Not the confession you'd expect


Ochako Urakara was walking down the bland hallways of the Wild Wild Pussycats Training Camp. The camp has been hard but nothing out of the ordinary until now. Earlier when she was changing into her gym gear for the nighttime forest training, she got a text message from Izuku Midoria that simply stated;

"Meet me outside the building's westwing, now."

Confused, she left the changing rooms to find out what Izuku was talking about. To be honest, Izuku has been acting differently compared to when he first started at UA. Maybe Katsuki is really making him mad, or maybe he is just tired. Hopefully he's okay because I haven't heard him stutter in weeks, and that's a bad sign.

Ochako opened the fire-exit door to reveal Izuku leaning against an oak tree wearing a dark-greyhoodie, holding some object. Upon closer inspection the object turned into a black and silver knife with a slight curve at the end, reflecting the moonlight into her eyes.

"Izuku, is everything alright?" Ochako asked carefully. The sudden break in the silence caused Izuku to look up into her eyes. Gasp! Ochako stumbled back a few steps. Izukus eyes were completely grey. His bright emerald eyes that sparkled with excitement and joy...


Izuku tilted his head curiously at the sudden outburst from his friend. He shrugged his shoulders and put the knife away. "Hush... It's okay Ochako. I won't hurt you. I promise..." He finished off with his signature sweet smile. "I just need to talk about something important."

Ochako gulps. "I will not be staying in UA anymore," Izuku continued. "Something big will happen tonight and after that, I will no longer be needed as a spy in your class. Now, all I ask is for you to stay quiet for a few more hours, okay?"

But before Ochako could respond, Izuku launched himself off the tree and wrapped his arms around the frozen girl. He held the hug for a few more minutes before bringing his lips close to Ochako's ear and whispered "Promise me one thing, Ochako, that you don't come looking for me. But should you bump into me, you are more than welcome to kill me, there and then."

And with that Izuku let go of the girl and removed his jacket to reveal a neatly ironed tuxedo with a four-leafed clover in a red circle sewn on top of the left breast pocket. He then fitted a half-mask onto his face, kind of like Toga's, except his was made up of simple blue triangles instead of white teeth.

He turned back to face Ochako, placing a hand on her shoulder before giving one last smile ( not that she could see ) before heading off to the front of the building where the screams of suprised children could be heard.

No no no NO NO NO! Not like this. He can't... NO. Izuku is NOT a villain. How could someone who... who was always so enthusiastic about heros be so... so evil. I looked up to him! Why him? Why... Ochako quickly spun on her heal only to find that Izuku had disappeared. Soon enough the screams of 1-A registered in her overworking brain. Pushing all thoughts to the back of her mind she sprinted, with the help of her quirk, to the main clearing.


"EVERYONE GET BACK!" The students and teachers began to panic at the sound of Aizawa's voice confirming the worst. Exactly 3 metres in front of the students a purple and black mist that was immediately recognised from the USJ Incident began to form, getting larger by the second. Villains began to pour out onto the ground in front of everyone. Each villain that came out of the portal seemed scarier than the one before it. Some people began to slowly back away, while others like Katsuki and Shoto readied their quirks.

Aizawa quickly began counting heads. "Hey class! Does anyone know where-"

"I... am... here, sensei." Uraraka was out of breath when she arrived. Tsuyu ran up to her and gave her a quick hug before looking behind her for something.

"Hey, Uraraka..."


"Where's Deku?" This made Urakara freeze. Izuku's voice replayed in her head. 'Now all I ask is for you to stay quiet for a few more hours, okay?' The gravity girl didn't know what to say. The truth or just wait?

"I-I-I d-don't know. I thought he came here-"

"OI DEKU! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING?!" Bakugo's voice boomed over everyone else's excitement and fear. Every eye turned to face the green-haired, grey-eyed classmate who was spinning a knife between his fingers. "ANSWER ME YOU SHITTY NERD!"

