The finale was shocking. God is now the big bad. Holy crap. Jack is dead, I'm sure he won't be dead for long. I thought about God letting all the souls out from Hell. What if he broke the cage and Michael is released. The last surviving archangel. I would love the archangels to come back next season and stand up to their father.

I wrote a fic. Yes another one. Had to get it out of my head lol. Michael is not going to be absolutely insane. For those who have read One Time Deal you will have an idea on how write Michael.

Here it is.

Chapter one of The Savior.

In the deepest parts of Hell the cage shook violently followed by Michael's screams. Hell fire burst out and circled the cage. Bolts of lighting flash revealing shadows of Michael's true form. Chains, hooks digging into the archangel causing extreme pain. Feathers falling off from the great wings of Michael and burning in the fire.

Hallucinations. Hallucinations were the worse. The cage loved playing mind games showing flashbacks of the archangel's long, long life. Michael cursed when he fell for it. It felt so real.

Memories of Lucifer enrage Michael. The Devil got out thanks to the Winchesters while he is stuck here alone and unwanted. Father hasn't saved him no matter how many times he prayed.

Michael thought God was punishing him. He failed to obey an order. Kill Lucifer.

Now he is paying the price.

The hooks rip out of Michael causing him to cry out in pain. He drops down on the hot, boiling, metal ground and wraps his wings around himself.

The archangel sings the same old tunes that has becoming a comforting mechanism to him. He sings as he waits for the next round of torture to arrive.

Suddenly the cage shakes and light floods in. Michael rises off the ground his eyes wide with curiosity.


Scraps of metal snap off and flies into the fire. Gusts of winds sweep through sending the flames waving in various directions.

Michael smiles. A real smile. Its been such a long time since he did that.

God is letting him out. He has finally served his sentence. He will be in Heaven again ruling the angels and protecting his father's creations.

Michael will always be by his father's side. He loved his father. He wanted to impress him. Although Michael failed to fulfil his destiny he had a chance to make it up to his father. Prove to him he is still the perfect soldier and son.

The cage collapses and falls into the dark pit of Hell. White, bright, angelic grace shoots out of the opening and into the dark sky.

Michael's grace shone bright lighting up the streets as it heads into the clouds and into the place that he has wanted to get back to since he fell in the cage.


The angels panic as doors flew open and souls fell down to Earth. Lights flickered and Heaven shook and crumbled. Eventually the place was going to fall.

Angels chattered over each other in the throne room to Naomi immediately returned to Heaven after hearing about the recent events. She tried to calm the situation down but how could she? This is the end. They are all going to be wiped out and fall to earth just like the souls. All of Naomi's fears about Heaven have come true.

She prayed to the Lord wanting to speak to him about the choice he made but he refused to respond. How could the creator let his work fall apart. The angels since day one have been loyal to him and maintained Heaven. This is what they are getting in return. Being sentenced to death.

A presence so strong causes the angels to stop.

"Is that who I think it is?" Indra says.

Naomi walks through the crowd. Her expression hardens and her eyebrow furrow. She takes in this angelic presence. Her eyes widen. It couldn't be.

Has the other world Michael returned from the dead? Has he changed his mind and come to help fix this mess?

The new arrival walks down the hallway. His eyes look at the open doors revealing the empty rooms that were once ideal Heavens for the souls. He looked shocked, worried, confused.

He enters the throne room. The angels see the scars and damage to his true form. It struck the angels. This was their Michael.

The archangel Michael is free.

"Sir. You're back." Naomi spoke her face still in shock.

Michael looks up at the lights that flickered and the cracks that started to form in the walls.

"How did this happen?" He asked. His voice trembled and his posture was fidgety. He didn't realize how much being back would have an effect on him.

"God." Naomi answered. "He did this?"

"What. Father would not do that. He loves his work he would not harm it."

"God has had a change of heart." Naomi puts coldly.

"No. He released me so I can lead again." He smiled.

"He opened Hell and released the souls."


"Did you not see the chaos he has caused sir?"

"I only just came back. Maybe it was an accident. Releasing me maybe it gave the souls a way to escape."

"No sir. He let the souls out to destroy the world."

Michael refused to believe it. He frowns at the small group of angels.

"Where is everyone?"

"Dead. We are all that's left. The few remaining ones are on earth." Naomi said sadly. "A lot has happened since you been gone."

