The Violet Hotel

Genre: Horror

Rated: PG-13

Plot: On the way back from the library, Vio stumbled upon a place called the Violet Hotel, a place which was in Hyrule for over a century. During his stay, he found a diary on one of the bookshelves in his hotel room. When he opened it, it revealed a dark secret of the hotel.

Vio and other characters belongs to Nintendo





The 13-year old purple clad hero named Vio tried his best to fight the heavy storm.

During his freetime, the young hylian would go visit the Library of Wisdom, which is Hyrule's famous library.

But then, a heavy storm started to bring itself into Hyrule, making Vio's vision filled with raindrops, that were pouring down his very eyes.

"I should've brought an umbrella if this was going to happen...", Vio thought to himself, holding onto his favorite book tight, as he did his best to fight the rain.

A loud thunder crash startled Vio for a brief moment, but he decided to ignore it like his usual calm-self, still focusing on getting back home to the other Links.

A deep sigh has pass under the purple-hero's breath, admittingly knowing that there's nothing else to do other then just fight the stormy weather.

An hour had past, as the young Vio started to feel sick and nauseous from the heavy rain storm that's dripping all over him.

He felt like passing out, but he knows he has to fight, for the Links, for Hyrule...!

Then, he saw an old lamp post, flickering through the heavy rain storm.

"Light...?!", he thought in (calm) desperation, quickly running towards the light as fast as his legs can carry!

Vio could now see better thanks to the lamp post's flickering light, as he was now able to see what was close to it.

There, he saw a violet hotel, which looked like it was there for over a century despite its not-so-broken structure.

Vio calmly opened the door, sighing in relief that he was able to find someplace to stay before the rain storm leaves.

"Excuse me?", the purple-hero asked calmly, while walking towards the counter.

A woman around her early 30s happily went into business, "Hello sir! How may a help you?"

"Well", Vio calmly started, "I was wondeeing if I could rest here for tonight."

The woman, without wasting any time, said, "Sure you can sir!"

Vio smiled a little, thankful that there is someone who can help. "I appreciate your help Ms-"

"Viola!", the woman cheerfully said, "I'm just glad that the young hero, Vio Rinku, came here for a visit!"

The purple-hero became slightly confused, calmly asking, "How do you know my name Ms Viola?"

Viola cheerfully chuckled, "Oh you little bookworm!"

"I'm serious...", Vio said with slight annoyance.

The woman stopped laughing, but still kept her cheerful manner, "Sorry Sir Vio. I just didn't expect you to not know that!"

Vio stayed silent for a brief amount of time, before showing an acknowledging smile, "It's okay, I understand Ms Viola."

Viola stood up happily, and told the room manager to bring Vio to his room, "Victor will bring you to your room for tonight."

Vio calmly nodded in acknowledgement, before waiting for the room manager to bring him to the room.

Victor brought Vio into Room-312, a room which looks like a miniature library.

Vio smiled passionately, before entering the nice-looking royal-like room.

"I bid to you to have a nice stay here Vio.", Victor said with a soothing smile.

Vio nodded calmly, "I will Sir!"

The room manager quietly closed the door, as the purple-hero calmly began to look around the library-looking hotel room.

He slowly but gently slid his fingers through all the books on the shelf, before picking out a book called "Hotel Remorse", a classic horror themed novel.

"Might as well read some of these before I get some rest.", Vio thought to himself, smiling calm and soothingly as I flick open the book gently.

Hours had past, or so it seemed.

Vio almost felt completely tired, as he covered his mouth, yawning, from finishing the final chapter of the classic horror novel.

A calm sigh coming from the purple-hero had been relased from under his breath, before gently closing off the book and calmly placing it back in its rightful spot on the bookshelf.

"Haven't read that one in months...", Vio muttered quietly, "Feels great to be reading a classic novel again."

While looking for something else to read, he got interested in a simple brown book, or so he thought, before pulling it out gently from the bookshelf.


There was no title, and the book looked like it hasn't been read in centuries!

This got Vio interested, as he opened at the start of the first page.


It was written in Hylian, but it was still easy to read:

Good Child

A good child never lies

A good child never cries

A good child never tries

A good child never...


"Are these, poems?", Vio questionably muttered.


He turned to the next page:


Love is Trust

Love is Faith

Love is Life

Love is...


Strangely enough, all of these so-called poems have blurred out words as their finale...

Vio chose to skip some, actually a lot of, pages to find something more interesting or complete...

Then, he found it...!


The Violet Hotel

The Violet Hotel

A calm and soothing place

The workers there are filled with happiness

Every new guest they get

A new member the guest becomes


"Strange...", Vio thought to himself.

The thought of the hotel actually having a poem about it, seems odd.

The purple-hero never heard about this place, not even mentioned by Zelda or the other maidens of Hyrule.

"Maybe someone just left this here..."

Vio closed the book gently, before leaving his hotel room.

"Excuse me?", he asked in a loud but calm manner, "Is anyone here?"


Vio gasped in bits of shock, as he quickly turned around to see what made that horrid scream.

With instant thought of helping out, the purple-hero quickly ran down through the hallway, when he reached the end of the hall, he stopped to open the room's door.

Once the door was open however, things didn't look as good as Vio expected.

Room-301, a hotel room full of corpses.

It's just then, that Vio knew what the poem meant...!