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Chapter 1 :

Reinforcing my leg I launched myself at blinding speed at my opponent. I cocked my spear back and prepared myself to thrust it at my adversary but as I was closing in he suddenly duplicated himself in two and came at me from both sides.

I was able to fend off several of his attacks by making a spear of light in my other hand and attacking swiftly with my double-spearmanship. I was able to cut his clone in two then I levitated my spear using telekinesis and launched it at that damn monkey. He tried to dodge it but my spear followed him acting as an homing-weapon and cornered him.

'Thank you, King' I thought to myself poud to have ripped of that move from the Fairy King.

" Oi ! That's fucking unfair, Cao Cao, I thought it was a close-combat spar. " said the descendant of The Victorious Fighting Buddha.

" How naive of you Bikou, you should know that nothing is unfair in a fight . Now stop bitching and come at me, you damn monkey." I taunted smugly.

" Now you've said it, you smug bastard" cried out Bikou angrily while making several clones of himself and barreling at me. "Extend Ruyi Jingu Bang ! "

His staff, a copy of the legendary weapon of his ancestor, extended in size and length while his clones made their way to me from both of my sides. I was surrounded, trapped but that doesn't mean I was helpless.

" Shinra Tensei ! " I cried out loud.

A crushing Force blowed away everything around me in a two meter radius including Bikou's giant staff and the clones.

Shinra Tensei , a technique copied from Nagato Uzumaki from Naruto. My version is nowhere as powerfull as someone with enough strength and power could bypass it but I was still able to recreate the 'repulsive force' that pushes everything in the vicinity using my magic powers instead of chakra . It tooks me months upon months of studiying Newton 's laws to understand the maths behind this spell to use it without drawbacks but it was toatally worth it.

'Time to finish this'"Time Alter : Double Accel" I said the name of the spell that I created taking Kiritsugu Emiya as an inspiration. Accelarating the flow of time of my body I could feel my blood, hemoglobin and muscle movement speeding up.

I withstood the pain of my straining muscles and heart and barrelled faster than the human eye can see at Bikou who was getting up and taking a battle stance with his staff.

I cocked my fist back coating it with Holy Light but I could feel my senses getting disoriented by Bikou's use of Youjutsu.

'Tch sneaky bastard' I thought to myself but I already planned for this. Using my telekinesis I levitated my Spear behind Bikou and launched it at his spine while I was coming at him.

"Shit ! I yield ! " exclaimed the future Monkey King unable to avoid the coming attack.

We both fell in the grass while panting for breath .

" Huh, you got me this time Cao Cao but the score is still 52-45 in my favor." boasted my friend smugly.

"What are you talking about you idiot ? The score is clearly in my favor. " I groaned while panting heavily.

"Hahaha No way. You still have a long way to go to be at my level Chaos brat" mocked Bikou looking at me mischievously.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that" I cried out irritated by his mockery.

"Shishishishi !" continued to laugh the stupid monkey youkai.

I hate that damn nickname, given to me by my Shishou because my ancestor was called the Hero Of Chaos during the War of The Three Kingdoms and I am his descendant.

Anyway it's been a year since I became the disciple of The Great Sage Equaling The Heaven and moved to to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. A mountain in India where the members of Sun Wukong's clan resides.

Thi is also where I made my first friend in this world, Bikou the descendant of the Old Sage. He was already interested in me since I was his fellow disciple but it became worse later as he has been hounding me for spars when he found out about my lineage and and about my True Longinus.

I caved one day and ever since we've been fighting pratically everyday and keeping scores.

In the span of one year I have made great progress in my training especially with my magic and and spearmanship. Using Imprint I have copied the Wukong Clan Martial Art and Spearmanship though I was unable to copy Shishou's Knowledge of combat.

Understandable as The Great Sage is immortal and my brain cannot bear the memories of centuries of existence. In game logic I would be a Level 15 Lancer and he, a Level 80 Raid Boss. He is too high level for me use that spell on.

The Wukong Martial Art is also greatly compatible with me because of my True Longinus ability to extend its length though I do not have a Monkey Youkai agility but I more than make up for it with my dexterity and skills. Despite this I still thinks that there moves are way too flashy, there is no need for all these acrobatics damn it.

'Or maybe it is because I'm super jealous that I can't do these moves.' I thought to myself depressingly.

" Hey by the way, you still haven't gotten the hang on that new spear of yours." mentioned my fighting buddy.

" I'm suprised that a monkey brained idiot like you noticed. " I said with irritation clear in my voice.

" I'm not an idiot !" he cried out sending a rock at my face which I swiftly avoided "So,… What's the problem Buddy ?" questioned my friend.

