"The Crown."

By B.B. Asmodeus.

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Fandom: Gotham (2014).

Couples: Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne (main). Mentions of Bruce/Selina, Bruce/Others, Jim/Sofia, and Jim/Lee.

Rating: Adult overall. Bruce is seventeen in the beginning of this story.

Summary: Post-4x11. After being played big time by Sofia Falcone, Jim looks for a way to regain control of the city. And it involves contracting nuptials of convenience with Bruce Wayne.

Continuity: Heavy spoilers of episode 4x13 "A Beautiful Darkness." This chapter is a rewrite in a general way.

Extra: The series "The Crown" is responsible for inspiring me to write an AU with Jim and Bruce married, and the Waynes being part of Gotham royalty. Therefore, the title of this fic. However, don't expect many similarities between the series. Also, I'm Mexican and my first language is spanish, any mistakes in this translation are my own.

Dedicatory: Oh my gosh, I didn't expect such warm response to this story. Thank you, to all my readers! This one goes for you. Bruce/Jim is one of my most beloved OTP's. I'm fond of the Nolan 'verse since it was then I started seeing them in romantic light, but in Gotham their bond really shined from beginning to end and I loved them. so. much. They had such fabulous actors playing them (Ben Mckenzie, David Mazouz), I recommend you to check the series out, if you haven't yet.

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"I can bend.

I can break.

I can shift.

I can shape

Blaze a trail through the driving rain.

I can change,

for you. "

-Brandon Flowers.

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"The name of the victim is Roland Charles. He ran the R&D department at Wayne Enterprises, the Biotechnology section."

"Did you know him well, when you worked there?"

Fox shrugged. "Just in passing. Besides, it's not that I recognized him the first time."

In the dining room of the residence, Jim encountered the terrible and bizarre circumstances of Roland Charles's death. The man was a human plant, vegetation coming out his mouth in the most grotesque way. "It's like the other victim we found last week."

"The toxin that caused the mutation entered the bloodstream through the cuts in his neck. If it is the same cause of death as in the past case, the toxin creates branches that feed on the body of the victim, while attacking the hippocampus, as a kind of psychedelic. "

"So it kills you and causes you hallucinations. Any witnesses?"

"The family is saying that they were two women, a redhead and a brunette, the redhead used a method of hypnosis in all of them, and they mention that the brunette was wearing a whip."

The last thing he needed. Jim squeezed the bridge of his nose in exasperation. "Selina Kyle? Murder is not her thing."

Fox was just as doubtful. "The family claimed that it was the redhead who murdered Roland and took his briefcase with her."

"Well, if the briefcase was so important, maybe everything is related to his work at Wayne Enterprises?"

"I doubt it, his projects were simple: pharmaceuticals, pesticides..."

At the brief pause, Jim raised his eyebrow. "What?"


-Uh huh. Jim made a mental note to apply more pressure in that angle upon returning to the precinct. For all of Fox's brilliant abilities, lying wasn't one of them. "I'll go find Selina."

Jim turned to leave the dining room, and walked a few paces out of sight, pausing enough behind the wall separated them.

Lucius fell right into the trick. Jim heard the man leave a message on Bruce's phone. -I knew it. The case had Wayne Enterprises printed all over it.

Luckily for Fox, going to face Bruce Wayne wasn't part of Jim Gordon's priorities right now.

Upon arriving at the Sirens, Jim went straight to Barbara's office.

"Well, well, well. If it is no other than Gotham's newest Prince Charming. What an honor! Should've stretched the red carpet if I knew you were going to visit!" The blonde got up from the desk, folding her newspaper in half. "You know, Jim? I understand a lot now. Should've told me, I would have invited you to a sleepover-a little bonding time over our weakness for bad boys never hurt anybody."

Not understanding what the woman was talking about, Jim accepted the offer to take the newspaper. He read the Social section with his own eyes.

He quickly regretted it.

Front and center, a photograph of the charity event was splashed all over it. Bruce in Jim's arms while they had danced. Although Bruce had worn a mask, everyone had been aware of his identity, and the headline made it noticeably clear.


The angle of the photograph had to be intentional. Jim was shown with his arm tightly wrapped around the Omega, confident. And worse of all, had to be Jim's own face. His expression was a fairly good reflection about how he had felt that night.


"Don't believe everything you read."

Barbara winked at him. "Normally I would buy into your macho act, but it's not every day that Jim Gordon blushes."

Jim threw the newspaper on the desk. "I'm looking for Selina, is she here?"

"I have no idea. Selina is more of a street cat than a domesticated one, you know that. But if I see her, I'll tell her you stopped by to say hi. Now, if you don't mind… I was in the middle of something before you dropped by unannounced. "

Behind the private curtain that complemented Barbara's office, Sofia's figure appeared, pointing out who exactly Barbara had been busy with.

