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Hunter 'point-blank' Cornel's POV- District 4 Male

I spin the bottom of the knife on my finger, it spins 5 times before I chuck it up and catch it with a sweeping gesture. I can hear Ax's fierce grunts as he fights Nero. Nero will be a Mentor for one of us this year, I desperately hope it's me. Whichever one of us doesn't go this year, will definitely go next year, but I'd rather go before Ax. I spin away from them and clear my thoughts, ready to hit the bullseyes perfectly. There are 8 dummies lined up before me, all with a bright red circle painted on their chest and head. I have 16 knives stashed in my belt. I throw the first 2, spinning and hitting the circles with 100% accuracy. Then the next, and the next, I hear a satisfying thump whenever the shot is right. Once I'm done, the 8 dummies have all been hit in the red circles. I let myself have 10 seconds of relaxation as a reward. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Ok, now back to work. I set up another 6 dummies, and drag a spear rack over so it's only 1 metre away. I also drag over a few jumps and obstacles. I breathe in and out before picking up a spear and setting my stance. Then I throw, it spears through the dummies head. I grab another, flipping over the first obstacle and making sure the sharp tip is angled away from me, I land and throw with deadly accuracy, cutting the dummies head off. I repeat this process, defeating obstacle after obstacle, learning the exact feel of each weapon again and again. I practice adapting to new weapons, such as a sword. I can still throw it almost perfectly, not as well as spears and throwing knives of course, but still good. I even practice sharpening rocks to throw. These are skills that will help me in the Arena Nero assures, but I want to learn how to survive too. Oh well, I guess I'll have to hope the Careers don't fall apart too early and we can stick by the Cornucopia. Then I remind myself, I might not be going. Nero surveys Ax and I after sparring with him, taking in our small faults and all. Finally, he takes us into the Academy office. He looks over our stats once and seems to make up a decision. He breathes heavily.

"You are both fantastic fighters and will make great assets to the Games, however, I believe that this year, Hunter will be the better candidate," he says with a tone of finality. Ax huffs and puffs. He's definitely gonna beat me when we get home.

I beam at Nero.

"Thank you!" I exclaim. Nero smiles softly at me, probably thinking about Game strategies in his mind, or replaying precious memories of his own Games.

"Go get ready," he orders me. I nod and take off, Ax still fuming behind me. Once we're out in the training room, I am delightfully surprised by Sally. She tackles me to the ground, congratulating me over and over. I shove her off before sitting up and shooting her a glare.

"Did you have to tackle me?" I ask, one eyebrow raised. She giggles.

"Of course!"

I groan with my mouth still upturned in a smile. Sally is one of the only people I care about, it's lucky she's not good enough to volunteer, because I would never be able to kill her and probably end up as a tragic sacrifice. That's not what I want from these Games. Sally is considered one of the most beautiful girls in District 4, and I totally agree, but I don't love her in that way. She has dark and wavy brown hair, that goes almost blonde in Summer. Her eyes are a calm turquoise with dark blue flecks. Her skin is tanned and there are minuscule freckles dotted across her button nose, she also has rosy pink full lips and a light flush along her cheekbones. She has dimples too, and people always comment on her 'hourglass' form. I dunno why that matters. Sally grins at me.

"Congratulations Point-Blank," she says, giving my arm a squeeze.

"Thank you," I grin back at her. We walk out of the training area arm in arm. Sally is my one and only friend, people usually don't come up to me because I rarely talk and I have an anti social nature. I'd probably say this is because of my training, I'm always training.

My mind starts to wander as Sally chatters on, noticing but not caring that I've zoned out. What will I do when, and if, I win the Games? What will become of me? My whole life has been focused on training, and if I win, I'll finally have time to relax. Relaxing really doesn't sound good. I guess I can come up with something though, and I'll be a mentor. We reach my house. Sally gives me a quick kiss on the cheek, winking afterwards.

"See ya at the Reaping!" She shouts.

"See ya then!" I shout back. I open the door into my house, I'm not surprised by Ax's figure standing impatiently in the lounge. He rushes over to me.

"You don't deserve to go!" He screams, spittle flying from his mouth. I stay calm, although I've never seen him this angry, he's been close many times.

