Fate/stay night.

That's where it all began with this series. A visual novel that went into 3 different directions depending on your choices, and one that was well crafted, leaving a long-standing legacy with a sequel, a prequel, several spin-offs as well as anime serializations, films and other various video games.

The franchise has its high and low points, but I digress as it opened me up to something truly amazing. It wasn't until my friend on here SliferMK2 really started getting me into the TYPE-MOON lore that I realized that the Fate anime's and manga's that I had been watching & reading was just the tip of the iceberg. Tsukihime, Melty Blood, Kara no Kyoukai (Garden of Sinners), Notes, Lord El-Melloi II Case Files (Which also got an anime now!); the list goes on and on.

But what I certainly noticed in many things whether it be the anime, manga or games, was that there was always a character, or at least a piece of one character within that series: Saber, aka Arturia Pendragon: The King of Knights and King of Camelot.

She is such a tragic character, and her tale is one to take lessons from, but also in a way, something that inspired many to make her tale of Camelot as something akin to a dream of building a bright future where people could live in peace, with just leaders and just laws to guide them, and defend them from the darkness of the world that threatened them.

As I read her backstory, the more I felt that she had been dealt a bad hand in life being forced to take up the burden of kingship at such a young age and unable to truly enjoy life and all the joys it held for her. For those of you who have seen the original Fate/stay night(2006) series, her ending while more peaceful than before is still bittersweet :'( . Her ending in Unlimited Blade Works, was one of two things to which I much preferred the Good Ending (Sunny Day) as opposed to the True Ending. And Heaven's Feel… poor Arturia… there could've…! *SIGH*

Nonetheless, the Secret Ending of Fate/stay night (Last Episode) was something that warmed my heart with Arturia finding happiness in the afterlife.

There was a Naruto crossover story called "Heaven's Feeling", a one-shot per say of Naruto finding himself in her service as a knight not long after she formed the Knights of the Round Table, leading up somethings that led them to have a child together and she was resurrected centuries afterwards to reunite with them.

This really made me want to do something else like it, and with a lot of help from SliferMK2 (again props to him for all the help he's put in to aid me in this story as well as many others), this story sprung up. This will take place within the Fate universe, but it will have elements and characters from other various works of TYPE-MOON. Now I know some of you will immediately site Nasu and his "Tsukihime stuff can't happen in Fate Worlds" rhetoric but he and a lot of other TYPE-MOON writing staff break and contradict their own rules all the time and then hand wave it away.

I mean the opening panel of Prisma Illya literally says "We've really messed around with canon but don't say anything about the changes." So to cut a long story short I am using elements from all across TYPE-MOON in an effort to make a better story, not to spit in Canon lover's faces.

I'm gonna apologize ahead of time as parts of Type-Moon I'm still unfamiliar with, but I will do my best to try and make this story as good as I can.

And thus, I introduce you all to…

Those Who Dance in the Moonlight: A NarutoxFate Story

Prologue – The Dead Apostle

"You know with that broadsword of yours my king, you're at a severe disadvantage if the opponent gets close to you like this."

"Then… would you please instruct me in the ways of defending myself from these fighting styles?"

"I would be honored to do so. But…! I have but one mandate. You must listen to all of what I have to say as I teach you and pay heed to it. You never know when you'll need it one day."

"I will make every ounce of effort to do so. And, Naruto if I may say this. I am glad we met on that cloudy day upon a sun baked field."

"…t-thank you, my King. I—"

"Naruto! As your King, I do appreciate that you show respect to me, but right now, it is simply you and I. Whenever we're alone like this, then you may call me Arturia."

"I… I'm glad we can address each other like this."

"Now, let us begin before hunger takes us both!"

"As you say, Arturia… 'Hunger is the enemy!'."

-Now, 1993-

Naruto awakened from his sleep with drowsy eyes as the sun began to shine through the windows of his bedroom. While you would never go as far as to call him an early riser, Naruto always seemed to find himself waking earlier than he would of liked regardless of the flaming ball of plasma hanging in the sky.

He really should've gotten some black curtains to block it out.

Taking a look at his alarm clock, he saw that it was an hour 'till noon. "Ugh... Rocco's gonna kill me…" the blonde grumbled out before looking around the quickly lite room of his home away from home. He was in his workshop doing overtime for his pet project, and turned in a little too late last night, "I wonder what kiddo is doing right now?" Deciding to finally get out of bed, Naruto went to the adjoining bathroom to get ready for the rest of the day.

Turning the light on, he was met by the visage of red eyes that he received not long after arriving here: the eyes that one would receive when they became a Dead Apostle.

A vampire.

That's right. Naruto Uzu-fucking-maki, had become a vampire, or Dead Apostle as apparently the term 'vampire' was used as a broad term to describe those that sucked blood to extend their lifespan. While he himself was fangless, he had only turned one other person into a being similar to himself to save her life. The odd thing was he had never felt a thirst for blood, though the mystery had been solved once he was made aware of his origin.

Either way, he never indulged, or felt the need to suck the blood of others. Something he prided himself on. Looking at the red eyes in their sockets, and the Command Seals (1) on his left hand, memories of Team Seven's battle with Kaguya swam to the surface, "Sasuke..."

"Sorry, Naruto…"


"But I can't let you stop what comes next."

-381 AD-

Naruto was struggling to keep going, having been pushed to the brink. Even his Six Paths Mode has been exhausted, as trace amounts of it still clung to his body. Everything hurt from the tips of his toes to the ends of his hair was utterly throbbing with mind numbing pain that rivaled a dip in acid. What kind of monster was this? Naruto had fought demons and gods but this... THING that wore the shape of a man made them all seem like children in the face of... inevitability.

"You know, you're not bad. If you had really been at full power, you might've been able to put me in a bad position. Then again, I'm hardly going all out either." The voice of Naruto's opponent spoke up.

Naruto's forehead was bleeding, and the blood dripping down obscured his vision, leaving him to only make out the silhouette of the being he had been fighting. Naruto had been stuck in this strange new land for about a year now, trying to gain information in an attempt to go home. But then one evening as the sun dipped below the horizon of the western continent, he appeared. He had come to simply challenge Naruto to a fight after sensing his power, and while Naruto knew that he wasn't at full strength having been betrayed by Sasuke, he felt that he didn't exactly have a choice but to combat this man.