"Don't worry, Barbara, it's always a pleasure to say hello to James. Could you give us a moment?"

Jim looked at Barbara, and despite all the things that had happened between them, he knew the woman could understand the warning in his gaze. -Don't trust her.

Raising and eyebrow, Barbara answered. -I don't.

"All right. Behave, love birds."

Alone, Jim walked right towards Sofia. "What do you want with Barbara Kean?"

"Are you worried I shared details of our deal with her?" The female Alpha snorted. "I know how to keep secrets." Approaching, the woman extended a hand to touch him. Jim stopped her, imprisoning Sofia's wrist with his right hand. With a grunt, Falcone tore her hand away. "I want my partner Carmichael released from your cell as quickly as possible."

"Oh no!" Jim raised an accusing finger. "That wasn't part of the deal, you run the Underworld, I run the GCPD, your lucky partner was arrested on his own."

"Let me clarify the rules of this game, James Gordon: our deal is what I want it to be. Unless, of course, you want everyone to know that you're responsible for the Pyg's arrival in the city."

"You brought him to Gotham, not me. I was just trying to stop Oswald—"

"But you hid it, and you took the credit for killing the Professor. As soon as the world finds out, you will be destroyed, along with your beloved GCPD."

"If I fall, you fall with me." Jim growled low. He smiled coldly, enjoying the surprise in Sofia's expression. "And I bet you like being the Queen of the Underworld too much to put that at risk."

Sofia sighed. "You still think you know what I'll do or not do. You don't learn, James."

Jim snorted. "I recognize an empty threat when I hear it." Detecting movement through the glass window of Barbara's office, he caught sight of Selina Kyle finally within reach. Just like that, Jim didn't have time to keep posturing against Sofia. "I have work to do."

Of course, as soon as Cat heard him call out for her, she ran off in the opposite direction from where she had arrived. Jim gave chase and eventually managed to catch her on the roof of the building, just before the girl had the chance to jump to another roof.

"Why are you running, Selina?"

"Because there's a madman with a badge chasing me?"

"Ah, so isn't it because last night you were at Roland Charles's house when the man was transformed into a tree? His family described his assailants as a redhead and a brunette, the latter owning a whip like yours. Tell me I'm wrong. "

All the struggle went out of Selina, at being caught in the lie. "I swear, I just went there to steal from those rich guys."

"For God's sake." Jim rolled his eyes. "What about the redhead? This is the second person she's killed so far, I need a name."

"Ivy Pepper."

Jim frowned. "Please, Selina, I know Ivy."

"I'm serious, Gordon, she's changed... a lot, I don't know how. She can use plants to hypnotize people and then poison them."

"Why would she want to kill Roland Charles?"

"Because he worked for Wayne Enterprises. She's obsessed with a weird project that involves plants in that place."

Damn it. Jim recalled Fox's voicemail.

Why did everything circle back to Bruce Wayne?

- "Ask me again." Shaking his head, Jim didn't allow himself to be dragged with the memory. He had to focus.

An hour later, Jim was arriving at the precinct with Selina, ready to lecture Lucius about the importance of teamwork.

"What is it with you grabbing people's arms, man?"

Jim just pulled harder, pushing the girl forward. "Harper, I'm taking Selina to one of the cells. Is Lucius in my office?"

"Lucius? No, he left with Ivy a while ago."

His shock stopped him short. He released Selina instantly. "Ivy Pepper was here?"

Harper smiled. "Yes, he asked me to introduce him to the whole precinct. She's wonderful!"

Jim raised an eyebrow. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. From Harper, of all people. "She's a psychopath who already turned a poor man into a flowerpot. What's wrong with you?"

"Gordon." Selina growled, hitting his shoulder in warning. "She's hypnotized, see? I told you!"

And if Jim was doubting her word, half the precinct rose from their seats right at that moment to look at Gordon in a very hostile way. Jim had no choice but to flee to the morgue along with Selina. Retracing Lucius' steps, he searched for any clue that could reveal Lucius' whereabouts and found it in the form of a recording. In it, Fox's voice described an address outside the city, near Kingpark.

Smart man.

"Well done." Jim started guiding the girl out of the morgue 一

一 And Harper appeared at the opposite door, accompanied with a handful of police officers.

"Run." He ordered. Selina obeyed.

Jim used an extinguisher on his defense and blocked the exit with a metal file cabinet. In the brawl, she lost Selina's trace. Jim didn't try to relocate her since his time was limited.

He headed to Kingpark on his own.

It was a long trip.

Resigned, Jim took out his cell phone and dialed the Mansion.

There was no answer.

"Damn it, Bruce." Jim had a bad feeling. And when it came to Bruce, his fears were always justified. He tried to reach him on his cell phone, but he was sent to voicemail. "Bruce, you can throw tantrums later. Ivy Pepper has Lucius, and I know it's about the Project you're working with him, call me when you hear this message."