Michael looks at the smiley angels who stood at the back.

"They are not angels." He goes up to them and studies them. "They are humans. Their souls..."

"We were trying to save Heaven." An angel explains. "It was Dumah's idea."

"You did that by turning humans into angels." Michael glares at them. "Father would not want this. Interfering with his creations."

"It doesn't matter now. God doesn't care."

"Where is Dumah?" Michael boomed. Using the voice that scared the angels.

"Dead." Naomi replied. "Castiel killed her."

"We follow you our Lord." The human turned angel spoke.

Michael shakes his head. It was like they are in a trance.

"You made father mad." Michael towers over the angels. The angels step back cringing at the damage and the wings that has lost its beauty. "HOW DARE YOU?"

"Making the angels didn't make him mad sir. It's the boy." Naomi says.

"What boy?"

"The nephilim. Your nephew. Jack."

Now Michael looked enraged. Which one of these lot broke the rules and produced this abomination who is known as Jack.

"Its Lucifer's child." Naomi says knowing what his next question was going to be.

"Lucifer...had a child."

Michael leans on the throne trying to take the information in. His brother the Devil had a child.

There is a new source of evil on this world.

That's why God wants the world destroyed?

"Lucifer." Michael growled. "I will kill him."

"He's dead." Naomi says.

"I will kill the boy." Michael yells. "Then father will save us all."

One of the angels suddenly scream and fall through a hole.

"It's too late." Naomi says. "It's the end."

The ground opens up and all the angels fall. Michael falls with them. The screams hit Michael giving him flashbacks of the tortured souls in Hell.

He suddenly lands and hits the floor. Michael frowns at the sight of the wooden floor. He couldn't sense his brothers and sisters. Michael stands up and looks round at his new surroundings.

He is in a bar. He looks in the mirror and sees the face of Adam staring back at him. How did he get from Heaven to a bar? Wasn't the world falling apart yet here is he in an empty bar and everything looked fine.

It made Michael question if this was another trick from the cage. The thought made him anxious, his hopes of freedom drop.

"No. No." Michael tugs at his short strands of hair. His panicking increases. "I'm still in the cage. I never got out. This is another cruel trick. I fell for it again."

"You are not in the cage." A voice interrupted.

Michael turns round. A man dressed in a red suit sat at the table with a bottle of beer in his hand.

The man smiled causing Michael to frown.

"The Prophet?"

"Not exactly." The man says.

Michael looks through the human. He suddenly gasps.


God smiles.

"Hello son."

Happiness shows on Michael's borrowed face. Its been so long since he saw his father.

"Have a seat." His father ordered.

Michael obeyed and sat down. God sips his beer and puts the bottle down.

"I knew it. I knew it was you who released me." Michael smiled. "Am I forgiven for my mistakes?"

"Forgiven?" God chuckles. "Forgive you for what?"

"I failed to kill Lucifer. I did not do what I was supposed to do." Again his father chuckles. "I do not understand father what is so funny?"

"You were never going to kill Lucifer. I knew that a long time ago."

"Excuse me?"

"You were meant to lose son. So Sam would jump the cage and Dean would lose his brother. It was one of my most popular books. The Swan Song. It was the last book I published. After that I sat back and enjoyed my work on the big screen."

"I do not understand. I had an order to kill Lucifer. The Apocalypse."

"It was crap. It was nothing but a storyline to see the Winchesters go through. Pain, suffering. We all like a bit of hurt Dean and hurt Sam."

"But father. Our family..."

"Was meant to spilt. Lucifer was supposed to become the Devil."

"You wanted Lucifer to be evil?"

"Yeah. Every show needs a villain. For the Apocalypse to work and Sam and Dean to be the chosen ones you and Lucifer had to turn on each other. Gabriel and Raphael." God shrugged not looking bothered about them.

"A show? father I still do not understand."

"I'm a writer Michael. I write. I create. Sometimes it doesn't exactly go where I want it to go. Lucifer had a child."

"Its true." Michael gasped.

"Its okay he's dead. I took care of him."

"He's dead. Father that's great. You can come back and fix Heaven."



"I killed the nephilim but I'm not satisfied with how he died. Dean was the one who was supposed to kill him. Dean didn't do it. As for that goodbye earth."

