Chapter Seven

Jackie nibbles on her sandwich at the cafe around the corner from the courthouse. Reid sits down across from her with a cup of tea for Jackie and a sandwich in his other hand. Jackie does not say anything, but continues to nibble on her sandwich with her mind running over possible outcomes based on what was said at the trial.

"Jackie," Reid says. Jackie blinks back into the current moment and looks up at Reid like a puppy.

"Yes?" Jackie grumbles with food in her mouth.

"You left me for a moment," Reid says with a smile. "What are you thinking about so intently?"

"Names for the babies," Jackie lies with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Reid asks with a raised brow.

"No, I am thinking about possible outcomes based on the testimonies given today. They can go in possible directions with the end results not end well for us. I am unsure of how many outcomes can come into effect or even possible paths those testimonies will lead us down," Jackie says quickly.

"Stop overthinking and focus on taking care of the children we have," Reid says sweetly. "My main concern is you, the babies, and Michael right now."

"But, I want to help you win this," Jackie whimpers.

"Jackie, we are going to win this because we are stronger together. You need to finish your sandwich though," Reid says. Jackie smiles as she takes a bigger bite into her sandwich. She stares at Reid as he eats and stares out the window for a moment.

"Spencer, you know I love you right?" Jackie asks softly. Reid turns to her and gives her a big smile.

"Yes, I do know and I love you too," Reid says sweetly. They finish their meal and make their way home, but are stopped when they see the general being escorted to the patrol car. He glares at the two of them standing together.

"Reid," Jackie whispers, as she pulls him close to her. He holds her in his arms and leads her down the street to catch a cab to their condo. "Have your thought of any names for the twins?"

"Not at this moment, but I thought we could ask Michael what he would like to name his siblings," Reid says with a smile.

"I am not sure that would be a good idea," Jackie giggles. "What about naming them Bethany and Jennifer for girls?"

"I am not too sure on that, we can always look into history books and pick someone of great power to name them after," Reid says with a smile.

"Okay, well, how about Marie and Elizabeth?" Jackie asks with a smile.

"Why only girl names? What if we are having more boys?" Reid chuckles.

"Honestly, I have a feeling we are having a another boy and a little girl," Jackie says.

"We will love the babies as much as their older brother," Reid says. They arrive at their place to see Michael is asleep on the couch with Blue Planet playing. Jackie turns the television off, kisses her son's head, and places a blanket over him before going to change into her comfortable clothes. Reid changes and settles on the bed to read a book he found while unpacking the library and Jackie joins him with papers from her students. It is not long after that Jackie falls asleep and Reid gets up to see what he can make for breakfast only to find a man in the living room holding a gun to Michael's forehead.

"Hello, Dr Reid," the man says calmly. "It would seem you did not heed the warning from someone."

"What do you want?" Reid asks.

"You were instructed to leave Ms Greene, but you did not listen and so I was sent to make a bargain with you. Either leave Ms Greene or I will make you regret it this time," the man says with a small smile.

"I am not abandoning my wife and children," Reid says.

"You have forty-eight hours to make your choice, Dr Reid, and time is wasting," the man says before leaving. Reid locks the door and grabs his phone to call the team in hopes they can find the man in the system.

Rossi sits with JJ in the living room with a sketch of the man and Reid looks it over carefully.

"He said you have to leave them or he will do something?" Rossi asks.

"The way he said made it sound like he will do harm to them," Reid says plainly. "The question is how did he know where we are when no one in her family was told our new address."

"Sounds like someone followed you while you were moving or this guy is hacking into the systems to locate you all," JJ says.

"Spencer, I am thinking about ordering Italian for dinner or you want some," Jackie yawns as she shuffles out of their room. "Oh. I did not know you two were here."

"Yeah, we came to see you three after the hearing today," JJ says with a smile.

"Do you want anything when we order? You two are free to joins us," Jackie says with a smile.

"No, we better get home and get some rest," Rossi says while grabbing the sketch. Reid walks them to the door while Jackie makes some tea. After Reid closes the door, he walks to the kitchen to see Jackie is falling asleep at the stove.

"Jackie, you need more sleep," Reid chuckles. Jackie shakes her head with a small yawn.

"No, I am okay," Jackie mutters. Reid pulls her into his arms with a smile when Jackie leans her head back against him. They stay like this a few more minutes, until Jackie falls asleep on her feet. Reid chuckles as he leads her back to their room while she protests and lays her down gently.

"Get some sleep and I will make you three something to eat," Reid whispers as Jackie nods off with a smile. His smile becomes sad once Jackie sleep completely and he caresses the side of her face, trying to find the best possible way he can stay in their lives while also protecting them.