Quick reminder, this is an adjunct to Kslchen's "By a Simple Twist of Faith", who kindly has allowed me to play in her universe. And this week, we have more from our guest journalist DW.618 who brillantly has captured the response to Rilla & Ken's reunion

Live Coverage from Brize Norton, Oxfordshire
XX August 2015

Presenter 1: "Continuing our ongoing coverage of Britain's military involvement in Iraq, today we are focusing on the human aspect of the conflict, the strain on the families left behind, and the joy of being reunited with their loved ones."

Presenter 2: "And not just any reunion! Following yesterday's press release we now know The Prince of Wales has been on active service, and will be returning with his unit today, and if I'm not mistaken….."

Presenter 1: "You're now….that motorcade means King Owen is here to welcome his son home!"

(Camera shows the motorcade arriving and continues to show coverage of them getting out of their car while the presenters chat.)

Presenter 1: "And Queen Leslie's here too, looking as beautiful as ever, I wasn't sure she was going to be here today and if I'm right, yes that's the Prince's girlfriend Rilla Blythe getting out of the second vehicle."

Presenter 2: "Rilla Blythe greeting his Royal Highness alongside the King and Queen, that's quite a statement! I wonder if the Prince of Wales will get down on one knee on the tarmac?"

Presenter 1 (laughing): "Doubtful, but I wouldn't be surprised if a Royal Wedding is on the cards for the spring!"

Present 2: "It looks like his Royal Highness is caught up talking to officers, let's focus on the other soldiers returning for a moment"

(Segment cuts away to cover soldiers returning, with children running up to greet fathers; wives and girlfriends jumping into their arms, all very emotional and passionate).

Presenter 1: "Looks like His Royal Highness is ending his conversation now. Look at that motherly anticipation on Queen Leslie's face!"

Presenter 2: "And yes, it looks like she's holding on to Rilla Blythe's hand – the two women who love him most waiting to see him. Queen Leslie looks barely able to contain her emotion, Ms Blythe is harder to read."

Presenter 1: "King Owen is stepping forward now. It looks today that they are just like any family, being reunited with a loved one. There's Queen Leslie – is she going to cry? ah this is very touching, very touching indeed.

Presenter 2: "And now, what we've all been waiting on, the moment Rilla runs into his arms…wait for it, wait for it. Oh, they're just standing there, and…are they chatting?"

Presenter 1: "They're going in for the hug now, Ms Blythe has just stepped forward. Well, that's all very low key. I suppose you'd say dignified?"

(calls from the press for Ken to kiss Rilla)

Presenter 2: "It seems the press aren't happy with that reunion, they're asking for a kiss, Prince Kenneth looks like he will…oh, no, Ms Blythe has pulled him away to speak to his brother and sister. Well that's…."

Presenter 1 "As promised, we have some details of the work Prince Kenneth has been doing…

(coverage continues about the work of the military.)

Good Morning UK^
XX August 2015

Presenter: "It's coming up to 8:20. We here with a panel to discuss the reunion of His Royal Highness the Price of Wales and his long term girlfriend Rilla Blythe. First let's see the video again."

(shows video of Rilla's stilted reunion with Ken)

Presenter: "If I can start with behavioural psychologist Andrea Michaels, what do you make of this low key reunion?"

Andrea: "Although Ms. Blythe's back is to us most of the time and Prince Kenneth's face is hard to fully see, I can determine from their body language that there is tension between them. I am unable to diagnose from this video if that tension is the manifestation of animosity, accumulated worry/fear, or controlled behaviour in front of the press. However, when compared with video of Prince Kenneth and Ms. Blythe's body language (also in front of the press) at their Oxford graduations two years ago, there is a palpable strain being shown in this current video."

Presenter: "Barbara Francis is a well known romance novelist, Barbara, is this what you'd write for your characters?"

Barbara: "If I was writing a scene of lovers reuniting after a deployment, THIS greeting would certainly NOT be what I would write. This would be the sort of reunion that I would stage just before my characters' relationship breaks up."

Presenter: "Break up? We'll keep our eye on this, Angus Montcrief is a Royal writer for the Evening Times. Angus, you're known for your candid views or the royal couple, what do you think?"

Angus: "It is obvious to me that Ms. Blythe has been receiving training from the royals about proper royal etiquette and behaviour. Her schooled reaction to Prince Kenneth's return shows personal interest and affection in a quiet, dignified manner. It would have been very inappropriate for this royal couple to have a large display of affection in public."

Presenter: "All very interesting. Protocol is all very important, but we musn't forget they are people too, we have Susan, the sister-in-law of a military veteran and Camile, an Army wife of 25 years with us, ladies, what do you think?"

Susan: "I'm kind of surprised they didn't kiss right away. If I was her, I sure would have run up and jumped him! But…I know that after my brother-in-law's return (when he and my sister were still dating), my sister was super embarrassed to kiss her boyfriend in front of his parents. If I was Rilla, would I want to kiss in front of the King and Queen? And all of those cameras? Probably not. But, I bet once the limousine doors closed, they were all over each other!"

Camile: "Let's just say, that is not the way I ever greeted my husband on any of our reunions! The lack of a passionate kiss makes me wonder if there is actually any love between these two!"

Presenter: "Well, there you have it. We have all been thinking a royal engagement might be on the cards, but things seem to have cooled. As always, we'll keep you updated as this story develops."

From the desk of Andrew Rosemont, Twitter: Rosemont_Sun
The Sun
XX August 2015

Step Aside Elsa, there's a New Ice Princess in Town!

(photo of Rilla and Ken's hug at the air field)

Royal Romance Trouble has replaced Royal Wedding Speculation! Following the less than romantic reunion of the Prince of Wales and Rilla Blythe the question is being asked, is the romance over?

The Prince of Wales couldn't keep his eyes off his girl friend, as he was introduced to his fellow soldier's families. Ms Blythe, however, who was held firmly by the Prince to his side kept her cool, calm, detached exterior that nothing seemed to crack.

Absence makes the heart grow colder

(photo of Rilla, laughing, leaving the youth centre with Sam and some of the kids)

Could it be that the Prince's tour of duty was all it took to cool Ms Blythe's adour? Ms Blythe's unemotive response contrasts sharply with the glowing, laughing girl who was recently seen leaving the Croydon Youth Centre, where she has been volunteering. Perhaps, left alone, Ms Blythe has found a new interest in life in the form of her youth work.

New Princess Search

Prince Kenneth isn't getting any younger. If his relationship with Ms Blythe has indeed cooled, the search will be on for a new royal bride. Turn to page 5 for a list of eligible princesses!

^Thank you to our guest writer DW.618