All the girls come into the apartment, thoroughly exhausted after an entire day of finals - and these were just the written finals, four of them can't even begin to imagine how drained they'll be after a day of the practical. The one where they have to actually cast the spells.

Only Bloom seems not completely done with the day after the mind-melting Magiphysics exam, with the rest of the girls wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed and do nothing for a long while.

"Anybody want to go for some pizza?" A chorus of groans that sounds suspiciously like 'no' is heard, and Bloom shrugs.

Musa lifts her head up from where she's lying collapsed on the couch - any further would take far too much brainpower and effort - and says "You are unbelievable, Bloom."

Techna nods from her position on the floor next to Musa's spot on the couch, and says "Your IQ must be off the charts for you to not be mentally exhausted after a straight day of tests we've been studying for all week long."

Bloom just shrugs, deciding there's nothing for it all but to head to her room, sketch, and check in with her friends and family back on Earth. Only to find out finals at Hogwarts are coming up, and everyone but Hermione is in a frenzy trying to study for them - and Hermione's in one of her studying modes, an even bigger frenzy studying for everything at once, dead to the world which is why Ron picked up for her.

Bloom glances at Hedwig, who trills sympathetically, and mutters "I'm bored…" All her friends are either busy studying or exhausted, she's currently stalled on her projects since she can't test…wait, yes she can.

Bloom quickly dials Mirta up, relieved and excited beyond belief that the red-haired witch picks up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Mirta, you busy?"

"No, finals ended about half an hour ago. Just got back to my dorm, why?"

"You up for testing a few spells? Everyone else here is burned out for the day."

"Heck, yes! I've been working on this complex illusion, and I need someone to test it out on. You game?"

"Only if I get to test the finished version of my latest counter-spell afterwards. I used Fairy Dust as the anchor, and need something to try it out on."

"Ohmidragon, Fairy Dust is the BANE of our existence since it can cancel almost any curse or spell. That is…well, I can't really call it 'pure evil' but you get the sentiment."

Bloom grins, and says "That's what I was hoping for. Want to find out if it works?" It should, and hopefully using her Fairy Dust as the base for the spell will solve the problem of getting it to interact with another spell since Fairy Dust already does that.

Twenty minutes later, the Witch and the Fairy are out in Roccaluce Gorge - their usual spot for 'field testing' their new spells. Far away from Magix City, any of the schools, and any prying eyes.

Nobody follows a Witch, and nobody could follow Mirta these days since she found her confidence and her magic has thrived with it, and Bloom knows the Disillusionment spell - even if anybody wanted to spy on them, they wouldn't know where to look.

Mirta smirks at Bloom as the Fairy lands, asking "How were your tests?"

Bloom shrugs, and says "I'm more or less alright, if done with writing for a week. The rest of the girls, though, apparently need to regrow their minds. They're done with today."

Mirta snickers, and says "I know the feeling. Our written finals were a few days ago, and it legitimately felt like my brain had been liquified by the end of the day."

Bloom shrugs, and says "Mine's not."

"Yeah, well, you're an actual genius." She first said that as a compliment - like, that's genius, Bloom! - but quickly figured out it was very true. Bloom's a friggin' genius, and Mirta got incredibly lucky when they ended up friends.

They quickly get their respective notebooks out, Mirta's full of increasingly-complex illusions and Curses - nothing lethal, permanent, or evil, per se, but enough to get her point across or defend herself, she's not Lysliss after all - and Bloom's full of everything her mind can come up with. Which is a terrifying amount, Mirta's long-since learned.

They quickly get to work with their magics, Mirta weaving her hyper-realistic illusion around Bloom's senses while Bloom makes a decent effort to counter it - the equivalent of what would be all-out for anyone else, but it's maybe a fourth of what she could do if she put her metaphorical back into it. She can actually feel the spell trying to worm its way into her head past her Occlumency shields - and if she weren't so good at Occlumency, even she would be trapped in its clutches.

As it is, she spent weeks in a meditative trance working on her Occlumency shields the summer after third year - her shields are impassable, a solid wall of flames that you can actually feel as the outer defenses, with a pitch-black stone cave behind them filled with her thoughts and memories as a dragon's hoard, treasure and eggs alike…and a few different dragons in the cave. The Hungarian Horntail she talked to in fourth year, a fully-grown Norbert she got an update from Charlie about after that task, and even the drawing of the orange dragon she found in that book on the Magical Dimension and her own Animagus form. Nobody in their right minds would dare try to pry into her head at this point.

The outer layer sounds simple, almost childish and an easy thing to get past…right up until you have to bare your mind to the feeling of flames scorching you alive. Most people would pull back at once, since she poured quite a lot of energy into those flames - so much they're almost white - and if they managed to get through that even semi-sane they'd be torn to shreds by four different dragons. She's not sure if it would just be the magic or the mind-reader's own mind that would be torn apart, actually, as nobody's ever been stupid enough to try. It would be one hell of an experiment, seeing if a Legilimency probe gone horribly wrong could turn someone into a vegetable like the Longbottoms used to be, but she's not actively looking for someone to maim…as of yet. If someone makes another attempt on her sister or any of the rest of her family, though…all bets are off.

And then she feels the spell start to weaken, Mirta's signal that she's through with her own field test for now, and Bloom starts up her own counter spell. Transforming into her Enchantix form, she makes a handful of Fairy Dust and casts the spell, splashing the hopefully-burning glitter in her face to break Mirta's illusion spell. When she blinks the dust out of her eyes, they feel strangely tingly for a moment…and she can see Roccaluce Gorge once more. Even with the spell not taking hold completely, she could hear faint sounds that indicated Mirta's spell was working to some extent - she doesn't know what she'd see if she'd had her eyes open, but she doesn't really want to guess.

Mirta's got a wicked sense of humor, but she can be downright vicious when she needs to be.

Mirta whistles, bringing Bloom out of her thoughts, and says "Never heard of Fairy Dust looking that color. Or burning. 'Course, never heard of a Fairy using Fairy Dust as the base for a single-person convergence spell either." Bloom basically just splashed fire all over her face…but, given the detail that she's Bloom, it really shouldn't be that surprising. Bloom thinks the word impossible is simply a hilarious joke, or perhaps a challenge someone set for her - safe to say, 'she's Bloom' is very much a viable reason.

Bloom grins at her, and asks "Want to see how it works in an area?"

Part of Mirta wants to say yes, see if she can somehow replicate the effect so she can use it against the other Witches in Cloud Tower - another part of her wants to say no, because she would like to be spared the sight of one of her area-based illusions being torn, or burned perhaps, away like it's nothing. Still, they did want to field test a few new spells…might as well go all out. Mirta uses one of the simpler illusions on the surrounding area, making it look like Domino currently does - a frozen wasteland, everything in sight covered in endless snow and ice - and Bloom looks around with pursed lips and an unreadable expression on her face for a moment before she cups her hands and makes a large amount of Fairy Dust - enough to fill ten pendants and have plenty left over, if the pendants weren't bottomless containers for the stuff - and says the spell. 'Finite Ignis' - it roughly translates to 'ending flames' or 'end by fire' from Latin, according to Bloom.

She's no idea what Latin means, or is, but she's figured out anything that sounds like 'ignite' usually has to do with fire. Figures Bloom would have an entire arsenal of nothing but fire spells alone, forget all the other spells she knows.

After about two hours, the two girls head back to their schools to get ready for bed - fun as it's been, they do have things to do tomorrow. More tests, for instance.

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