Only a few chapters left! Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy and long story. Now, back to the important business, Clay whump!

Brock had never "cuddled" another man before. Of course there were times when he was real young that his dad would hold or rock him to sleep, but those were a long and distant memory. Or times out in the field that he was very close to his teammates, or carried one out of the field when they were injured. He was never the affectionate type, quite the opposite actually. But as Clay heaved and whimpered in pain Brock didn't think twice about comforting him. It was mostly instinct i guess, like how could you watch someone you care so much for, being held captive, then in pain and sick and not try to fix it?

Brock was half awake as Clay stirred. A small whimper was heard, right before another round of vomiting started. Thankfully for Brock Clay had nothing left except a small amount of bile. Trent and Ray must of heard to gagging as they rushed in the room. Trent quickly found a container to try and catch some of the grossness while Clay continued to gag. Good thing they just left his soiled shirt on because it was soiled again.

"Your ok Clay, just take a deep breath. It will be over soon" Trent talked soft and kindly to his teammate. Worry crept over him, Clay should not still be vomiting this much. Clay finally seemed to be calming down as his stomach stopped rebelling.

"Trent, is this normal?" Ray asked quietly.

"I'm not sure, we might need to get him checked out again. This seems excessive even for Clay. I'll make a call and see what is best. I'm afraid he can't keep this up much longer."

Brock continued to hold Clay, he was back asleep by now. Utterly exhausted from the constant sickness. Brock shifted to get more comfortable, as he did they realized another unfortunate incident. Clay must've been straining so much that he soiled his pants again. They were glad Clay was practically asleep so he wasn't humiliated.

Brock & Ray shared a look of sadness. Both at a loss at what to do next. Sonny just sat down on the bed.

"Trent call someone and see what we need to do with him next. He can't continue on like this." Jason said in his very firm, and commanding voice.

"K, let me make a few calls." Trent said as he left to make the calls.

The rest of the team just stayed in the room with Clay. Just wanting to be close. All at a loss at what to do.

A few minutes later Trent came back into the room saying he was going to run and grab an injection for Clay, hopefully that will help with the nausea. Sonny & Jason agreed to go with him, just needing a break.

They arrived back in about 45 minutes or so. Brock adjusted Clay so that Trent had access to Clay's backside. Trent gave him the shot pretty easily, and Clay gave a small grunt, moved a bit then settled back down.

A hour or so later, Brock, with Ray's help moved Clay off of him and laying down on the bed. The rested him on his side incase he was sick again. Brock & Ray then made their way out of the room, and joined the rest of the men out in the living room. They decided after a bit that they were wiped and needed some sleep themselves. Making a schedule to wake up & check on Clay throughout the night. They were happy that he was sleeping peacefully. He seemed to stop vomiting, and this was the longest he had slept since he had been home. Every few hours one of them got up to check in on him, with the pact to wake the rest of the team if something was amiss.

They had made it almost the whole night without Clay even waking. When Sonny came into check on him early morning, Clay stirred responded when Sonny asked "Hot" Sonny then felt him & he did feel a little warm. But Clay had also been covered in a thick comforter so he took that off & turned on the fan. Sonny wasn't real concerned & then left and went back to sleep. Ray had woken after hearing Sonny rustling around thinking it was Clay.

"Everything good with Spenser?" Ray asked in the hall way.

"Yeah, he was just a bit hot so i turned to fan on."

"K, night," Ray said and Sonny silently responded with a nod and went back to the couch to fall asleep. Before he drifted off, he thought to himself maybe they were over the worst of this whole ordeal. This was the calmest night they had had in a while. Unfortunately, that thought would soon be forgotten.

Jason was next up to be on Clay duty. As he made his way into the bedroom, he found the bed empty. Worried, he made his way into the bathroom, turning on the light instinctively, only to find Clay propped up on his elbow on the floor of the bathroom. Jason also smelled something unpleasant. As soon as Jason entered Clay scooted away as best he could, not wanting to move his legs much, he was sorta army crawling away from Jason.

"Clay, whats wrong?"

"Jase, go, please go..." Clay said through tears, voice rough from the many times he vomited.

Jason crouched down, Clay tried to get away from him even more. His back now back against the bath tub. Jason was so taken aback, that it took a second for him to respond.

"Clay, its ok, you've been sick. Tell me whats wrong." Jason said trying to inch closer to him.

"Jase, please go, go, go.." Clay said as convincing as we could muster. Readjusting his self, making himself double over in pain. He seemed to be sweating a lot as well.

"TRENT!" Jason screamed. At a loss on what to do. That woke everyone up. In 2 seconds 4 SEALs made their way to the bedroom, then the bathroom. Trent made his way over towards Clay.

"Hey bud, whats going on?"

"Get away!" Clay said loudly. He was moving restlessly now, in obvious pain. Trent proceeded to make his way closer regardless of Clay's attitude.

As Trent bent down in front of Clay, Clay lashed out with the arm that was not holding all his body weight, and decked Trent pretty hard. Clay curled into himself after that movement. Jason & Sonny rushed in to Clay, Trent stumbled back, needing a second to recover. Clay was practically rocking back and forth on the floor groaning in pain. As Sonny tried to get closer he screamed to get back & tried to get back up. Failing. All of Clay's teammates were at a loss at what to do... Something was seriously wrong with Clay...