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Prologue :

I died. And in the most cliché way possible. Yep, you guessed it I died by the hands of Truck-Sama and I also have been reborn in a new world too. It seems that I got the full package. Though I don't think that I would have chosen Dxd to be reincarnated into. How do I know ? Well I'm pretty sure that I remember a giant red lizard doing hat tricks in a rainbow sky just before I ended up in the womb of my new mother.

Let me tell you something spending nine months in the dark is fucking terrifying. For a time I thought I was in the afterlife but I would sometimes see my body glowing and I clearly remember being born which was really – eurgh- I don't even want to think about it.

Anyway my new name is Cao Cao. Yes THE Cao Cao, wielder of the strongest Longinus, The True longinus, leader of the Hero Faction and all around arrogant jackass. I was kind of displeased at first because it would be much more difficult for me to learn magic as a human and I have absolutly no assistance to help me grow stronger because I hold no delusions that I would not be one day be roped in the supernatural world but having the strongest longinus more than make up for it.

I always thought that the original me never used his longinus full potential and honestly for the Strongest Longinus its powers were kind of underwhelming compared to the likes of Annihilation Maker, Sephiroth Graal or even the Boosted Gear. But I will not make the same mystakes as canon me and learn of my Longinus full power and I will also have to be careful not to rely on my Sacred Gear like a clutch like others Sacred Gear Wielders. I will survive in this World no matter what.

Besides all the humiliating things that I had to go through like shitting myself or sucking on my mother's nipples nothing special happened in my first three years of life where I was raised in a little chinese village in the countryside apart from the fact that I was a realy quiet child and that creeped out my parents a lot. Not that I cared It was pretty clear to me that my new parents didn't really care about me. They were a couple of poor farmers that seemed to be in constant debt and I, a child they had to feed, was clearly a burden for them. If I remember correctly Cao Cao's parents sold him to slavers and lived constantly on the run so I felt no sympathy or love for them which was good for me as I planned to leave when I wil have a better grasp on my abilities, better have no attachments to this place.

Speaking of my powers, I was able to summon my mighty spear and … It looked like a tiny stick no bigger than my tiny arm.I feel like having a magical girl wand instead of the legendary spear that killed Jesus Christ.

'Huh, I guess that it is proportional to my body's growth' I thought to myself.

Anyway turns out I already awakened my Sacred Gear when I was in my mother' womb. I guess that spending nine months in total darkness and thinking that I will never get out is a pretty terrifying situation and my sacred gear responded to my fear.

'All the glowing must have been the holy light of my longinus, Thank Go- no he's dead- Thank Michael that i didn't summon the spear inside the womb, My mother and I would have surely died'I reasoned to myself.

Awakening my Sacred Gear also gave me a passive Light manipulation magic even without summoning my spear. I'm only capable of making my hands glow with holy light for now but my magic will most likely grow the more I use it. Unfortunately I do not have a fit enough body to train with my spear. Well I'm only Three years but I can at least train my Light magic. Moreover I can now use magic even though I can't do much with it. I've tried to recreate basic spells from anime and games but as a human I need to understand the maths on how the magic works instead of simply imagining it like the devils. It seems that the time I will be able to rip off all my favorite moves is still a long time from now.

'Tch, the devils have it so much better it's freaking unfair'I thought to myself depressingly.

The only spell that I was able to recreate is Structural Grasping of the nasuverse. A seemingly useless spell but it is my hope that if I train enough with it I would be able to use Reinforcement or even Projection. Who knows, with the magic being so much stronger here than in the nasuverse, I could maybe be able to use Tracing without a Sword Origin and maybe even more.

Anyway this is not the time for daydreaming. I need to plan a training regime for the next five years and prepare myself for canon. But There is a big problem about these plans. I have absolutly no idea what to do in the future and what will be my role in the supernatural world.

Should I become a devil ? No way I have no intention to support the slavery system of the devils by becoming a devil myself and it is most likely impossible for me to become a devil as I am the Wielder of the True Longinus, the strongest holy weapon in the world. It should be impossible for me to become one and even if It was possible I will most likely be unable to use my Sacred Gear anymore which is unacceptable.

The second option would be to join the Church and become an exorcist. The advantage would be that I would be close to canon characters and the Church will literally worship the ground I walk on with because of my longinus, there is also the possibility of becoming an angel but I know what the loyalty of the church measure to, jack shit that is. And lastly we have the Grigori which could be a good choice as I could have the same status as Tobio Ikuse and Vali Lucifer.

