Monstergirl Harry.

This is a weird one and inspired by another fic, I forgot its name -_-;.

AN: this was originally going to be posted in Kithrin's Cerebral Flatulence, but it ended up more detailed and extensive than I had planned, even with skipping some of the first two Hogwarts months. This will be a VERY slow burn though as it's low priority.

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Synopsis: Harry is sick of being weak. He sees humans as weak and untrustworthy, combined with an image his cousin had been punished for printing off the internet, he would change himself.

Chapter 1: Transformation

Harry gripped the paper that his cousin had dropped over a week ago. On it was a woman with dragon parts. She was, to him, the most beautiful and powerful thing he had ever seen.

Dudley had actually been spanked and went without dinner for having such pictures in his possession. The one that Harry had was the only survivor because the fat boy had dropped it outside.


He had recently gotten his magical supplies from Diagon Alley with Hagrid and had been left alone by Hagrid when someone hit him with some disgusting magically resistant matter. Hagrid had him stay while he went to clean up.

Harry, board wandered into a weird shop. The shop contained books, potion ingredients, and various knickknacks, both enchanted and not.

A voluptuous woman with silver hair and red markings, who was wearing some skimpy clothing, was dusting her store while bored.

She looked up as the young boy entered her store, and noticed that he had dropped a piece of paper.

After telling the boy to look around, she walked over and picked it up and looked at it in curiosity.

She froze when she saw what it was, not in disapproval, but in surprise.

"Aren't you a little young to be interested in girls in this way?" she teased.

Harry turned towards the owner of the store and blushed when he saw what she was looking at.

"well... I actually would want to be like her," Harry admitted for some reason.

The woman walked to a bookshelf and started looking through it. "Oh?" she asked without a trace of condemnation, or scorn.

Her response made him confess. That he admired her obvious power, and pride. That she gave the feeling that the woman could take the world head-on.

Something he was scared of.

The woman at the bookshelf started pulling books off the shelf, a half dozen of them.

"Would you be willing to become her, if you knew the scorn you would acquire for doing so? How many would see you as a subhuman existence? To give up your gender as well as your humanity? To put in the effort to properly change into her, or at least close to her considering the fact that you would have different genetics?" she asked.

She asked the questions, not to overly dissuade him, but to show that there would be problems if he did.

She felt him touch her side, and she looked into his eyes, as he responded with one word, in a tone of voice that showed just how serious he was.


she nodded and motioned him to sit down at a table, setting the books down, as well as a few boxes. She pulled a book labeled The MonsterGirl Encyclopedia in a language Harry couldn't read from the top of the pile she had pulled from the bookshelf.

"I can help you with that if you truly want it, but I would like you to look through this, and see if that form is truly the one you want, or if one calls to you more," the woman said gently.

Harry did, but few touched his mind and imagination anything like the one he had already chosen, and none 'resonated' with him like his first choice, and he said so.

The woman across from him nodded at his reply and put the five other books she had pulled in front of Harry.

"These books will help you. The top three are beginner, expert, and master primers for the language of the next book. The final book is what you should expect when you succeed. I would recommend performing the ritual in the fourth book that I will bookmark for you, in the original language, it will reduce the cost and increase the quality of the results. I would read the book with the ritual in its entirety though, it has suggestions on how to prepare the area. Now you will need a catalyst, please tell me which of these call to you," the woman explained, and opened a box that had both scales, and bottles of blood.

Harry pointed out a black scale, and a vial of blood, which were pulled out and placed into a smaller protected box.

"Very well, you chose the scale and blood of the same dragon, which is why you can use both at the same time. Now let's get you packed up," she said while standing, and placing the items in an expanded and lightened canvas bag.

"How much?" Harry asked.

"Take them with my compliments," she said with a smile.

"But!" Harry tried to complain, and at the look in the woman's eyes, he quieted down. It was still kind, but it made him think arguing with her would be a very bad idea. "Mind if I look around and actually buy what I choose?" he asked, and with a wave of her arm, she indicated to be her guest.

He was shocked when he found his schoolbooks there, anointed with suggestions and hints. He brought all of them to the checkout, and then went back for more books, and ended up with all seven years of charm books, transfiguration books, potion books, supplementary potion and DADA books, and some other interesting looking books, some of which were in the language he would have to learn to properly do his desired ritual.

He then started looking through the rest. And found over ninety percent of what was on his list.