"Nero thinks I do, and his opinion is the one that matters," I deadpan before dodging under his meaty arms to my room. He barges in and I give him a once over. He hasn't changed out of the training clothes yet, and definitely hasn't showered. Ax decides to punch me, I dodge the blow as he swings again, I leap over the bed and land lightly on the other side. He growls menacingly and I shrug, adrenaline rushing through me. He gives me a steely glare before kicking out with his foot, I spin around it as he punches my stomach. I feel the wind getting blown out of me, Ax isn't nicknamed Hercules for nothing. He lands another blow to my eye, and I can feel the bruise already forming. Definitely a black eye. I regain my ability to breathe before sliding out from under his huge fists.

"I hope you die in that Arena," he snarls before slamming the door shut with a bang.

I pick up a towel and a clean training top and pants. I quickly shower and get dressed. I begin to walk to the Reaping, keeping distance from Ax. I get my finger pricked without flinching and run over Games strategies in my mind. My feet trod lightly into the 16 year old Section, searching for a spot near the back, where Ax definitely won't be. As I predicted, Ax pushes to the front, knocking a few guys in the face. Velveta comes up onto the stage, her scaly snake-like skin really freaks me out. When I see her tongue my eyes go wide, so weird. I've never understood Capitol fashion choices and I don't think I ever will. She goes on with her speech and I skip over it all, readying my voice for the 2 immortal words, 'I Volunteer.'

Raven Irving's POV- District 4 Female

I rub my eyes tiredly, waking up to hushed voices. I peer over at the girls opposite me, they giggle quietly and point over at a boy that's just arrived here. Poor thing, I hope he gets on alright. I roll my eyes at the silly girls, Kahly and Coral, two of my bullies. They've stopped for awhile, but their comments still hurt. I sit up out of bed and look around, the orphanage isn't overflowing with kids, like in the other Districts, although there are about 20 of us 12 year olds in here. Most of the kids here lost their parents to boat crashes or shark attacks, both common things in District 4. I, however, didn't lose my parents to either of those, my parents died in an outbreak of smallpox, along with many others. I was a survivor, luckily.

Maybe not so lucky I think sometimes, it's the reason for my bullying, and my bullying leads to the awful scar slashed across my face. Everyone thinks I'm a scary witch, about to cast a deadly spell across all of District 4. Pfff, yeah right. Jack is my only friend, he keeps me safe and is super kind, always. I look in my compact mirror, and cringe at the ugly face staring back. My eyes are a dark blue, way too murky, and my hair is dark brown and curly, so curly I always find knots. I grab my hairbrush out and start to brush through. These features aren't the most ugly thing about me though, it's my scar of course. When I was little a few older girls pushed me into a jagged rock, causing this huge cut from my forehead to my chin. I hate it.

Light streams in through the window, and I finally remember why it must be so quiet outside. Today is Reaping day, I don't think I have too much to worry about, the Academy will usually supply 2 confident tributes to Volunteer. How scary that would be, knowing you're going into a competition to the death and only have a 1/24 chance to live. I wouldn't be able to do it, kill people that is, well, maybe if I got really desperate or something.

I guess I'm determined though, and okay with a spear, although my form needs lots of work. I'm not a very talented person, I'd probably die in the bloodbath. I decide to go and see Jack, after passing by the hall for breakfast of course. I quickly pop on a pair of faded shorts and a pink top. It contrasts nicely with my tanned skin, although it doesn't take away my overly skinny frame. I won't be wearing this to the Reaping, but it'll do for now.

I sprint into the room for breakfast, sliding into a recently polished wooden table with only 2 seats. I scoff down a bowl of bland cereal and get on my way. Jack and I always hang out at the rock pools, dipping our toes in and squealing playfully when a fish decided to nibble on one. The brightly coloured fish are so pretty, their flashy scales shimmering in the raw light. I love how clear the water is, and the salty smell wafting in from the ocean nearby. From the rock pools I can see a smaller beach, hidden in between some jagged cliffs opened up to the sky, if you tried to climb them you'd probably fall or cut yourself, that's how sharp the rocks are. The beach is covered in pastel pink and yellow shells, and the sand is so soft. The foamy water always hits it, and sprays up cleverly. Most beaches here are covered in bustling people, huge boats and shiny ports. They're so modern and boring. Nothing like the beach near our rock pool. The beach also has palm trees that scale high up into the sky, covered in coconuts. Jack and I sometimes scale them to feast upon the rich coconuts.

