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All the students turned to watch their new teacher rush off with two of their classmates. Todoroki's eyes narrowed on the blonde slowly leaving, Yaoyorozu stepped up next to him,

"How did you know?" Her voice, barely above a whisper, carried to the whole group, who all turned to him.

"By seeing it done." Todoroki stated, eyes sweeping over the rest of the class. "No one is to use that name the blonde yelled."

"It's just a name," Mineta complained, eyeing Yaoyorozu's backside. Todoroki's gaze pinned the short teen in place, his eyes burning.

"To you, it is just a name." Todoroki let his gaze move to each and everyone of the students, holding the red gaze of Kirishima before moving back to the small purple haired teen. "For him it has lead to being tormented. To having explosions going off, either on him or around him or even his own things being destroyed."

"Ummm…" Everyone turned to the brunette with her hand slightly raised and her face contorted in worry. "What if he already gave me permission to use it? I didn't know that wasn't his name…I thought it sounded like 'you can do it…..." Her voice trailed off, fingers twisting.

"I think you mean Dekiru. If you use that instead, it would be better." Todoroki's voice softened. "It seems no one has ever stood up for him before. He won't want people to draw attention to it either."

The class all nodded their heads in agreement. Slowly they broke off from the group, a few at a time, and headed back to the locker rooms. Todoroki watched as they all paired off into groups whispering to themselves, Iida and Yaoyorozu stayed with him. "We need to keep him away from Bakugo, but we can't make it obvious."

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I was trying to stick as close to cannon as possible with time line wise. To get this chapter to work I had to change when Izuku told Uraraka she could call him Deku. Also this chapter wound up being shorter then I wanted but I wanted to show the other kids' reaction to the situation.

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