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I glanced at the girl at the back of the classroom who was keeping her head down, trying her best to not be noticed. I caught a slight flash of light that reflected off of her glasses as she fixed them.

There was a flurry of action in the classroom once the bell rang, cutting off the last few words of the teacher. Almost as if her previous inactivity was a lie, she unobtrusively moved out of her chair, gathering her belongings and slipping out the door before I could even begin to gather my things.

'It always amazes me that someone can move so quickly but silently, without ever drawing attention.' It certainly wasn't the first time I'd curiously observed the girl, but as much as I wished to talk to her I was never able to find an opening to initiate a conversation with her.

"Kazuto!" a girl with sunny hair and a ditsy disposition to match ran over to me, almost tripping over a desk in the process. 'Urgh, here we go again. Honestly these girls are an insult to the female gender. I wish they'd have been raised in a way to put something more solid than air between their ears.' As a few more girls approached, trying to talk to me, I adjusted my previous mental statement. 'No, they don't have air in their heads, it's more like helium.'

"Kirigaya Kazuto, come up here please. I need to talk to you." A stern male voice called to me from the front of the classroom. Sighing with relief at having an excuse to leave the half-dozen or so ditsy girls trying to talk to me, I approached the teacher at a fast walk.

The middle-aged man gave me a good-natured smirk. "Girls can be quite a problem, can't they, Kazuto." I gave a wry smile in response to his comment. "You're telling me. Thanks for helping me out of that, by the way."

Even though I was probably the most popular guy in school, I had no idea how to deal with people, let alone the alien lifeform known as "high school girls". Another reason why I was unable to approach the solitary girl in the back of the classroom.

"Before you go, I'd like to talk to you about the school database security. We've had several instances where students managed to get into the database, finding private teacher material and the answers for tests." Now it was my turn to smirk as I responded. "You're having issues with students cheating on tests so you give another student administrator access to the school network? Sounds reasonable."

The teacher rolled his eyes at my retort. "You know you're smart enough to ace every test, and I don't doubt that you could ace a test that even the teachers couldn't." I gave a short laugh at that idea. "I'm glad you have confidence in my abilities." I turned around, raising my hand in an informal farewell to the teacher. "I'll get to it after I get home. I'd appreciate it if you could set up remote access before then."

I sighed in exhaustion as I made my way down the street outside of school. 'It's seriously annoying having everyone you pass, whether you know them or not, greet you and try to start a conversation. No matter how many times it happens I don't think I'll ever get used to it.'

I tensed up as I heard a faint, but terrified scream coming from somewhere on my left. I couldn't pinpoint the location, but I started running as fast as I could in the general direction of the scream.

Getting closer, I heard voices along with the dull thud of a body hitting the ground. I paled at a certain thought, but then shook my head slightly, dispelling the notion. 'No way someone would be bold enough to commit murder in broad daylight, and so close to a school.'

As much as I told myself that, I couldn't dispel my paranoia. As I neared the location, I stopped and concentrated. Once I closed my eyes I focused on my hearing, forming a map in my head of the alley just around the corner.

'Three figures-no, four. All of them girls.' I was about to dismiss them as harmless until I recalled my cousin. 'Nope, definitely not a good idea to underestimate girls. There are several I know who could wipe the floor with me even if I don't underestimate them.' I pulled out my phone and entered a passcode on a certain app before turning the corner.

"Whoever you are I'd recommend you stop." I spoke in a cold voice as I entered the alley. A horrible picture entered my vision. Three girls standing around a figure huddled on the ground, the girl in the center of the three pointing a black pistol at the figure on the ground.

My breath hitched as I took in the scene, but I relaxed slightly a moment after once I realized the prone figure wasn't bleeding, and I hadn't heard a gunshot; the gun clearly not having a silencer. The girls quickly backed away. "We were having fun, we didn't expect our friend here to be so afraid of guns!" There were many things wrong with that statement, but I didn't bother to press them further, as their trembling voices made it clear that their excuse was clearly just that.

"I'd set down that gun if I were you." I motioned with the phone in my left hand. "This entire event is being streamed to the local police in real time." the girls murmured among themselves before dropping the gun and running away. I sighed in relief, glad that the incident hadn't escalated. "I'm surprised they believed me, it's not exactly the most believable story, even if it is true." I kneeled down next to the huddled lump, placing my hand on their shoulder. "Hey, it's all fine now. They're gone."

