Chapter One

Reid sits at his desk going over a few case files quickly, not paying attention to the stares he is getting from Rossi and JJ. He has only been there for an hour since Jackie left, but he seems unfazed by the fact that she left. Garcia walks over to Rossi and JJ with a cup of coffee, joining in their staring.

"If you have any questions with the staring, please do ask some questions," Reid says.

"Are you sure you should be here working? You have a trial coming up and you just ended your engagement with Jackie," JJ says.

"I am fine, besides I need something to keep me busy," Reid says with a smile. He goes back to reading the files and makes a few notes.

"Reid, you were head over heals with her," Garcia says. Reid stands up quickly and heads to the meeting room to be alone. "He is not okay and I am worried about him."

"Give him some time and he will open up here soon," Rossi says.

"He needs to be at home getting ready for the trial," JJ notes.

"Jackie had that handled before she left and I am sure she left most of it complete," Rossi says. Reid sits at the table, heart aching as he looks at a picture of him and Jackie just days ago. His phone buzzes of a text message from an unknown number.

'Hi, are you doing alright?' the text said.

'I am alright,' Reid replies back. He smiles softly when the picture pops back up. This is going to be temporary, so he hopes, and he has a strong feeling that this will be only for a short time.

Jackie sits in the living Matt's house with a cup of tea in her hands, her legs tucked under her, as she stares out the window. Josie, her mother, walks over with a tray of cookies and a sad smile on her face.

"I am sorry that things did not work out with Spencer," Josie says softly.

"It is alright, ma," Jackie says. "It was not meant to be. Besides, this is the best for Michael and the baby."

"Jackie, you cannot raise to babies all on your own," Josie says sternly.

"Ma, I am going to do it because it is better for us. You cannot change it or you will be just like dad," Jackie snaps back.

"Jackie, you love him and he loves you! You two are meant to be together!" Josie shouts.

"Why? Because we have children or because you say so?" Jackie shouts back. She gets up and walks away. Josie watches Jackie leave as she takes off to her room. Jackie puts the cup down on the bedside table as she grabs her phone and checks for any messages.

'I hope you doing alright,' a text says on her screen.

'I am doing alright as can possibly can be after what happened,' Jackie replies back. She scrolls through her phone at the pictures she took over the past few months and smiles when she stops on a picture of her and Reid sharing a sweet kiss in their apartment. There is a knock on the door and she turns to see Michael standing in the doorway with tears in his eyes.

"Mom, I miss dad," Michael sniffles. Jackie gives a sad smile and opens her arms for Michael, of which he runs to her.

"I know, baby, I miss him too. But, this is the best for us right now," Jackie whispers.

"Why though? We were happy," Michael grumbles.

"You will see soon enough," Jackie whispers. She holds him close, wondering what Reid is doing right now, hoping he is distracting himself with work before the trial starting next week.