'Argh I don't know what to do'I thought to myself frustatingly.

"Cao Cao, it's time for Dinner Hurry up" called out my mother.

'Already I didn't see the time fly. I'll think about all this later'

" I'm coming Mother " I cried out.

It's been already eight years since I have been reborn in this world and I can say I have been making good progress in my training. My light magic is coming along nicely as I am already capable of creating three beam of light in the air that I can launch at high speed against any oponnent. A spell inspired by Medea of Colchis from Fate Stay Night, It is at the moment the only attack spell at my disposition. I am also capable of coating my limbs and any weapon that he wield with Holy Light something that should be very effective against devils.

My progress in magic could be considered insignifiant by the standard of supernatural creatures but the fact that I was capable to accomplish this much alone as a human with no one to help me is proof of my talent.

I also trained with Structural Grasping by analysing every objects that I could find. Thanks to this I was able to use Reinforcement by analysing my body and using the spell on my body more efficiently. I am also capable of looking at the history of an object but Tracing is still not within reach. Moreover this feature of the spell enabled me the creation of a spell unique to me something that would have been impossible in the nasuverse. This spell is called Imprint. I created it by taking inspiration of the fact that Shirou Emiya is capable of copying the fighting style, be it swordmanship or spearmanship of the preious wielders of the weapons that he traced but he lose the knowledge when he is not tracing any weapons. I was able to overcome that weakness using the more versatile and free DxD magic system. I can imprint, for lack of better terms, on my body the knowledge of the fighting style by looking at the history of objects or weapons and it will never disappear.

For exemple When I was six I went to the city alone, not like my parents even remarked my absence, to test the theory about this new spell . I found a dojo which teached Chinese Kenpo and by looking at the clothings of the master I was able to learn the martial art without even practicing a day of my life. It's cheating I knows and also insulting for the masters who trained their whole life but I didn't have the time to find a teacher and pratice everyday.

The only drawbacks is that I can't copy the master whole knowledge of martial arts. I can only be considered a talented apprentice at best but through this way I was able to learn Taekwondo, Karate and basic swordmanship and spearmanship. It was more than enough as I will copy more martial arts and weapon mastery in the future from skilled people from the supernatural world later.

Making my way through the woods near my village for my training of the day, I wondered if the time has finally comes to leave this backwater village. My parents seems to be more in debt than they ever was and they have been sending me strange and troubling looks since a few weeks ago.

They most likely finally decided to sold me to human traffickers fo money to solve their debt problems like in canon. Not that I cared enough to play there games, I'll leave my parents to there misery and finally works to achieve my dream.

Speaking of said dream. I still remembers the day I finally decided on what my role would be in this crazy world will be. It was a few years ago when I was still undecided on my course of action. At that time i was wondering on what faction to join when I had an epiphany. Since I was reborn in this world with my past life memory I always thought that humans were dealt a bad hand in this world of Devils, Angels and Gods.

True, humans have the largest population but we are still considered the weakest of the races. Canon Cao Cao had the right idea in a way even he went the wrong way about it. Indeed he wanted to create a faction of humans, of heroes so that they could contend with all the supernaturel factions and not be treated as inferior by the other races.

He was also enraged that the devils were stealing humanity potential through the Evil Piece System by reincarnating Sacred Gears users. It's even more insulting when you take into account that sacred gears were made for humans by the God of The Bible.

In a way you could say that he wanted to create a safe haven for humans involved in the supernatural. After all these humans are considered nothing more than potential slaves for the Devils, guinea pig and tools for the angels and soldiers for the Grigori. But that goal changed over time and he strayed from his original path and turned it into a fight for Human dominance.

I wondered if Ishibumi knows what kinds of death world he created while making a story about a worthless pervert getting all the girls.

I realised what kind of world it was for humans with Sacred Gear and how dangerous it was for them. This is why I decided that I would create a safe haven for people like me and I will also make an organisation of elites charged with the protection of the mundane world from the supernatual.

I will not make the same mistake as Cao Cao and become a racist of the species from the supernatural and will welcome any and all who would wish to join be they halfbreed, humans or youkais. I already have an idea on who to recruit, the original members of the Hero Faction are a given but also the outcasts of societies such as a certain halfbreed and stray devil.