"Calm down Kacchan, all will be explained in good time. Now," Izuku clapped his hands to get everyone's attention, including the villains, before continuing. "I would like to thank all my classmates and teachers for all the opportunities to be a hero that they presented, but nothing anyone here could do would change my mind. Hero society is just a way for people to make money by bashing whoever they believe is bad and get reinforced by our shitty society.

"Many, many years ago, my good friend Kacchan gave quirkless little me some advice. 'Go take a swan-dive off of a building and hope to be reborn with a quirk in the next life. So I gave it a shot. But before I could do that, I was stopped. Guess who stopped me. Not a hero, nooooooo. There is no way a hero would stop by and help a sad and lonely child who was lost in the pitying gazes of society. But a villain.

"The League Of Villains to be exact. They raised me behind my mother's back, they lifted my lifeless body and gave me hope. Hope not to be a hero, but a villain. They even gave me a quirk and helped me get into the school I always wanted to get into. From there on I met you lovely people..." With this Izuku Midoriya pointed his hand at everyone around him to emphasize his point. "But I'm afraid it's time for me to go. I have had enough spying and plotting for one heroic year that sitting next to Toga actually sounds pleasant." This earnt a slight giggle from said person.

"Now enough of my rambling for now, let the show begin!" Kurogiri teleported students to different locations to face off against the best in the league, kind of like the USJ Attack. This left two people standing alone. One of which brought a right arm back, hand closed tightly.



Kota sat on the edge of his favourite rock formation on the nearby mountain of the training camp. He stared dully into the first before him, swinging his feet against the grass and roots sticking out of the different cracks in the rock. His mind was completely occupied by the recent conversation he had with Deku. Boy was that weird. They spoke about heroes and how they influence the gullible society. That then leads into how the heroes are the reason villains exist and why many villains are quirkless is because they were put down by the hero-idolizing society which changed and formed their views against everyone.

Kota then asked him what quirk he had to which Deku said was called Twitch. Deku's quirk allowed him to enhance his reflexes, see-through walls up to 50 metres and have pin-point accuracy with any fire-arm. His quirk even allowed him to disable technology up to approximately 266 metres depending on how many devices, and he can fast-travel to destinations by travelling along four mobile signals at a time. The major letdown was Deku has to wait 5-6 hours recharging his quirk with solid sleep, not to mention quirk 'Battery Life' depends on how hard or often the quirk is used.

Kota thought it was a really cool quirk and gave it the nickname Hackeroonies. Deku jokingly seemed to think it was quite a suitable name as it was like he was hacking reality itself. Deku then asked about Kota's quirk and was thoroughly interested and enjoyed the demonstration Kota provided. He even helped Kota narrow the water beam so it made a deeper and cleaner hole than before.

Deku said something about joining his group and when Kota asked him to elaborate, the other said that he was referring to the League of Villains. This shocked Kota quite a lot because even though he hated heroes, he didn't want to become a villain. Deku then got up and as he was about to leave he looked back at Kota and told him he will speak with the young boy "tomorrow".

Now that it is tomorrow, Kota is still trying to figure out what exactly Izuku meant.


Screams suddenly broke out as a purple mist could be seen from the rocks as said mist formed into a dark and menacing portal. Kota jumped up in surprise, eyes widening in realisation that Deku might be in danger. But before he could move another black, misty portal opened up Infront of him and out stepped a figure who appeared to be made of the same stuff as the portal. He wore a black vest with a white undershirt, black pants and shoes, a red tie and metal braces where his neck should be. He was obviously a villain yet he seemed so friendly.

The villain's yellow eyes gazed down at Kota before he half-squatted down to be at the boy's level. The mist pushed a 'hand' forward before he started speaking. "Good evening, young Kota. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kurogiri. I am forth-in-command at the League of Villains. My quirk is teleportation in case you are wondering."

Kota carefully extended a hand out and shook it with the listed man now known as Kurogiri. The young boy managed to finally work up some courage to ask a simple yet dangerous question. "A-ah... Wh-what do you want to do to me... I, I just-" Kota froze in his train of thought when he heard Kurogiri chuckling ever-so-slightly.