He had used everything, peerless Taijutsu, Ninjutsu that could only ever be considered as forbidden and even the various transformations he had attained in his long quest. None worked. The man simply dodged, withstood or smacked aside attacks that would have made Madara Uchiha quiver in fear, all the time with an interested look in his eye. If Naruto still held the immaturity of his younger self he would have called it an unfair fight. He would have sited not yet being fully restored, that he was fighting an unconventional opponent and the World itself was actively attempting to crush him away the higher he pushed his power. But Naruto knew deep down that even if all these problems had been fixed this thing would still likely be his end.

With the Shinigami seemingly sitting on his shoulder Naruto had put absolutely everything into an attack. His chakra supply, Senjutsu, Six Path Senjutsu and whatever Kurama had left. Giving it his all, his last Jutsu; the Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken was fired at the man with a speed that Naruto himself could barely track. An attack that was capable of destabilizing Kaguya's entire body… barely scratched his opponents arm.

The response had been Naruto's opponent raising said scorched arm with a two word announcement, a single whisper that carried over the land; causing a spear of wind as long as the Shinju Tree had been tall to phase into existence. The blond couldn't dodge, even if he could see it coming he was simply too tired and too slow. The lance had struck him into the dirt before it carved a massive canyon that stretched for almost 300 miles.

"Oddities and contradictions. Uniqueness and outward thought, these things are what fascinated me about this world." The man spoke as if discussing the weather. "When I headed the call of Gaia all those years ago I never would have thought that something like you could occur. You clearly hold divinity within your body, yet the Age of God's has been over for nearly four hundred years. Gaia attempts to expunge you as she would an invader yet coddles you for being able to use her power, art thou a denizen of some parallel world?"

"Well, either way, I'm curious as to what your future holds. But given how little you were able to do against me; I suppose I can leave you with a gift." Naruto turned to see the silhouette behind him.

"What… gift…?"


The next thing Naruto knew, was that the man bit down onto the crook of his neck and he felt his blood being sucked from him for an instant, "GHAAAAH!" The pain began to intensify as he felt the man's teeth leave the crook as Naruto clutched the wound and writhed in pain.

He began to scream and grunt in pain, as Naruto felt something course through his body. Kurama was unable to do anything as despite still having him within his body… whatever Sasuke did to send him here had left the fox in a 'chibi' form with much of his power drained, and severing the vocal link they had, but he knew the fox was trying to stave off whatever was going on in his body.

But it was too late. It wasn't so much of an infection as it was his body being overwritten into something of this new world.

"You'll thank me when all is said and done, have a good evening. Oh, and welcome Number Seven." The victor stated nonchalantly before turning on his heel to leave.

Naruto wasn't going to forget this jackass, "H-Hey! You b-bastard! Who… ugh! WHO ARE YOU?!" All he could make out was that the man turned to face him, and saw his blood red eyes.

"I'm Brunestud of the Crimson Moon. Have a pleasant eternity, young man."

On that day, Naruto had not felt pain like this before, as he eventually passed out with darkness eventually rolling over the day, turning into the night.


Finishing up in the bathroom, he began to get ready for the day and prepare for the coming events within a few years. Getting dressed in a plain orange t-shirt and black pants, Naruto went over to his desk where he had a few letters among other things laying with stuff from the association, his friends within it and the newspaper.

He recalled when he first arrived, that a damned annoying voice told him to 'kill all humans', and it irritated him to no ends.

Turns out it was Gaia as he found out later on in life. Upon arriving in this world Naruto had felt a cruising pressure from all sides from the Counter Force. His destructive potential combined with the fact he was an 'alien invader' had prompted the Counter Force to attempt to remove him from existence to save the planet. Naruto had later worked out that Kurama had received the same treatment leading to his drastically reduced size. He had activated Sage Mode to strengthen his body enough to withstand the pressure but the moment he did the pressure... ceased.

While it was still debated as to weather the Counter Force was truly sentient or just a defense mechanism, the sentience of the planet, Gaia, had observed him becoming one with nature and began to treat him as it would an extension of its will, like an Elemental or Lesser Fae.

Though apparently, she didn't try to kill him for some reason despite the fact that he wouldn't do her bidding. He chalked it up to his own affinity for Senjutsu and special connection with nature, but whatever.

Naruto turned to the handmade portrait (2) on the edge of his desk with the painting of her within it. He had seen various depictions of her over the centuries, but they never could capture her image properly and they all lacked one thing that he added to this one when he made it: a small, but gentle and loving smile.

"It won't be long now, you know." Naruto's gaze passed to a box on the other side of the room.


"I'll see you again, soon…"

-467 AD-

It had been a little over 80 years since he had turned. And Naruto found that he would never age. He would regenerate from any wound received with ease to the point he was no longer sure if he was 'healing' or if time was regressing back to the point prior to damage. He was part of the group of beings called vampires: bloodsuckers. He hated what he had been turned into, to not be able to walk into a village for fear of people running in fear or priests taking up arms against him.

However, this gave him the time to get stronger and recover the power he lost previously when he arrived here. There were quite a few caveats but he had gotten used to them.

But… he never once felt the urge to bite anyone. Even when he saw blood, that supposed urge that he heard that vampires had for it, never overcame him. In fact, he'd be repulsed if he had to suck someone's blood to survive.

Naruto crossed paths with two of those that served Brunestud: Merem and Blackmore. He had become numb to their lectures on how he should give praise to the Crimson Moon that had 'sired him' They annoyed him more than anything else really, but they would put up a good fight. It wasn't until he made it in time to see Brunestud get struck down by a very weird man.

Naruto could say without any shadow of a doubt that Brunestud, the King of Vampires, and Ultimate One of the Moon was a person beyond him. Even with all his old power and those he had developed as a Dead Apostle he doubted that he would come out victorious if they were to clash again. So when he saw what appeared to be a regular human pushing Brunestud to the brink he was unsure of what to think.

A young man of black hair and brown eyes was manipulating the power of space-time in ways that would've made his dad and Obito green with envy. True Magic, a power that defies sense. Naruto had watched how the young man, empowered perhaps by the Counter Force had lay waste to any obstacle in his path in the pursuit of defeating TYPE-MOON, Naruto would have joined him if Blackmore and Merem had not rushed to their Master's aid to hold him back.

Naruto could still remember vividly the scene of Brunestud throwing the literal moon at the young man... though what he remembered more was the young man using True Magic to throw it right back. Brunestud had got a bite in just before perishing, turning the young man into an old man with hair of grey and eyes of red.

