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Belphegor looks at the angel and the ghosts.

"Where is the it's nice to meet you Belphegor? Hmm." He sighs. "It's the name isn't it. It's too long too much effort. You are welcome to call me Bel."

"Demons are tracking the souls.' Anael says.

" Correct. " He nodded.

"You claim you have a way to send the souls back?"

"I got it all planned out." He grinned.

"Why are you here?" Mary asks. "Shouldn't you and your guys be working together to close Hell down."

"I don't trust them."

"You don't trust your pack." John frowned.

"Pack? I'm not a werewolf Johnny boy." He rolls his eyes. "Demons they are known for being backstabbing bastards. We don't look out for each other. We only care about yourself. You don't trust anyone downstairs. No no...Also some are glad that Hell is out of business. Rodney already went on vacation. I think he is heading to Hawaii. We demons gotta work all year long. We don't even get Christmas Day off. This end of the world thing some are making the most out of it. Me no." He shakes his head. "I just want Hell to go back to the way it was."

"How do we know you are telling the truth?" Mary asks.

"I am sweetheart. I love Hell. Its my home. I love my job punishing those who sin. What am I suppose to do up here? I could become a police officer or detective but... I won't be able to use my toys. I love to torture souls. I wanna put Hell back to where it is so I can continue doing what I do best."

"What's your plan?" Anael asks.

"I have a plan but it's nothing to do with you. I need to see the heroes." He waves his hand. "Sam and Dean."

"Sam!" Jess gasped.

"Such a delight." He purred. " Those puppy eyes no wonder you fell for him. Big brother Dean he is a damm legend, best torturer I ever seen in Hell. Did I tell you I was his biggest fan. "

Jessica was trembling by the information. Her mind refused to accept it. Mary held her close and gave the demon the iconic Winchester bitch face. Bel was more amused than anything.

"Do you know who opened Hell?" Anael asks.

"From what I heard it was the big G."

"God?" Anael frowned.

"You mean Chuck?" Mary shakes her head. "Why would he open Hell?"

"He had enough of this world. Wants to destroy it." The demon shrugged. "He's moved on to making another world, another version of us. We are not entertaining to him anymore. Heaven I guess when he thought fuck you earth he let Heaven collapse as well." He smiles. "Just gets better and better."

"God wouldn't do this." Anael says. "Yes he is absent but I can't see him suddenly destroying the very thing he loves."

"He did. So its goodbye sun and hello forever darkness. How to bring the light back I do not have a clue however I can help with the soul problem end this war between Hell and Heaven. I can send all the souls back to Hell while Heaven..." He gestures to the angel. "That's when you come in."


"You are an anchor your grace is what attracts the souls from upstairs. It comforts them. They need to be close to something they are familiar with in order to stay sane and not turn into a vengeful spirit. I suggest the Winchesters and the girl stay with you we can't have them getting lost in the world."

"You expect us to stay put while you go after our sons?" John growled.

"I'm not going to hurt them." The demon waves his hands. "Jeez surely after hearing my explanation you must see we are on the same God damm team. Hell I just admitted I am your son's biggest fan and you think I'm gonna..." He barked out a laugh. "You guys seriously. I thought hunters had good instincts."

"Back to the plan." Anael got the demon to look at her. "You suggest I start babysitting ghosts."

"While I help Sam and Dean bring my babies back to Hell that's right."

"Why me? Why you telling me?"

"Lets just say you are the most approachable out of your winged flock."

"But we never met you don't know nothing about me."

"Anael the rebel." Bel clicks his tongue. "News spreads around like wildfire downstairs."

"Everyone knows about me?"

The angel couldn't help but find this story off. Why would demons be talking about her? She was the angel who was seen but not heard. Did her rebellion, siding with humanity, turning on her kind make the big news?

"You're lying." Anael folds her arms. "Why did you come to me? The truth this time."

Bel cups her cheeks and gets her to look into his eyes.

"You don't realize how much impact you have on others Jo. You help people. You actually do something for this world. What does the big guy do? Nothing. You are making such a difference without even realizing it. Therefore it should be you that should protect the souls. John, Mary and Jessica are a start but more are on the way. I am telling you to encourage the souls to follow you. We can't have them scattered on Earth. I know you and the other angels don't get on but...the angels are on Earth there is no ranks you are all the same so they can't look down on you. You will find the other angels and you tell them the plan."

"All of us to be the anchor."

"More the better. I admire you doll, you got a certain spark in ya that can't be ignored. You're a business woman I'm sure you can be persuasive."

Anael couldn't help but feel drawn to him. The way he looked at her it was like he is seeing the real her. He wasn't disgusted like the angels or Michael. Bel seemed proud of her. The angel smiled a little which caused him to grin.

"So we gather the souls then what?" She asks.

"We'll act when the time comes." He nodded.

"Another question, how do you know all this? About Heaven, the souls?"

The demon smirks.

"I'm more than your average Joe sweetheart."

"We're not staying." John stated with a glare. "We're going to find our sons they need us."

"The best thing you could do for your boys is stay with the Halo and help her track the other souls. Sorry to say Johnny but your presence would make things ten times worst. Mary I think you gotta keep your old man on a leash."