But to accomplish such a goal I'll have to become incredibly strong, stronger than even the Maous.

« Well it seems that I have my work cut out for me »I said out loud.

« huff ….huff … huff » I breathed out slowly

Dusk has finally come just when I finally finished my training for the day. I need to go back home before my parents come back but just before I was going to make my back I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me. I looked behind me to see someone or rather something coming at me at full speed. I dodged on one side and prepared myself for combat.

« Hahahaha finally, meat good old human meat. I found food at last » rasped out the monster gravely voice.

I now have a good look at the monster, and yes it could only be a monster. It looked like, huh honestly it looked like freaking Killer Croc from DC.

'How the fuck a giant crocodile ended in a forest in China' I though to myself dumbfoundedly

« Don't move too much kid I don't like it when my food moves too much' said PseudoKiller Croc

'Well Cao Cao you wanted some battle experience you've got it right here'

« Well Lizard face are you some kind of stray who ran away from it's Master » I said tauntedly

« Eh ?! Do you have some kind of death wish or what ?! How dare you insult me you meatbag ?! I am Razor, a Stray Devil who killed his Master, and have been on the run for the last ten years from the Devil government and the Church. » said Lizard Face angrily.

« Are you an idiot ? Do you even realise that you are boasting about being a coward who've been hiding for ten years, this is nothing to be proud of Lizard Face » I said to enrage him further.

« Argh I'm going to kill you brat ! »

Killer Croc look alike lauched at me at high speed and tried to cut me into pieces with his claws but he was way too slow for me. I reinforced my body and moved to the side to avoid his arm then I jumped and kicked him in the head with reinforced leg. I heard the satisfying breaking of bones and he rolled away and impacted in a narby tree.

'Huh, knowing Taekwondo has it perks' I thought marveling at my work.

« Well you sure have a shitty luck, choosing me of all people as a prey » I said moving to his unmoving body with calm steps.

« Kill…you » growled the Stray Devil

« Yeah yeah can you be more cliche » Just as I said my piece I felt my senses go off. I looked below just in time to see a fist made of rocks coming at my face. The fist impacted my crossed arms sending me in the air.

'Shit I was careless I thought that he was a simple rook' I thought to myself feeling the pain in my arms.

The lizard in front me got up as if I didn't hurt him in the first place. I could see the wound I gave him in the head slowly regenerating.

« Haha I'm sure you pegged me as a mere rook but I didn't kill my Devil master simply using my strengh I have always been profficient in Earth magics. You are going to pay for this brat I'm going to make you scream in agony, Earth Spikes » cried out Razor.

I immediatly moved to the side to avoid the spikes made of rocks that were going to impale me. Reinforcing my legs I launched myself leaving a small crater behind and cocked my fist back coating my fist with holy light.

'Shit that doesn't seems good' thought Razor.

« Earth Armor ! »

I could see my opponent coating his body with rocks but it didn't matter I punched him with my fist of holy light.

« Arghhhhh ?! » my opponent cried out in pain as my fist destroyed his armor and burned his flesh but even with this he was still up and capable of fighting.

« This is….Holy light. This is impossible. How can you.. ? » said the monster looking at his burned flesh.

« Mmmmh you are still alive even after this. It seems I still have much to learn but unfornetutly for you playtime is over. Come forth True Longinus » I said finally summoning my Sacred Gear.

« You…that spear…..impossible….you are » gasped my opponent in fear but before he could react further I was already in front of him and I lightly grazed him with my spear. I was astonished to see that such a weak cut killed him instantly with only ashes remaining.

« Huh so a single cut of my spear is enough to kill instantly such a weak devil » I mused to myself.

« Hoho, how interesting to thinks I would see such an unique specimen simply by going for a walk in the mountain of China » Said a strange that seemed to come from everywhere around me.

Before a I could question the identity of my interlocutor something appeared in front me. It was as tall as me, covered in golden fur, wearing monks clothings and looked like a…

« A monkey ? » I said out loud

The old monkey, yes old I could see his wrinkled face, hit me in the top of my head « Argh » I cried in pain.

« Not a mere monkey, the King Of Monkeys. Give some respect to your elders brat » said the so-called King Of monkeys scathingly.

'Wait did he say Monkey king. Don't tell me he is … ?' I thought with a look of recognition on my face.

« Ho it seems that you recognize me » said The Victorious Fighting Buddha who is as tall as elementary school child.