Said man was walking alongside him right now in fact…

"Hey! What's with that look, Fishcake? You do know we're heading to the gathering right?" Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. Clad in robes of black and dark green, the 'old man of gems' clutched a cane in his gloved hands, topped by a ruby that sat right on the border between tasteful and ostentatiously large.

The man that killed Brunestud, someone that Naruto wanted to have a rematch against, but was too late having to deal with the bastard's lackeys. Turns out, Zelretch had a prankster mentality that was exacerbated by the Second Magic, which arguably made the old man a giant troll, even by Naruto's standards of trolling that spoke a lot. He befriended the magician shortly after and told him of trying to get back to his home dimension, or rather reality as he was told by Zelretch.

And while Zelretch can apparently cross between realities, trying to find a specific one can be extremely difficult as there's simply too many to count. Thus, Naruto was forced to accept that it'd be a long time before he could get home, if it was even possible at such a point given that there was no telling where or when his reality could be.

His eyebrow twitched at the name that people always got wrong and he'd correct them… "Not that the old crotchety man would stop." That was another thing. Kurama was reduced to the size of a chibi in an effort to save Naruto when they were forced into this world. While his size was reduced, his power had gone down a margin, but the decades spent trying to recover had allowed him to recover at least half of the power he once held, although the size was still a problem for Kurama.

"Yeah, and a chibi fox commenting on it doesn't help."

"Why you little shit."

He hated being called a chibi. Speaking frankly Naruto actually had no idea how old Zelretch was, because while he had seen him aged into oblivion after being bitten by Crimson Moon the amount of time that Zelretch spent outside of the traditional time axis was abstract, for all Naruto knew it could have been a thousand years for him since they last spoke. To avoid headaches of existential proportions Naruto simply thought of the Second Magician as an old man.

Naruto looked to the man with annoyance, "I would say that it means Maelstrom—"

"Which you just did." Zelretch bit back, smirking at him.

"—but considering where we're heading to—"

"And you might get lucky with a woman."

A tick mark appeared on Naruto's forehead, "—no comment—It'd be a whole lot better if you didn't immediately ruin any cred I'd get here. If that's even possible." When Zelretch killed Brunestud and his corpse vanished -with it somehow going to the moon and it turned red for an instant before returning to the white that it normally was- the magician had become number Four of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. He went on to explain the whole business of what it all meant and while it mostly just went in one ear, and out the other, Naruto realized that Brunestud had made him Number Seven that day when he told him.

Zelretch 'lightly' patted him on the back before speaking again, "Well you are the Number Seven. That's enough cred right there. People here will know you've got enough bite to back up the bark, and they won't screw with unless you do the screwing first. Though that may not be too hard with some women—"

"I'M NOT GONNA BONE SOME RANDOM CHICK, DAMMIT!" Naruto took a swipe at the old man, but he vanished before the fist could land a hit, with Zelretch merely tapping him on the shoulder with his cane.

"You know, one could be more grateful for bringing a brat into a nice social gathering like this. I mean, I could've just up and left ya back on the other side of the world." Naruto turned to see Zelretch with a mock expression of hurt, "Oh the young these days, they never seem to give the elderly any respect or good manners."

One of the many caveats of being a Dead Apostle was that certain things were a lot harder to get used to, his chakra circulatory system acted as Magic Circuits of high number and quality. But unfortunately not many people would willingly teach him Magecraft due to fear of him biting them. Traveling long distance was annoying as hell as Gaia had massively reduced the range of Hiraishin. The first time Naruto attempted to cross a river he had nearly passed out and drowned because Apostle's have an aversion to crossing running water.

It had taken twenty five years for his body to adjust enough to water walk and properly swim again but traveling from one side of the earth to the other was for the moment impossible without the troll's aid.

Naruto just thought it'd be stupid to not accept his invitation to get to where actual civilization was at, though he was hoping they'd at least have some indoor plumbing or ramen. Sad to say, Zelretch said neither one existed right now…

…the horror…

Zelretch's expression shifted to seriousness as they approached a large cathedral with two men standing guard, "Well, it looks like we're here, kid." Naruto turned to see that both men were actually humans going by their eyes.

"What's with these guys standing guard?" Naruto murmured to himself mostly, though Zelretch caught it.

"Probably familiars. They serve long enough and stay loyal enough, they'll get turned by their master." Naruto had found out that ethereal beings did in fact exist in this world, and they could at times take physical form. But he didn't think that people would willingly offer themselves up like that. Naruto guessed that they got talked into the role, and saw the pros outweigh the cons.

Both men looked at Naruto and Zelretch, eyeing them closely to see if they were either familiars, or actually part of the gathering taking place inside the large 'church' if it could be called that from what Naruto saw. It was old and decrepit, with bits and pieces falling off the building, but the feeling of an intangible barrier let Naruto know that a Bounded Field had been set up to make the building look completely abandoned. The guards opened the gate and let the two Dead Apostles through not saying a word. Whether it was out of respect, or fear, Naruto couldn't tell since they looked like statues.

The duo eventually reached the main door with Zelretch taking the lead inside as Naruto followed the older man, taking in the sight of many people, all of which were Dead Apostles or True Ancestors going by their blood red eyes, just like his own. The interior of the former church was drastically different with exquisite decorations and furniture set up, with fire in vases lighting up the place. All of them were conversing with one another, though several glances and face about were thrown their way, no doubt they knew that Naruto and Zelretch were both turned by Brunestud, the top dog around most of the world from what Zelretch told him, that is until the magician 'sent him away'.

"Well, well, well… it looks like people are actually keeping their distance." Zelretch smirked a bit as he turned to Naruto, "Hey, make sure to grab some of the drinks, seriously that wine is to die for in this day and age… or it will be? It's good wine either way. I'm going to go see just who's stupid enough to fall for any of my tricks and have them begging me to show them how I do it." Naruto just arched a brow at the magician, knowing that he was just going to keep making them beg.

Not to say he wouldn't have done the same thing himself, although he wouldn't want to piss off anybody on Brunestud's level, however he wasn't getting that kind of vibe off a lot of the other vampire's here, save for a few. 'Thank god bird boy and rat man aren't skulking around…' Naruto thought seeing no sign of Merem or Blackmore. Naruto mainly stuck to the shadows of the gathering, eventually going out to one of the balconies to look over the forested landscape below. Then he felt one of said vampire's approaching him with a signature very much like Brunestud's.