I sat still and pondered my answer remembering when I first got that spear. It was a gift from my Shishou.


" What do you mean I can't use my True Longinus ? I questioned loudly with a suprised face.

" Exactly what I mean Chaos Brat. I'm not here to teach you how to use your Longinus. No I'm here to teach how to become strong using your own powers and not that of your Sacred Gear. I do not want you to fall on the same trap that all Sacred Gear users fell into and rely on it like a clutch. I will teach you everything I knows about Martial Arts, the Mystic Arts or even Senjutsu to you but you will have figure out the abilities of your Sacred Gear by yourself." answered Sun Wukong calmly.

I understand what he was saying. After all I, too, didn't want to rely on my Holy Spear too much and planned others mean to attacks besides using my Longinus all the time because it would be the only mean to defeat Rivezim Lucifer but I thought that magic would be the solution to that problem not that I would have to use another weapon entirely.

"But what should I use if not my Holy Spear ? I asked him uncertainly.

" I prepared for that enventuality. Here your new weapon" He took out a spear out nowhere and gave it to me.

It was a a very well crafted two handed halberd. But honestly I couldn't help be disappointed. You can't blame me I was pretty spoiled for weapon with my True longinus. Shishou, seeing my face, bursted out laughing.

"Don't make such a face Boy. This is no ordinary weapon. The name of that spear is Houtengeki, The Sky Piercer, the prized spear of Lu Bu the God Of War of the Three Kingdoms." said my Shishou mischievously.

"WHAT ?!" I bellowed with a shocked face then looked at the halberd intently.

"Shishishishi how is that boy ? I only give the best to my students. It's even more funny because that spear belonged to the man that your ancestor executed. Such poetic irony ! Hilarious !" explained my Shishou while bursting his gut with his laughter.

"But Shishou, I do not sense anything special with that spear ?" I asked him sceptically.

" That spear is special because it grows alongside the wielder. In the hand of an inexperienced fighter that spear would be worthless but in hands of a true master it could kill even a god. Houtengeki is only as good as its master. I give you that spear because I believe that you can achieve its true potential. Do not disappoint me Cao Cao." answered my master seriously.

'I didn't know that he had such faith in me .Usually he spend the majority of his time making fun of me or pranking me. " I thought moved by his words.

" I will not disappoint you, Shishou !" I told him while bowing at my waist.

"Another word of wisdom my student, your Longinus is the strongest Sacred Gear ever created by the God of the Bible. This is why I believe it should only be used as a trump card or last resort ." I contemplated his words and I could see the advantage it could bring me by keeping my cards close to the chest.

"Anyway I'm going to talk a walk ! Work hard my student ! "then he turned his back on me and started mumbling to himself.

'Wait, That's it ! He's not even going to teach me how to use it.' I thought dumfounded at his attention span.

" I wonder if I should take a walk in Kyoto and spy on Yasaka while she take a bath ? She would be so hot in a hotspring Shishishshi ! " he mumbled to himself.

' Sometimes I forget that besides being the oldest Sage in the world he is also an helpless pervert' I sweatdropped while taking a stance with my new halberd.

End Flashback

I was seated in the grass in the training ground lost in thought thinking about his words and my new weapon. Since that day I've trained extensively with my Sacred Gear without the help of Shishou and made good progress but I'm nowhere near the level to achieve Balance Breaker which I'm pretty sure will not be Polar Night Longinus Chakravartin as I do not have the same soul as canon Cao Cao. I have also decided to hide the existence of True Longinus for the time being and only use it as Trump Card or to kill my opponent quickly. Houtengeki is an excellent replacement in that aspect as I could use it against all types of opponent because of it's versatility. Speaking of said weapon…

"Cao Cao,hey, Cao Cao I asked you a question." yelled Bikou next to me. "Stop ignoring me, you bastard !"

"Alright,alright I heard you the first time. I was just thinking." I grumbled in irritation trying to regain my hearing.

"Well, What's up with that spear ?" questioned my friend.

" I'm not used to it,thats all." I said trying to explain my situation. "My Holy Spear is a weapon tied to my soul. Something that is mine and mine alone. Trying to use another spear other than True Longinus is strange to say the least. It feels like a betrayal for some reason."

I have been having difficulty unlocking the power within the Sky Piercer. It still feels like an ordinary Halberd with no special powers to me which is ridiculous because I used Imprint on it and while I could use the techniques of Lu bu recorded in the weapon I still could not use the special ability of Hotengeki.

The special ability known as God Force : The Five Soldiers of the War God, the ultimate technique that allows the wielder to use all major characteristics of a large two handed halberd allowing the wielder to efficiently slash, thrust, batter, scythe and sweep with great Force.