« You are Sun Wukong, The Great Sage Equaling the Heaven » I said in astonishment and taking a few steps back.

« Yes,yes I am but I am not here to talk about me. Tell me what is your name boy ? » asked the Monkey King.

I was proud to say that it only tooks only a few seconds for me to regain my bearing despite the shit dropping fear I felt at this moment.

« My name is Cao Cao » I said with all the courage I could gather at this moment.

« Cao Cao huh so I was right you really are the descendant of Cao Cao Mengde, The Hero of Chaos but also the Wielder of The Strongest Longinus. » said Sun Wukong looking at me intently.

« … » I gulped under his inspection.

« Well I have seen something interesting today but it's time to go back home. See ya boy » Said the old monkey turning his back on me and preparing himself to leave .

'What ?! That's it !' I thought dumfounded.

« Wait don't leave » Came out of my mouth without thinking.

« Mmmh someting else to add boyo ? »

And it was at this moment that I got the craziest of all ideas. So crazy was my idea that it tooks a few seconds for my brain to reboot.

« Well ? » He asked again.

It was a chance of a lifetime I realised. If I get this pass through my fingers I'll regret it all my life. A chance to finally leave this blasted village and become stronger, stronger than anyone. So this is why I bowed to him and asked.

« Please, take me as your disciple Mister Wukong !» 'Shit Why did I say Mister it's not appropriate for this setting' I thought trying to calm my nerves.

« Why ? » He simply said.

« Eh ? » came out my intelligent answer.

« Why should I take you as my disciple ? I already have one in my descendant Bikou and it's too much work. You are a Hero descendant and Wielder of the True Longinus but if you thinks that is enough to take you as my disciple the you are greatly mistaken. So why should I take you with me ? » asked The Great Sage seriously fo the first time.

I thought for a few seconds and I realised I didn't have to, I already have my answer.

« I have a dream, a goal that I want to accomplish in this world no matter what. I wish….I wish to protect people like me people, humans like me who were unfortunate or fortunate enough to enter the supernatural world. These people who are seen as potential slaves by the devils or tools of God by the Church. I will create a safe haven for these people but also for the outcast of societies like the halfbreed and innocent Strays who were accused wrongly. I will welcome any and all and protect them so that they could live a life of peace ! This is my dream ! And to accomplish that goal I need to be strong stronger than anyone so please make me strong »I said passionately with an hand on top of my heart.

Sun Wukong looked at me with half lidded eyes as if he was looking at me for the first time.

« This is a faction that you wish to create, a faction for humans and outcasts of the supernatural world. It's impossible. Do you really think that you could succeed in this endeavor of yours ? »

« Even so, even if it is impossible I still want to try and besides isn't humanity known to achieve the impossible » I said cheekily.

He looked at me for a few seconds with a look of suprise for the first time in our conversation and he bursted out in laughter. He fell on his back and started laughing with tears on his eyes. Honestly I was kind of insulted. Is he mocking my dream, that old geezer ?

« HAHHAHAHHAHA Th-that's right your race I-I forgot how your race were always the ones who could suprise me. Tru-truly mankind is a race of unlimited potential. The only one who could birth Heroes. It seems, after all this time, I have forgotten this basic aspect of humanity. No not only me but every supernatural species » Said the Old sage trying to regain control on his laughter.

I continued to look at him seriously with my hand on top of my heart and waited for his answer.

« Very well, you can come with me young Cao Cao. I will teach you but know that my training is not for the faint of heart » he said with a smile on his face.

I was elated. I was going to become the disciple of the Victorious Fight Buddha, Sun Wukong. Just thinking of everything I'm going to learn like Senjutsu and Touki is enough to make me giddy.

« Thank you Shishou ! » I said with with excitement and gratitude clear in my voice.

« Don't get too excited on me brat, now get on. » said the Monkey King pointing the giant yellow cloud right next to me.

« No freaking way ! Is that the flying nimbus from DragonBall ?! »I gushed and I suddenly felt bowel dripping terror as an aura of bloodlust permeated the area. I looked up in fear at my new Shishou who looked very intimidating for a one meter tall old monkey.

« Never and I said never compare me to thrice damned Faker. Clear ? » growled the Great Sage.

« Y-Yes Shishou ! » I answered immediatly.

« Now get on. Destination : India ! »

And this is how my Hero's Journey began.

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