- "Ask me again… to marry you."

Jim accelerated, turning on the siren to ease his way through the traffic.

Even while driving, his mind betrayed him. Jim conjured up the image of Bruce, wild hair and heavy expectation on his face.

He remembered the boy's solid presence. His tense back, ready for a fight or flight reaction.



"Because I realize now, that marrying you wouldn't solve anything… It's not the way to confront Sofia."

"There's no other way. You said it yourself."

Jim had looked at Bruce carefully, recognizing hope in the boy's expression. Knowing deep down what he had to do to keep Bruce safe from his problems, Jim had gathered all effort to destroy said hope from the root.

"That was before I saw how much you've changed. Marrying you would be another kind of monumental set of mind games to deal with, Bruce. I've got enough with Sofia."

Bruce had stepped back, acting as if Jim's words had physically struck him.

Jim had gone even further. "You are so lost inside yourself that I see you and I cannot conceive I'm seeing someone real." The icy delivery had been like spitting fragments of glass from his own throat. "If you can't deal with your own problems right at this moment, how can you hope to solve the problems that the city has on a large scale? Not even Alfred-"

"Get out."

And so, Jim had left.

He wasn't proud. But it had been necessary. To keep Bruce at a safe distance from Sofia.

Or that, Jim had been repeating himself all week to feel less of an asshole.

He found Ivy leaving the Wayne Enterprises greenhouses with Fox as her hostage and a glass bottle filled with a fluorescent substance in her hand.

Jim didn't hesitate to point his gun at the woman. She was definitely not the Ivy Jim remembered.

Seeing him, Ivy gave him a short speech, describing herself as a seed that had blossomed directly into the land of madness. Jim let her talk, waiting for an opening to appear and shot her without harming Lucius.

This Ivy, however, was more analytical than the latest version. "Throw your gun on the ground, Detective." She wrapped a hand around Fox's neck, her nails perfectly painted against his skin. "Or your friend becomes a flower arrangement."

Jim sighed. He slid his weapon to the floor in Ivy's direction. "Lucius, are you okay?"

"I find myself in the sweet embrace of my favorite person in this world, Jim, I could not be better."

"You don't say." Jim articulated, totally skeptical.

Ivy smirked over Fox's shoulder. "Don't sound so doubtful, Gordon. Bruce clearly didn't object to the joys of our little reunion."

That bad feeling from before? Confirmed.

"That got your attention, huh? Old habits don't die, I see. Let me be clear, Jim. I know how stubborn you are, that with or without a weapon, you will chase me. But keep in mind that if you do, Bruce Wayne will die."

The Alpha in Jim rose, a growl rumbling from its core. "What have you done to him?"

"I went to visit him at the Mansion and planted a seed. I imagine it's about to bloom, but if you let me go..." From her neckline, the woman extracted a small glass tube with liquid inside. "You may arrive just in time to give him the antidote."

"This isn't the end." Ivy had no idea what she'd just unleashed on her trail, having gone after Bruce.

Ivy winked at him. "You have no idea how much that's true." The woman stuffed the tube into Fox's jacket, making him sigh like a schoolgirl. In a moment, the woman started her escape. Jim lost no time in approaching Lucius to retrieve the antidote.

"Uh, better wait until Ivy is at a safe distance, don't you think?"

Jim growled. "Give me the antidote, now."

Lucius pouted.

Jim rolled his eyes. "Don't make me hit you."

Lucius snorted. "Jim, I must warn you, I'm a black belt in jujitsu."

Sadly, Jim didn't give a damn. "Since when?"

"I take night classes."

Jim hit him straight in the face.

Fortunately for Fox, only one punch was enough.

[+] + [+]

"You are afraid… You should be!"

And the darkness devoured him.

Bruce woke up with his heart in his mouth, clinging to the closest thing to him.

Who happened to be Jim Gordon.

Bruce groaned, terrified. He buried his fingers in the Alfa's coat, suffocating still in the lingering hallucination.

"You're fine, Bruce, it's over."

Bruce felt Jim's hand holding the back of his neck. Bruce aligned his face with the man's. No ugly mustache to be found for sure. The relief felt a little unreal. "Y-You're really here."

He received a soft smile. "I am."

Bruce closed his eyes. Upon reopening, nothing changed. Jim and Lucius continued to hover over him, worried. Bruce missed Alfred like a punch to the chest. "W-would someone open a window, please?" Bruce felt like he couldn't breathe.

Lucius took over the task, while Jim helped him stand up. As soon as Bruce was in control of his own two feet, the Alpha retreated.

Then it hit him.

Bruce remembered all recent events. A convoluted package of angry, bitterness and madness.

