Chapter 3: Broken Glass and Cosmopolitan

"What the hell happened?" Karen asked, peeking over a crowd of heads to get a better look at the school bus. The entire back of the bus had been ripped off and covered in blood. She hoped it was animal blood.

Chloe, who was standing in front of her on her tip toes unable to see anything jumped, twisting to see Karen right behind her.

"Don't scare me like that." Chloe breathed out, pressing a manicured hand to her chest. She was particularly bubbly looking today, with a red skirt and white shirt covered in cherries. Her lips were bright pink and her red hair up in a tall ponytail. Karen looked a bit grungy compared to her, in jeans and a band shirt with ratty shoes. She wasn't wearing any makeup having woke up late and rushed to school.

Karen ignored her moving closer to look at the scene, "That's my bus." She noticed, frowning, "I was wondering why they sent a different bus this morning."

Chloe was only half paying attention, "How could you tell?"

"The lighter burns I left in the seat weren't there."

Chloe scoffed, shaking her head, "You're going to get arrested one of these days."

"You assume I haven't been already."

Chloe looked at her with wide eyes, "Have you?"

"No, but I'm thinking i should give it a shot." She joked, readjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

Chloe choked and turned around, "Okay I've seen enough - we need to get to class."

He killed the first one last night. The bus driver had been the easiest to track down. The man had snuck onto the bus where he hid a stash of pot that he'd sold to teenagers. It had been simple enough for him to pin down the man and call his beta for the kill.

Scott had come quickly enough, but it seemed that his hold over the beta wasn't very strong - even in the state he was in last night the boy had refused to kill the man.

He'd been in a rage, and Scott refusal to take part in the kill had set him off, causing him to attack his beta. Scott had run off quickly after that to lick his wounds and return home.

But now he understood better. Poor Scott didn't understand why he was killing the man. He didn't understand the truth. The teenager hadn't wanted to kill what he perceived as an innocent man.

Under normal circumstances Peter would be pleased to have a beta that was brave enough to second guess him - one that would give his opinions freely. But this was not the time for that. Right now he needed soldiers. Ones to follow orders blindly.

He frowned, knowing there was nobody here to see him. He would have to leave Scott out of it for now. Give him some time to adapt. Derek would teach him - that boy had a guilt complex a mile wide. He would feel responsible for the kid on some level.

He smelt a burst of grapefruit and tea and turned his head slightly. He could see the hall from the reflection of the mirror and he watched with a soft smile as the blond haired orderly walked past.

Her conversation with Derek had been enlightening. The fact that she had thought about his happiness at all was surprising. She thought he'd be happier at a home, with family. Little did she know that the only home he'd ever known was gone along with his family. There was nothing that would make him happy except the death of everyone involved.

He wondered how Miss Davidson would think about that? Would she be as eager for his happiness if she knew that it entailed half a dozen deaths..maybe more? He imagined for a moment that she'd be fine with it. She'd encourage it even, if it meant his happiness. Help him even.

He hummed to himself in slight contentment at the thought. He had't had anyone think about his happiness in a long time.

Karen sighed as she got off the city-bus about two blocks from her apartment. The night was cold, but nowhere near as cold as the frigid winters she remembered from her childhood. It was times like this that she wondered if it was worth dragging her Grandfathers old car out of storage and using it.

She shivered as she walked through the suburbia, past the several bunching of apartment buildings - most of them looking worse for wear. Her building was probably the nicest in the crappy neighbourhood. She could hear a dog barking in the distance and a few parties that she was sure held illegal substances.

She heard the sound of crashing garbage cans and jumped, turning around. She could see the bins on the ground, garbage strewn. She grumbled about rodents, but subconsciously walked a little bit faster.

She let out a little breathe when she finally got home, but shook her head. She'd never been scared walking home before. The people around here might be…strange, but they'd never bothered her before.

She was probably just overtired - she'd worked nearly eight hours after school, she just wanted to collapse on her bed.

Her stomach rumbled and she wandered into her kitchen. She quickly dropped her coat onto a chair and wandered to the fridge.

Only to stop.

Sitting on her counter was a single fruit. She frowned, picking it up. It was an orange or something - either way she couldn't remember ever buying it.

She blinked at it for a few moments before shrugging. Her memory wasn't really that good. She took a knife from the drawer and cut a slice, taking a bite.

How about that. It was a grapefruit.

She hated grapefruit.

"Hey, you have a car right?" Karen asked Chloe the next day.