"Hello." A young feminine voice cut his thoughts as he turned to see the source. She couldn't have been more than 14 years old... physically speaking. Lucius black hair that gleamed as crow feathers do cascaded in an inky waterfall down to the middle of her thighs. Clad in an off the shoulder black dress that billowed out like a bell, concealing her legs and feet while both arms were clad in richly tailored silk opera gloves. In summary she was the image of noble adolescent beauty.

"You might as well say something back, otherwise you'll insult her." Kurama chided. Naruto would've said something back, though he figured the girl would've gotten rather impatient since she did the courtesy of starting things politely.

"Uhm, hey. I'm Naruto." He didn't know why, but he stretched his hand out for her to take it. Normally Naruto would've assumed being a vampire meant not having any body heat if the stories were true, and since he was a unique case, well he didn't expect her hand to be so warm and full of life.

The girl smiled as she took his hand and shook it briefly before performing a proper curtsy, lifting her dress and crossing her legs, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Naruto. Although don't you have a last name?" Her brow raised inquisitively. Now, Naruto wasn't one to freely give his full name, lest he risk someone with a grudge or wanting to pick a fight with him if only on a whim, like Brunestud.

However, once again his own bit of politeness rose up to act, "Uzumaki actually." Although… "Any chance you can keep that to yourself though? I don't want my name getting passed around so flippantly and people picking a fight over nothing."

The girl giggled slightly at Naruto's awkward expression, finding some joy in how he worded the request, "I won't say anything, although you may be at a disadvantage with some already knowing your name." Naruto could only wonder how, to which the girl was able to read his thoughts if going by his expression of worry, "While people may not know what you look like, they know your name. The one that made that ruckus on the other side of the world when you fought against Brunestud. He bragged how much potential you had when he started telling people how he turned you into Number Seven."

Well, shit…

At least Naruto had some form of anonymity amongst the people here, Great… The girl patted him on the shoulder to put him at ease, "If it's any consolation, no one here will want to challenge you. Given who it is that turned you and the company you keep. Anyways, I'm Number Nine: Altrouge Brunestud, it's a pleasure to meet you," The hairs on the back of Naruto's neck stood up as his eyes widened in surprise.

"You wouldn't happen to be…"

"Related?" The girl, now identifying herself as Altrouge shook her head, "No, not even slightly. The only real reason why I have it is due to compatibility as a potential vessel I am to Brunestud himself. Amongst other reasons…." That made sense in Naruto's mind. He recalled that many ninjas while not related, had the same name only due to their reputations being on the same level.

Sensing that Naruto still was weary of her, Altrouge decided to offer something up, "I'm not here to start trouble, in fact. I'd like to try and help you." Naruto seemed skeptical. Back then, if someone just randomly offered aid in some form or another, they'd be asking for a payment of sorts, whether it be money or a debt that would be paid later on,

"Is there a catch that I'm not seeing?" Naruto didn't want to seem like a dick to this girl, but it was better to be cautious than stupid like he used to be.

Time really made him like this.

Altrouge shook her head, "Nope. No catch at all. Fina-blood," Altrouge snapped her fingers and from behind her emerged a tall Dead Apostle of Balkan features. He presented an object to Altrouge before melting back into the shadows, leaving the two alone. Altrouge held it out for Naruto, "I want to help you out, like I said." Naruto took the item and saw that it was a small block of silvery white metal, however he felt something off with it, as he fiddled with the piece.

"That's a special piece of Mithril mined from lands under my jurisdiction, incredibly rare but durable beyond measure and regarded as the best conductor for Magecraft. I want to help you get stronger. In this world, people like us need to have more strength and peers to keep going, otherwise we get bored and people start dying to sate that boredom." Naruto listened intently as he pocketed the item, "I have heard tale that you wish to take up Magecraft like your friend, Kaleidoscope? But no human was willing to teach you?" Naruto nodded after a few moments thought. "Listen, rumor is that there's a half-Incubus Magus of Flowers that's cropped up in Britain, and you could benefit greatly from his tutelage. While such a thing would not normally be of interest it is said that he possess Clairvoyance, the mark of the greatest Mages from even back in the Age of Gods."

Naruto had been delving into the magecraft when he heard about it in his travels, trying to learn it as he tried to regain his lost power. The practice was certainly less straightforward and mysterious in terms of being recorded. Much like how Ninjutsu was way back in the era of Warring States, in a time when it was still being developed and refined in order to turn the tide in battles. Learning magecraft from someone would certainly benefit him I the long run, and if what Altrouge said was true… then he needed to find this Magus.

"So where is this Britain place? I don't exactly have a map of the world, and the people on the other side more or less just said I should 'go with the wind', whatever the hell that meant." Seriously, if their elders only get high and tell riddles along with stupid sayings like that, they must be some of the most chill people in the world.

Altrouge leaned up against a pillar as she crossed her arms, "You don't have a map of Europa?"

Naruto shook his head, "Nope. The only way I got here was with Zelretch's help. And even then, I never really got a map of the land. I've just been really sticking around the old man, drifting with him."

Naruto had to admit; he was a pretty chill if very… VERY trolly guy. But the man was no doubt a good friend.

Altrouge held her hands apart before a distortion began to form betwixt her palms, "Marble Phantasm", was the simple statement that allowed a mystery of supreme grade to take place. The part of Naruto's mind that was almost constantly connected with the planet via Sage Mode, something that had turned into a minor 'backup' in recent years was able to comprehend that Altrouge was transforming the atmosphere between her hands into matter.

Altrouge smiled once done before she shoved a piece of freshly created parchment into his chest with Naruto taking it: a detailed map of Europa with the borders, land names, mountain ranges, etc. However, he saw that she gave him to pieces of paper. One of Europa, and one of the country that she told him of… Britain.

"No need to thank me, just doing my part as a new friend of yours." Altrouge smiled triumphantly with her eyes closed and arms crossed, as if she just scored a major victory over someone Naruto folded the maps up as he pocketed them away.

"Thanks, now I know where I need to go, and have nice path laid out for me. Now I just need to chart a boat to that place." He couldn't exactly walk from his current place-what would one day become Prague- to britain, he may get there long after this "Magus of the Flowers" had left.

Altrouge pulled up a finger as she spoke up, "Well, that should be easy if you ask Zelretch to just teleport you there, it's well within the bounds of the Operation of Parallel Worlds. No need to chart a boat, as for looking for the magus, well it'll be difficult although the people of Britain know of him and can point you in his direction."

