A.H.O.R. Review-


Lone Wanderer (200 years after Nuclear War/WW3)- Jonathan J. McAllen (Fallout 3)[Human]

U.S. Army 1st Lt. (WW2)- Joseph Turner (Call of Duty WW2)[Human]

Honorable Outlaw (after Civil War and before WW1)- Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)[Human]

Native Assassin (during the American Revolutionary War)- Connor Kenway (Assassin's Creed 3)[Wolf Faunus]

Team Name - JJAC (Jack) {Best I could do}

J.J. McAllen's parents (Married)-

1) James L. McAllen (Professional Doctor/Scientist) [Human]

2) Catherine M. McAllen (Professional Doctor/Scientist/Huntress) [Human]

Joseph Turner's parents (Married)-

1) Ronald Turner (Retired Veteran Soldier/ Weaponsmith) [Human]

2) Sapphire Turner (Huntress/Weaponsmith) [Human]

Arthur Morgan's parents (Married)-

1) Lyle Morgan (Militia Lt./Farmer) [Human]

2) Beatrice Morgan (Retired Huntress/Farmer) [Human]

Connor Kenway'sparents (Divorced)-

1) Haytham Kenway (Atlas Commander/Huntsman) [Human]

2) Kani Kenway (Advisor/Retired Old White Fang member/Retired Huntress) [Wolf Faunus]


J.J. McAllen X Ruby Rose

Joseph Turner X Weiss Schnee

Connor Kenway X Blake Belladonna

Arthur Morgan X Yang Xiao Long

Aura Colors/Meters (Weak:Low:Average:High:Strong)-

J.J. McAllen- light blue (Strong)

Joseph Turner- olive green (High)

Arthur Morgan- red (Average)

Connor Kenway- white (Average)

J.J. McAllen's background-

Born around the ruins of Washington D.C. in the Capital Wasteland in 2258 and raised in a underground Vault, Jonathan James McAllen wandered the Capital Wasteland (while also the Pitt, Point Lookout, and even in Earth's orbit), wandering alone, with a few exceptions, and committed himself to the 'Good Fight', as Three-Dog put it, and made a name for himself as the Lone Wanderer, the Messiah, 'that kid from Vault 101', and such and was recognized as a hero, although J.J. didn't think so. All he done was help innocent people and kicking ass to anyone who tried to harm him or said people.

J.J. McAllen died fighting a large battalion of Remnant Enclave soldiers at the age of 20-21 in 2278.

Joseph Turner's background-

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1913 and went on to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, graduating and received his commission as an officer in 1938. Joseph rose to the rank of First Lieutenant in 1939 with his friend, Second Lieutenant William Pierson. in 1943, Joseph participated in the Battle of Kasserine Pass, which failed horribly when Pierson got his men killed by disobeying orders. On June 6th, 1944, Turner fought ashore in Normandy, France, then afterwards, the Liberation of Paris, the German City of Aachen, till his death at Hill 493 in 1944, sacrificing himself so that his men can escape alive.

Overall, Joseph was a father figure to his men, and his men respected him, and would gladly sacrifice himself for his men.

Arthur Morgan's background-

Arthur Morgan was born in 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan. His mother died when he was young and his father, who was a petty criminal and outlaw, was arrested for larceny in 1874 when Arthur was only 11. Later on, Lyle was killed and Arthur witnessed it, donning his hat afterwards. In 1878, he was picked up by Dutch van der Linde and Hosea Matthews, and saw Dutch as a father figure.

Though after many years, gang which was formed by Dutch fell apart, resulting Arthur's death by both TB and being beaten to death on top of a small mountain, right when the sun rose in the horizon.

Overall, Arthur may be a brooding cowboy, but even he doesn't see it that way, died a good man, righting all wrongs.

Connor Kenway's background-

Born in 1756 by his birth name, Ratonhnhake:ton and was raised by his mother, Kaniehtei:io, in their village, Kanatahseton. But in 1760, when he was still a young child, was assaulted by Colonial Templars led by Charles Lee, who were seeking the First Civilization temple protected by his tribe, and lost his mother shortly after his village burned down by George Washington's forces, however Ratonhnhake:ton mistakenly believed that the Templars were responsible.

A few years later, trained by Assassin Mentor Achilles Davenport under the name more easier to remember, Connor, to become an Assassin in Colonial America.

Throughout the years, Connor aided in the American Revolution while hunted down the Colonial Templars, and right after the death of Achilles, Connor began to rebuilt the Colonial Assassins in the newly formed United States of America, and in his capacity, he expanded the Assassin network throughout the New World and reconnected with previously detached Brotherhoods across the region.

Connor later died in his deathbed in the year of 1804.


J.J. McAllen- Spiritual Companion (The ability to conjure up an ally (or allies) to aid the user in battle [Beings like past enemies like Enclave troops, Deathclaws, etc to past allies like Brotherhood, friends, etc. Both organic and robotic, from personal to photos] and is activated either by focusing or by reflex, though depending on the size of the allies, only certain numbers will appear.) [Added bonus: Silver Eyes]

Joseph Turner- United We Stand (The ability to enhance the user's and allies' abilities ten-fold, while also complete awareness in their surroundings.)

Arthur Morgan- Bull's Rage (This ability increases the strength and speed of the user ten-fold as he becomes enraged, like that of a bull, while also seem to be nearly invulnerable.)

Connor Kenway- Hunter's Aspect (This ability allows the user to become one with his or her surroundings, either in shadow or in daylight, in any climate. Practically invisible to both Grimm, Human, and even Faunus.) [Added bonus: Wolf Faunus]


The McAllen Residence- Patch Island (Residing in a decent-size log cabin neighboring the Rose/Xiao Long Residence and near the Morgan Residence)

The Morgan Residence- Patch Island (Residing on a decent-size farmland with a large crop field, barn, and a two story farmhouse, near both the McAllen and Rose/Xiao Long Residence)

The Turner Residence- Kingdom of Atlas (Residing in a decent-size Mansion near the Schnee Residence)

The Kenway Residence (Considering they are divorced, there will be two places)-

1) Kani Kenway- Menagerie (Residing near the Belladonna Residence)

2) Haytham Kenway - Kingdom of Atlas (Near both Schnee and Turner Residence)

[Note: All of Team JJAC's parents has been reborn as well and are aware of their children's rebirth and to each other]

[Also Note: All of Team JJAC with have their gear from their previous life.]