A two-compartment trunk, which the second compartment had a ladder that led to an empty library-like room, a few non-school books, games, a pair of daggers with very long hilts, a set of pills to help learn languages faster, and some small statues that looked like they belonged in that book.

He also found one other thing.

Something that would disturb an old headmaster.

A wand. It was a foot and a half long as well as being usually thick, a little thicker than a billy club in fact, but when he touched it, sparks started flying in a beautiful display, so he brought it up.

He also found a holster for it, that was more like a sword sheath considering how long and thick it was.

The woman at the counter totaled up the purchase, and it ended up being a little over thirty galleons.

"If I may make a suggestion?" The woman asked. And after receiving a nod, she brought out a bird.

The bird's feathers were ice blue, almost like they were ice themselves, and the woman behind the counter explained while Harry was examining the bird.

"She was once a regular Phoenix. But in the last war, one of the dark wanker's followers performed many dark rituals on her, and I managed to save her from full death, but her element inverted from fire to ice. I have been waiting for someone to come around to bond to with a familiar bond to fully stabilize her."

Harry was fascinated, and asked the bird, "Feel like coming with me?" At the bird's nod, he asked, "How much? And what's her name?"

"No cost, you don't sell intelligent beings," the woman answered, and then continued, "She doesn't have one in a human understandable tongue."

"Alice, she should be known as Alice," Harry responded.

The woman looked at him in shock, and commented, "huh. I wasn't expecting you to give her the short version of my name."

Harry blushed a bit, but relieved that Alice wasn't angry with him, then shyly asked, "umm, do you mind if we keep in contact? You are one of the nicest people I have met, and I also want to check my translation so that I know exactly what the words I will be using mean."

"of course, now I see the large man you were with coming back, have a nice time at school."

Harry nodded and departed.

When he met Hagrid the man was shocked that Harry managed to find almost everything in a used store and that they were in good condition, but he accepted it, and took him to get his uniform, almost trampling a blonde boy coming out.

The boy walked away mumbling about mudbloods, and ignored Harry and Hagrid.

A few hours later, and Hagrid was disappointed that Harry already had a 'pet' because that was the only present that Dumbledore 'allowed' him to buy Harry, Harry was back at the Dursleys.


The trip to Hogwarts was uneventful, with him making a friend in a redheaded boy, that Harry privately admitted didn't need to insult everyone that came by.

When the sorting came, Harry was sent into Ravenclaw, with his obvious pursuit of knowledge.

This had put a strain on his friendship with the redhead, but they managed to remain, friends, just never thought of each other as best mates, especially after Harry became irritated with the boy interrupting his extracurricular studying with chess matches.

Eventually, Ron got the hint that Harry didn't like chess, but maintained the friendship because Harry was the only one willing to help him with his homework.

Then came Halloween that nearly ended the friendship between the two, but just added one more, one that did more for Ron's homework than Harry did, simply because she did it for him instead of just helping him. (EN).

Then came the incident that pushed up Harry's schedule.

He had enough of the grasp of the language to have performed the desired ritual since Halloween but was waiting until he got used to speaking it so that his throat would stop hurting by doing so.

"Harry, what are you studying so intensively?" Hermione asked.

"A Ritual I plan on performing," Harry responded absently.

"Rituals Harry? That's dark magic!" she declared.

Well, that's what she had heard when she had asked McGonagall about them.

"I know what I'm doing Hermione," Harry replied. "I have been studying the damn ritual for the last month and a half."

"I'm going to tell Dumbledore!" she declared.

"If you were a friend you wouldn't," Harry said while snapping his book closed.

"No a friend would stop someone from making a mistake!" she yelled and then stormed out.

Harry gathered his books and departed as well. Hogwarts used to have classes on rituals and still had ritual rooms, that only needed cleaning. Harry had cleaned one and set up his ritual circle well in advance of when he had planned to use it.

Setting his catalysts in the circle marked for them, he kneeled and started chanting, ignoring the irritation in his throat.

The ritual was an hour long chant in the original language.

The best translation he had created turned it into an hour and a half chant.

The next door ritual room was also in use, by Ronald Weasley. He had heard Harry mumbling that the ritual would make him beautiful and powerful, so he stole the parchment with a translation of both the circle, and the chat, not realizing that he stole the first, and least accurate translation.

It should be noted that the ritual is most accurate, and takes less magic if done in its original language.

This is due to the fact that few languages have words that mean EXACTLY the same between the languages. You sometimes have to choose either a 'close enough' word or add more to get the same result.

