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Two Worlds, One Home Chapter 3

Princess Ravenna never thought she'd ever become a babysitter for a grown man. That is what she's been reduced to doing as she browses through the Citadels vast library. Barely a minute after Lothar departed with Morose, Khadgar immediately began scrolling the shelves and touching as many books as he can reach, awestruck, entirely mesmerized.

Princess Ravenna can't say she blames him for his innocent curiosity. She, herself is a scholar, so she had almost the same exact reaction as he did the first time she came here. It's difficult to resist all the alluring magnetic qualities all these numerous tomes, scrolls, and books share.

Given her past history Princess Ravenna bears a whole lot more restraint and discipline now. Being part of the nobility commands it. At present she is trying and failing to do the same to him, but after the first five minutes she quickly gave up. Instead now keeping a keen eye on him in order to make sure he doesn't damage anything too important.

Khadgar already made his choice from the shelves. As Princess Ravenna is combing through them to pick one to read she notices something out of place. There's an unusual amount of dust on these pieces of history. Obviously they haven't been properly dusted for some time. A pang of sadness picks at her heart. There used to be dozens of servants of other occupants in this Citadel, servants that would properly maintain both the Guardian and his home. Now there is just Moroes here with him. There's only so many areas the old trusted caretaker can get to at one time. It really is a shame.

Princess Ravenna's reminiscent musings are cut short by a voice the she catches traveling on the air. A voice that doesn't belong to Khadgar, Lothar, Moroes, or Medivh.

Princes Ravenna glimpses a looming shape, silent towards the far end of the room and dark enough that the entity is nearly pure shadow itself.

She isn't the only one to notice this extra visitor.

Swallowing deeply, a tad bit nervous, Khadgar said "Hello Guardian?"

"That's not Medivh," said Princess Ravenna, quietly, instantly on the alert.

Now the shape did move, shifting slightly to face a row of books and lifting a black hand, extending a forefinger towards a specific book. It slowly walked forward until vanishing straight into the bookshelf. This prompts the two of them to jog over to search for what this shadowed figure had been leading them to.

Together they scour the bookcase trying to figure out what this person had been trying to tell them. Hard to do that when a clear view hasn't been available.

A good thing they don't need to.

Khadgar reacts to a sudden burning sensation on his left forearm. The brand marking him by the Kirin Tor was glowing.

Placing a hand on his wrist in order to prevent him from stepping away backwards, getting an idea, Princess Ravenna suggests "Try using this to check each book."

Khadgar obeys using the increasing radiance from the mark as a guide to the correct tome down the rows.

The ever growing heat on his arm is a dead giveaway.

The next to last volume on the shelf, more squatter and thicker than most in this library. Metal adorns its spine with the design on the cover inlaid with gems. Oddly enough there's no title. As Khadgar starts to flip through it the investigation is rudely interrupted by heavy footsteps coming their way.

Thinking fast Khadgar slips the book into his robes.

As Princess Ravenna goes to reprimand him for that Medivh chooses then to make his presence known.

"Have a good look around," asked Medivh, eyes flashing with fury at the boys intrusion on what does not belong to him.

Khadgar is knocked off his feet, seized by an invisible grasp created by the Guardian.

"Get some ideas what you're going to do with the place once it's yours," challenged Medivh, stonily, keeping Khadgar pinned down on against the bookcase.

He would not dare with Ravenna. He is well aware of the consequences should he even humor doing so.

"Guardian," gasped Khadgar, straining against the high pressure against his back and chest, trying to prove to Medivh that he's no threat to his position. "I renounced my vow." In response Medivh launches Khadgar into the balcony on the next level. "I didn't want to come here! I swear, Guardian! I urged them to find you. I told them. You should be the one to explain."

"Explain what," said Medivh, unconvinced of his sincerity.

"Fel," declared Ravenna, speaking for Khadgar since he is temporarily incapable of doing so.

That one word snaps Medivh out of it.

Medivh releases Khadgar, the boy landing with a groan.

Grunting Khadgar uprights himself, released from his struggle under that pressure.

Keeping his hand in a ready position to attack again, in disbelief, Medivh said "In Azeroth?"

"In the barracks. One of the bodies," explained Khadgar.

Lothar said "Guardian, what is the Fel?"

"A magic unlike any other. It feeds on life itself," informed Medivh, grimly. "It pollutes the user, twisting everything it touches. It promises great power, but it exacts a terrible price. There is no place for the Fel in Azeroth." He then nods in acknowledgement and reassurance at Khadgar. "You've done the right thing. We'll go."

Lothar pretends to help Khadgar, but then walks away.

Khadgar trips over his feet to follow. Taking pity on him Ravenna catches Khadgar and the two join the rest. No longer needing her Lothar says farewell to his mount, giving the gryphon orders to return directly to Stormwind.

Afterwards Medivh then teleports them to Stormwind, leaving Moroes behind to look after Kharazhan.

There is some serious planning to do.

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