Lisa tightened the helmet strap that was now around Lana's chin. She then walked over to the other side of her machine making sure Charles hadn't chewed off the strap to his helmet. After confirming that it was still in the same condition as when she placed it on the dog's head, she went up to the console.

"You're saying this will allow me to talk to dogs?" asked a now-overexcited Lana.

"Theoretically. That'sh why we call it a tesht," Lisa replied with one of her more unusual smiles. She then flipped a switch, and the machine started whirring. One could easily see the electric current going through the wires that connected Lana and Charles' headgear to Lisa's newest machine. Lily watched from her crib in wordless fascination as she held onto her blankie.

Suddenly, Lincoln came in to check on the noise. He almost fainted when he saw what was happening.

"Lisa! Didn't we tell you not to continue using us as test subjects?!" he demanded.

"Lana volunteered, she wanted to talk to dogsh, ergo, I invent a machine to allow that," answered the little genius.

"I'll get a better understanding of Charles and his canine buddies!" exclaimed an excited Lana who jumped a little. Unfortunately, Cliff the cat who happened to be under Lily's crib at the time jumped in surprise at that and actually leapt onto the console, pushing a series of buttons and flicking the switch again in the process. That seemed to cause Lisa's newest invention to go haywire! The electricity surged exponentially and it was clear that Lana and Charles could get badly electrocuted!

In his fear, Lincoln rushed over to Lana in an attempt to remove her helmet while Lisa went for Charles. But something unexpected happened, a great flash of light and sparks flying out of the machine, and the machine stopped working. Lisa managed to get Charles out, but not without the two of them getting singed. They walked over to where Lana and Lincoln were, and all they could find was their wadded-up clothing.

Lily began crying because she thought for sure something bad had happened to two of her older siblings. But the occupants of the room started to hear barking, and it most certainly was not from Charles! There was sudden movement from inside the clothes and Lisa, ever gently removed the clothes from the ground to find two pit bull puppies in the piles of laundry!

"Lincoln? Lana? If that's you and you can understand me, uh, tap your paw three times!" Lisa suggested; she was trembling now. Both puppies did as she suggested but continued barking.

"Oh, shweet Copernicus!" exclaimed the scientist. That's right about when Leni was walking by and heard Lisa say that.

"It smells as though something burned in here! Did you cause another explosion Lisa? Aw, and did we get two new dogs?" she asked, getting down on her knees to pet them. The puppies allowed Leni to pet them and looked at her helplessly.

"Leni, you won't undershtand thish but, that is Lincoln and Lana!" Lisa told her older sister. Leni looked bewildered, then she saw the clothes the puppies were standing in, looking left and right she then miraculously put two and two together.

"They're doggies now? Aw, that's sweet, now we can cuddle them even more now!" exclaimed Leni as she picked the puppies up and hugged them. They didn't appear amused but were unable to do anything about the situation. She then rushed out of the room, Lisa made a point to follow the second oldest sibling, worried that she might get her in trouble. Lily was left alone in her crib, confused.

The rest of the family was coming home from one of Lola's beauty pageants that Luna had helped provide music for when they saw Leni coming down the stairs with two pit bull puppies!

"Did Lana bring in more pets?" asked Lori.

"Nope, Lisa turned Lana and Lincoln into doggies!" exclaimed an overexcited Leni. Lisa, meanwhile was halfway down the stairs, and when she heard Leni exclaim that, and saw the rest of her family coming in and hearing the news, she blushed.

"I don't know whether to believe that or accept that Leni is once again hopelessly confused," said Rita.

"I know how to confirm it!" exclaimed Lynn. She walked around Leni and looked up at the four-year-old who was halfway down the stairs.

"Lisa, did you turn two of our siblings into dogs?" she asked.

"It was an accident," said a now-terrified Lisa.

"Lisa! How many times do we have to tell you not to use your siblings as test subjects!" Lynn Sr. exclaimed.

"Well, life just got ruff! Heh, heh, get it?" laughed Luan. Luna glared angrily at her younger sibling and went over to Leni to pick up one of the dogs.

"I dunno which one you are but-" she stopped in mid-sentence, looking at the puppy that looked at her helplessly, holding absolutely still. Luna looked into the creature's eyes, and was reminded of how she would actually hold Lana and Lincoln when they were just babies.

"Aw, who am I kidding? They look so adorable!" she exclaimed as she hugged her canine sibling, even giving the puppy a kiss on the nose.