Chloe nodded, looking at her suspiciously, "Yes. You need a ride?"

"No." Karen wrinkled her nose, "I don't do 'rides'. I just wanted to know how much it costs…thereabouts?"

"Well," Chloe frowned, "Gas is pricy, but its insurance that'll get you."

Karen waved her hand, "Whatever."

"Karen, do not drive without insurance, I swear to god!" Chloe turned her whole body to look at her, "Do you even have your license?"

"Yes!" Karen said, but seeing Chloe's glare she rolled her eyes, "No!"

Chloe narrowed her eyes, "If you get arrested I'm not bailing you out."

"Ditto." Karen nodded back to her.

Chloe chuckled warmly, shaking her head as they walked into the cafeteria, "You hear they pulled someone out of the bus? He was still alive."

"He was like...conscious right?" Karen asked nervously.

Chloe gave her a weird look, "Yes?"

"Good, we don't have enough room for another patient at the long-term clinic."

Chloe sighed loudly, "I worry about you sometimes."

They found a table and sat down, and Karen pulled out her packed lunch, "Probably the same thing that killed that girl." She mused before pausing, wondering if that had been what had shaken the bins last night. She shook her head, not dwelling on it. "I don't see why everyone cares so much."

"Oh come on." Chloe egged her on, "This is the most interesting thing to happen to this town since…" She paused, her eyebrows furrowing together, "The last time someone died viciously, I suppose."

"A lot of people die here, don't they?" Karen frowned.

Chloe waved her hand, "We're a small town surrounded by wilderness, things happen. Anyway, something new will happen soon - like the fact that Lydia Martin is sitting with Jaw Guy."

Karen turned to see that she was right. She saw Fish there as well looking very uncomfortable and twitching slightly. Jaws was staring at the girl to his right like she hung the moon or something.

"Does she not normally sit there?"

Chloe shook her head slightly, "You're hopeless, you know that?"

Karen stood in the gas station with a jerry can and a two litre of diet soda as she looked through the latest addition of Cosmo with a smirk. The guy behind the counter was looking annoyed, probably wanting her to pay so she could go back to playing Angry birds on his phone.

A bright shiny car pulled into the station and Karen was momentarily distracted. At least until Derek Hale stepped out of it, and then she just wrinkled her nose and went back to her Cosmo.

About five minutes latter the guy behind the counter growled at her, "Look lady, this isn't a library. If you wanna read it you gotta buy it."

Karen rolled her eyes, pulling out the magazine and walking up to the counter with the jerry can and the two litre, "Fine."

He rung her up and Karen absentmindedly watched Derek Hale. He was talking to some older guy and his friends outside - it didn't look very friendly, but then again, Hale didn't look like someone who instigated friendly relationships.

She paid quickly and was about to leave when the sound of shattering glass made her jump.

She turned in time to see that one of the guys who'd been talking to Derek had smashed in his window.

"Jesus." Karen gapped, then turned to the guy working the gas bar, "You gonna call the cops?"

He peeked over his phone just in time to see the SUV full of guys drive off, "They're gone. If the guy want to press charges it's up to him."

Karen rolled her eyes and grabbed her items, moving out to the front of the station. She moved up to Derek who was wiping the glass shards off the seat of his car with annoyance.

"That sucks." Karen pointed out, shifting her grip on the jerry can, moving towards a tank and slowly starting to fill it up.

Derek looked up, then looked down at the can with a frown. "What're you doing here?"

"Getting gas." She motioned to the can she was filling, "Why does anyone come here?"

He frowned, "There's no other cars here."

"Hence the Jerry Can." She snorted, "The car's been in storage for a while, so Im just getting gas to get it running."

"How're you getting to storage?" He asked.

She shrugged, pulling the can away, closing it up and pulled out her card to pay quickly, "The bus."

"I don't think they'll let you take that on a bus."

Karen sighed, looking down, "I didn't really think about that."

Derek groaned deeply, looking to be in physical pain, "I can give you a ride."

Karen smirked, "Okay once more, but this time say it without looking like you're passing a kidney stone."

He rolled his eyes and moved to get the rest of the glass out of the car, "Take it or leave it."

Karen pursed her lips, "It's just…I don't do 'rides'."


"It's a thing." She shifted uncomfortably.

He rolled his eyes, "Look, just get in the car."

"Fine!" Karen glared, "But now I owe you!"

"No, you don't."

"Yes! I do. That's the only way I can do this. I need to owe you something so….here." She handed him the Cosmo.

