"You stupid fucking Deku. Stop dreaming about being a hero already. You're just a fucking pebble in my way of greatness that needs to be blown up!"

"K-Kacchan... Please don't-" A young boy going by the nick-name, Deku, was lying down on the concrete playground. Burn marks ran up and down his body. Some new, some old. Because he's quirkless, Izuku was constantly bullied by Katsuki 'Kacchan' Bakugo. This had continued for around a year now, since he was officially declared quirkless. But that didn't stop his dreams of becoming a hero. So he took on the hobby of writing and drawing everything about heros and villains in a series of note-books. Unfortunately for Izuku Midoriya, Kacchan had locked his eyes with the latest installment of Izuku's analysis books.

"Oooo, what is this, Deku?" Katsuki Bakugo pulles the notebook out of Izuku's hands while his friends hold the greenette down and starts flicking through it. "'HERO ANALYSIS FOR THE FUTURE' What is all this crap. How 'bout I dispose of it right here right now." He puts his open palm against the book cover.

"Noooo... Kacchan please. Please don't-"


"Now listen here you little shit, how 'bout you climb all the way up to the top of the school building and take a swan dive off the roof. You might end up with a quirk in the afterlife. HAHAHAHA!" Katsuki started laughing along with his friends who kept stomping on Izuku's book's ashes. Not taking it any longer, Izuku wriggled out of the other boys' hands and started making his way over to the stairway. The bullies just stared blankly in suprise at him before catching onto what was happening. One by one they started running away from Katsuki, who didn't understand what was happening. Better see what that dumb shit will do now... he though to himself.

Izuku continued to make his way up to the highest point of the school. He has tried his hardest to still smile for his mum, covering up his scars as best he could. But his mum always avoided him anyways, probably too scared to tell Izuku how useless he really is. He began muttering to himself. Kacchan is right. I am just a useless, powerless Deku. What good am I doing by being here, except for taking the role of Kacchan's punching bag. It's probably best if I'm not here anymore. "Isn't this what you dreamed of, KACCHAN?" Izuku said the last part out loud.

"DEKU YOU LITTLE SHIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Katsuki arrived just in time to see Izuku swing his other leg over the rails. "Get back here now!"

Deku turned and gave the blond a manic smile. "Is this not what you have always wanted, Kacchan? Well, it's your lucky day!" He turned back around and smiled at the ground. "I guess it doesn't seem too bad from up here. Kind of exciting." Izuku quietly muttered before leaning out and jumping.


A man wearing a formal white under-shirt, vest, red tie and black pants was walking down the street of his favourite neighbourhood when he heard a commotion. He quickly walked around the corner and saw something that disturbed him greatly. He saw a kid with green, messy hair, standing on the edge of the tall school building. People, students, and teachers were standing down the bottom, watching. Not helping. Watching. Not even local heros showed up. Something clicked inside the man's head. Isn't that the kid that Tomura was interested in? Well, I guess it's our lucky day.

The greenhaired kid took his final step off of the building, and as he was falling he was engulfed in a purple and black mist that also whisked away the bystanding man to an unknown location. The formal man picked up the semi-conscious boy in his arms and put him in a chair, strapping the kid's arms and legs to the chair legs and rests. He picked up the chair and carried it into the center of his favourite bar. He turned it to face the old, buzzing television in the corner of the room before waking up the boy.

"W-where am I-I?" The boy woke up groggily. His eyes adjusted to the light and managed to make out a man made of mist sitting infront of him.

"Hello young man. My name is Kurogiri. What's yours?"

The boy didn't say anything at first because his mum told him not to talk to strangers, but after feeling the rope on his arms and legs he decided he had no other choice. "I-Izuku Midoriya... sir."

Kurogiri suddenly stepped back a bit in suprise. He'd never been called 'Sir' before, and from a child? His sudden movement made Izuku jump as high as his chair would let him. "Oh, don't worry. Sorry I scared you. Now, let us get down to buisness. As you can see, you are in perfect condition after your attempted suicide. You can thank me later for saving you but first you need to meet with our boss."