The version Ronald was using was basically the google translated version, so a lot of the meaning had been lost in translation.

The ritual was if not unique, unusual that running out of power would not kill the person it's performed on, it would just only perform a partial translation.

This result wouldn't have even been Ron's fate, except that he had been nowhere near as through in cleaning the room as Harry was, in fact, he had just cleaned the location for the ritual circle.

Which meant the cobwebs and spiderwebs were still present, along with the spiders.

The lack of a catalyst would have had no result, except that a spider corpse dropped from the ceiling while Ron was chanting.

Since he was now going for a lower ranked monstergirl, along with the catalyst being more complete, the ritual progressed further than it should have.

The two rituals were nearing completion when Dumbledore and Hermione arrived at the ritual classroom.

They found not one, but two in use, which caused them to hesitate, just long enough for Dark purple and Bright silver light to explode from the area between the door frame and the door, Dumbledore's face fell. The ritual had apparently been completed.

Dumbledore was afraid to look, so he dithered for ten minutes, and prevented the girl with him for opening the door, and just then a far dimmer light came from the other in use room.

Just then the first door opened, and an unrecognizable being walked out.


Two minutes after the ritual was finished Harry stood up groaning. That had HURT. The book hadn't warned that the transformation, while quick, would hurt like a bitch.

Or that there would be some sort of loud screeching during it.

He, no SHE walked to a mirror that she had set up before the ritual started, and examined her new body.

Her hair was now a shimmering, near metallic silver that fell to her rear, that was still extremely soft to the touch, her bust line wasn't anything to write home about at least yet, a B cup at best, but was still bigger than many her age, her height had shot up from below average male to that of someone that wouldn't be out of place five years older than her, her scales were a Nearly black purple, and her skin a porcelain white. (EN2).

The only thing that remained nearly the same were her eyes, that was still the same vivid greed.

The damn scar was gone as well.

She walked to a cloth bundle and took out the clothes she had ordered, clothes that had resizing charms, and were made for her new body using the image she had as a reference.

She then took a picture, as during her correspondence with Alice she had promised to show the result.

She opened the door and blinked as she saw the old man, and her former friend.

She had expected them to either barge in, or not be there yet.

"Who, and what are you miss?" Dumbledore asked.

Pride hit Harry... it occurred to her she needed a new name, but the fact that she had pride in her accomplishment made her happy.

"Don't you recognize me, professor? I mean the traitor there told you I was planning on doing a ritual," she asked with a smirk. Then absently slammed the door shut behind her... and tore the door handle off. "Oops," Harry commented.

Shaking his head he looked at the two that were there.

"Harry?" Hermione shakily asked.

Dumbledore was shaking his head in denial, then a shriek of fear/despair sounded.

It came from the other room.

Harry was the first there and tore the door open, and looked disdainfully at the state of the room.

Someone had been lazy.

She then saw the parchment with familiar handwriting, and walked over to it, and noted that it was her first translation. It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened.

"Really Ron, you could have asked me if you wanted to do the ritual, I would have helped," Harry said while looking at the person in the ritual circle, a person that leaped at her when Harry made the comment.

Harry caught the hands of the being before they reached her and looked at it.

Well, IT was the wrong word, SHE was the right one. She was young, and naked as the ritual shreds clothing, hence why it's a good idea to do it naked. The girl looked to be eleven and had very small bust started. Her hair was red, a rich copper color. And she had black carapace covering her forearms and hands and lower legs and feet, looking almost like gauntlets and boots. She also had four eyes.

"You bastard, you did this to me!" she shrieked at Harry.

"Dumbledore, can you get her some clothes? And Ron, you did the ritual using my first piss-pore translation. It's not my fault you changed, either partially or completely, now get dressed and calm down," Harry replied with a bit of anger and lightly tossed her three feet away.

The other Neo girl grumbled and got dressed in the clothing Dumbledore had conjured.

"Harry, Ron, Come with me to my office, we need to talk," the headmaster said and he stalked out.

Hermione tried to speak to Harry about the traitor comment, but she was ignored as the dragongirl swept out after him, and Ron stalked after them both.

Hermione was angry that Harry was angry with her. She was just trying to prevent him/her from ruining her life, and she had failed. She followed the three others and hoped she could keep the only two friends she had ever had.


End Chapter.

EN: that's canon, he expected her, at least in book 5 to do it for him. It looked by that point as a habit.

EN2: Apply the color and sizing scheme of the Dragon from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.