Derek looked at it with a scowl, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"I don't care." Karen shrugged, "I've already read it - I just bought it to spite the gas bar guy."

Derek looked at it with a wrinkled nose, but grabbed it and tossed it into the back of the car, "Get in."

Karen grinned and got into the passenger side, looking at the interior with a grin. "Nice car."

"Thanks." Derek said dryly.

The drive to the storage unit was dead silent, which was oddly comfortable. Much like the boy on the bus Karen found that they had a camaraderie in silence.

He pulled up to the unit she described and she got out, quickly opening up the garage. She dragged the can over to the car, a wood panelled car from the 70s or 80s that miraculously still ran. She opened the gas tank and tipping the can to slowly fill up the tank.

"What's all this?" Derek asked, looking around at the dozen or so dusty boxes and furniture that filled the unit.

She turned to look at him with a frown, "Storage."

"I got that." He had a look on his face that Karen was familiar with. The 'why do I deal with her' look.

Karen finished pouring in the gas and pulled the jerry can back, closing it and tossing it on one of the boxes, "My grandfather died, so I moved a bunch of his stuff here. This was his car, I figured i'd finally pull it out and actually use it."

"Why wait until now?" Derek asked, his voice a bit softer, "Sentimental reasons?"

Karen snorted, "No. I don't have a drivers license. But it's getting cold and I hate the bus."

Derek make a slightly aggravated sound, "Well, just check to make sure it runs so I can leave."

Karen held up her hands in surrender and slipped into the front seat, quickly starting it. It sputtered a few times and she held her breathe, but a second later it roared to life.

"Great." She turned to look at Derek, "You can go now."

"Fine." He grumbled, walking away, "Try not to wreck it the first time you drive it."

"Yeah whatever Mr.'My-Car-Has-Working-Airbags'."

He stopped for a moment, looking conflicted, but then just shook his head, got into his car, and zoomed off.

He'd gone to her house. Twice.

The first time it had been an inside joke, leaving the grapefruit on the counter. He supposed it wasn't funny, but it had amused him. He wish he'd been there to see her face, the way her eyebrows would bunch together in confusion as she stared at the fruit.

He gone again the night before. She hadn't worked that night and he'd barely restrained himself from ripping out the other orderly's throat. After he had been left alone for the night he'd had such an overwhelming need to see her that he'd called for Jennifer to let him out for the night.

Her apartment was small, and it smelled all wrong. The furniture was all old and stunk of mothballs. There were two bedrooms, but one was completely empty except for a few boxes.

Her room was cluttered and small. There was barely any floor space with a bed and a desk. He'd shifted back to his human form, looking around the room with interest. There were a few scattered stuffed animals that had seen better days, and some cheap plastic jewelry scattered on her desk, but other then that everything was modern and adult.

The sheets were Black with a deep red comforter. She had several framed paintings. The walls were just off white, and the window had black curtains that fell neatly to the floor.

He moved to the desk next to her bed and looked at the various papers and books on it. He picked up one and opened the front, seeing the 'Property of Beacon Hills High School' stamp on the cover.

He raised an eyebrow at that - she was much younger than she'd seemed.

He flipped over an assignment and looked at the front. Karen Davidson. The answer to the mystery of her first name.

He picked up a pink bracelet, it was old and some of the pink paint had worn off the beads. In the centre there was a cheap picture of Cinderella with a 'made in china' sign on the back.

He hummed to himself as he took it with him - sneaking out the window before she got home.

She didn't wreck the car.

Despite her lack of license she did know how to drive. She'd taught herself back when she lived with her dad in Seattle. Too often had he spent weeks passed out drunk on the couch and eventually Karen had had to take matters into her own hands to pay the bills and buy groceries.

There was still the issue of her license and lack of insurance. She would have to be careful - avoid traffic stops. But she could do it.

Her apartment was cold when she entered. She frowned and checked the thermostat, wondering if she'd somehow turned on the air-conditioning. But after a few moments she noticed that it was still off, just the way she left it.

She wandered around, shivering, until she found the source of the chill.

Her bedroom window was open, the curtain fluttering around them as the cool night air came in. She reached forward and closed it, twisting the latch to lock it. She turned around and studied her room - nothing had been moved, taken. At least nothing of importance. She could see her computer and printer which only worked half the time. Nothing else in her room had any sort of monetary value so if the computer was still there she could assume nothing else was taken.

She must've opened it and forgotten she supposed.

She double checked the locks three more times before she went to bed.

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