On closer inspection I was able to discover that the collapsed person was a girl with relatively short dark hair.. As my hand touched her shoulder I could feel that her body was shuddering with silent sobs. Not knowing what to do, I sat down next to her on the ground, stroking her back and softly murmuring encouraging words.

It was a pretty damn awkward situation for me, especially when the girl pushed herself against me and clutched onto my shirt. I didn't have the heart to push her away, so I let her stay there for the moment. That is, until her body went entirely limp. "Huh, that's a first. A girl fainted on me."

I looked bemusedly at the limp girl who was half resting in my lap. "Guess I don't have another choice." I pulled out my phone, opening my contacts and selecting "mom". A short conversation and a few minutes later, a car pulled up outside the alley. As gently as I could, I picked up the fainted girl, finally realizing that it was the same dark haired girl I'd seen so many times sitting alone at the back of the classroom.

*clickclickclickclick* the only thing that could be heard in the half dark room was the sound of rapid clicking of a mechanical keyboard as I worked on troubleshooting and patching the flaws in the school network security.

A soft rustling came from the bed next to me as the girl pushed herself clumsily into a sitting position. I glanced at her, my own onyx eyes meeting her brown eyes, slightly blurred from her brief loss of consciousness. "Yo." I gave her a slight smile as I noticed her pupils dilating in fear. "It's alright, let me turn on a lamp now that you're awake."

She visibly relaxed once I turned on the light and she recognized me from her class. "I'm Kirigaya Kazuto, you might've seen me around at school." "Shino, Asada Shino." she responded in a small, slightly embarrassed voice. "Nice to meet you, Kirigaya-san."

I waved my hand lightly. "Please drop the honorifics, call me Kazuto." She gave a small smile at that, and I noticed for a brief moment that this was the first time I'd ever seen her smile, despite noticing her at school so often."in that case, please call me Shino."

Now that we'd gotten introductions out of the way, she became visibly nervous. There could have been a number of reasons for this reaction, but I decided to assuage the one that I supposed was the most prominent. "I don't know what happened back there, but I'm glad I was there to help out. I'm not going to ask anything, but if you want to talk to anyone at any point I'll be glad to listen."

Apparently she had the concern I predicted, as she relaxed again once I had told her that. She opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by a knock at the door. "Onii-chan, is she awake?" "Ah yeah, come in Sugu. She just woke up." My sister walked in, and noticing Shino sitting up in my bed, wiped a fake tear from her eye. "What an innocent child you used to be, Onii-chan, but now you're bringing home strange women and having your way with them in your bed."

Shino's face turned bright red, and by the heat rising up in my cheeks I could feel that I was just as red, if not more red than she was. "SUGU GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!" I turned to Shino, trying to say something to deny the unfounded accusations of my sister, but I was so embarrassed and surprised at her boldness that I could barely make out a single word without stuttering.

Suguha burst into laughter at this sight. "Your EXPRESSION!" at the sight of me wordlessly opening and closing my mouth like a fish, Sinon recovered from her own embarrassment and burst into laughter at the absurd sight.

I sighed in exasperation at my sister before looking at the uncontrollably laughing girl sitting in my bed. "Well at least you two seem like you'll get along." I gestured at the girl standing in the doorway to my room. "miss pervert over there is my sister, Suguha, but you can just call her Sugu like I do."

Recovering from her laughter, Sugu mock glared at me for a moment before smiling at Shino. "Although my darling brother here is unaware of the basic courtesy of letting people decide whether others can call them by their nicknames, it's fine for you to call me Sugu." I rolled my eyes at my sister's aloof behavior.

Shino awkwardly waved her hand at Sugu. "I'm Asada Shino, but it's fine to call me Shino, since you're fine with me calling you Sugu." Suguha smiled at the slightly awkward girl, glad that although she was obviously embarrassed, she was trying her best to be friendly.

Suguha headed out the door, but turned stuck her head back around the corner. "it's 5 you know, I made some food if you two would like some." a sly smile slowly spread across Sugu's face, and I knew something bad was coming. "unless you'd rather continue whatever you were doing on Kazuto's bed~"


To my surprise and amusement, Shino decided to join me in yelling at Sugu.

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