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XX July 2015

Prince Who?

(Grainy photo of Rilla being hugged by Hanson at the equestrian event)

Speculation rises that heir to the British throne, His Royal Highness, Prince Kenneth and his Canadian girlfriend are no more as Rilla Blythe is photographed in the arms of another man. More Inside.

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Summer 2015

Canadian Wedding Snub: High Street not Haute Couture

(photo of Rilla at Di's wedding, crowd behind her is blurred, Rilla is smiling and laughing at something , next to photo of Rilla at Katie's wedding and at Ken's birthday party.)

Rilla Blythe, girlfriend of the heir to the British throne, Prince Kenneth has been photographed in London wearing vintage Chanel and Dior, instead chose a simple L K Bennett dress for her sister's big day.

Fashion Blog A Vision in Style suggested, "the dress may have been designed not to stand out, let her sister have her day," but we wonder if there is another reason why Ms Blythe was wearing a high street brand.

Have the golden couple tarnished?

Rilla Blythe and Prince Kenneth have not been photographed together since February 2015, British tabloids are for once not speculating on the nature of their relationship. Across the pond, however questions are being asked, have the couple spilt? Or is this a public relations plan to withhold images so that al photographers are present when the engagement everyone is waiting for is announced?

The palace did not respond to requests to comment on this story.

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XX June 2015

Canadian Wedding Snub: Prince No Show at Gay Wedding

The sun shone brightly for the wedding of Diana Blythe and Nia Carter. Families gathered, guests smiled and cheered. One expected guest, however, was missing.

Rilla Blythe, sister of one of the brides attended without her boyfriend His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.

Early security plans for the wedding had inferred that t the prince would be attending. Officially, Prince Kenneth is currently absorbed in royal duties, preparing for the time when he will take the reigns from King Owen. We wonder, however if there was another reason why the prince did not attend.

Same sex marriage has been legal in England and Wales since July 2013 and Scotland since February is still not legal in Northern Island. Does the Prince's no-show imply that Palace does not support gay marriage?

It is well known that the British Royal Family do not comment on politics. The legalisation of same sex marriage, however is a human rights issue. Prince Kenneth is said to be preparing to be King. By not attending, he missed an opportunity to show that his reign will support the rights of all his people in an inclusive way. On a more human level, he missed an opportunity to support his girlfriend at a key family event!

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XX July 2015

Prince Who?
(continued from page one)

Cross country events for novice horses rarely get press coverage, unless they're being attended by Royalty.

Last weekend, British press photographers were out in force to see Princess Persis trialing horse Blacky, who featured in the BBC's documentary Princess Persis' Horses.

It wasn't the photos of the Princess astride the chestnut, however, that had everyone talking the next day. The event's money shot was the princess's brother, the Prince of Wales' girlfriend Rilla Blythe, in the arms of another.

(several photos, taken in succession of Rilla with Hanson's arm around her, and Rilla cuddling in for a good cry).

It seems with the Prince who knows where; his girlfriend has taken comfort in the fatherly arms of his Royal protection officer.

Ms Blythe was traumatised when Blacky, spooked by a spectator with a British flag, shyed and missed a jump, throwing Princess Persis and breaking his own leg. The Princess was rushed to hospital, where she was held overnight for observation. Unfortunately, the stallion did not fare as well. Rilla Blythe held and comforted the horse while vets put him out of his pain, the injuries too great for recovery.

Ms Blythe, having bravely stayed with the horse, was reduced to tears when the protection officer offered her a fatherly arm.

So with apologies for all those royal watchers, no big story here about Rilla and another man. This was merely a comforting shoulder in a time of need. Still no word, however, on where Prince Kenneth was, and why he wasn't available to support his sister at this event.