"Oh, please don't worry, I'll tell you now. I am here to inform you that the boss is very interested in not only your quirk but your ideology and view on society. Now he has given you two choices, either join us and we will help you grow, or you can stay here but you will be our enemy."

"Ah... Sir? Might I ask who your boss is?" Kota questioned, still uncertain about the deal.

"I believe you may have already met him. He goes by the public name of 'Izuku Midoriya', or so I'm told."

Wait. So Deku IS actually a... a... v-vill-"

"Well, I guess you know now, but unfortunately we cannot let you stay here after telling you this so you will now be taken back to our hideout." Kurogiri opened up a warp-gate behind Kota, signalling the boy to go forwards. It didn't take much for scared little Kota to quickly walk up and through the portal with Kurogiri right behind him.


The room was white. Lights, bed, chairs, walls and everything else he could see. Kota struggled to keep his eyes open against the blinding light. After a while, he was able to fully take everything in. A couple of minutes later the barely audible buzzing of a speaker could be heard from the right-hand corner of the roof behind him.

"Hello, young Kota, we will have to leave you here until the boss arrives so please do not worry. You will be delivered back to your 'family' once we have reached an agreement. Until then, you'll still be safe here. Apologies." And with that, Kurogiri left the microphone and Kota alone in some room.


The realisation hits him as aged as a train. He lost his parents at a young age, and now he is finally away from his caretakers. Waiting for someone to come to him, save him. A hero. Anyone. He so willingly followed Kyrogiri but now... now he is scared.


The loud BOOM of the explosion resonated throughout the forest. Katsuki's fist had made solid contact with Izuku's head before releasing the most powerful explosion he could muster. Only smoke filled the clearing now. Bakugo held his position while the smoke cleared. Once he was able to see again, he looked at Deku's face. His head was gone. Blown off by the blond. Katsuki stepped back, shaking. He pressed the hands to his temple, swaying slightly while shaking his head. No, this isn't how it's supposed to end. He never meant to kill him. That wasn't the plan. Just a scar for him to remember forever! Guilt suddenly began to overflow Katsuki's eyes for the first time in 10 years. Everything he's done to Deku in the past is made so clear to him. It's all my fault. He's a villain because of ME. Of ME!

"Aww~ Kacchan it's ok. I thought you were stronger than that. Katsuki's eyes widened as he spun around to face Deku's headless body. Red, green and blue lines started to appear out the neck. The lines came in hundreds of thousands and started to form the rough outline of a head, the colours filling the rest in. Within no longer than 6 seconds Deku stood alive, not a single scratch present.

"You... you..."

"Monster? Why yes, Kacchan~" Izuku started to slowly walk backwards, all the while loading a magazine into his silenced USP. "Sensei has allowed me to go all out tonight, not to mention I have a meeting with a special guest later tonight that I don't want to be late for so let's just finish this quickly." Izuku pointed the pistol at Katsuki's forehead.

"Shall we, Kacchan?"

Katsuki used his explosions to launch himself forwards and towards Deku. But he was too slow. Deku easily sidestepped him and whacked the back of his gun's stock against Katsuki's head. This enraged the blond further. "I'M GOING TO BLOW YOU THE FUCK APART YOU NERDY PIECE OF SHIT!" Katsuki swung back around and punched Deku across the clearing.

Deku jumped back onto his feet and shouted back, "But haven't you already?!"

"THIS TIME I DONT CARE IF YOU GET KILLED OR NOT. AS LONG AS I WIN!" Katsuki launched two explosions at Deku, both of which hit the ground in front of the greenette, throwing up shrapnel into the enemy's eyes. Katsuki used this distraction as an advantage to get closer to Deku. Yet Deku, still somewhat blinded, was faster.

Kacchan was simply too easy to predict. Deku knew that Katsuki would swing right first so all he had to do was wait for the perfect moment, duck left, flip out his knife and stab. Bingo! As Katsuki went for the right-hand strike, Deku crouch-leaped under his arm. As he was moving he pulled out his favourite knife, using a practised routine that was drilled into his head since he was little.