Naruto nodded, seeing that with a reputation like that then it wouldn't be hard to find the man, "Well if the guy isn't moving around too much, I should find him with no problem." He closed his eyes as everything seemed set for him, but when Altrouge didn't say a word, he got the vibe that something was off.

She seemed to fiddle with her hands as she chuckled awkwardly, "Yeah… about that… finding the mage may be harder than you think."

Uh oh.

Naruto was not liking this, "What do you mean?"

"Since the fracturing of the Roman Empire, Britain's been locked in a state of turmoil." Altrouge spoke hesitantly. She saw that Naruto didn't really have a clue what the empire was, but he seemed to understand the gist of what she was saying,

"So since the big man on the throne got whacked off, everyone's carving out a piece of the pie for themselves. Great…" With a country in a state like that, then the odds of finding the mage would go down quite a bit.

However, Altrouge peaked up in happiness, "But! There is a group of people trying to restore order to the country. Not only that, the mage himself is one for such things, and since you yourself are seeking him out, joining the group would be very beneficial for all parties involved there in Britain."

Altrouge was pointing out the common interests they had. The mage was on the side of peace and order. The group most likely had the mage in their company. Naruto needed to find the mage to learn magecraft. Naruto himself had to admit that such a goal of bringing peace to a land in chaos did sound rather nice, to help build and forge a foundation for a society meant for peace and to protect the people was something he wanted to do when he became Hokage. Naruto may have walked this new world for eight decades but the ideal peace of Jiraiya was still in his heart.

It really was a win-win-win for everyone.

And Altrouge giggled as she saw Naruto contemplating everything as he held a hand to his chin with an expression deep in thought.

He had a tendency to look like a 'cutesy foxy' as some girls called him back when he thought about something when he was travelling with Pervy Sage.

"It looks like everything's connecting." Altrouge embraced him as one would a family member, she whispered into his ear, "Make sure that you learn as much as you can; and have some fun, we may live forever, but that doesn't mean we can't find other people outside this world to find happiness with."

Letting him go, Altrouge patted him on the back as the hug ended. Now Naruto had a nice goal to look forward to, "Thank you, Altrouge. Now… where's that old man?"

"I swear, you didn't grab any of the wine?! What did I tell you Whiskers?" Turns out he was right behind the ninja vampire… and with an empty bottle of fine wine… and he looked fucking slammed… "Get the drinks as soon as possible! People would kill for more of this crap! Should have invited Nyarlathotep, that tentacley bastard knows how to have a good time." Naruto was not amused in the slightest,

"You're the one that drank a whole bottle! Looks to me like you just wasted it for nothing!"

Zelretch just waved it off, "Feh, whatever brat." Zelretch glanced briefly at Altrouge before turning his attention back to Naruto with a smirk on his face, "So, you have gotten to second base yet?" Altrouge cocked a brow in curiosity before sighing insufferably, "Making jokes based on information gained from parallel worlds is all well and good except when the butt of the joke lacks context. Grow up Zelretch."

Naruto on the other hand, "So not getting into that right now." He was not amused.

"Party poopers…"

Shaking his head, Naruto went went back to his serious mode, or at least as close as he could get with Zelretch, "Anyways, I actually need you to take me to Britain."

Zelretch arched a brow in curiosity, "What for? That place sucks right now Doctor Who doesn't get made for another one thousand four hundred and ninety six years." Not to mention all Dark Ages countries smelt of a pigsty.

"Because I need to find the Magus that lives there to teach me more about magecraft." The ninja responded.

Zelretch could only put a hand to his heart in mock pain, "Huh? Why didn't you ask me? Hello, Magician of True Magic standing right here! Such a cruel friend."

"Because people would go insane from your teaching methods." Naruto pointed out. He'd be worse than Kakashi-sensei and Pervy Sage put together. "Last time you took a student was thirty six years ago and i found him on the ground saying, quote ""I am never playing Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip poker ever again.""

"Hehe, very true." Zelretch snapped his fingers as a gem appeared in front of Naruto kaleidoscopic power flooded into the gem in the shape of Britain before solidifying into a gem of ever changing color, "Just grab hold of the thing, and you'll be there in an instant." Pretty sure that Zelretch was going to put him in some awkward place when he arrived, Naruto kept his guard up as he ever slowly reached out to grab the rune,

"Thanks ya old bastard."

"Any time…" Just as Naruto grasped the rune, Zelretch kept going, "…Fishcake."

Then the ninja tried in vain to respond, "WHY YO—" Zelretch just chuckled at the ninja's position when he disappeared. Shaking a fist before vanishing into thin air along with the rune. Altrouge giggled at what occurred, though she felt Zelretch's eyes turn to her.

Any sense of the playfulness left his visage as he crossed his arms, "So, why did you approach him of all people?" Altrouge was about to speak that is before Zelretch held a hand up to stop her, "And don't use the excuse of 'making friends'. I know that you lead one of the major factions gathered here today, against Trhvmn Ortenrosse."

Whatever little girl persona that Altrouge held was swept away, as the cold look that graced her features showcased an experienced aristocrat that dominated politics, "It is true, I did approach Naruto in the hopes of gaining him as a member of my faction amongst our kind, however I needed him to gain more power in order showcase that he is not one to be trifled with. At his current level, he would not be strong enough to deal with my opposition. Although I will admit he is a kind individual, and such people are a rare sight."

Altrouge led one of the two factions among the Dead Apostle Ancestors, and despite Trhvmn being the main representative, she actually held more sway than he did. This would put the two at odds with one another as both would eventually try to obtain control over the Dead Apostle Ancestors. Zelretch knew better as soon as he saw the girl talking with the ageless ninja; he would've intervened however he didn't seem to sense any ill intent from Altrouge and decided to let things play. Now he had sent Naruto out to Britain which currently was being fought over by the Saxons from Germainia, the original inhabitants of Britain whom were split under multiple lords saying that they were the rightful king, and those still loyal to the line of Uther Pendragon, and if Altrouge pointed Naruto in the direction of who he thinks it is, then Naruto would no doubt meet her as well.

"That is true. He's a kind young man, that would put his own life on the line for those he cares for." Zelretch recalled a bit of Naruto's own words of his past that he was willing to share with him after they met, and he did admire the boy's beliefs. However, if one were clever enough… like Atrogue… they could manipulate those beliefs to their benefit. But that was only an if, a BIG IF… "However, if you try to use that and lie to the young man. Well… I don't think I need to spell it out for you."

