This was an idea a few readers thought would have been cool to have in my story, I was originally going to publish this separately as a spin-off but I decided to include it as a bonus chapter. I'm actually sorry I didn't think of it myself when I wrote the story initially

On the day that Lincoln and Lana spent hanging out with their pets, Lana ran out into the street after relieving herself in Mr. Grouse's lawn. Unfortunately, a dog catcher happened to be passing by and picked her up.

"No collar little doggie? Well no worries, you must have come from a nice home if you're wearing a vest like that. Until then, we'll make sure you're well cared for!" said the dog catcher, not seeming to really care whether or not Lana was actually claimed. Lincoln and the rest of the pets watched with horror from the house lawn.

"We gotta help her!" exclaimed Geo.

"That's right, we never abandon one of our own!" agreed Walt.

"C'mon guys," urged Lincoln as he led the pets in a chase right after the dogcatcher's van. Those of them who were bound to the ground had to keep to the shadows to prevent themselves from being captured as well. Luckily, Walt was able to fly above the van and follow it and give them the right directions.

Once they arrived at the Royal Woods City Pound, they watched Lana being rolled in. Cliff very stealthily climbed in through a window. Geo managed to sneak in through the front door, being so small he wasn't seen by the woman at the front desk so she was very confused as to why the door opened and nobody was there.

"Freddy if you jump out and scare me again, I swear I'm going to pepper spray you again!" she exclaimed. Then she heard some kind of clanging in the room right next to her.

"Now what could that be?" she wondered as she left her post to investigate. That was when Lincoln, Charles and Walt made their move to get in. Charles used his oversensitive nose to sniff out Lana and they made their way into the room where the dogs were kept and found Cliff using his claws to pick the lock where Lana was kept in.

"I'm real glad to see you fellas!" she exclaimed; she was happy as a frog in a pond!

"Well just goes to show, you have to be really careful Lana, I'm amazed they let you keep that vest on," observed Lincoln.

"Probably because they figured it would be the best way for the owner to identify her," suggested Charles.

"Right, especially since she doesn't have a collar," agreed Walt.

"How did you get out of your cages!" exclaimed a voice. The Loud animals turned in the right direction to find one of the pound employee's standing by the door.

"I don't seem to remember having a bird on hold here, but you fellas are all going back where you belong!" he said, grabbing a net. He started to move carefully towards them but tripped. It didn't take long to see what it was that caused him to stumble. Geo flew right above them in his ball and hit wire cage, which caused him to ricochet back to the door, and right as the guard seemed to regain his senses, Geo ended up hitting him right in the face knocking him out completely.

This caused the dogs who were still behind bars to start barking wildly. The woman who had previously been at the desk came in to see what was the commotion only to find herself get walked over by the Loud animals who were now making a daring escape, Geo still using the force that he had gained from being pinballed. Walt left a little surprise in her coffee cup.

"I can't believe we actually made it out of there!" exclaimed Lincoln as they continued to run as far as they could from the pound.

"It's not the first time we had to spring a dog from the pound!" exclaimed Cliff happily.

"You guys are the best friends ever!" exclaimed Lana.

"Yeah well, I might need help getting home, that banging around knocked the wind outta me!" asked an incredibly dizzy Geo. They got him out of his ball, and the four remaining wingless ones took turns carrying him on their backs and rolling his ball, all the way home.

I tried very hard not to make it too similar to the episode 'Pets Peeved'