I've been wanting to write this darn thing for so long now. Finally, I have fulfilled my dream of adding to the Akatsukitty trope. I hope you enjoy!

Even in the shinobi world, there were just some things you don't expect. Some occurrences that were a little strange.

Granted, it had to be something wild to feel out of place in a world with talking frogs and snake-men.

So, when Deidara woke up, he thought that maybe this was one of them 'occurrences'. He was surrounded by very, very large cats. Then, when he realised the reason behind them being so huge, was because he was also a cat, he decided that yes. This was definitely one of those times.

He frowned (as well as he could, anyway) at the loud humming of… cars… going past. Lights flashed by in the dark, letting him look at the cats around him. It took a minute or so for him to realise that they looked exactly like his comrades.

There were a lot of cars going by, which was strange. He knew of their existence, of course, but he never heard of a place with so many of them. They weren't very popular in any of the countries he had gone to. His frown turned into a scowl as rain started to patter down onto his fur. Proving that yes, it could get worse.

"What the fuck," A voice grumbled from a couple feet away. Deidara recognised this as Hidan - the rain must have awakened him.

"Any idea what's happening, yeah?"

"I got high as fuck is what happened," Hidan scowled, shaking his dirty paw in front of his face, "why couldn't I be a lion, damnit."

Deidara scoffs, "You're more likely to be a rat, un."

Snarling, he swiped at Deidara's face. Unfortunately for him, it did nothing, as he had not yet gotten used to the new anatomy Jashin had 'gifted' him with. Thus, no claws. Thus, no damage.

It did piss the blonde off though.

"Watch it, yeah!" Deidara scampered back, glaring.

"You two are as insufferable as always, I see," a course voice drawled out. The source, a red cat, looked at them both with a hint of annoyance in his eyes.

"Sasori?!" The blonde practically yelled, grinning, "I thought, you were dead, un!"

"That's because I was," The puppet gazed around him sluggishly, "Unfortunately, it seems like I'm back with you all."

Deidara went back to scowling pretty quickly at that comment. Hidan was busy pawing at his tail, not paying attention to what was happening.

"Any idea where we are, yeah?"

Sasori gave him a blank stare. "I've been dead for a while, idiot. I'm the least likely to know."

Deidara grunted in response. "Should we wake up the others?" he nudged at a big blue cat, presumably Kisame.


Ten minutes later, and the majority had woken up. The only one left was Kakuzu, and Hidan was quite happy to leave him asleep.

"What are we to do, Leader?" Itachi said, gazing steadily into the ginger's eyes. They were without the rinnegan. Useful, if their plan would be to pass off as normal cats.

The rain still drizzled, by now they were all damp and uncomfortable.

"We should find shelter. It would be unwise to stay outside with such weather whilst in such a weak form."

Konan nodded in agreement. They had all attempted the use of chakra, but to no avail. In this state, they were susceptible to many things they usually would not be.

A car went by, rolling into a puddle, leaving Hidan drenched.

"FOR FUCK'S SAKE! I'LL EAT YOUR FUCKING FACE YOU LITTLE"- He was cut off by a large paw smacking him in the back on the head.

"Shut. Up."

And now the last of them was awake. Not in a particularly happy mood, but awake nonetheless. A quick explanation from Kisame later, and he was even more unhappy.

Tobi jumped up and down, swatting at his tail, and squealed, "Tobi is so cute!" He continued prancing around Deidara (who looked like he'd rather in a room with 20 Uchiha's than deal with this).

Kakuzu eyed him, not in the mood for his antics.


Tobi had the common sense to stop his antics, then hide behind Deidara at Kakuzu's warning tone and deathly glare.

"Don't hurt Tobi! Tobi's a good boy!"

Pein looked at them all tiredly. This is most definitely not how he wanted the day to go.

They had travelled down the road more, towards where the cars had been heading. On multiple occasions Deidara had tried to push Tobi into oncoming traffic, hoping for the best. All times he had gotten a stern look from Konan or Pein, however they did not do anything more. Perhaps they, too, were sick of the hyperactive brat.

Sasori knew he was. Oh, how things had worsened since his death.

"Stop." Pein commanded, and they all did so immediately. A few metres ahead of them, a dark grey car had pulled into a small clearing, engine stuttering as it came to a holt. The doors opened, and two females exited.

"You said you filled it," A ginger lady opened the back of the car, looking slightly annoyed.

"Oops?" The other grinned, as she stretched out, "I swear to God, I cannot spend any more time in that damn metal box - my back is killing me."

The ginger sighed, pulling out a green tub of some sort.

"Let's go further, perhaps we can win their affections, and acquire shelter," Konan spoke to Pein quietly. He nodded, and they steadily went closer, Tobi giggling softly.