Altrouge nodded as if she knew better. Though Zelretch wasn't sure if she heeded his warning or if she played it off as something that could be dealt with in time, "I'm not foolish. I know a smart man when I see one, and despite what façade Naruto can put up, he hides his true self very well." Altrouge held her hands up in a manner that made it appear as if any worry was for nothing, "I never planned on duping him to begin with. In fact, once he grew strong enough, I planned to extend an invitation to him to join my faction. I prefer it if they come of their own free will rather than coerce them to do so. It's degrading and beneath me. I detest such things." Then Altrouge smiled absently, "Though even if he rejects the offer, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to form a pact of sorts with him for an ally." Then she blushed, "Plus, he does have that cute factor going for him. It wouldn't be so bad to have a little fox around to tease on occasion."

Zelretch just got an idea…

"Oh, so that's what you were really after, eh?" He smirked. Altrouge arched an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"Admit it. You just wanted a kiss from him, didn't you little Altrouge?" Now it was her turn to turn red of embarrassment as she scoffed, an "I did not!" flying from her lips. Altrouge crossed her arms as she went back to socializing with the rest of the guests, leaving the laughing Zelretch to himself.

He moved away from the rest of the guests as he as sat down next to a window with the full moon in full glow tonight. All Zelretch could do now was star up to the sky and wonder to himself, "Naruto… you're on a path that will no doubt make you stronger under Merlin's tutelage. But I can only wonder… will you be able to change her story into one of happiness, when all it does it turn into tragedy and sadness in the end?"

In truth, Zelretch always wanted to see a better end to the story of that king. He felt that such a pure soul was one who needed an ending worthy to her name.


"—U DICK!" Naruto had enough of the old troll. He was about to take a swing at Zelretch, but as soon as he touched the gem, he teleported right to his destination. Naruto looked down to see that he teleported right into the air.

In the middle of the night.

Above a farm.

With animals.



Naruto found himself plummeting towards the ground without anything to keep him from falling face first into the pile of shit. Thankfully the years of instinct kicked in as he pulled out his signature Jutsu that he could still use.

'Shadow Clone Jutsu'

Making a single Shadow Clone, Naruto used him as a human shield with the intent to not allow a single shred of manure to touch him. Shadow Clones had been hit the hardest by Gaia's hissy fit, where before he could make just shy of one hundred thousand, now he could barely manage three. Anymore and Gaia would drop a metaphysical anvil on it.

Hey, he could care less if his clone was getting it. So long as he didn't. But then again, the feeling of it on him… Naruto shivered a bit.

The Shadow Clone could only grimace as he fell down flat into the pile, with the real Naruto holding him in front for protection. The animals nearby could only moo, squeal, or whatever as he made landfall, with Naruto stepping off the clone followed by jumping the wooden fence to get onto actual dirt.

"Why am I such a fucking asshole?! Why'd you have to use me as a human shield?!" The Shadow Clone was smart enough to close his mouth and eyes, along with clenching his nose shut with an open arm. Getting up to face the original, he tried to shake off what he could but Naruto himself could only hold his laughter in, "Well I—"

"What's all the ruckus at this time in the night?"

A voice cut in as a man with a lantern stepped outside his home, with a wooden axe in hand. Fortunately, the Shadow Clone dispersed as the clouds blocking the moonlight shined down, illuminating Naruto in the night. All in all, he just appeared to be a young boy, lost on the road.

The man squinted his eyes at Naruto, "Young man. Do you realize what time it is right now? And just why are you trying to disturb my animals?" Naruto waved his hands to try and explain with a few white lies of course.

"Oh, uhmm uh… hehehe… well you see I kinda got lost on the road to life."

"So~ lame." The fox chimed in.

The man didn't seem convinced in the least, judging from his still questioning expression. Naruto was about to start talking again… that is until a rumbling reverberated through the air… and all he could do was look away in slight embarrassment. The man caught on quickly, "Well if you're looking for a bed and food, I've got some to spare. With the Saxons about I doubt a young man out alone is safe." Ushering Naruto in, the man opened his door with any sense of negativity seemingly evaporated.

The ninja stepped into the man's house and hopefully the guy wouldn't freak out from his eyes.

Normal people had a tendency to scream their heads off when a vampire was in front of them.

Until he found out he could use his own special eye powers like Genjutsu to make people think he was just a normal boy. "Mystic Eyes of Enchantment for the win" he had thought to himself before turning in that evening. A full belly and a warm bed to himself.

Needless to say, Naruto managed to find out the name of both the mage, along with where he was currently residing at. The mage's name was Merlin, and he was at the Forest Sauvage owned by a knight by the name of Ector who served the previous king of Britain. Apparently, there was now a competition being held by multiple lords to finally put an end to the current debate of who will take the throne and retake the lands for the people.

An interesting way to decide their leader, although if simply came down to who was the strongest… well then, the vampires would be in control of matters. So clearly there was something else going on at the congregation.

"Three whole days…" Yes, it took Naruto three days to make the journey to where everyone was at. However, it was not without some trouble. Naruto had come across a few bands of Saxons and bandits making raids on local villages and towns, alongside the aftermaths of said raids. Seeing how many of the bodies belonging to the inhabitants and a few defenders were left to rot, the ninja opted to give them burials as proper as he could since he didn't know any of their names, or the names of where they lived. As for the raiders that fell against the defense, he chose to just pile their corpses and burn them. Better to ensure that disease couldn't spread amongst travelers that had the misfortune of catching the stuff.

Naruto wasn't one to sit by and let things like this occur, but he was no leader to these people. He had dreamt of becoming Hokage for so long… but Sasuke robbed that of him permanently; forcing Naruto to try and find what he wanted now in this new, cursed life of his. If he was being honest with himself, trying to help others wasn't such a bad thing… it eventually turned into trying to create something better for the future and hopefully he could just sit back and enjoy the end result.

Coming up over the hill, Naruto overlooked the homestead where many tents were set up around a makeshift arena with banners held high to showcase the various lords' houses. Many people were just getting the day started with the inhabitants bustling about with armor, food, animals, etc.

It was an overcast day with clouds covering the majority of the sky, the sun occasionally breaking through to cast the odd "god ray" down onto the fields beneath him. Although there was something out away from it all in the middle of a field where it appeared to be a sword jammed into a stone, but… he felt something calling to him, "Do you feel that?"

