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"I'm going to make myself some food," Amber sat up, stretching her arms.

"You ate at Mother's, didn't you?" Blaire cocked an eyebrow questioningly.

Amber's face scrunched up. "You mean that disgustingly salty soup? Bee, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your mum can't cook to save her life."


Laughing, Amber flung Floofy Senior on her shoulder, and tucked Princess under her arm. "It's true, Bee. Anyway, I'm gonna boil some ramen. Maybe our wittle babies like it too!" Amber scratched Floofy Snr's ear as she walked out the room.

"I don't think cats should eat Ramen…"

"Are you, um, are you hungry, Bee? I have some chicken wraps left…" Kristen said.

Blaire shook her head. "No, I guess I'm used to mother's cooking…" she scowls, turning to the kitchen entrance. "Even though it's not that bad!"

"I've got a report to finish up, Gary's been acting up again." Kris sighed, moving to the stairs. "Let me know if you need anything."

"I gotta take the recycling out anyway…"

Surprisingly, 2 minutes after they were left alone, hell had not yet broken loose.

It was merely a matter of time, though, Itachi knew.

His colleagues had this strange ability to make everything they ever did chaotic and migraine-inducing.

Madara's act was usually the trigger for most of this - he managed to grate at the patience of everyone around him. True, it was vaguely amusing to see Deidara screech and attempt to kick the man (cat?) across the room, but Itachi was unsure if the (questionable) pros outweigh the cons.

Before he could even contemplate this further, there was a loud crash as a plant pot crashed to the ground.

Why, you may ask? Well, Deidara had finally succeeded in launching Tobi a few metres, and Tobi had flown into the leaves of a tall plant. The force had knocked the whole thing over, and there was now dirt everywhere.

"Tobi, you stupid little shit," Zetsu growled. He had been a victim of the attack, dirt piled on top of his head.

"Tobi's sorry! Tobi couldn't stop!" he squealed, trying to run away. It was too late. Zetsu had already jumped at him, murder gleaming in his eyes.

"Woah watch it-" Hidan had been caught in the crossfire, and proceeded to fly into Kakuzu.

"Nothing like a bowl of ramen," Amber sighed out, pulling out a tub of it right out the freezer. Floofy Snr meowed.

"I'll fucking kill you!" Hidan growled at Kakuzu, who was looking particularly pissed. Now entangled in a mess of wires, he thrashed wildly, trying to escape.

"Try it."

"Tell me why- AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A MISTAKE,'' jamming loudly, Amber swung to the beat as the microwave slowly spun her nom-noms within its body.

"Stop it!" Pein protested the chaos around him, only to be ignored as a glass smashed onto the floor.

"LET ME OUT!" Screeching, Hidan was now almost completely invisible to the eye, wrapped in more wires than Pein had even thought was in that corner.

"What the fuck."

All movement ceased. 8 small heads turned to Amber, standing under the doorway with a face full of ramen.

The cats, the girls decided, were pests. Lovable pests, but pests nonetheless. Being pests, they were quite difficult to live with.

This thought was across in all of their three minds as they stared around the destroyed room.

"Unbelievable," Blaire muttered, observing the consequences of the Kitty War. "We leave them for - what, five minutes?" Exasperated, she eyed a dirt-covered Oreo. "There's no way we can keep them."

"No!" Kristen blurted, eyes wide. "The only shelter nearby is a PETA one, and- and we all know how that'll end." She bites her lip, plucking Nick Fury from between the blinds.

"Hm…." Amber thinks, "Kris, when's your brother coming back from America?"

"He st-still has a, month or so left," Kristen replies, brushing the dirt off of Nick. "Plus I'm not, I'm not sure how much he likes cats…"

"We should get them neutered." Blaire said blankly.

Of course, the cats were not pleased with this. Especially not Lucifer.

The little devil's immediate reaction was loud hissing, and scrambling to escape his position trapped under Shawn. Shawn, who also did not have a particularly pleased look on his face.

Amber chuckled. "It takes a lot of balls to suggest that." She grinned widely, winking at Blaire.

"I'm not getting my balls chopped off, un!" Deidara yelled, horrified.

"Then stop acting like a brat." Sasori hissed. Now he had a fleshy form, and could actually feel, he did not enjoy the idea of his balls being removed either. He had experienced it once, and even when it had been through his own will it wasn't his most favoured memory.

"Sasori is right. If you do not wish to be castrated, you must behave well."

"Yes, leader." Deidara grumbles.

Konan and Kisame, who were not there for the chaos that unfolded, stared in disbelief at the dirt and broken glass that lay scattered on the floor.

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