Bikou hummed besides me " I think I understand. I don't think I would be able to use any other weapon other than Riyu Jingu Bang. It's the same for you."

But before I could respond we were both startled by a highpitched scream behind us. We both get up quickly and looked behind us to see our Shishou, the Old Geezer himself, laughing his ass of loud speaker in hand.

"Damn, that was not cool Gramps !"

" That was immature Shishou."

We both complained trying to regain our hearing. I then looked back at my Master his earlier mirth gone and looking at me seriously.

"Cao Cao," I gulped and waited." Your body is ready, it is time to awaken your Touki." said the Old Sage.

I was understandably confused. Isn't Touki unlocked through a hellish training regime lke Sairoarg Bael or by mastering Senjutsu like the Youkais.

"Haha finally ! You're gonna enter the big leagues now Cao Cao " exlaimed Bikou with ecxitement.

"But isn't Touki awakened through rigorous training of the body ?" I asked my Master.

"Mmmh ? Who told you that ? It is true that it is possible to use Touki this way but it is the hardest way to unlock Touki." mused Sun Wukong." There is Three way to awaken Touki. First is Senjutsu. All Senjustsu users can use Touki by controlling the base of their life force and increase their attack, defense and speed tremendously. The Second way is what you said. Unlocking Touki through intensive training of the body. It is the hardest way as it can take someone decades to succeed but also the most rewarding as someone who awaken Touki like that will have ten times more power than a Senjutsu user. I do not recommend it as it would take too much time." explained the Great Sage in all his wisdom.

"Hah ! Only an insane man would choose this path." interrupted Bikou with his loud and annoying voice.

'No way, What kind of monster is Sairoarg Bael if he could do it in less than a decade and before his twenties at that' I thought in my head astonished at the determination of the Bael Heir.

Somewhere in the Underworld :

" 99 997…99 998…99 999…achoum ! " snizzed a black-haired boy doing push-ups.

" Damn I was at the 100 000 mark. That's alright I'll do it again from the begining.1…2…3." said a Sairoarg Bael loudly resuming his training.

Back to India

"And finally a Touki master can awaken someones's Touki." finished my master simply

It tooks me a few seconds to understand his meaning.

"W-What ? there is such a easy way to use Touki." I sputtered in incomprehension.

" Of course there is. True, in this day and age Touki users are rare but in the old days it was, while not common, still widespread. There were many heroes such as Lu Bu, your ancestor Cao Cao, Li Shuwen, Karna, Arjuna, Rama and many more who could use Touki. How do you think these guys awakened their Touki." explained Sun Wukong as if he was talking to a child which I was.

"But how ?! " I questioned him while looking at both Bikou and my master.

"Through a simple chant though this method was lost in time. I didn't do this for Bikou as he is my descendant and a Youkai who can learn Senjutsu but you are human and it will take too much time to awaken Touki using the two others methods. Luckily for you I am a Touki master and the only one alive who remember the chant. However You should know that Touki unlocked this will be much weaker than with Senjutsu but it will have the potential to grow with time. "said the Old monkey ." Now come here and take a meditative stance."

I slowly approached my Teacher and took a meditative stance in the grass while he made his way behind and started his chant.

« For it is in passing that we achieve immortatility. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, protect thee. »

Just after he finished his chant, I felt power surge through my very bones. I could see a colorless aura surrounding my body. It was intoxicating. Honestly I feel like I could run all the way to China on foot.

"So this is Touki" I marveled at the power I felt.

"Hoh, you have more Touki than you should have for someone who awakened Touki through the aura chant. Interesting." said my master inspecting my body and looking at me intently.

I nodded and wondered if that now I have Touki I could learn to use Senjutsu like Bikou as I've been excluded from these training sessions because I was not ready.

" Shishou, is it possible for me now to learn Senjutsu now that I have Touki ?" I asked him waiting in anticipation his answer.

He stopped looking at my body and contemplated my words. I felt nervous just waiting for his answer.

"No," He finally said crushing my hopes." You are human and you do not have chakra and the connection to nature that we, Youkais, have. It may take decades even for a genius like you to feel the nature energy in the air or withstand the malice and hate of the world."

I slumped depressingly and raged in my mind about the unfairness of it all.

"But," I looked up in hope. "If you were able to create a connection to nature with your magic then it may be possible for you to learn Senjutsu." I cheered in excitation.

"Don't worry I, your master, will help you, you are my student after all." said my master arrogantly.

"Thank you Shishou !" I bowed and thanked him.

A magic which gives a connection to nature he said.

'Well, I may have an idea' I thought excitedly.

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