It was a small stone, barely even a plinth of square white rock that appeared man made more than anything, the sword itself was buried in the stone by maybe five inches.

"Barely, what the hell is it?" Kurama piped over the mental link. The fox did feel that something was trying to create a new mental link, however it wasn't quite like what he and Naruto shared. But something similar yet different perhaps?

Naruto concentrated on the source of the call as he made his way downhill to where he confronted the sword in the stone. The overall design of the sword was as if it were made from the finest forgers, meant for one of nobility. A style of straight sword that Naruto knew was common amongst Europa. However, the closer he got to it, was that the metal making up the blade seemed to glow with some internal golden light the closer he got to it.

Doust thou draw forth myself from the stone?

It was the sword. The sword was the one calling to him. He heard a small gasp from the bushes, but his focus was purely on the sword itself now after speaking to him.

Thou are worthy of thyself. Thou are worthy of Caliburn.

So then… the name of it was Caliburn. The sword said that he was worthy to wield it. Naruto grasped the handle to pull it without effort, but suddenly he stopped. It felt… wrong to do this. Immediately the blade jammed inside of the stone, no longer raising another inch as if sensing his hesitation.

Thou must be no longer human, but inhuman to lead Britain.

"No… I'm not inhuman. I might be a damned vampire, but I'm sure as hell not gonna get rid of what makes me who I am." And that was what made Naruto shove the sword back down into the stone, refusing it entirely now as the blade's light dissipated.

Thou have refused. Another may yet draw forth Caliburn.

Naruto didn't care, he was not a king. These people didn't know him. Not just that, being a Dead Apostle well he highly doubted they would follow him because of that even if he drew Caliburn. Naruto felt an unusual presence behind him that he wasn't aware of before, and they announced themselves with a single question…

"Oh, you chose to put it back instead? How interesting for one such as yourself."

Naruto turned to the speaker and saw a young man garbed in simple robes that appeared as if they were made of the finest fabrics with his hood up to keep his long silver hair down. The tips of it appeared to catch the light and change colors, along with a few flowers that appeared to be more decoration than hold an actual purpose. His expression was one of curiosity and amusement, but also… expectant?

This was the man he had been searching for, "So, you're Merlin I take it." Merlin's smile didn't disappear as Naruto deduced his identity.

Merlin nodded in response, as he raised a finger, "Indeed I am! Although I believe you have me at a disadvantage… Number Seven." Now it was Naruto's turn to be surprised, but then again if what Altrouge told him of what Merlin's special gift of clairvoyance was true…

"Clairvoyance… you saw this coming, didn't you?" Naruto stated more than asked the flower magus.

Merlin waved a hand in the air nonchalantly as if he were talking about the clouds above them, "I am gifted with clairvoyant sight, and I do glimpse the possible futures. But not all for they hide from my gaze." Merlin's eyes opened to gaze at Naruto, "But enough of this. You came in search of my teachings of the mage arts, did you not?"

Naruto nodded as he started to get down on a knee, hoping that this man would take him as a student. Although Merlin waved him off before speaking again, "Uh, yeah we don't do that here. Besides, I was going to teach you anyways before you started asking."

Now Naruto was confused by this, "Ok I wasn't expecting that." Then Naruto started to wave his arms defensively, mistaking that his words would offend the mage, "Not that I'm complaining or anything! But, why teach me regardless? You don't even know me." Merlin waved a finger at the ninja.

"All of which is true, however I've foreseen your future within the court of our king, and I will not be there at times to give counsel to her." Merlin was half-Incubus; meaning he was also a womanizer, not just a renowned magus in Europa. He had foreseen just as he said, and the magus believed that this young man that was not of this world could take his place at her side when the time came.

Naruto was floored by Merlin just flat out stating that he was taking him on as a student, "Thanks, I—wait a second…" Then that last part hit him, "I thought that a king was a man, not a woman." Merlin made a motion for him to turn back around to the sword in the stone.

"You'll see what I mean."

The jousting tournament must have come to an end some minutes ago for the assembled knights, stewards and common folk were slowly making their way over to the field where Naruto and Merlin stood. A few looked askance at Naruto due to his dark clothes and red eyes, thinking him a foreigner of some sort or maybe some inhuman thing like Merlin. They were correct in that case but Naruto had long since grown numb to stares of philistines and idiots. Merlin stepped forth to stand before Caliburn and turned to address the crowd. "Lords, Knights, common folk of Britain, I bid you welcome to this place and thank you for coming so soon."

Merlin bowed lightly, pulling his hood back to reveal his inhuman beauty to all which caused quite a few of the women-folk to blush. "Many of you know me as the wandering Mage who predicted the twin dragons beneath Mount Emrys. In these troubled times we live in a kingdom split and cracking. The Saxons, disease and the tyrant King Vortigern sit to the north, the Gaels to the west and Barbarians to the east, indeed, Britain requires a King!"

There was murmured agreement amongst the people assembled there, a few of the more boisterous bannermen slamming their flags against the floor in appreciation. Merlin waited for this to calm down before continuing, "We require a fair king, one who will be as metal, unbending and sharp. And so I present to you, Caliburn." the Mage indicated the beautiful sword. "I have enchanted this weapon to pass judgement over those who lay their hands upon it, to test their capacity as king. So let it be written, that whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightful king of all England!"

In the following hours no less than six hundred people attempted to pull sword from stone, all of whom failed to move it. From mountains of muscle to young boys with skinny arms and skinnier ideals, none could do more than glare at the blue and gold sword that resolutely remain routed. Naruto was about to go get a drink when Merlin patted him on the shoulder and directed him to look behind him.

Naruto turned to see that it was a girl, not but maybe a year younger than he was walking towards Caliburn. She was short in build, maybe 5'2 clad in dark blue pants tucked into brown boots and a rough white tunic. Her bust was on the small side, perhaps bound as some Kunoichi did. The only reason Naruto knew she was a girl was her scent on the air. Her hair was spun gold tied into a bun at the back of her head and a stray Ahoge jutting from her head. Her elegant face was undoubtedly beauty of a holy virgin, emerald green eyes that would be fit for any king's crown locked against Caliburn.

As she gazed at the sword, she briefly looked right at Naruto and he felt something inside him flutter, almost as if he had seen something unlike anything else in the world. She was confident, yet appeared conflicted as she gazed into Naruto's eyes, no doubt she was the one that gasped before when he began to pull Caliburn. But resolved nonetheless of what occurred.