"Dean chose not to kill the nephilim. You killed the nephilim. You want to let your work fall because Dean didn't do the right thing."

God nods.


"Father, Dean is stubborn. He didn't say yes to me. Why let him get to you? The threat is dead we move on. Protect humanity."

"I'm not interested. The Winchesters are not going to entertain me now. They know the truth. I planned their whole life. They made themselves clear that we're not allies anymore."

"Kill the Winchesters. The whole world does not need to be destroyed. Father there is children, animals, innocent people, you really want them to suffer."

God takes another sip.

"I don't care." He says.

"Father you put so much work. You built this world from nothing."

"It's not the only world I created. I made loads."

Michael frowns.


"I made worlds. All unique. Some are good some are boring. Most of them go through a similar storyline. Lucifer turning on me, the cage, the seals, the Apocalypse."

"Are you saying there is more than one Lucifer?"

"And you, and Gabriel, and Raphael. I created lots of copies. The other worlds ended in disaster. I did not like where the story went. This world, it was my favourite. It's a shame I have to let it go but I can create another world start again. Hopefully the characters will do as they are told."

"What about me? I am your son. I can make it up to you. Be your perfect son."

God snorted.

"Your not my only son. There is many Michaels out there all wanting the same thing, to be the perfect son. It gets boring hearing the same words because I know so well you are far from perfect. I wanted you to be a failure and be in the cage. With you out the way I can continue the story."

"You...don't love me?"

"I needed you but I never loved you."

Those words hit Michael hard. Michael loved and respected his father. He chose his father over Lucifer. He always chose his father. God never loved him. God used him for entertainment.

"You loved Lucifer. That's why you gave him the Mark you thought he was strong." Michael points out.

"I knew he would break. Become corrupted. That was my way of getting the family to separate." God answers.

"All the hurt, the pain. It was all you."

"Yes. Now the show is over you can burn with the rest of my failed creations. Going to obey my order and do that Michael."

There was tease to God's voice as he said it. Michael felt hurt, heart-broken and angry no furious.


God looked at his son surprised.

"Did you disobey me Michael."

Michael stands up. His hands curl into fists.

"I am not letting you destroy the most beautiful thing you ever created."

"I'm God. I can do what I want. It's already been done. The world will soon go down to nothing."

"I will not let you. My brothers and sisters I will not let you make them suffer."

God rose from his seat. His face smug.

"You think you can stop me." He says .

Michael suddenly gets thrown across the bar. He gets pinned to the wall. The archangel tries to move his hands and legs but they remained glued to the wall.

His father laughs at his son's struggle.

"Another Michael wanted to kill me. He didn't get far. His plan failed. I knew it was going to fail. I planned it after all. The nephilim killed him. That kid got on the path going to the part I been waiting for. Those Winchesters ruined it. All my plans and hopes crushed when Dean dropped the gun. As for you." He smirks at his son. "I don't think you have it in you to kill me. You are broken, those warrior days of yours are over. The cage made you into a drooling mess."


"I will soon have a new Michael. He will go on the exact same path as you and the previous ones did."


"He will be my son. My new most loyal soldier. He to will be blindly following orders not realizing what my true plans are and what his actual purpose is."

"I will kill you." Michael growled.

God raises his hand ready to snap his fingers. He then stops.

"I actually would like to see you try." God lowers his hand. "Now that the story has ended. I have no influence you. I don't choose for you. It's all on you. It would be interesting to see you think for yourself."

Michael's eyes glow. He was ready to take the bastard down.

"That does not include relying on your grace." God adds. Michael frowns. God grins. "I'm a writer. I don't make things run smoothly. There is always a challenge for my characters to face. You Michael will really have to a human."

The archangel's neck gets slashed. Michael's eyes widen as his grace pours out. God watched as his son powered down to the lowest rank of his creations.

Michael drops down to the ground. The former archangel looks round. His eyes wide as saucers. His breaths...yes he was breathing increased in panic and fear.

God puts his boot down on Michael's chest. His son winced experiencing human pain for the first time.

"Still think you can take me down...son." He spat out the last word and laughed. Michael tries to push his father off. God was now so much stronger and heavier to Michael. "I will give you a body." God continued. "Then you will be on your way."

God takes his boot off and folds his arms.

"Good luck Michael. You are going to need it."

Michael opens his mouth to speak but suddenly...

He falls.