"Wh-what did you do to me?"

"Nothing yet. But not to worry, we will return you to your mother soon." As soon as Kurogiri stopped speaking, the television Izuku was facing turned itself on to display 'Audio Only'. A gruff but powerful voice came from the machine's speakers.

"Good afternoon, young Midoriya. You may refer to me as your Master. Now, I have a proposal for you young man. My prodigy, Tomura, followed you for quite a few weeks and has taken a liking to you and your quirk analysis. He told me that because of you being bullied for not having a quirk, I should give you one." Izuku almost lept in joy save for his rope. The television continued to talk, "But in order for you to obtain a quirk, you need to join me and my organisation. You will train every day under my or Kurogiri's supervision, but you will also have time to study and sleep at your own home. What do you say?"

Izuku starred at the screen for a moment before answering with his own question. "W-what does your organisation do?"

"We, my dear boy, are the Leage of Villains. You may feel scarred of us, but everyone here has their own story to tell and are quite the sociable bunch" Master chuckled a little bit before clearing his throught. "Do you wish to join and obtain a quirk?"

"Y-yes sir! I will do anything!"

"Good boy. Tomura, untie him for me and Kurogiri, teleport all you three to me as soon as possible."

A figure moved out of the shadow of the doorway at the back of the bar. It was a boy, not much older than Izuku himself, wearing ripped jeans, white sneakers, a black hoodie and blue, long, greasy hair. His tired eyes sparkled in joy. The older boy quickly untied the rope and pulled Izuku up from his seat before enthusiastically shaking his hand. "My name is Tomura! I hope you have fun here at our hide-out!"

Izuku seemed quite supprised. Didn't Master say that this was the League of Villains? "U-uh... thanks?"

"Lets go now, children. Master is waiting." And with that, a portal opened up and the trio stepped forward.


The room was in complete darkness. Izuku couldn't see anything yet Kurogiri and his new friend Tomura seemed absolutely fine. He followed the others until light from computer monitors illuminated a figure covered in tubes sitting at a lone desk. He appeared to be severely mutated yet could talk absolutely fine. "Welcome to my office, Midoriya." Kurogiri pushed Izuku forwards until he was right infront of the figure. "Now, for what you came here to do." The man lifted his hand and gently placed all five fingures on the top of Izuku's skull. A fierce bolt of electricity shot through Izuku as he stood stock-still. Then everything went black.


"Ahhh!" Izuku woke to Tomura shaking him from his slumber. He realised he was back at the bar. "What happened?"

"YAY! You collapsed when your new quirk was transferred over to you. I must of been a pretty powerful one at that. But now Kurogiri says you have to leave before your mum gets worried."

"Oh, ok. I'll leave now." Izuku mumbled before getting up from the bar floor. "When do I meet you guys tomorrow?"

Kurogiri spoke up from cleaning his glasses behind the bar. "Tomura will go to your school and pick you up, as well as assist in any conflict from that blond boy. I'll send you back home now, Midoriya. Just tell me where." Izuku then gave Kurogiri his address before a portal opened for him.

Stepping out of the portal, Izuku looked around to see that the sun was just setting. I was gone for that long? Recognising some of the nearby houses, he looked to his right and saw his own apartment block. Izuku sprinted up to his unit and knocked on the door. Scurrying was heard inside as his mum pulled the door wide open before crying at the boy Infront of her.

"Izuku my baaaaaaabyyyyyyy! Where have you been?" She almost crushed Izuku with the hug she was giving him. "What happened?"

"Mum, please go inside and calm down. I'll explain everything to you."

The rest of the night Izuku told his mum how he was saved by a man who was very nice to him and how he made a new friend with a boy named Tomura. He also said he got a quirk and how he wants to go visit them after school the next day.

But as he was going to bed , one question still bothered him. Why did no hero show up to save me?


Yes, Tomura is only one year older in this story.

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