Merlin stepped forward and spoke to her, "Before you take the sword, ask yourself. Are you prepared to become the king?" The young girl took hold of Caliburn with the metal emanating once more as it did before Naruto, however this time it only began when she took the grip whereas when he just merely approached it did the blade glow.

The girl took a deep breath as she gripped the sword with both hands and closed her eyes, "Merlin."


"What does it mean to be the king?" Asking the question loud and clear.

Merlin merely looked to the sky as he answered her, "That, my dear little Arturia is a question that is not easily answered. For you see, the path to one's kingship is dependent on the one who is king. Though I must warn you, the road you walk will be fraught with peril. Once you draw this sword you will no longer be human." Merlin then looked to Naruto, "But, you will not be alone in this endeavor." The mage had taken notice that his soon-to-be apprentice's eye never once left Arturia.

He foresaw that they would create Camelot together. But after that…

Arturia opened her eyes to gaze at Caliburn, "One's own path to kingship…" She wanted to unite the lands to bring peace and order to her country. To protect those who could not protect themselves. To create just laws, guided by just leaders, and a just king.

Merlin whispered into Naruto's ear, "She's certainly resolved now to begin her time as king. To ensure the safety and prosperity for her people, and the future generations to come."

"Now I see, she's…" As Arturia drew Caliburn from the stone, the clouds parting and a bright light shined down upon her, as if the very heaven's themselves chose her and her alone to begin bringing prosperity to Britain, "…she's so beautiful."

As Naruto saw Arturia as the king, he became captivated by her in that instant.

For she too saw the ninja's eyes upon her, but for once… she was unsure of what path to take.

Unknown to them, another pair of eyes settled on Naruto. But not one with the air of compassion… only of sibling jealousy. And they'd be prepared for a meeting with the Dead Apostle ninja.


Naruto recalled that day; it was the day it was almost love at first sight for him. Naruto had become captivated by Arturia along with her ideals that were so similar to his own before when he wanted to become Hokage. He rose from his desk and crossed to the cabinet where the ancient box rested. He unlatched it before pushing it open, looking upon an object of peerless beauty.

He traced his left hand on Avalon that sat within the case, and saw that the time was coming close, "Arturia. My king… my love… We'll see each other again. The vow I made to you that day, I intend to keep it."

Naruto would return Arturia Pendragon to the flesh and reunite their family.

Codex Apostletos

Taken from the notes of L. Barthomeloi

Subject: Naruto Uzumaki, #7 of the Twenty Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors

Alias: Shadowed Spiral, the Benign Ancestor, Grand Uzumaki, Orange


I... am not exactly sure what to write about #7. As a Barthomeloi I should despise him as a matter of fact yet I cannot help but feel respect for his skill in Magecraft and thankfulness that he does not have a habit of traumatizing students like Kaleidoscope but their are other... unprofessional feelings for him that I shan't commit to paper. From a standpoint as Wizard Marshal I can say that he is a welcome asset to the Association and of others after attaining [REDACTED].

Tracking his movements through the years has been a pain especially seeing as Naruto's main friends in the Association are either firmly in the democratic faction or "hazardous" to approach. The majority of the data I gathered was through a meeting with Merem Solomon organised by [REDACTED] but seeing the animosity between Merem and Naruto I have been forced to discount some of Merem's claims in this report.

Naruto's appearance and presence in our world is nonexistent prior to his first appearance, but he has been active for over 1500 years, the first recorded incident being his confrontation with Brunestud of the Crimson Moon. During that confrontation Uzumaki was able to demonstrate techniques of an unknown form of Magecraft that the Association has only been able to partially duplicate it after recovering a manuscript composed by [REDACTED] but it had at least a millenia's worth of mystery even then. This put's his Magecraft from 1500 years ago firmly in the Age of Gods.

The battle has had indeterminate amounts of damage and claims as to wear it took place but one major consensus is that Brunestud's "Alt Negal" was used to finish the fight and carved out the majority of what we now know as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. After the confrontation Uzumaki was made into an Ancestor by Brunestud. Naruto's status as a Dead Apostle is strange given that he bares apparent hybridization between True Ancestor and Dead Apostle Ancestor traits. My hypothesis is that due to his connection to Nature, Gaia treat him as it would a Lesser Fae, an extension of its will.

The main reason for the Association not hunting Naruto Uzumaki in the past is twofold, firstly is that he is close friends with my fellow Wizard Marshall, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg and the last time we attempted to hunt the White Princess of the True Ancestors, a person that Zelretch views as a granddaughter he threatened to teleport all of Clock Tower into the singularity of a Supermassive black hole.

The second reason is that Naruto appears to lack Vampiric Impulses and does not require blood to sustain himself. We know that he can turn others but has refrained from it, the only known case being [REDACTED]. I believe the reason that he does not need blood is due to his Origin and unique physiology forming a positive feedback loop but I lack evidence and... I don't think I could simply ask him.

From this point on I shall attempt to chronicle his life so I can better understand Clock Tower's greatest mystery... and a growing obsession of mine.

And done!

(1) The Command Seals that Naruto has for the upcoming Fourth Holy Grail War are those that Master Arturia has in her reality.

(2) The painting that Naruto made of Arturia, you can find on my profile page.

As you no doubt know, this will begin with Arturia's rise to power along with the gathering of her Knights of the Round Table, the creation of Camelot, etc. Mordred will also become a prominent character in this story as there is a plan for her as well.

Anyways, the next chapter will Naruto finally meeting Arturia and their following conversation of Caliburn choosing Naruto as a potential king, becoming Merlin's apprentice, and the beginning of the campaign to unite Britain.

I'll go ahead and get this out of the way with Naruto fighting and losing to Brunestud. He didn't lose his Six Paths Senjutsu, he simply became too exhausted. Naruto is planetary level? Well not when the planet is actively fighting back and crushing you from existence. Ultimate Ones (like Brunestud) lack the concept of death. Arcueid with full power once wanted to kill herself to see what it was like despite the fact the pure backlash would have killed every single human on planet earth. Naruto is strong, undeniably strong. But the environment of the Nasuverse and it's "conceptual bullshit" are the antithema to shonen powers.

To make things short, NARUTO ISN'T NERFED... Naruto needs to struggle in order to grow, and without said struggle, there is no story, and if you argue against that, then all I can say is that we have different views on the way to tell a story. But ultimately that opposing view runs into the Superman Problem.

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