Head pounding, Bruce walked over the window Lucius had opened. Fresh air filled his lungs. He took a long moment to regroup, focused on the sounds of the night. He remembered Ivy's manipulation with a flinch and muttered cursed. Tendrils of the strange dream still clung to his brain—the darkness. The demon living in his soul.

Albeit engrossed in the hiding meanings of his mind, Bruce was aware of his surroundings. He heard whispers between the two men behind his back, before Lucius opted to retire from the study altogether.

Eventually, it was Jim who had the courage to speak first.

"According to Lucius, the toxin must already be out of your system by sweating."

Bruce remained still.

"This toxin attacks the brain like a hallucinogen, so, although I doubt it was pleasant… Whatever you experienced, Bruce, it wasn't real."

Bruce blinked. "I think… I think I saw who I really am." He turned to the Alpha cautiously. "I know what you're going to say, but what I saw… It was real in a way."

Jim Gordon looked more worried than before.

"And you were right." Bruce continued. "I've been completely lost."

"Oh, Bruce." Curiously, those blue eyes reflected the same vulnerability Bruce was trying to assimilate. "Forget what I said earlier, I was just trying..."

"I understand the purpose of your cruelty." Licking his lips, Bruce noticed his hands were still felling tremors.

"You're lucky, then, very few people manage to know themselves that well一"

"I'm anything but lucky, Jim. You didn't see him, you didn't see… what I'm made of deep inside."

The Alpha decided to surprise him. When he started to close the distance between the two, Bruce tried to steel himself against the complementary comfort that would surely follow. It came in the form of Jim's hand squeezing his shoulder. Like old times.

"I have faced my own darkness, Bruce."

Bruce swallowed, caught in the man's gaze. A cursed mirror. He felt totally naked, all his shields undone because of Ivy Pepper. And the worst thing was that Bruce was too tired to raise his barriers back up.

"I'll tell you this." Jim whispered on. "You have people around you who care about you a lot. You don't have to fight your demons alone." Jim's eyes always bright even, in tribulation.

The hand came off the Omega's shoulder. Bruce wanted to follow it. He had missed the contact. The comradery. Connection.

"I'll come by tomorrow, hm? To see how you're doing."


On his way to the foyer, the Alpha paused. He refused to turn around completely, inching half his body towards Bruce.

Not good enough.

They said hindsight could be a curse. This time, it served a greater purpose. Each time Bruce had let go of Gordon and their intricate relationship, regret had been frequent. Bruce was resolved to learn from their past. His first demon of the night to slay.

This time, Bruce found no obstacle in his decision to finally make a move 一 to get what he wanted. He detected the apprehension on Jim's face, at seeing his approach. Bruce couldn't understand it. There was no space for fear between them.

He placed his hand on the Detective's cheek slowly. Jim let him, his body inclining towards the Omega. The experience was shocking, but riveting. To fulfill one of his oldest yearnings 一 feeling Jim Gordon's skin and bones under his fingertips, only fed Bruce with more determination.

"I'm not playing. Not anymore."

Jim knew what was about to happen and did not run away this time. Unlike last time, he didn't use aggression as a weapon of choice to get rid of Bruce.

The moment Bruce's lips made contact with the Alpha's, their pheromones went crazy. He felt the vibration of Jim's growl down to his very bones. And large hands clung to Bruce's waist without hesitating, burning.

Finally, Bruce was in the mid of it all—from Jim's breath, his taste and his smell. What Ivy had begun to defragment; Jim took care to tear down with force.

They parted briefly, Bruce opening his eyes a fraction.

The second kiss was radically different.

Now with Jim taking the lead, Bruce was flooded by a tide. His lips parted at the pressure of the Alpha's tongue, and both moaned. Jim's hands covered his face instead, sweet, and the Omega's mouth was lavished in slow movements一Something in Bruce just broke free.

Nothing like this, had happened with Selina.

"Get some rest." Jim murmured, after finishing the kiss and giving them a chance to breathe. "I'll leave a couple of my men posted at the gates, in case Ivy tries to come back."

Neither of them mentioned how futile a couple of cops would be against Ivy. But Bruce let Jim cling to the false pretense of security. He just nodded, still with the Alpha's palms on his face and a heavy curtain of pheromones trying to comfort him.

"Pff, serve me another drink! Keep the party going!"

"Oh, God." Bruce sighed, now rubbing his face at the bird's dumb chatter. There was no escape from the consequences of his frivolous acts such as buying an exotic animal as a bet. Soon, the exhilarating warmth from their kiss was replaced with humiliation.

Jim looked amused. He opened his mouth, looking at the cage.

"Don't ask." Bruce repeated, just like the first time. "Please."

Humor stretched the wide smile on the Detective's face. A rare sight. After readjusting the lapels of his coat, the man continued his way to the lobby.

"Well, at least you'll be in good company."

[+] + [+]

End of Part iii.

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