Hi! I'm starting a new SYOT. There will be only 2 tribute submissions per person and sponsoring points and list will be up next chapter. Please make your tributes interesting! If they're not I'll probably not use them, or if I'm desperate, put them into Bloodbath. So without further ado, here's the first chapter!

In the Capitol

President Cinnamon Lancaster

"Welcome, welcome," my voice rings across the crowd. It's become considerably smaller over the past 5 years. Let's just say my Presidency hasn't been too successful. The Gamemakers have ruined it all for me, uncreative ideas seem to just flow out of them. It's unfortunate, since the Head Gamemaker from last year was quite nice.

Anyway, there's a new Head Gamemaker now, a thrilling one with tons of ideas. Kielle Lush. At the moment, she stands beside me, readying her own speech. The crowd is silent. Not unusual.

"This Hunger Games, I assure you, will be the best of them all, there's a new Arena, and new tributes! I've come to an important decision, that Kielle helped me put together. This year, the Hunger Games shall be compulsory watching in the Capitol and Districts. If you defy this, well, you'll just have to find out what happens," I grin down at the audience. At the cameras I know are projecting my face across all of Panem.

"Now, Miss Lush will speak to you," I flip my hair over my shoulder, the blue dye is shimmering gently against my pink dress. It puffs out just below my waist, cascading into a graceful glitter. I step back and let Kielle come forward.

"Hello Panem!" She shouts, trying to excite the crowd. Kielle has great fashion sense, it's one of the many things I like about her. At the moment her hair is done up in a complex swirl of silver and gold. Her teeth are sharpened and tipped with opal, her dark skin radiant with silver powder speckles.

"It's a beautiful day isn't it, the sun shining on a happy Panem, as the President's before Lush aspired to do," she's a good speaker Kielle, knows how to sway the audience exactly as she wants.

"I promise you all that the Hunger Games this year will be spectacular, and the Capitol will flourish under a great rule," she smiles sweetly back at me. Almost too sweetly. Kielle's hand reaches into a pocket at her side, she continues to speak, "we will witness the most crucial moments in Panem's history throughout this year, the Games will be changed forevermore."

Her arm rises. The gun gleams black at my head, I don't even have time to speak before the bullet cracks through my skull. Everything goes black, and a searing pain thrashes through me. Then there's just white light, engulfing me whole.

Tribute Form





Favourite thing about their District:


Personality: no less than 3 sentences

Appearance: no less than 3 sentences

Faceclaim (optional):

Backstory: no less than 4 sentences

Family: please include age, appearance, personality

Friends: please include same as family

Any other people of significance: please include same as family

Most Important Moment in life: no less than 2 sentences

Volunteered or Reaped?:

Reaping outfit:


Reaction/Reason: no more than 6 sentences

Strengths: include at least 4 (don't make too overpowered)

Weaknesses: include at least 4

Opinion on the Capitol:


Main Weapon:

Stations at the Training Centre:

What do they show the Gamemakers:

Gamemaker Score: (it won't necessarily be that score)

Interview Angle:

Interview Outfit:

Parade Outfit:

Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?:

What's their opinion on the Games?:

Bloodbath Plan:

Game Plan: make it interesting

Allying or Not:

Are they kind to their allies?:

Open to love in the Games?:

In what environment do they feel most and least comfortable?:

Flight or Fight?:

Expected Placement?: Where do you think they will come?

Preferred Placement: What do you want them to come?

Why should your tribute win?:

Ok, so there's the tribute form and a little passage from in the Capitol! How'd ya like it? The next chapter will probably be the Sponsoring Form and how to earn points! District 1 and 4 Male are taken.