Only a few chapters left! Thanks for sticking with this story for so long!

As Ray hurried back to the room, his mind was in brought back to the time when his sweet and sassy children were born, when he made it back to Brock and Clay, Brock was holding Clay as he continued to gag like he had held Naima when he was laboring. The classic bent over in pain, and the one not in pain holding them up. The only difference wa that Clay was not giving birth, and he was trowing up as he breathed through the pain.

Ray snapped out of his weird daydream and hurried over to put the cold wash cloth on Clay's neck. He also began to rub his back and he continued to gag, although he had nothing left to come up. Tears continued down Clay's face and the pain from the contracting muscles got worse with every gag. Brock and Ray really didn't know what to do now.

Ray was about ready to call Trent when finally, after what felt like hours had passed, Clay's body stopped betraying him and he slowly stopped gagging...

Brock held Clay and asked quietly "Whenever your ready i'll lay you back down, no rush just let me know." Ray continued to rub his back and neck, hoping it brought some form of relief. Clay's breathing was still too quick, and despite the pain he had to be feeling, he seemed to be making an effort to stop breathing so hard.

Clay was so exhausted and worked up that once the muscles stopped contracting he just went limp and practically fell into Brocks chest. Ray and Brock exchanged looks of uncertainty on what to do next. Clay had yet to say anything, and seemed to still be weeping.

After a few minutes of holding his sickly teammate, Brock's back was starting to really hurt. He had been hunched over holding Clay for a few minutes now and he was going to have to move here soon or his back was going to really hate him. He shot Ray, who was still sitting beside Clay on the bed, a look and then proceeded to shift Clay a little to relieve his back. As soon as he moved, Clay whined like a baby and gripped Brock even tighter. Ray couldn't see Clay's face as he still had it buried in Brock's chest, but he was pretty sure he was still silently crying.

Brock whispered something into Clay's ear that Ray could'nt quite pick up on, but suddenly Clay seemed to release his hold on Brock as he shifted.

"Ray, can you hold him for a sec while i move to sit on the bed, then he can fall asleep on me without my back hating me.

"Here Clay im going to hold you for a sec, just lean back on me while Brock moves." Ray moved to pretty much be sitting behind Clay and Clay let out a groan as his ribs protested at the move.

Brock stretched for a second before sitting down with his back against the head board. After a minute or two Ray and Brock helped Clay move back to the middle of the bed to lean against Brock again.

Once Clay was settled, Ray left. He was so sad for his teammate. Clay was the least affectionate one on Bravo, even less than Brock and that took a lot. So for him to still be so miserable to practically spoon with Brock, he had to still be feeling worse than they thought.

Ray must've fallen asleep on the couch because the next thing he knew he heard Trent and Jason come back in the house.

"Shhh, the kid is still sleeping." Ray said in a hushed tone.

"Wheres Brock?" Jason asked after putting the groceries they had bought away and still not seeing him around the house.

"He's in there with Clay still as far as i know. He was sick and then they were laying together while Clay settled. He was pretty worked up." Ray said with sadness in his tone.

"Okay, i'll peak in to make sure they are both doing ok."

"The kid was pretty worked up, so Brock was willing to do just about anything to get him settled again."

Trent nodded and left the room. Ray was still seated, and Jason was pacing the kitchen as he thought about the uphill battle that Clay still faced. Wishing this was all just over with.