"You should be thankful I carry spares, we're in the middle of the motorway. It would take hours for any service to come to us."

"The hell is a motorway, un?"

Amber had regretted her offer to drive almost immediately after setting off. Then again, Blaire had looked so exhausted after the trip – seeing her relax on the seat next to her was worth it.

By the time she had realised about forgetting to fill the baby up with fuel, it was too late to do anything about it.

She watched guiltily as the meter ticked down after every mile, glancing to her side, knowing that soon the ginger had to be awoken. Hopefully Blaire had used her common sense once again and put a spare tank in the boot.

"Uh, Bee?"

No response.

"Bee~?" Amber sing-songed, leaning to the side slightly, nudging the other with her elbow.

"Blaire, if you don't wake up, I'll start playing Lily Allen."

Slowly, tired eyes opened and trailed to Amber's face, blinking hazily.

"Hozier is better."

Was the ginger's response after a few, silent seconds. Amber laughed loudly, eyes twinkling.

"Sure, sure. Oh, and uh, we're out of gas."

Blaire groaned.

"Tell me, Amber, what did I say to you as soon as we left Ray?" The ginger pinched her nose in frustration, leaning against the back of the car.

"Amber? Weird name." Kisame looked over at them, peeking around the bush they were currently behind.

The blue-haired girl, Amber, pokes her tongue out at the other.

"Shuddup, you know I have a bad memory…" she then continued with pouring the liquid in the tank into the car.

"We should go forward now, before they leave, Leader," Konan spoke again. Pein dimply nodded in agreement.

"Come. Act as naturally as possible."

Hidan cursed under his breathe, "I would if I knew how a cat fuckin' acted."

Pein shot a hard look, "Try."

They all pattered forward. Tobi, of course, bounced.

"Come on Senpai, let's say hello to the pretty girls!"

"Shut up."

The meowing was heard by the ginger, who had been staring down at a small, metal rectangle.

"Uh. Amber." She stared blankly down, blinking slowly.

"Yes babes?" Amber stood up, then slowly looked towards the kittens that had gathered.

"Oh my God," she placed the tank down on the ground, carefully stepping towards the Akatsuki. She lowered herself to the ground, stretching her arm out slowly.

Tobi was the first to take action, nuzzling his head against her leg.

"Oh my God," her eyes practically shined, and she wasted no time in scooping the small black kitten up.

"Amber, you'll get rabies," The ginger stared at the exchange, "If you get rabies, you will die, I will be very sad."

Amber turned to stare at the other, "Bee, babes, does this cutie look like he has rabies?" She held Tobi out towards her.

Tobi meowed the cutest meow he could meow.

Deidara scoffed, flabbergasted at the thought that anyone could ever find Tobi 'cute'. Bee thought for a few seconds.

"Symptoms of rabies only appear a few months after contracting it. So, it's very possible."

Amber then had second thoughts about her current affection toward Tobi and placed him down carefully.

"…. Oops."

"He probably does have rabies, the little shit,"Hidan smirked proudly at his amazing and inspirational insult.

"Hey, uh, Bee…" Amber's eyes glinted in the moonlight.

A beat of silence.




Amber turned to Bee, picking both Tobi and Konan. "But- look at these babies! Cristen would love them."

"Poor Konan..." Kisame shook his head in sympathy as he looked at the uncomfortable look on her face.

Bee seemed to have wavered, as she stared at the small group of cats in front of her. She turned on her flashlight to look at them all, a dumbstruck look on her face.

"We HAVE to keep them. They need a home!" her pout strengthened, eyes glistening with unshed tears."

"… fine."

The next few minutes were spent loading the cats (10 of them!) into the back of the car.

"You know, Am', this isn't the worst idea you've ever had," Blaire had sat in the back, with the kittens with her, to watch over them. She was happy she did, as the silver one had already attempted to shred the seat in front of him.

"Duh. I'm chock full of good ideas."

Blaire raised an eyebrow at her response, reminiscing of all the ideas the other had come up with. The memory of their failed attempt at a visit to an anime convention being at the front of her thoughts.

"Right…. Sure…." She mumbled, pulling the black kitten with a cute, ginger face off a snarling, blonde. She felt like if she didn't, there would most definitely be bloodshed.

"Oi, we've got an hour left off this trip. I can make it hell," Amber grinned at Blaire through the top mirror, "I've still got Lily's track in 'ere…"

Blaire stared open-mouthed. Damnit! She was in the back, with no way to fight back if Amber had decided to follow through with her unsaid threat. She knew there was something off with the other's offer to drive the car, giving up the chance to sit with all the animals now in the back.

"You wouldn't."

Amber winked.

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