I finally reach the rock pools, Jack is standing there, his back to me, face turned upwards towards the blazing sun. It casts a shadow across him. He turns around, probably hearing my footsteps, he always knows when I'm coming. His bronze hair is slicked back with gel for the Reaping, it's strange, I'm used to seeing him with it all messy, but his dark blue eyes are still the same, his dimples and easygoing smile too. He chucks an arm around my shoulders.

"First Reaping, eh?" He sighs happily. We both know I won't be picked, and then we can go back to being two best friends always hanging out by the seaside.

"Yeah," I grin. He grins back and pokes me in the side playfully.

"Nervous at all?" He asks, a twinkle in his eye.

"Not at all, we both know I won't be picked, and if I am, the chosen girl will volunteer, simple as that," I explain to him while he nods along. Jack is always a great listener. We sit down beside a particularly big rock pool, stripping off our socks and shoes. I dip my feet in and sigh contentedly as the cool water refreshes my skin. I push my hands through the water and run them through my hair, rejoicing in the droplets touch.

"Raven," Jack says.

"Yes, that's my name," I tease. He looks at me seriously.

"If you're picked,- "which I won't be" I quickly cut in, "do anything and everything you can to win, please," he grins his teeth and sets his jaw. I look at him worriedly, bringing my hand to his shoulder and rubbing it gently.

"If I get picked, which I won't, I promise to do everything I can to win," I smile, giving him a reassuring hug. He hugs me back tightly.

We talk for a while longer, and decide to have some coconuts for lunch, rather than me going back to the dreary orphanage. Our feet create prints in the sand as we sprint across it, tackling each other to the ground. Before long, we are completely out of breath, and there's only an hour before the Reapings. I bid Jack goodbye and sprint off to the orphanage.

I grab stuff from out the drawer, a British white colour shirt, dark blue trousers and my normal black shoes that are quite scuffed. I finish off the look by swinging my favourite necklace around my neck. It's just a simple piece of string with a seashell on it, I've had it pretty much since I was born. Then I swiftly head towards the Reapings, this should be quick.

I walk with a confident stride towards the 12 year old section, giving Jack a wink, he's a year older than me, and obviously a boy, so he's quite far away. Velveta walks up onto the stage, she's a bit freaky to be honest, I hate her snake look, maybe if I lived in the Capitol I would be able to get plastic surgery and not be so awfully hideous. The Capitol are biased and unfair though, I don't think I could ever live there.

Velveta starts to read out the speeches, I've never had to listen before, but I do this time, only a little. Eventually she gets to the name calling, she decided to do the boys first. She walks over and calls out a random name, Oliver something I think. In a split second, I hear a strong voice from the 16 year olds section call out.

"I VOLUNTEER!" The boy shouts. He's handsome, and has a scar down his face, just like me. Although his doesn't deform his face. Velveta looks very happy about him, his name turns out to be Hunter Cornel, I've heard of him before, apparently he's very good at throwing things. Velveta will likely try to seduce the poor bloke, even though he looks way too serious for her, and a bit disgusted by her appearance. She clicks over to the girls bowl, looking a bit bored.

"Raven Irving," my name is called out. I freeze for a second but then remember the volunteer girl. I wait, and I wait. Someone gives me a gentle push towards the stage. I reluctantly start to move, hiding my scar with my hands and avoiding eye contact with anyone.

I can't believe it! The girl should have volunteered! Maybe she will when Velveta asks. At the moment, Velveta looks as if she just found something extremely smelly stuck to her shoe. Ahh, she hates me. My hand is placed firmly across my scar, but it pokes out slightly at my forehead. I know what they're all thinking right now. Good riddance the witch!

Jack looks completely gobsmacked, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

"NO!" He cries. Velveta asks for my name.

"Raven Irving," I mumble into the microphone. Tears slip out of Jack's eyes. I can see his mind working quickly, cogs turning with precise and set mechanisms. I close my eyes to avoid looking at him, it'll just make me cry.

"Any volunteers?" Velveta says weakly. Silence. Everyone knows who I am, and is fine with me gone. The Capitolites won't notice me, I won't be the witch there at least, maybe I can get some sponsors. I go over the assets I have in my mind, not many to be honest, and I don't know if I could actually kill someone! These Games are stupid, and cruel, I hate everything about the, and always have. I look over at Hunter, I can see the determined and almost deadly glint in his eye. He's ready to kill. I know one thing right now, I have no chance. Then my determination kicks in and Jack's words run through my mind. I will do everything I can to get home. I promise Jack. I promise.


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