Mary grits her teeth but doesn't say anything. She wasn't a fan of the plan but this demon is their only hope in ending the war between the souls. Her sons worked with Crowley numerous times so it wasn't like all demons are bad maybe this one is being genuine.

She really had to update her husband on everything he has missed.

"I can sense them." Anael looks up. "Their weak but their alive."

"Falling from Heaven second time round wouldn't be as fun as the first time." Anael gave him a glare. Bel raises his hands. "Just saying." Everyone looked up when a red light soared across the sky. "Well that's my que to go. If I don't see you I'm probably slicing and dicing." He smirked and winked. "Adios amigos."

The demon vanishes.

Anael looks at the ghosts and let's out a sigh.

"So let's go ghost hunting."

Gabriel stayed in a room away from the others. After that outburst he couldn't face them. Jack was angry at him but Gabriel made it worst and now he is certain Jack will not want to talk to him at all. Rowena, Gabriel is sure their relationship is over.

Ketch has tried talking to him a few times but the Englishman wasn't exactly the comforting type. So he left the archangel alone thinking giving him space would be the best option.

Just then Gabriel sat up straight and his guard goes up. The archangel rose to his feet and tunes out everything around him. His eyes close and he teleports to the canteen. He opens his eyes and looks round at the empty room. He felt drawn to the kitchen so he walks in there and again has another look round.

"Canteen food." A voice sighed.

Gabriel turns and spots someone who had their head in the fridge. The person stuck their head out and tuts.

"Why is canteen food always disgusting." He looks up and raises his eyebrow. "Oh didn't hear you come in." He stands up and narrows his eyes. His mouth turns into an O. "Archangel Gabriel this...this is a surprise. I thought you were dead." He smiles . "Did you see Asmo in the Empty?"

Suddenly Gabriel slams into the intruder. The intruder flies back and crashes into the pots and pans.


Gabriel's lips form into a snarl. He charges at the demon. The demon picks up a frying pan and swings it at the archangel. The pan broke in half as soon as it hit Gabriel.

"Oh crap."

The demon rolls over and makes a run for the door. Gabriel raises his hand and the demon stops in place. The demon closes his eyes and laughs.

"I'm Bel by the way. If you're wondering." He looks over his shoulder at the angry archangel. "I was on my way to see the Winchesters but uh...I kinda got side tracked. I didn't steal anything by the way."

Gabriel can feel Ketch at the back of his mind. The Englishman wanted to take control but Gabriel felt he had to do this. Standing up to this demon reminded him of when he stood up to Asmodeus. Any demon is officially scum in the archangel's books. He sees a demon he sees Hell and the trauma he went through all comes flooding back again.

The humor fades from Bel's face.

"Dude it's okay I'm not gonna hurt anyone. I'm here to help."

"Why would a demon want to help?"

"Because I want my home back." Concern showed in the demon's eyes. "And ensure that God keeps his hands off it. You love this world Gabriel so I'm certain you would wanna kick your daddy's ass."

"There's more to this." Gabriel frowned. "What's the catch?"

Bel sighs.

"If you call Sam and Dean then I will tell you my plan. I don't wanna repeat myself." His eyes turned desperate. "Please."

Gabriel hesitates. Bel noticed the archangel lowering his hand. Then Gabriel pauses and his fingers curl in forming a fist. The demon spins round and grabs the archangel by the arm. Gabriel's eyes glow and he elbows the demon in the face. Bel dodges the incoming swing and appears behind the archangel. He shoves Gabriel in the back and pins him down to the table.

Gabriel winced as the demon restrained him.

" I didn't want to hurt you. " Bel sighed.

"You." Gabriel gasped. "You are not a normal demon." His eyes widen. "What the Hell are you?"

"There is nothing special about me it's you pal you gone soft. You need to go back in the ring and train. Now..." He looks towards the door. "I got a mission to complete buddy."

He let's the archangel go.

Ketch waited until the demon moved away. The Englishman suddenly spins round and puts his arm around the demon. Bel gasps as Ketch tightened his grip.

"Uh uh." Ketch presses his blade against Bel's throat. "Don't even think about it...buddy."

Bel slumps down and sighs.

"I got beaten by a human."

Ketch walks out of the room with the demon in his custody. Bel rambled on about stuff the Englishman is not interested in listening to. He finds the Winchesters in a classroom looking at the board. He clears his throat to get their attention.

Dean is the first to turn.


"It's me." Ketch assured him. He taps his blade against the demon. "We got company."

"Ketch." Sam frowns. "Who's that?"

"I'm Belphegor...Bel for short." Bel answered while flashing his teeth.

"Demon." Ketch put bluntly.

Bel rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Dean was immediately in front of the demon within seconds. Bel let out a gasp as those two intense green eyes look down at him.

"My God Dean you are so beautiful."

Dean's face screws up with confusion while Sam covered up his surprised reaction with a cough.

"Talk." Ketch pushes Bel down to his knees. "Talk." He repeated. "Tell them why you're here."

Bel looks at Dean's angry expression and Sam's curious one. He smiles.

"Guess what guys, I'm here to help you save the world."