Vio ran down the stairs into the lobby, where a shock Viola was waiting at the check-in desk.

"Sir Vio?", the woman asked, "Is there something the matter?"

The purple-hero was covered in bits of blood from holding Red, along with having the bloody scalpel in his belt.

Viola's eyes widened, but not in a way that showed shock, but instead, it showed remorse.

"Oh my..!"

Vio felt like he was burning up from his own tears.


"Shut up!", he shouted.

Viola was taken aback a bit, "M-My! Vio...?! Is something wrong?"

Vio shook his head fast, "It's my brother, Red! He's dead!"

The woman stood up from the desk, before going towards Vio to comfort him.

"It'll be alright Sir Vio...", she said comfortingly, "Maybe you were just seeing things..."

Vio slowly looked up at her, "Wh-What...?"




Vio quickly pushed Viola to the other side of the lobby, before quickly running upstairs again.

"Vio...", she muttered.

Vio felt like he was going insane, as he can feel his legs which somewhat felt like it turned into jelly.

When he reached the 3rd-floor once again, in order to get back to his room, he can hear bits lf moaning and groaning coming down across the hall.

"ViO...? VIo...?"

Vio took a closer look to see who it was.

It was Red!


The purple-hero ran to his younger brother in order to hug him, but he was taken aback when Red shoved him slightly.

"DoN'T toUcH mE!", Red said.

Vio became extremly confused, beads of cold sweat started to fall down, "You're not Red, are you?"

Red slowly pulled out a scalpel, the one that he was killed with!

"JoIn mE ViO~!"

Vio took a step back, before making an attempt to run.

But then, two zombified-like creatures approached him slowly.

"JoIn uS~!"

"JoIn uS~!"

"JoIn uS~!"

Vio had to fight back, he knows he has to!

"Damn...If only I had my sword with me...! Then I can fight back...!"

Then, Vio remembered something!

He look at what was lying under his belt, before pulling out the scalpel.

"Stay back!"

The zombies didn't hesitate to step forward.

Red stepped forward.

Vio decided to make a run for it, running in between the zombies, with a side of him stabbing one in the leg.

The loud groan was heard, which made Vio run faster up the stairs.


"Shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! ! !"

Vio continued to run up the stairs, before heading up to the mid-highest of the hotel, which was the 6th-floor.

He quickly shut the door of Room-610, panting hard, as he felt extremly tired from all the running.

"I think I lost them...", he muttered deeply.

"You could say that again..."

"GAH!", Vio quickly looked at the person who was in the room.

Which was Blue and Green.


"I-I can't do that!", Vio shouted.

"Vio what the heck!", Blue shouted back, "We manage to find your purple tail, and this is what we get?!"

Green put his hand over Blue's mouth, making the blue-hero quiet down, "Blue...It doesn't matter!"

The green-hero put down his hand from Blue's mouth.

"What matters is that we've found Vio, safe and sound."


"You guys...!"

Blue annoyingly looked at his usually-calm counterpart, "What is it Vi?"

He then noticed the blood and the bloodied scalpel, making the blue-hero's eyes widened in surprise.

"Okay! What the actual fu-!"

"Blue!", Green scolded.

"Sorry, I guess..."

Green sighed, "Vio, why are you all bloodied up?"

Vio felt himself shivering his boots off.

Just by being all bloodied up in front of his caring-leader and hotheaded-teammate made him flinch.

He was no longer the once calm-and-collected Vio was started to loss his sanity, and it is unknown if the Green and Blue he's seeing is real.


"Vio?", Green asked with concern.

"You in daydream land or something?", Blue added with annoyance.

Vio took a step back, before taking another.


Vio couldn't take it anymore, "Shut up! You're not the real Green and Blue!"

"Wh-What?!", Green and Blue asked in union.

"Just leave me alone!", Vio quickly stabbed Blue in the arm, along with Green in the leg, before running out of Room-610, begging for them not to run after him.

Green and Blue laid there helplessly, trying to help each other up.

But in the end, they slowly faded into the darkness, and collapsed at the spot.

Vio could feel his sanity faded into nothingness.

His deep breaths turned into the sound of someone dying, as he couldn't take the fear of being in the Violet Hotel any longer!

From there, he manage to get back into his room, Room-312.

Immediately, the purple-hero locked the door behind him, trying to calm himself down from all that has happened.

He willingly looked at his bloodied-up hands and tunic, seeing all the blood that was on him.

Vio went over to where the bookshelves are, and carefully placed back the book to where he got it.

The other one he got, in Room-524, placed near the table at the bookshelf, before laying down tiresome on the comfortable bed.

"Let this be a nightmare...", Vio muttered to himself, "Please..."

After all that during that stormy night, Vio slowly closed his eyes, before being put into a deep sleep.

Little did he know that someone has entered his room.