hang in there for me, I know it hurts." Trent spoke while rubbing Clays shoulder. He would never get used to causing one of his brothers pain, even if he wasn't left much choice.

Trent then met Jason's eyes, silently communicating that they needed to chat. Clay was pretty out of it at this point. Totally spent. He lay there chest heaving and eyes closed. As soon as Jason got up to chat with Trent, Sonny moved up to Clay's head, rubbing his hand and calming him.

When Trent and Jason were out of ear shot, Trent said "Jase, he's not an any immediate danger, but I'm really concerned about his breathing, head and kidneys. I don't really wanna give him much pain meds, because of his breathing, but need he's help ASAP.."

"Okay, let me check in with TOC and see what is best for him. I doubt we could get a chopper anywhere close to here. We're most likely gonna have to stretcher him a few clicks at least."

As Jason was chatting with Commander Blackburn, Trent readied to insert a feeding tube into Clays nose. This wasn't the best place for it, but since Clay had been without food for so long, it didn't matter. Sonny looked up at Trent with concern as he thought of putting Clay through more pain. His heart was shattered at the condition his brother was in. Someone was dying after Clay healed up.

"Is he awake?" Trent asked looking at Sonny.

"Yeah, he's been responding to most of my questions. Weirdly he won't answer who that hot blonde he was with a few weeks back." Clay weakly snorted at that comment. Trent then moved back to Clay; "I'm gonna insert an NG tube to get some calories in ya, that should make you feel better. It won't feel good, but it won't hurt."

Trent lubed up the tubing, I thinking how Sonny seemed more nervous than Clay. It went swiftly and Trent gave a small amount of liquid nutrition through it to kickstart Clays digestive system, since it had most likely been shut down for a few days. As Trent starting packing his supplies up, he glanced at Jason with silent communication. They both were dreading the trek to EXFIL...

So hope you guys still like it! It's kinda graphic, but as a avid coffee and water drinker, I would hate to not have to go pee. I can't imagine how that would feel, so I made Clay feel it..