"Uhm... We're Aaron and Annabelle Chenney. I'm 15 years old and Aaron's 12. We're both from Fallstate..." Annabelle said.

Chenney... I'm sure I've heard of that name somewhere, just somewhere that I can't remember. It's very similar to our last name, but how? Just when I started thinking about all kind of possibilities how it's possible, which I didn't find any possibility that could be possible, Annabelle politely asked something.

"Uhm.. May we also know your profile?"

"Oh, pardon me. His name is Emery and mine is Emily, we're the Chemmey siblings. We're also known as the siblings of the light. I use a sensory type of magic and a growing type. And Emery uses a strength type. I'm 12 and Emery's 15. And I think you already know where we're from." I said with a polite smile at the end.

"Since when do you smile?" Emery asked with a serious face.

I looked at him annoyed and answered him: "That's what you call being polite... BAKA!" After I said that I heard the boy, Aaron, snickering jut enough for me to hear. "This is not funny... ~" I wanted to say baka but someone quickly interrupted me. Which, for once, he did good. "Could you tell us why you were even close to the waterfall? The space around it has been shut off for at least 12 years, literally no one comes there."

"It's complicated." Aaron bluntly answered.

"Answer." I simply said.

"I already answered it."

"Give a proper answer."

"Sorry hun, not gonna happen." Tears start forming in my eyes, only one person ever called me hun. It seems that the other 3 in the room with me noticed it.

"You can leave if you have to." Emery told me.

I quickly wiped my tears away so I can speak properly. I stood up to leave, but before I left, I told them one thing. "The portal to Fallstate re-opens in a week. With your strength and attitude you won't be able to survive."

That's all folks,Till next time.