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Izuku smiles up at Uraraka and Iida as they discuss the sports festival, Todoroki standing quietly next to them. Once packed Izuku follows them to leave, almost running into Uraraka as she stumbles back - the door blocked by a crowd of people. Izuku steps back into Todoroki, his cold soothing him.

"Crowding the hallway is dangerous! Please disperse immediately," Iida states, arms chopping the air.

"We came to check out Class 1-A," a voice calls from the back of the crowd. Slowly the teen walks closer, wild lilac hair and matching eyes over deep eye bags. He stops with his hands shoved into his pockets, eyes tracing over the class - stopping on Izuku. "See the thing is, there are a lot of kids who didn't make it into the heroic's department because the entrance exam isn't built for our quirks."

"Well that's stupid," Izuku blurts, his hands fly up to his mouth eyes wide. Todoroki lets out a small sigh as Uraraka giggles softly.

"Stupid?" The boy murmurs, his eyebrow raised.

"Well, yeah…" Izuku straightens up, his hands fisted at his side. "I only got in with Rescue points."

At his words the crowd and his class start whispering. The lilac haired teen tilts his head stepping closer. Izuku ignores it, feeling the words bubbling up.

"The exam was for Heroes. It can't be all about fighting because that's not what being a hero is about! Sure, they fight villains to help keep people safe. But, the first heroes were the ones that helped the community - picking up and cleaning beaches, stopped parks and historic buildings from being demolished. Don't forget there are also the heroes that heal, not all of them are like Recovery Girl - some are just doctors and nurses, the people who take care of the elderly when they get placed in homes." Izuku rants, his hands moving around with his words. The crowd has grown silent, some staring at him in awe as he keeps going - his class smiling at him, minus Bakugou who is staring out the window, a frown pulling at his face. "Heroes aren't just the people that go around punching and fighting anyone that is doing wrong. They are the one that listens and helps the people - those that are ignored and pushed down, the ones that get told they aren't good enough. They protect not just the innocent but also the guilty."

Izuku takes a deep breath, stepping further out of the classroom. The crowd backs up, all but the lilac haired boy who stares down at Izuku. Todoroki steps up to the doorway, eyes trained on the people surrounding Izuku. Uraraka and Iida standing next to the dual haired boy.

"So yes, we got caught up in a villain fight. Our class was forced to watch as our teachers fought to protect us - one of them even being beaten down so hard it's a miracle he is alive. The only thing we walked out of there with that could help us was the knowledge. Knowledge that we aren't as ready as we thought we were; there is still a lot for us to learn. Did we fight them? Yeah, but we also learned that real fights - the ones out there? Those are for your life. So if you want a spot in our class, bring it. Because this, this is nothing like what will be waiting for us in the real world."

With that Izuku pushes past the crowd, his friends following him. They make it all the way to the lunch room, sitting down with their food when Izuku groans. Covering his face with his hands and curling up slightly. Todoroki places his right hand on the back of the boy's neck, softly rubbing.

"I can't believe I just did that!"

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