Finally clear of Katsuki's swing and explosion, Deku spun the knife around his fingers before inserting it deeply into Katsuki's side. "Argh!" The blond whimpered in pain before blindly lashing out at Deku with left hand this time, something the villain didn't expect. Deku hit his back against a tree some 20 meters away. He's somehow still standing... he thought out loud. No matter... The greenette reached for his pistol before clicking off the safety.

PUT PUT Two suppressed shots flew towards Katsuki. One shot barely missed his knee while the other went into his thigh to stay. Katsuki doubled over in pain, clutching his leg and screaming. The sound deafening the rest of the battles occurring inside the forest.

Deku put down his pistol and carefully made his way back over to his childhood bully. "You are useless at fighting against a normal weapon" Deku sneered. He reached down and lifted Kacchan's head to lock eyes. "This is for all those years of trauma." Deku smashed his first into the other boy's skull, knocking him to the ground. "And this..." Deku picked up Kacchan's body. "Is for everything else!" The spikey blond slammed into the ground, completely unconscious and covered in blood.

Katsuki had always won the battles, but now, Izuku has won the war. All that is left to do is clean up the mess and leave.


Two pairs of eyes stared into the clearing, eyes that had watched everything unfold. "Um, Urakara, I think it's best we leave him alone. For now, let's get going." Tsuyu whispered to Ochako. They saw everything. The mist man didn't teleport them far away, so a quick trek back lead them to witness Deku's head being blown off. Tsuyu had tried her hardest to stop her friend from screaming at Bakugo, luckily the two didn't hear them. "Tsu, we need to help Izuku! I don't know what's come over him but we need to do something! Any-"

"Oh, that won't be necessary~" A voice spoke up behind the two girls. "Now, I'm not interested in you, frog-face, but I am here for you." The shadowy figure pointed directly at Ochako before stepping out of the shadows. The villain was a girl, around class 1-A's age, dressed in a sailor's uniform, a half-mask to cover her mouth, two messy blond buns tied on either side of her head, and a manic look in her eyes that filled with blood-lust. The two young heroes recognised her immediately.

"Wait... aren't you the girl who trains with Deku?" Tsuyu asked uncertainly.

"Why thank you for recognising me. Now, as for you," the villain turns back to Ochako, a 'pissed-off' expression showing. "YOU BETTER LEAVE MY BOYFRIEND ALONE YOU SLUT!"

The villain charged at the other two girls, her knife out in front of her. Tsuyu, without thinking, shot her tongue out and grabbed Ochako by the waist and threw her out of the way of the charge. The villain sliced at the tip of Tsuyu's tongue before pinning her to a tree by her hair.

"Tsu, no!" Uraraka cried as she used her gravity quirk to slow down her landing. The villain spun around and charged towards her. Uraraka saw the knife coming towards her and quickly leant out of its path before grabbing the villain's arm and neck, spinning around and slamming the girl to the floor. Ochako leant in close to her ear. "Now, Izuku never told me your name..."

"It's Toga."

Three surprised girls looked up to see Izuku Midoriya carrying Katsuki Bakugo across his shoulders, bloodied and bruised. "Now now Toga, I think it is time to leave. Ochako, please release her. She will not harm you if I'm here."

Ochako looked hesitant at first, but after seeing the look in her friend's eyes, she quickly released 'Toga' and stood back a bit. Toga quickly jumped to her feet and gave Urakara a quick glare before walking over to Izuku and licking the blood off of his face, finishing it with a quick peck on the cheek. Ochako saw it all, and it made her even more upset. Quickly turning on her heel, she sprinted back into the woods without looking back. Izuku turned his head to face Tsuyu. "Please take good care of her for me." Tsuyu silently nodded and sprinted after her friend.

"Let's go look for Kurogiri!" Toga cheered before grabbing Izuku's hand and pulling the now full-time villain with her.